Captz Magnem: A Hardcore Zaid Hamid Finds The Reality About Yusuf Kazab (Alhamdolillah)


Not many Pakistanis and specially new generation know about Yusuf Kazzab case which happened in 1997-98. Im included in those Pakistanis. I was away on fields for Army duty, and at that time had recently lost my father who was Amir of Tablighi Jammat, and a great source for my Islamic education and love for our Prophet (Pbuh).

The greatest Islamic scholar for me, Shaheed Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (RA) was very close friend of my father and my father advised me to follow Dr. sahab strictly for his ocean of knowledge and role model as much better human being than may be all of us. The words of Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed (RA) are final and MOST VALUED for me as long as religion is concerned. Dr. sahab Shaheed (RA) is and was much more for me than anyone including AMTKN or Zaid Hamid.

My late father was part of Tehreek e Khatam e Nabuwwat, and i was always in fancy and respect about AMTKN specially great Ulema like Molana Mufti Shamzai (RA), Hazrat Binori (RA), and Hazrat Yusuf Ludhyanivi (RA).

Recent rise of Zaid Hamid again happened at the time when i was away, in UAE, for my post-Army duties. I suddenly found great fame, respect, and following of Zaid Hamid in UAE, my friends in Pakistan, and many other places.

Like others, I saw the series of Brasstacks programs, and naturally inclined in favor of great words, speeches, passion, and charisma, of what Zaid Hamid said.

Then came the opposition. AMTKN and many people started disfavoring Zaid Hamid, on his past links with Yusuf Kazzab. Initial silence of Zaid Hamid was meaningful. Many people including me asked Zaid sahab to refute the allegations, but he said he is waiting for the right time, though he instantly denied any links with Kazzab.

Rcently he issued his video on mass demand, to re-affirm his faith of being follower of Hazrat Muhammad Ibne Abdullah (SAWW) only. This satisfied many people including me.

But still, the popular demand from his opposition was to declare Yusuf as Kazzab, which he denied to do. He convinced that he doesn’t know whether Yusuf was Kazzab or not. And the shariah evidence against Yusuf was incomplete.

On these 2 crossroads, ALL OF US, have been engaged in discussions, debates, etc. I wanted anti-Zaid Hamid community to bring up solid evidences, but they didn’t, to my satisfaction. Even Talha Saad, whom i considered more knowledgeable among all of u, just invited me, for discussion, instead of sharing solid evidence.

With my much busy schedule, i investigated on my own. I browsed every post, read all related websites, and tried not to miss any content, related to this issue.

Suddenly I came across the fatwa against Yusuf Kazzab from Dr. Malik Ghluma Murtaza Shaheed (RA), my mentor, my guide, my rehnuma.

It came as a surprise to me. Having close family ties with Dr. sahab’s family, i never knew about this major happening of the past. I immediately contacted Hafiz Bilal, the son of Shaheed Dr. sahab for confirmation, and he confirmed it all.

Brother Hafiz Bilal shared more things including Fatwa against Yusuf kazzab from all sects Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahle Hadiis.

So first time i came to knew that it was an IJMA among nation and great Ulemas of Pakistan that Yusuf was a Kazzab.

As u can see in above link, and as told by brother Hafiz Bilal, that Yusuf spent much time with Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed (RA), he used to stay in Dr. sahabs home in Saudia, and even tried to have his daughter wed with Dr. sahab’s son. Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Saheed (RA) knew Yusuf Kazab more personally and more closely than Zaid Hamid.

Dr. Murtaza (RA) demanded Saza e Maut to Yusuf Kazzab. Words of Dr. sahab are MORE VALUED for me, other than any Aalim. All are great Ulemas but somtimes u have special place in your heart for someone, and in my case it was/is Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed (RA).

Having learned more about Yusuf Kazzab, i found his lanati character more n more. Blasphemy and Dawa e Nabuwat was one thing, in addition to his moral degradation, rapes, sexual harrassment, and bla bla, the list of crimes is unlimited.

