Fatwa On Listening and Watching Zaid Hamid's Programs

Fatwa of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore is that till Zaid Hamid does Toubah and disassociates himself from Yousuf Kazab, listening and watching his programs is not Jaiz according to Islamic Shariah. By defending Yusuf Kazab, Zaid Hamid has become a traitor and Gustakh of Rasool Allah saaw and listening/watching a gaddar, baghi and gustakh of Rasool Allah saaw is haram on Muslims.

Full Screen Mode: Fatwa On Listening To Zaid Hamid’s Programs

Full Screen Mode: Fatwa On Listening To Zaid Hamid’s Programs

Please spread this fatwa to your friends and family. Distribute its copies in your Universities and colleges. May Allah bless you all for this Kar e Kheir.

24 comments on “Fatwa On Listening and Watching Zaid Hamid's Programs

  1. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    Asalamoalaikum. Dear all, i have conducted a lil reasearch of my own on the topic “Zaid Hamid: Friend or Foe? A Comprehensive discussion” and have gathered many facts, proves and Fatwas etc against both Yousuf Kazzab and Zaid Hamid in a sinlge page for general public view. Kindly do visit this lil effort of mine and see the facts for yourself:
    Plz do leave any comments/extra info/proves/or just point out mistakes in the Open Forum at the end of page, you can also give any thing against the topic as well, :
    P.S: To all Fans of Zaid Hamid, I hereby Challenge all of them to kindly prove me or my finding wrong, if they DARELY CAN!! Any one who think can prove me wrong come to the discussion forum at the end of my page:
    Take Care. ALLAHHAFIZ

  2. Aqeel says:

    Great work
    Hopefully it will further clears mind of youth who is attached to ZZH. Jazakallah khair

  3. Farhan Khan says:

    No need to comment, We accept this Fatwa with heart and soul

  4. Habib Ahmed says:

    Molana sahab ne is fatwa main likha hain ke wo aaj tak Zaid Hamid se mille hi nahi. Tou ye kesa insaf hai ya ye kesa Islam hai ke jis shakhs pe ilzam laga rahe ho us ko mile bina aur us ka muaqaf sune bina hi fatwa sadar kar do. Molana sahab kuch tou shariyat ka khayal kar lo. Yun deen ka mazak mat banao.
    Allah aap ke haal pe reham kare – Aameen!!!

    • Editor says:

      @Habib Ahmed Please answer the following question and then I will answer your question.

      Hazrat Abu Bakr RA sent an army under the command of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed RA to fight with Musailma Kazzab, who claimed to be a prophet. Hazrat Abu Bakr RA never met with Musailma Kazzab in his life, but then too declared him to be a Kazzab and sent an entire army to fight with Musailma. Do you think that Hazrat Abu Bakr RA didnt know anything about Shariat, that is why he declared Musailma to be a Kazzab and sent an army to fight him ? Do you think you know Islam and Shariat better then Hazrat Abu Bakr RA ?

      Allah aap ke haal per bhi reham farmai .. ameen

  5. hidyat says:

    In Islam photography and TV is also haram and not according to Shahria then why these respected Ulema come on TV and also pose for cameras??

    • Editor says:

      @Hidyat Photography is a disputed matter between Ulema e Karam. Some consider photo making to be haram, while others consider it to be Halal and state that the hadees which forbids photo making has the word Tamseel “Misal Banana”. But Photo is not a misal, its exact copy of the real person. So the Ulema who consider photo to be halal do so because they consider it not to be a misal but an exact copy.

      However, all Ulema are united on the issue of Khatam e Nabuwat. Alhamdolillah so I guess if you will follow this verdict, you are safe and need not worry.

  6. a2zTruth says:

    chatroal Bhai chatroal – in logoaN kaa ilaaj chatroal aur kuch naheen — samjhaaney meiN waqt zaiyaa mat kareiN — chatroal sab samjha dey ga in loagoaN ko – zaid ko bhi chatroal aur us key aqeedah pey chalney waaloaN ko bhi chatroal.

  7. Wake up delusional youth, stop following a Kazzab. Zaid Kazzab is a big liar on all of the matters particularly relating to defense analysis and Yousuf Kazzab.

  8. balbal36 says:

    he is cartoon entertainer… sala zahil…zaid hamid..

  9. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    is kisam k 1000 fatwa merey jootey ki nok par

    lanat hon tum sab par Congressi Mullas.

  10. IB says:

    Get a life.. You have failed 😉

  11. hidyat says:

    @ Editor: We are common street people. We may not have the command over Sharia completely but keeping in view the basics atleast we do know that unless you fulfill the sharia requirement and do not follow it yourself, then we the common people will always question and cast doubt on anyone who is asking us to accept such fatwas without questioning.
    I have no objection in accepting it and other allegations by Ulema whom you are quoting and promoting here BUT before that i would like to clear myself and my faith in you and them by asking such questions.

    You said Ulema are divided over Photography and TV then i am still confused if they can find leniency in Sharia for promoting their point of view on any issue then how we the common people should trust them?

    Apart from it another question which is confusing me is that the Court had acquitted Yousaf Kazzab in adultery case which was one of the charges leveled by AMTKN So should we take it as a lie leveled against him?

    Can we question the credibility in this case? This is one of few things which are stopping me from giving a clean chit to your claims in this case.

    I dont know if you will let my post go on or stop it but atleast it reached you so that you can understand that there few things which are stopping people like me to put our entire faith in you.

    Last but not the least we all believe in Kahtm-e-nabowat of Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    Your fatwa to call everyone as kazzab who knows ZH or even support his work for Pakistan is in my view uncalled for and rather bullying and harassing above all its against Islamic sharia.

