Hesham Syed's Detailed Interview on Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid Published In Daily Jasarat

In his recent visit to Karachi, Pakistan Hesham A Syed met with the core team of ZHE. We have already posted about it on our Facebook page. Hesham Sahib is an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazab’s claim of prophethood and Zaid Zaman Hamid and Junaid Zaman’s (Zaid Hamid’s brother) association with Yusuf. During his visit, Hesham Syed gave a detailed interview to Daily Jasarat. The interview begins with Hesham Sahib’s personal life so that everyone can get to know him as a person, but then goes on to discuss Hesham Sahib’s meetings with Yusuf Kazab.

Hesham Sahib has personally told this author that during a meeting with Zaid Hamid, Zaid Hamid told him that “Hesham Sahib has met Prophet Muhammad saaw but he didnt recognized Prophet Muhammad saaw”.

Hesham Sahib has mentioned this in his interview as well. The interview follows below:

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Source: Daily Jasarat

10 comments on “Hesham Syed's Detailed Interview on Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid Published In Daily Jasarat

  1. adnan says:

    Bauth hee khoob, mashAllah!

    Hesham sahab, May Allah (SWT) give the greatest reward to you for your all efforts in exposing this “fitna”. ameen

  2. hesham syed says:

    Many people do raise a query that why I did not counter Zaid and wrote about these things much before – These people obviously have not read the detail on my Blogg where I have posted a very detailed report almost two years ago and in that report it is mentioned that I have been directly communicating with Zaid even from Canada or any other country I was living and many times I have asked him to do Tauba and pull out from the shackles of Yusuf – I had asked Zaid to even convey my message to Yusuf also while he was in Jail in Pindi , that he should seek forgiveness from Allah ( swt ) and should come out of satanic spell but the reactions to my email messages were negative – As recent as past month I have exchanged emails from Zaid where I told him to make open declaration and call Yusuf as Kazab but as usual Zaid arrogance and his deep commitment to gustakh Yusuf’s ideology has kept him away from coming out clean in this regard.
    Like many , I did sincerely try to bring him back without any prejudice to the right track for his own welfare.

    Will he or other invisible Yusuf followers ever come back to their senses only Allah ( swt ) knows.

  3. Blazingsword says:

    Nazrana-e-Aqeedat Ann Hazrat Muhammad (Salallah-o-Alaih-e-Wasallam)

    On the day when kuffar are teasing Muslims by celeberating “DRAW MUHAMMAD (Salallah-o-Alaih-e-Wasallam) DAY”. May Allah Talah broke their hands, blind their eyes AMEEN.


  4. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    Jazakallah …
    @Hisham: Well brother, when people become the practicle example of “Sumum bukmum eumyum fahum la yerjeun” then they dun jst do tooba .. they mostly keep on moving ahead with their wicked nd devilish views… unless, ALLAH give them the toofiq to do tooba from bottom of their heart..

  5. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @Syed Hisham: can i have the link to ur blog or ur post plz?

  6. hesham syed says:

    Bloggs :

    1) http://heshamsyed.wordpress.com

    – go to Cult catagory & read Miraj or Mirage

    – must also read Cults in the making

    -Impersonating Muhammed ( sav )

    2 ) http://cultsdeviants.wordpress.com

  7. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @Editor and Hesham Syed: Thank u.. Jazakallah

  8. Kazzab_Exposer says:

    What a people and what a media and what a nation?

    Zaid Kazzab is back on news

    I don’t think anything will happen to him though he may not gain same momentum as before. Azab of Allah comes to people as they deserve and want it.

    May be some more Zaid Kabba are waiting in the queue and the security agencies will turn a nation into Kazzabistan.

    Allahu Aalam

  9. a2ztruth says:

    Kazzab Exposer : A paradox indeed , a follower of declared gustaakhey Rasool is invited to speak and defend respect & Hurmat of Rasool ( s.a.w ) – The media is totally wierd and this is utter madness.

    What ever is happening is also the weakness of Ummah and due to sold out rulers of Muslim world – We have gustaakh within our own selves , what force we will apply on others.

    Ghar ki chaukhat mazboot ho ttoa bahar key loag dakhil honey ki himmat naheeN kartey.

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