Only a blind and a fool can deny them. I was ignorant, less knowledged, i confess it. But how blessed i feel myself, to be Muslim first, and on my great father who taught me love for Islam and our Prophet (SAWW), and Shaheed Dr. sahab (RA) who came to me as light even after his martyrdom.

Author: Captz Magnem

Editor’s Note: The article has been compiled by comments of Captz Magnem made on a note of Talha Saad. We have always asked people to consult Ulema, not AMTKN but any Alim e Deen that you trust on this matter. Dr Ghulam Murtaza Malik’s son might have also told Captz Magnem the same things that we posted online, however, the difference being that Captz Magnem trusted him and suspected us. So once again for all Zaid Hamid fans, please consult any Alim e Deen whom you trust about this issue. Inshallah you will realize the reality.

19 comments on “Captz Magnem: A Hardcore Zaid Hamid Finds The Reality About Yusuf Kazab (Alhamdolillah)

  1. Farhan says:


  2. Dr Mukhtar says:

    MashAllah, bay Allah jisay chahta hai hidayat deta hai!

  3. NJ says:

    Indeed guidance is from Allah alone. May He also guide those innocent young minds who are blinded by the dazzle of media lights!


    Ex Wife of Zaid Zaman hamid

  4. a2zTruth says:

    there is always a time for puberty & maturity – all those who are still in confused state or a follower of yusuf kazab or of his defender will also come out of their thumb sucking age- insha-Allah

  5. Sohail Khan says:


    May Allah (swt) bless Hidaya’t to all muslims especially to zaid followers and fans as almost all of his fans are innocent youth.

  6. To know more about zaid hamid’s link with yousaf kazzab, how zaid hamid defended him in courts even he claimed that he did not met with yousaf kazzab after 1992.

    Please see below link:

  7. Maqk says:

    Alhamduilillah, Der aaye durust Aaye – Hidayat ke talabgar ko ALLAH kabhee akelaa nahin chortaa

  8. Shahzad Hanif Usmani says:

    You have done great job. u can also find material related to yousaf kazzab on youtube.

  9. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    Yusuf Ali Case was false

    n All AMKTN n its belong r killer n the hand of RAW.

    You congressi mulls just w8 time is come you will al hang with the polls.

    just watch n c

  10. shahid khan says:

    @Magnum sahab:

    jb main kehta tha k daal me kuch kala he us wakt kion daleelain detey they k nai bhai me khud us se mil kr aya hoon vo bara sacha insaan he……….

    jb me ne tumhe tehkeek ka kaha to tum ne kaha k main ne tehkeek kr lee ye fasadi log hain ZH aisa banda nhi….

    kitney forums pe tum iski advertizement or tareefain krtey rahey us wakt be ye sarey proofs maujood they.

    un logo ka kon zimawar hoga jo teree lagi liptee bato se iskey (ZH) k jaal me phansey……….

    vaja kia bta rahey ho Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik……..mujhey afsoos hota he tumharey akal pe….lakin fauji ho akal se kia talluk……….

    agar tumhara Dr sahab se talluk na hota to phir tum kia keh rahey hotey is wakt tumharee to apnee koi soch hi nhi lakeer k fakeer ho……..

    agar Dr sahab yousaf kazab se miley hi na hotey phir kahan lie krtey tum apna ser b usey kr lena chahey.

    agar dr. sahab ki us manhoos kazab se itni jan pehchan na hotee ore vo isey is hadd tk na jantey hotey jitna jantey thee to tum kidher lie krtey,,,,,,,,tumharee to koi soch hi nhi……….tum captain ho batain baree pakistaiat or islam ki kartey ho bewakoof dost se akalmand dushman behtr hota he…………socho kitney ghulamana zehn k malik ho tum apni koi soch hi nhi.

    logo ko bta rahey ho k kionkey dr.ghulam murtaza malik ne kaha he is liaey me man gaya hoon ……….

    ye konsi daleel he bhai kisi ko ghalat ore sahih kehney ki………………k falana kahey ga to tub mano ga,ye to ground realities se ankhain band krney vali baat he..

