Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid: Zaid Hamid Talks Like Kazzab, Walks Like Kazzab

The issue is very serious and on the surface people are unable to see the contradiction.

Zaid was of course linked with kazzab, this is not the problem part, if he had realized the mistake and parted ways.
The issue gets serious because ZH beleives in the same aqeeda that kazzab believed in. ZH only has problem with the way kazzab handled himself by indulging into fraud and extracting money. He does not even have a problem with the women issue of kazzab.

That is why ZH is using the same vocabulary, same phrases, same spells and tricks that kazzab used to hide himself in a twisted way.

He talks of lofty ideals and a promised muslim land just kazzab used to, he tells people about gazwa e hind just like kazzab used to. He tells people just like kazzab used to tell that they are the chosen and blessed one because they support him, those who criticize him are considered at war with Allah and RasoolAllah and will be receiving wrath of God.

He is demanding the same unquestionable submission/allegiance that kazzab demanded from his followers.

He even dresses up like kazzab, talks like kazzab, walks like kazzab. Considers himself above and beyond ordinary people, proclaiming as if he has a direct phoneline with Allah and Prophet (saaw) “exactly” like kazzab, labelling people jannati and jahannami.

May Allah give guidance to all and save us from deviations from the Straight Path, ameen

Author: NJ
Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid

48 comments on “Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid: Zaid Hamid Talks Like Kazzab, Walks Like Kazzab

  1. ismaeel says:

    do u have any bloody prove u cowards???
    u call urself the defenders of islam but u even dont know the rules of shriyat …..
    documentation tu lkh dety ho tu ak tasveer nhi sth mi upload kar dya kar prove ki tor par…..aur yad rkhana Maut sb ko ani hai..hisab Allah ko dena ha….aur jhoot waly par Allah ki lanat hain….no bloody prove only documentation….huh…

    • Editor says:

      @ismaeel You can ask her directly. Her email address is umme_osama@yahoo.com.

      If only you can open your eyes. In any case do get in touch with her and also do let us know if you find her to be fake. Do your research with an open heart Inshallah you will see the truth.

      Hum ne hi nahi aap ne bhi qabar mein jana hai. Kahin aisa na ho jhootay nabi ke sathion ke sath hashar ho.

  2. Yusuf Ali Kazzab says:

    Masha Allah, NJ sahiba , really your these words and letter will help every one to understand the real truth. this is the letter of yours will give clear picture that, who can know a person more than a wife , but eman is more important for every one and every one has to die and will answer his/her deeds on judgement day. Thanks alot for your courage to come up with the support & defending Namoos-e-risalat SAW. May Allah guide us all, and grant us Jannat.

  3. zahid says:

    zaid hamid kisi kuti ka bacha hai aur is ko defend krnay walay pagal hain dimag kharab hai un ka phelay kheta tha k yousuf kazzab sy is ka koi relation ni bad py apni zaban sy mukhar gya aur yousuf ko defend krnay lga aur baray scholars ka nam ly k kheta hai k wo yousuf ko defend krtay hain lekin un scholars sy ja k pocho to wo khetay hain zaid ny jhoot bola hai
    zaid hai hi kuti kanjari ka bacha

  4. Yusuf Ali Kazzab says:

    @ editor, i hope you shared her email id on her permission.

    • Editor says:

      @Yusuf Ali I dont think that was private, she is already communicating with everyone who wants to inquire about Zaid Hamid. She can be asked herself. But in case that’s a mistake, we will remove it as soon as she will ask us to do so.

  5. a2zTruth says:

    NJ / Umme Osama , it is a great courage you have shown – God bless you – It is not easy to come out with truth among the liers all around and disbelievers and peole under satanic spell and again in a social set up where male chauvenism prevails and dominates – Who would know more of Zaid than his wife who has many things to reveal of him – She has taken this threat to her despite of the fact that her children have been brain washed and they are living with Zaid because zaid is a control freek.

    I honestly pray for you NJ that your effort is acknowledged and appreciated and people give up their stupidity and wake up to accept the reality which only will save them from going to hell and they will do no favor to any but to themselves.
    God bless you.

