Q&A Between A Zaid Hamid Fan And Mr. Hesham Syed

Farooq Raza Alteejani

Dear Hesham,regarding to Sir Zaid Hamid what ever was his past,but he is a best one now,I never heard from over all his speeches that he tried to mislead or miscalculate the present scenario and just through emotional attitude toward his audience,he and I think you missed so many lectures of Sir Zaid Hamid which he clearly deliberated on Economics and Politics with their solutions,because most of you just point on problem which is obvious, but don’t have solution or can’t defined,I think your concept against Zaid Hamid is not clearly neither you declare him totally fraud nether you willing to accept him or his Ideology,and of course its because Yousuf Ali and even on Yousuf Ali I did not found from you words that he proclaimed in front you as false prophet you just assumed that,and Zaid already cleared he have no relation with Yousuf Ali thought concept and theory,as I investigated in Yousuf Ali mater I found him as deviant person,but I do not see any single word in oral or written that he is proclaiming false prophet hood,even the audio cassette which is only substantial evidence he clearly announced that he is deputy of Rasoollah (of course this is deviancy)so this case was so confused at least to me ,how ever he is expired and Zaid never ever in all his lectures dragged his listener to the Yousuf Ali,now I wondering on AMKNT attitude they giving fully stand against Zaid Hamid only on buried story,but did ever you heard that there is a Man call Shekh Ameen in Multan and he is clearly doing blasphemy, his speeches can find on youtube easily,why AMKNT is not gathering against this person why the case until yet did not filed against him,for whom they are waiting,believe me Zaid not going to proclaim false prophet hood,but he is only and only until yet come out as true muslim who challenged Farouns of times not these Zombies Mullah and neither any of any take the stand as Sir Zaid Hamid made we was lost our hope,but Zaid who pored in our heart hope again and Inshllah Ghazw e Hind we will completion by our hands,this is believe.

Hesham A Syed:

I know Zaid much better than any one of you could ever know – I knew of Yusuf much better than you all can ever know – With all my sincerity , I wanted to pull the scoundler Yusuf out of his satanic illusions and Zaid from the satanic spell and childish impulses – I have always supported Zaid for his positive work but I can not respect a person on the cost of Hurmatey Rasool or following a deviant ideology , a defender of declared and proven gustaakhey Rasool ( sav ) – I dont know where you have been living , what you have been reading , whom you have been listening to – Please go to http://zaidhamidexposition.org/ and also read all my articles on this subject in Catagory Cult – specially a few like : Mirage or Miraaj + Cult in the making + Impersonating Muhammed ( sav ) + My comment on Mardey Kamil kaa wasiat Nama + and many more of my poems and articles on the subject which have also been posted at :



You know my views on Ghuzwatey Hind – This was much spoken by Yusuf Kazab and he even told me that I will participate in this episode as a Mujahid because he expected till that time that I will be able to buy him a house in defence Lahore – He was a hoax and a Thug – When Zaid speaks and lectures about these things he resonates and reminds me of Yusuf only – I have interacted with Zaid constantly as late as last month where I have been pursuing that he should come out clean by declaring Yusuf as Kazab but Zaid resistance or refusal to do so and still defend a gustaakhey Rasool publicly on video makes his position dubios – Trust me that if Ghuzwaatey Hind is to take place , it will never happen the way Zaid is pursuing and Allah will never assign any one who follows the foot prints of a gustaakhey Rasool and respect that gustaakh so much that he cant call him a Kazab / an imposter. Ghuzwat is a holy war and it has to be lead by righteous people.

Read what Zaid ex-wife also has to say about him at ZHE site.

If by going through all the materials on the websites I have mentioned above, you still cant find any thing wrong with Yusuf and Zaid then I would be sorry for you and you may follow this Cult to a destiny which will end no where but to Hell.
God may help you and guide you to the right path.

Source: Hesham A Syed.

7 comments on “Q&A Between A Zaid Hamid Fan And Mr. Hesham Syed

  1. anonymous2 says:

    offcourse a kid not more then 19 yrs of age who has no knowledge how to earn bread for living, how can he gauge whats been dissolving his faith for so long…how can he forsee or analyze whats zaid been doing to them…

    All my respect for Hesham and many duas for hesham sahib may Allah keep him blessed in both worlds amin.

  2. anonymous2 says:

    above all this kid is speaking the language of zaid kazzab, just analyze the constructs of his speech and words hes using and the way hes putting his case…

    PATHETIC zAIDAY PATHETIC way to place your cronies infront of you as body bags.

  3. Salman Zafar says:

    My personal opinion is that zaid kazzab is an agent of kaffir and anti Islamic forces…he and his teamBT and all his allies and helpers have been tasked with carrying out an ideological campaign which especially targets the youth….to either hijack pakistan via coup or something similar….or just to try do so and get youth onboard so as to spread fitna and chaos all over Pakistan…he is a shameless devil who in fact is only preparing a terrible torment for himself in the Hereafter and at this point it appears as if all of the Fasiqoon … All of the corrupted people are standing shoulder to shoulder with him and are going head first into the same fire with him. May Allah the All Mighty guide and protect us and let us die only when we are in a state of Imaaan Ameen!

  4. Salman Zafar says:

    As if fasiqoon…the corrupted people

  5. Blazing Sword says:


  6. Blazing Sword says:

    Its Okay now…

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