    maza tub ata k tum kehtey k haan wakaie saboot hain iskey kazab honey k ore sab log is baat k taeed kr rahey hain ore tum ne zati tehkeek b kee he tub is nateejey p pohanchey ho…………..

    masla hi aisee zehniat ka ata he k mujhey abu ne kaha tha ,mujhey ami ne kaha tha ,hm shakhsiat parasti me mubtala hain ,phir usko justify krney ki daleelain dhondtey hain na k pehley kirdaar daikhain phir shaksiat tk pohanchain hm pehley shaksiat se mutasir hotey hain phir usko aasam se milana shuru kr detey hain………..koi ikhtelaaf krey to hm se bardasht nhi hota kionkey hm ne kabi koi asool rakha hi nhi hota.

    magnum sahab me ne shayad kaha tha aap se is gumrah ko chore do gunahgaar laakh behter he gumrah se.

    jitno ko ZH advertize krtey rahey ho abb tum pe farz he unhein iski asliat b btao.ore apney zehn se b kaam lena shuru kro.Allah ki is inayat ko use kro.

  11. Yusuf Ali Kazzab says:

    wow , great @ shahid, Kia khari aur sachi batain likhin hain, although he dids tuaba but the points you brought are all valid and still need to tell every body even captain. yes you are eright all ZH fans need to use their brain as well, and captain now start defending Namoos-e-risalat aur apnay gunah ka kaffara karo.
    aur alteast logon ko to gumrah honay say bachao.

  12. Abu Hamza says:

    Rizwan – are you willing to spend your eternal life with a kazab? or you will to use your brain and be cautious.
    Why would you let your imaan go to waste for one guy whom most of Ullama declared as Kaafir.
    What information do you have that makes him innocent?
    Fear Allah and the punishment that awaits for follower of Kazab.
    May Allah guide us all.

  13. a2ztruth says:

    rizwan sheikh ko chatroal lagayo — baaz loagoaN ko aqal dandey sey aatee hai — Sahee baat bataaney sey nahee ! Chatroal lagayo bhai Chatroal lagayo — shayed yeah jahannam meiN jaaney sey bach jaaiey !

  14. a2ztruth says:

    # 12 Yusuf ali kazab : Bhai yeah naam bhi rakhna gunaah hai chaahey naqaali hi ho — Naam badal daalo aur yeah naam uss khabees key liey hee makhsoos rakho !

  15. Lone Ranger says:

    I would also like to request Sr. Nusrat Jabeen to come forward now aggressively to expose the true face of Zaid Hamid and unveil his black deeds which had remained hidden even from the people who knew him closely. We pray that inshallah one day her children will be back with her.

  16. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @lone: The problem is, when ZH can go beyond enuf to abuse and insult all ulemas, wht will stop him from blaming his Ex-wife? I have been trying to discuss with ZH fans, with logic or with Islamic info/ahadees/qotations .. but all they can say in reply is tht every one is a jerk .. nd i really can not quote the words they use for ulemas, ever-since after ZH’s 3 part interview, denoted as his prove of innocence was released, almost all ZH fans r heavily abusing all ulema with out even thinking and any one who tries to stop them, they immediately call him shaitan nd Nauzubillah say stupid kufria lines like “Shut up, tumhain sheetan tofeeq day raha hai” etc.. the thing is unfrotunetley, due to lack of islamic knowledge, ppl (mostly youth) have too much blind faith in him… yet his fans claim tht they r beign guided by ALLAH, (some one ask them, y do they act like ZH has some direct hotline kinda connection with ALLAH? ) which actually Nauzubillah turns out to be a buhtan (Maaz ALLAH). If they really r so found of religion, I request/invite them to do Istekhara and seek ALLAH’s advice, and they will see ZH’s truth them selves. INSHALLAH. any way coming back to point, even if ZH’s Ex wife comes forward, ZH fans won’t believe her, right now, only ALLAH is the one who can truely show them the truth, no one else.
    Pray that may ALLAH shwo the right path to all our muslim brothers and sisters and may He keep us firm on the right path as well. AMEEN

  17. rehan says:


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