  6. Malik Shahzad Arif says:

    Jazakallah Sister in Islam, Alhamdulillah you have opened our eyes. I was a big fan of ZH and used to watch his programs on Various TV channels. You are absolutely right that he is using specific terms like Ghazaw-e-Hind, You are the blessed people chosen by Allah (SWT), Pakistan k han our na mein Dunya k faislay hongay, etc. He often brands people who oppose him as Takfiris. He is indeed a master in deception. Sister this is extremely heartening that you did get rid of him. May Allah (SWT) bless you with His countless Khair and Barkah. Ameen

  7. farooq says:

    if u donot beleive this . plz read the book of arshad qureshi.who was companion of yoousaf kazab and he wrote a book against him in 1997.
    no body caqn save zaid hamid because he is kazab like yousaf kazab

  8. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @ismael: han to bahi aapko prove chaheye hain? or kitany proof deye jayen? or mazeed prove deye he kuin jayen? aap k pass to ZH ko dursut sabit kernay ka khud ZH k bayanat k elawa koi sabut hai he naih… to phir mazeed saboot ka taqaza? Chah mainay dar … and aap ya ZH kon hotay ho kissi ki qabar ka haal batanay walay? Stop acting like u guys r worthy of deciding ppl’z after life.. its a great Shirk… lastly, ur the one who r cowards, when ever any ZH fan is asked for a discussion, he/she jst runs away, never has the courage to discuss, tell me, do u have guts to discuss all this in a frndly environment? or is abusing others all u can do? like ur mentor? do u have real proves tht he is innocent? or r u blindly believing only the words of ZH, dn wheres ur own logic nd ur own analysis nd ur own wisdom? y blindly follow ZH? hes not a wali, not a religious scholar, not even a good/practicing Muslim.. (he has violaed many traditions/islamic teachings) stop being blind…!
    @NJ: JAZAKALLAH for all your courage and help and efforts and for coming forward.

  9. Kazzab_Exposer says:

    What difference this effort is making as yet Dunya TV invited Zaid Kazzab on a show. See the link here http://www.pkaffairs.com/playshow.aspx?pageId=8744

    Moreover General Hamid Gul was there to back this ISI sponsored stooge.

    Can anyone dare to ask General Gul is he is a muslim, yet he was at the show of a false messiah??

    Will channels of pakistan like Dunya TV etc stop airing him?

    What people want they get and do. Unfortunately this is Azaab of Allah swt on people of pakistan and they deserve it as they didnt implement sharia even for a single hour since they got pakistan. The reality is that all the youth and most public is secular and they don’t want sharia as late Dr Israr Ahmad RA said.

    If they don’t yet do tawbah and cut the throat of this false messiah, then the Azaab of Allah isn’t far away.

    May Allah swt guide us all. Aameen

  10. tariq xiyad says:


    tumlogo ne tallaq krwa di ??
    ZH k yousuf se talluq tou 13 saal pehle tha .. 13 saal se khayaaal nhi aaya uski biwi ko tallaq dene ka ?? aaj usko khayal a raha hia k woh ZH ko tallaq de de yousuf ki wajah se .. ??

    tumlogo ne samjhaya hoga na ZH ki wife ko ?? kya baaat hai .. aisa lagta hai jab tumlog kisi k pass baat krne jaatey ho log pehle se tumhari baat man’ne ka intizar kr rahey hotey hein ..

    @Editor ..
    ye na ho tumlog bhi un mullaon k sath jahannum raseed ho .. jinho ne QA, IQBAL PAKISTAN aur issey pehle barey barey AULIA ALLAH ki khilaaf werzi ki ..

    • Editor says:

      @Tariq Xiyad. Ask Osama not to lie about his mother. At least she deserves this much. Tell her baki sab ke barey mein to jhoot bool letay ho kam az kam apni maan ko to chor do.

