WAQT TV Bans Zaid Hamid

Waqt TV has permanently ban Zaid Hamid from appearing on any of their News programs. This information has been conveyed to our members directly by Mr. Majeed Nizami Chairman of Nawai e Waqt Group.

Zaid Hamid appeared as an analyst on WAQT News and gave his analysis on the Mumbai terror plot a few days back. Today he appeared on WAQT TV once again in a morning program “Rise and Shine”, which is aired on WAQT TV at 11 am in the morning.

Zaid Hamid informed his fans to watch out this program.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] Inshallah, Tuesday, May 4th, Watch Sir Zaid at 11 am on “Rise and Shine” on Waqt TV channel. He speaks on national security, politics and Indian game in the region in the backdrop of Mumbai drama. Repeat timings would be informed later. Jazak Allah. BT Team

Naufil Shahrukh a member of ZHE Team informed rest of the team about it by sending an email containing contact details of Mr. Majeed Nizami, Chairman of Nawai Waqt Group. ZHE immediately informed its fans to take note of this situation by posting Naufil’s email as a status update of ZHE fanpage.

Zaid Hamid Exposition ZZH is coming live on Waqt TV’s morning show right now. We have spoken to Mr Majeed Nizami, owner of Waqt TV, Nawai Waqt and The Nation. He was completely unaware of how the producer has invited this mal’oon and has promised to look into this matter. All brothers should call him to protest. Majeed Nizami: 042-6367551-4, 042-6369400 ASAP

Naufil himself talked with Majeed sahib and Majeed sahib informed him that he was unaware of this situation but he will immediately take note of this. After a while, Naufil was contacted by Mr Wajahat Controller Programs of WAQT TV and Wajahat Sahib apologized for this mistake and assured Naufil that Zaid Hamid will not be invited on WAQT TV in the future.

Naufil Shahrukh Got a call from Mr Wajahat, Controller Programmes, Waqt TV. He said that Mr Majeed Nizami (Owner of Nawai Waqt Group) has taken strict notice of the programme in which ZZH was invited and such a thing will never happen again. He said that he was directed by the authorities to personally call me and apologize on the mistake.

We salute WAQT TV for taking this step of banning Zaid Hamid, the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab from WAQT TV. It is worth noting that Zaid Hamid has already been banned on TV1, News1, and ATV.

ZHE/AMTKN will pursue their strategy of getting Zaid Hamid banned from all TV channels. Inshallah soon Zaid Hamid will not find a single channel to continue with his Yusuf Kazab Khilafat mission.

11 comments on “WAQT TV Bans Zaid Hamid

  1. junaid khan says:

    kick out zaid hamid from every media group.

  2. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    heheheheheh the bunch of stupid crying still 🙂

  3. Yusuf Ali Kazzab says:

    Well done, mujahidon, please confirm the news in all angles as we already know that our enemy is a white liar.
    they dirty people lieing after taking the name of AAQA SAW. Every body should notice their chepaness and level of authneticity they are lieing and happy thye are fooling the people by lieing.

    Alhamdolillah we are the following of NABI SAW and he is SADIQ and AMEEN. and they are the follower of Yousuf Kazzab and zaid hamid liar.

    See the result and outputs of both side people.

  4. Moslim Pride says:

    May Allah give you all the best reward for the outstanding work.

  5. MZ says:

    Keep it up dears, untill the darkness is gone.

  6. Dr Mukhtar says:

    MashAllah, great work

  7. iftikhar ahmad says:

    Allah bless u majeed nizami sb.i request the government to kick off this maloon

  8. Imran mani says:

    Nabi Pak SAW ki zat per Humla karne wale ko hum to zmin per bardashat na karain ye to phir channel hain jaza kumulah.

  9. Imran mani says:

    Allah Majeed Nizami Sb ko Jazai Khair ata farmain ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  10. Rizwan says:

    Zaid Hamid has planned for another lecture in Professional Academy of Commerce on 25 September 2010.


    Can we do something to cancel his ?

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