2 comments on “AMTKN Responds To Zaid Hamid's Accusations

  1. Abu Hamza says:

    Alhamdolillah, it is about time that his questions are answered.
    The divide is becoming bigger, with his janisheen trying to disregard any evidence we provide.
    We need to get Brelvi Ullama to unanimously speak against Yusuf Kazab otherwise his followers will keep thinking that Zaid is correct and this was a maslak issue.
    Can the respected Ullama from AMTKN liaise with Brelvi Ullama and get them to sign a fatwa or a document to state that they are against Yusuf Kazab and accept the courts decision. Also do a gathering where these Ullama give a few minutes speach against the fitnah. Something on a big scale maybe required.

  2. New book on Zaid Hamid

    See title shot:

    Danishwari Se Haqeeqat Tak
    by Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

    Note: I have not read this book nor seen it’s content. It has just been notified to me by a friend.

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