      The whole world knows that Zaid Hamid divorced his wife NJ, the mother of Osama. For your kind information Zaid Hamid divorced her even before ZHE site was created. She quietly started living separately.

      Secondly, I can only pity your intellect for thinking that Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid are Aulia Allah. Have you ever heard some Aulia Allah lying to the teeth just like Zaid Hamid does, have you seen some Wali Allah standing next to na-mehram and be-parda girls like Zaid Hamid.

      Zaid Hamid wali allah to door ki baat, practicing muslim bhi nahi hai.

  11. abu hamza says:

    can you please contact me on my email as i have some information to pass on to you. JazakAllah Khair

  12. abu hamza says:

    @Zaid Hamid supporters? How is it that you are the only ones who know about Shariah? Its amazing. Every single person asks if ZHE knows shariat. How much shariat or Islam do you even know?

  13. a2zTruth says:

    Editor :
    why does it take so long to post my coments – Are you very busy these days ?
    God bless.

    • Editor says:

      @a2z Truth. Nothing personal against you. Due to some issues, we didnt moderated comments yesterday. Sorry for being late.

  14. atiqullah says:

    ALLAH hum muslims ko hr tarah k fitno say mehfooz rakhay

  15. NJ says:

    While coming back from a victorious battle the Prophet SAW declared, “We are returning from a lesser struggle (jihad asghar) to a greater struggle (jihad akbar).” The companions explained, “What is greater struggle, O Messenger of God?!” And turning to them, the Messenger replied, “The battle against your own ego-self (nafs).” – Sacred Tradition of Islam

    ‘Islam’ means Peace, not War, not Jihad, but peace!
    Let us all try to bring peace in our own lives first, let us first struggle to do jihad-e-akbar with our nafs and the evil whisperer within each of us.

    Once we are victorious in this greater jihad only then we should think about the lesser jihad.

    All praise and authority belongs only to Allah, may He shower his mercy and guidance to us all, ameen.


  16. Gillani says:

    I have been observing this ZH issue since quite some time. Just for the record, I am not a Deobandi. 

    I “simply” can not understand that a person who has read Quran ans some basic original books of islamic history, how can he support Zaid Hamid. How can a person,  who knows something about tassawaf and Aulia Allah, say that ZH philosophy is correct. Just by looking at him, one can easily say thar he is a fraudster. Ofcourse Yusuf was a Kazzab and Zaid is his follower but even other than this Yusuf issue, his philosophy is completely childish. Kids follow him because he makes them feel important and part of a great movement. Kanjars follow him because he promises salvation. I had been trying to talk to the youngsters who follow this clown, in a respectable way. I have posted so many comments in ZH FB page. But the conclusion is that “not a single one of ZH followers” speaks logic, none of them have read history and most importantly, the moment you criticize ZH, they immediately diclare you as RAW, CIA and Zionist. Seriously, i used to say that thd followers of ZH are kids who are just ignorant but sincere with Pakistan snd Islam. But now I have realized that these are the people who are Jealous of Muhammad SAwAW. In their subconcious, they want a prophet of their own, who walks, talks, eats and sins like  them. Who belongs to their own land (Madina-e-Sani) and even gives them a religious center here, in their own country. They basically do not want to submit, they just want a way out, a way paralel to Islam, a way parralel to the way of Muhammad SAwAW. They want directly to be in contact with God. This is the phsychological reason why ZH uses the wird “we”. He is so jealous of Prophet that he wants a position no less than the Peophet. Their Concious says they love Muhammad SAwAW, but their subconcious is jealous. 

    I am also surprised by the strategy of opponents of ZH. Instead of keeping it as a common issue for all Muslims, they have made it a Deobandi-Barelvi issue. All the opponents of ZH should have got together, duscuss the issue and then they should have started a neutral campaign against ZH. The present scenario is that every one knows that it is Debandi’s who are opposing ZH. And this is in fact a great support to the followers if ZH. They easily get out from a duscussion by saying that Yusuf was a Barelvi Sufi and thats why Deobandis oppose him and thats why you guyz are opposing us, simple. His opponents often say to his supporters that he doesnt follow Sharia. Now this is where you let them win. How? The answer is that there are differences on the interpretation of Sharia. Which version are you talking about? You may be right but everyone does not agree with you. Please keep it this way. “ZH does not believe in, and follow the basic principals of Islam. He has a wrong concept about Allah, Risalat and Aakhirat”. Now this is a statement which can be owned by ZH opponents from all sects and maslaks. 