  12. These maulanas does not contribute anything in their life. I learned more Islam after coming outside of Pakistan. But these maulanas are quick to give fatwas. If these maulanas are learned scolars then they should know that you are not Allah swt to question somebody’s aqida. If someone says I am muslim then you have to believe that. If our Prophet call the ppl Kafir who keep idols in their sleeves. I and lot of ppl I know are very disappointed with our mullah’s.

    • Editor says:

      @Bashir Mohammad Do you consider Qadyani’s to be Muslim or not. If not why so because they also call themselves to be Muslim, then how can you question their Aqeeda ?

  13. Talha Ismail says:

    i only asked this as a human being+Muslim+pkistani nation, that a person do what he see after his in the lif ,, if zaid uncle doning any thing wron with his Heart for Muslim+pkistan,, then his end…Death not satisfectry,,he know well all this knowledge…

  14. IB says:

    He is back on TV and now you should stop bragging. I have been reading this site and all the comments and it seems you have a group who keeps changing names and posting comments..
    Quit it and do Tauba if you are Muslim which I doubt.

  15. Shaheen says:

    Muslima claimed to be a prophet , thats why H. Abu Bakar (R.A) went on war with Muslima.
    Now, Zaid Hamid has never claimed to be a prophet, nor he has any belief on Yousuf. Issuing fatwa against any Muslim’s belief is itself a greatest sin.
    Now answer my question, what might Hazrat Abu Bakar had done if he heard that Muslima has categorically denied all allegations against him to be a false prophet ?
    Had he done war against him instead ?
    NO !!
    This is Shariyah !!
    Please stop misinterpreting the Shariyah. Fear Allah.

    • Editor says:

      @Shaheen. Zaid Hamid has not rejected any allegation, in fact he has himself admitted that he was associated with Yusuf Kazab. This is exactly what AMTKN was accusing him, that this Zaid Hamid is the Zaid Zaman of Yusuf Kazab.

      As for declaring Yusuf a Kazab is concerned, Zaid Hamid himself admits that he is not a religious scholar. So giving a religious verdict like calling someone a Kazzab is the job of religious scholars and Muftiyan e Karam.And alhamdolillah Ulema of all sects called Yusuf a Kazab.

      Zaid Hamid can neither call some one a Kazab, nor can he declare someone to be not a Kazab. So Zaid Hamid’s defense of Yusuf Kazab has no religious meaning. He is not a religious scholar, only a so-called “security analyst”.

      Muslima could not categorically deny allegations against himself, because it was proven as a result of sufficient witnesses that he claimed to be a prophet. Once the claim is established, a denial has no meaning. The only thing that Musailma could have done was to accept his crime and do Touba. But Touba can only be done, once someone accepts his crimes/sins.

      You are confusing denial from repentance, just because Zaid Hamid says that he denies all allegations. Dear brother every criminal denies his crimes, this is nothing new. The path left for Zaid Hamid is to accept his crime, that he was associated with a false prophet and do Touba. That’s the only acceptable solution for all muslims and the only way out for Zaid Hamid.

  16. Arsalan Rehman says:

    as per my knowledge Mr. Zaid Hamid never claimed that he is a Profit…? to pher fatva ka kia maksad.. 2ndly jaha tak manay parha ha or tehkik ki ha mjy yousaf Kazzab “Kazzab” nahi laga.. mjy os k peechay aik bht bari politics lagi.. osnay profit claim nhi kia tha apnay apko … osnay peer claim kia tha… or aik firka aesa ha jo peer ko manta ha or vo baat shaid kuch logo nay itni barha d k osay peer say profit k davedaar keh dea… GOD knowz better but according to me ya sab politics ha… technology ka door ha fatva denay say pehlay os banday say os ka biyaan b sun lo k vo kia kehta ha… ALLAH HAM SAB PAR KARAM KARAY (AMEEN)

    • Editor says:

      @Arsalan Rehman. To not call a Kazab, a Kazab is equal to calling him innocent and truthful. Yusuf Kazab claimed to be Muhammad, calling him to be truthful is equal to accepting him to be Muhammad nauzobillah.

      Kazab never claimed to be a peer, never ever. He used to claim himself to be Muhammad. We have eye-witnesses of his claim of prophethood. So stop deceiving yourself and try to see the reality.

      Fatwa dene se pehle bayanaat sune gai hain. Us ke baad hi baat ki jati hai. Ulema ko deen samjhane ka buhat shukria.

  17. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @ZH fans above: Tradition says: “the supporter of some one in a sin, is like the evil doer himself too.” so u can clearly see y Ulemas are issuing fatwas against ZH, coz he is supporting a false prophet, nd if u duno according to Sharia and Holy Prophet(S.A.A.W)’s traditions, Insult of Rasool (S.A.A.W) and false claim of prophethood after Muhammad (S.A.A.W) are greatest and most unforgiveable sins… nd the punishment for them is to slaughter any such person as soon as it can ve done. That is why H.Abu Bakr and other Sahaba, took action as soon as they heard abt any false prophet.. As per Y.K’s matter, there were 14 vitneses in court and arround 170 Ulema signed petition agaisnt hima nd more than 60 gave their fatwa.. he was a total kazzab nd was not a SUFI OR GOOD MUSLIM as only ZH SAYS..! nd due to continous support of Yousuf Kazzab, ZH is becoming his perment partner in crime as well, thts y he must be condemned. and listen for the last time, Love of prophet (Ishq-e-Rasool (S.A.A.W) ) is a very very very sensitive matter, so talk with care.. ! a slightest harsh tone of urs can ruin ur fate..! dun shwo liking or sympathy for some one who supports a false prophet (is doing against Love of prophet(S.A.A.W) )

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