Abul Kazb Zaid Hamid Labels Los Angeles As Bombay

Zaid Hamid is such a crafty (well not so crafty, because his lies are always caught) and compulsive liar that it would be appropriate to call him Abul Kazb (Father of Lies). It seems that he can not spend a single day without uttering lies. Due this personality trait of Zaid Hamid, we have made a special section on our website dedicated to unleashing Zaid Hamid’s lies.

Zaid Hamid has now come up with a new lie, claiming that hunter killer submarine went to the port of Bombay and came back after taking snapshots of Bombay without being detected. According to Zaid Hamid:

World has never seen a picture like this. High adrenaline and excitement would rush through your blood once you realize what this is. This is the Indian port of Bombay – up, close and personal – through the periscope of a Pakistani hunter killer submarine, Allahu Akbar!!

No force in the world has seen an enemy port so close in the mouth of danger, in death defying manner, challenging the arrogant enemy with such dignified confidence. Only Pakistani sub-marine force could do this, Alhamdulillah. InshAllah, when the azaan for defense of this Medina e sani will be given, Indians won’t
know what hit them, literally.

Always remember our bravest under sea warriors in your dua who are always taking death defying risks, combat ready, deep under the sea, right into the heart of the enemy. You want to see what is wrath of Allah for enemies – they are called the submarine force of Pakistan Navy. Pride for the Ummah, honor for the nation.

Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah.

The utter lie and the fake photo of Bombay’s coast can still be viewed on Zaid Hamid’s fanpage, and a snapshot of Zaid Hamid’s lie in high resolution can be viewed here.

The Truth

The Truth is that the photo was taken by a girl named Lindsay Fincher who is an expat Californian obsessed with traveling to strange and exotic destinations in the former Communist Bloc. Lindsay went on a day trip to Los Angeles to visit Russian Diesel Submarine B-247 “Scorpian” together with her friend Ryan. She took a lot of photos of this day trip, which can all be viewed here. In these photos, you will also find the photo Zaid Hamid uploaded on his fanpage. The photo was actually taken from with in the Russian submarine “Scorpian” and is of the coast of Los Angeles.

Abul Kazb Zaid Hamid should stop this non-sense of giving birth to lies every other day. This is not the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet nor is the way of Sufi and Wali Allah’s.

14 comments on “Abul Kazb Zaid Hamid Labels Los Angeles As Bombay

  1. Anonymous Person says:

    I can’t believe Zaid Hamid just lied about it so bluntly. I mean if he can make lies such as this, then Allah knows what other lies he is saying. This really is a blow to his credibility. So much for being truthful. Maybe all his ground breaking analysis are as truthful as this photo.


    We never knew that Zaid Hamid is stupid of this class!

  3. a2ztruth says:

    More than LIE , he appears to me a person who has not grown mentally and still is living in his world of fantasy – a comic dream , of micky mouse smartness , in a disney world – No wonder he can’t come out of all the bull shits Yusuf has made him to believe – a true reflection of Yusuf.
    Malik ney milaya jorrhee – eik andha eik korrhee.

  4. anonymous2 says:

    Wow!!! am impressed this time by his lousy bluffs…

  5. Zaid Tracker says:

    he lies about everything else so whats the big deal.
    his whole life is a lie, he thrives on gullibility of young and so called “Modern” people.
    He lies about his past, he distorts history, he lied about ajmal kasab being a hindu, he tells so much made up stories that any sane person can only laugh at it.
    the worst part is, he started to believe in his own made up stories. i want to see his response on this lie now.

  6. Rehan says:

    losers, everyone supporting this issue of proving “Sir Zaid Hamid” wrong …. and the whole website is supported by americans,israelies,indians and all anti Islamic elements. Try hard as much as you can but you can never put the respect of our beloved “Sir Zaid Hamid” out of our hearts till the last moment of our lives. This photo is truely the ‘coast of bombay’ and your propaganda of putting this photo amongst the other photoes of that visitor’s website proves that you are nothing but bunch of liars … and I know for fact that no matter what I tell you will never ashame you because losers like you have no respect. This hesham saed from your group is surely cured by Allah … dont you see how Allah used him for the bad work of banking … whole banking system is based on ‘riba'(interest) directly related and initiated by jews … and on the day of judgement surely he will stand with the group of jews who initiated and supported it in any form. This hesham saeed is surely a loser that he spent all his life outside beloved Pakistan and has been a third-class,second citizen and a servent of western countries … and finally settled there like a hypocrate .. and he tries to use nice words to do the ‘talk’ … Indeed such losers only ‘talk’ … when he was young and energetic to stand and make even small difference to Beloved Pakistan, he chosed easy lifestyle for himself and his wife .. and children .. and he says his children are all followers of Islamic Shairiyat … I promise you that his children will show him a glance of ‘hell’ only this world through their westernize activities and when he will be old .. all he will have will be ’emptyness’ … all he will have will be ‘nothing’. Allama Iqbal said about such people:
    ‘Nang e deen … Nang e qoom ….. Nang e watan’
    hesham saed .. one last message for you: A man is he who faces his problems … not run away from Pakistan. You have no longer any right to comment on even ‘betterment of my beloved Pakistan’ because it will prove you a ‘hypocrate’

  7. a2ztruth says:

    Rehan : you are mentally retarded and a gone case and no one must even feel sorry for you.

  8. heshamsyed says:

    To All concern :
    Bank means Bankers Equity where I served , which was a Development Financial Insitution abbreviated as DFI – and this DFI was purely based on Islamic based instrument to expand Industries in Pakistan and not as such interest oriented like coventioal banks – Islamic Econmics is the subject I have always been interested and also pursued a Doctrate program with Islamic University of Islamabad – An interest free economic system has been one of my main focus to establish and I still feel the Muslim Ummah need to pursue this for their revival and to come out of the shackle of slavery.

    I notice an amature with verbal dhirea is vomiting his filth in this comment section – the readers can easily make out who I am talking about – he is not even worth that I should mention his name. I am not sorry for this young lad but for his parents.

    What else one should expect from a member of gustaakhey Rasool team – same family indeed – same genes same reactions.

  9. a2ztruth says:

    # There are deviant groups living in pakistan who :
    1.are following false Nabi & Rasool,
    2.worshiping graves of not only wali-Allah but of political leaders as well ,
    3.are following aqeedah out of the fold of Islam ie outside Rasool ( s.a.w ) teachings,
    4.are munkir e hadees and misinterpreting Quran the way they want it,
    5.are also propagating to take verses out of Quran which does not suit them or their western masters under the cover of enlightened thinkers,
    6.consider Pakistan to be their jageer , so only their family members must rule this country,
    7.are looting Paksitan day and night and making the public suffer,
    8.are following imposters , liers , impersonators of Rasool ( s.a.w ) and still want to be a hero of an Islamic country or a savior of this country by delivering hysterical speeches and bringing issues out of context to misguide the young and lost generation,
    9.are inventing or innovating many new rituals in deen under the cover of Sufism,
    10.are degrading Rasool ( s.a.w ) under the cover of Ishq e Rasool ( s.a.w ).

    What good are these people doing by living in Pakistan ? and what kind of Pakistan can be foreseen in the growing population of these deviants. Think about it ! what good is the empty slogans doing to us ?

  10. rehan says:


  11. rehan says:

    ALLAHO AKBAR. jhotai pai ALLAH ke laant

  12. rehan says:

    zaid bhai ab b waqt hai sudhr jawo

  13. rehan says:

    my name iz shehzada ajmal frm swat

  14. a2ztruth says:

    Rehan comment is not clear – does he stands corrected for his wrong belief and support to zaid ?

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