    I request you to please unite the whole nation against this Fitna. Please come out of the sects and expose this clown. We should even get sime Sufis on board who would correctly interpret the Sufi orders and let his people know that he is not even a Sufi. 

    To ZH fans, i would you to know, and please KNOW that Zaid Hamid is    not-equal-to Islam and Pakistan. Those who dont like Zaid Hamid are NOT traitors. Those who oppose Zaid Hamid do not say that Pakistanis should unite against Zionists. Those who oppose his pgilosphy are not CIA. They also love Pakistan. They just dont trust Zaid Hamid because he supports and follows Yusuf Kazzab. KNOW that you are being mislead by a joker who is not even a good actor. And seriously he is making you all look like clowns.

    My prayers for all the Muslims abd Pakistanis.

    • Editor says:

      @Gillani Assalam u Alaikum thanks for your suggestions. Here are some internal facts:

      Hesham A Syed an eye-witness of Yusuf Kazab’s blasphemies is a Sufi and has Ijazat in some sufi orders to take Bait as well.

      ZHE team itself is comprised of Deobandis, Barelvis and Ahle Hadees people. We have never favored a maslak over other on ZH and Yusuf Kazab issue.

      Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri who condemned Zaid Hamid is a Barelvi Alim.
      Mufti Naeem and Moulana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi are Deoband Alim.
      Dr Israr and Jamat ad Dawa are Ahle Hadees representatives.

      ZHE has been a platform beyond sects and religious divides, united in the defense of Khatam e Nabuwat.

  17. a2zTruth says:

    tariq xiyad : I dont think Osma has made this statement but it is fabricated on behalf of him by this idiot tariq xiyad — such are the people in company of Yusuf and Zaid — surely hell is their destiny if they do not do tauba — shaitaan ko bhi Allah ( swt ) ney qiyamat tak ki chutti dee hoyee hai.

    kazzab xposer : to hell with ISI or hamid gul – who are they to stand against the respect of Rasool ( saw ) – they could be equally blind folded , once they will wake up they will do away with zaid.

    Editor : Thanks , I did not mean to be impolite to you – I am always in praise to you for your efforts for the benefit of masses and for fisabil-Allah and for fi sabili-aRasool – God bless you in multitude.

  18. Gillani says:

    @ Editor
    I really appreciate what AMTKN and ZHE have done in the past and are doing even now. I was alluding towards the contributers and especially those who speak on ZH Fan Page. Your efforys ate duely acknowledged. I think you guyz are rendering a great servuce to Islam and Pakistan.

    PS. I suggest a detailed analysis of Yusuf’s statements in court. The statement has some fine points which prove that Yusuf “did” claim to be Muhammad SAwAW (Nauzubillah)

    if you say, i can write an article with the suggested analysis

  19. Anonymous Person says:


    That is interesting. Sometimes when I heard Zaid Hamid saying things like, Pakistan is medina sani. It reminded me of a group of Iranis who build a fake Kabba in an indoor stadium in Iran, at which they performed Umerah. By the way, Arabs and Iranis have an old conflict even before Islam over racial superiority. So this fitnah of having parallel Islam, as you say. Has already appeared in Iran where they are trying to “recreate” religious sacred places in their own respective land, and it seems this fitnah is coming to Pakistan as well. such as Pakistan is Madina Sani, Ghazwa Hind, equivalent to Ghazwa Badr and Allah knows what else.

  20. adnan says:

    ZH fans,I am amazed to see that even now you are denying the words of the respectable lady who scarifies her relations and lots for the sake of Namoos-e-Risalat (S.A.W)

    ZH fans need Duas more than any proofs. Everyone, please make a special prayers for them after every salah.

    Dawa ki nahi in ko Dua ki zaroorath hay.

  21. Khalid says:


    Just a little correction , Dr. Israr Ahmad was not a Ahl-e-Hadeeth. You can call him a Ghair Muqallid but not a Ahl-e-Hadeeth. plz correct this.

  22. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @ZH fans: For the last time… Stop acting like u ppl r the only ones who know wht Shariat and Quran says… And yahan moojud loog kissi alim kissi wali k khilaf khuch naih kehtay.. we all respect Wali Allah.. humain sirf Yousuf Kazzab or uski support kernay ki waja say ZH say ikhtelaf hai… nd stop blindly believeing nd quoting every thign only ZH says… Wht the hell do u guys think he is? Believeing every thing he says like tht? bato kon hai ZH? koi buhut he sacha musalman hai? koi Wali hai? Mazjoob hai? Ghoos hai? Qutab hai? Bataona aap k khayal main hai kon wo? aap loog to uski her baat per ankhain band ker k aysay amal or yaqeen kertay ho jasay wo koi buhut puhanchi huye rohani shakhsiyat ho.. balkay itni aqeedad to ambiya say rakhi jati hai jaisi andi aqeedat aap log ZH say rakhtay ho (Nauzubillah)

  23. Gillani says:

    I am sorry for posting so many comments but i just saw something which would help you understand my point. I just saw a post on ZHE Facebook page. Some one asked who was Sufu Barkat Ali. Now someone, instead of answering the question, issued a statement there that “Sufism is Haram in Islam”. This sort of statement supports my feeling. You should not allow people to comment against other groups of Islam on ZHE FB page. The reason is that you must let everyone know that its a problem of all muslims, even Sufis. I am sure that ZHE administration is not biased against any sect. So i request that such comments should nor be allowed on your site and ZHE facebook page


    • Editor says:

      @Gillani. Ok Brother I got your point now. We will take note of it from now on. May be some salafi brother commented and said that “Sufism is Haram in Islam”, but I can assure you that ZHE administration has never said anything of the sort.

  24. Khalid Asgher says:


    I posted this before but don’t know who deleted this.

    There is a little correction I want u to make. Dr.Israr Ahmad was not a Ahl-e-Hadeeth. You can call him a Ghair Muqallid, but not an Ahl-e-Hadeeth.

  25. @tariq xiyad
    please tell osama that your mother misses you alot…she is in very much pain without you.. she prays to Allah that he makes you understand Zaid Hamid… she misses you because you have left him while living in the same city… you have not meet him from so many days… its bad.. its not the teaching of Islam… and yet you are lying… always remember rights of mother in Islam…

    I cant see the tears of Osama’s mother. May Allah get her children back to her and punish zaid hamid. Ameen

  26. mjhe buhat buhat afsoos hai app sab ki batoon per….aik banda cheekh chekh kar keh raha hai k men ashiqerasool hon…r tum log pata nahi kia chahtey ho..aik musalman ko kafir kehtey chaley ja rahey ho…ALLAH r uska Nabi (S.A.W.W) he sachai ko jantey hainmain nahi janta Zaid Hamid sahab thek hain ya ghalat but i know k unhon ne aj tak koi ghalat baat nahi ki r koi ghalat kaam nahi kia kam azkam men ne to nahi daikha kuch bhi aisa…r tum logon ko aik r baat bhi bata don jo jazba khatmerasool k defenders men hona chahie vo tum men nahi hai…iska matlab hai tumhara matlab r maqsad kuch r hai…kia jawab do ge qayamat men ALLAH ko..Mafi mangoo tauba karoo..ALLAH app sab ko r mjhey haidayat dey …ammeeen

    • Editor says:

      @Muhammad Anwarulhaq Agar koi nabi saaw ki shan mein gustakhi karey, to jo bhi banda aisey gustakh ko defend kerey ga wo bhi gunah gaar ho ga. Zaid Hamid aik gustakh e rasool aur kazab Yuusf Kazab ko defend kerta hai.

      Hairat hai ap ko ye baat khilaaf e sunnat nahi lagti. Agar aisa hai to phir ap ke lie dua hi ki ja sakti hai.

  27. a2ztruth says:

    Anwar ul Haq : Mirza Qadyani bhi cheekh cheekh key apney aap ko aashiq e Rasool kahtaa ttha — Yusuf Kazab bhi cheekh cheekh ke apney aap ko aashiq e Rasool kahtaa ttha — Yeah aashiq e Rasool kahney aur kahalwaaney ka draama bahut puraana hai — Bey shumaar gustaakhe Rasool iss 1400 saal meiN ishq Rasool ke daaweiydaar ban key hee aatey haiN aur baad meiN gustaakhee ki intaha ko pahunch jaa tey haiN — Yaa tto tumheiN taareekh aur Islam ka koyee ilm naheeN yaa tum etney ghabee ho key Rasool sey gustaakhee ko samjahtey hee naheeN — DonoaN hee soorat meiN Tumharaa hashar accha naheeN hoa ga — Qiyamat tto door ki baat hai – is ka anjaam jald hee nazar aiey gaa – bulkey nazar aa rahaa hai – laikin Tum jaisey andhey deikh nahee saktey. Apna naam Anwar ul Haq key bejaaiey – Ashraar ul Batil rakh loa — ziadah suit karey gaa !!

  28. Aamir says:

    Salamun Alykum
    Could Anybody please tell me any link or proof about what zaid hamid claims to be….Letter from his wife could be fake, I dont trust. Conspiracy theories are working great against islam and any true jihadist who wants to come up with solution. Please anyone post a link in which proof could be visible.

    • Editor says:

      @Amir Brother for people with eyes, the site is full of proofs against Zaid Hamid and his affiliation with Yusuf Kazab. Try to open your eyes and see for yourself. What more do you want from us ?

  29. a2ztruth says:

    Has Aamir been living at a different planet ?
    There is nothing fake at this site — Fake are those people who call it fake till they revert to correct understanding and Islam.

  30. tahir says:

    this is just bull shit.zaid hamid is a true hero.

  31. tahir says:

    do u have any bloody prove u cowards???
    u call urself the defenders of islam but u even dont know the rules of shriyat …..
    documentation tu lkh dety ho tu ak tasveer nhi sth mi upload kar dya kar prove ki tor par…..aur yad rkhana Maut sb ko ani hai..hisab Allah ko dena ha….aur jhoot waly par Allah ki lanat hain….no bloody prove only documentation….huh…

  32. a2ztruth says:

    Editor : Mindless and immature people like tahir and like will always exist – dont interfere , they should feel free to go to hell.
    Who could know Zaid more than Ex Wife of Zaid and his close associates who drifted away from him – obviously for no reason. Cant these dump understand this ?

  33. Tahir says:

    Last month when I was in Dubai I received a sms regarding Zaid’s new adventure with the MOM OF 5 in Peshawer the lady is Tayyaba Bukhari, whose name is Listed on Brasstack staff as IT expert, already married and now as per sms second episode has started and the lady has filed the Khula in court. And leaving her 5 kids she is planned to marry Mr.Zaid Zaman to fulfill the prophecy of upper worlds order to implement Khilafat on this planet .

    Third episode starts with a new relation status only applied on Zaid Zaman as he claims himself above Sharia, and has the blessings of Yousuf Kazzab as Sahabi, Yousuf himself was big womanizer, Zaid also has a great history of young and attractive girls and wemen around her. his ex-wife verifies the stories.

    Only Zaid Zaman knows what kind of Khilafat will it be after he has satisfied his animal instinct of conquering yet another lady, (Tayyaba Bukhari) who at the moment is in his trance and expresses her willingness among the Brasstack staff to do anything to fulfill Zaid’s mission. she will only regret it once she is gone through the third Episode which starts right after she earns Khula from her husband.

    Zaid has the history of enjoying women in the name of Khilafat, this Tayyaba Bukhari is the latest one.

  34. Imtiaz Hussain says:

    Assalamo Alaikum,
    Ek admi jo Zaid Hamid ko personally nahi janta, os ki ex wife ko personally nahi janta aur on ke children ko personally nahi janta. Sirf lache dar taqreeren sun ke oska jhukao ek taraf ho jata he. Ye bilkul logic ke khilaf he. Are jo log muslims nahi hen yani west ke christen woh bhi kisi ki andhi taqleed nahi karte.

    Men ne bhi Zaid Hamid ki bohat zabardast taqreeren suni hen. Qata e nazar is ke keh meri os ke mutalliq zati raye kya he, Zaid Hamid woh kuch kehta he jo dar asal aap sunna chahte hen. “Ek pakistani muslim ko kesa hona chahiye” zaid hamid bhi woh hi kehta he jo sab kehte hen koi nai bat nahi he. Han nai bat ye he keh abhi tak zaid hamid sahab ka koi “Plan of Action” samne nahi araha he. Woh koi party banayenge ya Army aur Awam ko apas men larwaenge. Pakistani democracy bilkul alag he aur Khilafat bilkul alag he. Nazariyati tor par dono ek doosre ke opposite hen. Zaid Hamid Pakistani constitution ke haq men bhi he aur Khilafat ke haq men bhi he. Sare deendar Khilafat ke haq men khare hojayenge aur jin logon ko deen pasand nahi he woh Democracy ke haq men khare hojayenge. Aur ek esi aag bharak othe gi jis men sab kuch jal kar rakh ho jayega (Allah na kare esa ho). Jo kuch woh kehta he kya hawa men impliment hoga. Yad rakhe ISLAM men aj tak jitne logon ne naqab lagai he Quran aur Hadeesen suna suna ke lagai he. Aur agar ye log Quran aur Hadees ka sahara na len to inki bat sune ga kon is tarha ye logon ko kabhi dhoka dene men kamyab nahi ho sakte.

    Baqi zyada dor na jayen aap logon men jo log waqai likhe parhe hen woh zara Lawrence of Arabia ki history parh len. Zati tor pe woh shakhs Zaid Hamid se bhi zyada qabil tha. Quran aur Hadees ke Uloom seekh ke arabs ke pas aya tha tabhi to Khilafat e Osmania ko khatam karne men angrez kamyab rahe.
    Allah ke rasool aur Sahaba ne deen ki khatir apna watan chora aur mal qurban kia. ye nahi kaha keh “sab se pehle Holy Mecca”. Holy Mecca aur Madina Shareef se aala maqam dunyia men koi nahi he. Sahabe ne deen ki khatir Holy Mecca ko chora, Madina ko chora. Deen ke liye watan ki qurbani, mal ki qurbani, jan ki qurbani.
    Sab yehi kehte hen ke “Mullaon” ki wajha se sari kharabi ho rahi he. “Mullaon” ko lat maren aur ye bataen aap kab deen ki khatir sahaba ki tarha Watan ki, Mal ki aur Jan ki qurabni denge. Deen e Islam pe kisi chez ko foqiyat hasil nahi he agar hoti to Abu Jahal aur Abu Lahab kabhi bhi jahanummi na hote.
    Pehle Allah aur oske Rasool se mohabbat karen. Deen se mohabbat karen. Phir Pakistan se mohabbat ki bat karen. Apne emaan ki hfazat karen. Baqi ayenda.
    Good luck

  35. Yusuf Kazzab says:

    Yusuf Kazzab murdabad

  36. misrikhanabbasi says:

    Zahid zaman hamid not only a lair agent of jews but he also want to distroyed a muslim neuclier country ,why
    this baster not openly accept that yousuf kizzab a (kafir)he openly discribed many time in tv interview that
    in shariyat this is not allowed someone to say other kazzab(clear means he defind yousuf kafir)so zahid hamid
    also not only kafir he is murtahid please spread this message to innocent people and saved them from his devils,

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