Zaid Hamid's ATV Program Cancellation Timeline

Zaid Hamid Brags about ATV Program

Zaid Hamid brags about ATV program and gets over excited that he is getting back on Media.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] Dont for get to watch “Tea Me & Politics” on Atv tonight at 10:00 pm. Zaid Hamid talks about his life, mission and aims. And repeat telecast of Iqbal day program on dunya tv at 5:00 pm today.

Zaid Hamid Fans React

Zaid Hamid’s fans rejoices this and promised to watch the program.

Sahira Rana inshaAllah i ll text my frndz at da time of program
8 hours ago · Report

Maryam Fatima inshALLAH v will see it n tell other..
8 hours ago · Report

Hassan Ali Khan anxiously w8n for it…sir…….after meetin u…..ive become an addict ov ur thoughts…..GOD BLESS U…!!!!!

ATV Cancels The Program

Talha Saad Alhamdollilah Zaid Hamids program on ATV has been cancelled-Inqilab Zindabad. At first they told us that we will reduce it from 30 min to 15 min but v said no than they said we will reduce it to 7 min and than they agreed to cancel it. All thanks be to Allah if it hadnt been for his help we would not have achieved this. Hazrat Qasmi worked very hard to have this cancelled. May allah bless our ulema.

ATV Repeat Telecasts Imran Khan’s Interview

Everyone must be thinking what exactly did ATV aired on the time-slot that was reserved for Zaid Hamid’s program. Well, they have had no choice but to repeat telecast Imran Khan’s interview that was already aired one week back.

Zaid Hamid’s Fans Realize This

Mohsin Aftab Tonight it was Imran Khan, not ZH.
4 hours ago · Report

Hassaan Khan yup where is sir zaid hamid.. he is also invited or nt ???
4 hours ago · Report

Fasi Shah Bhai kha hai program.

Atv pa tu Imran khan aa raha hai.
4 hours ago · Report

Iffi Martin repeat kar rahay hian imran khan ka prgram … sir zh ka pragram kha gay yah loog
4 hours ago · Report

Sabeqoon Wa Awaloon inshaAllah soon we ll see, we all witness the trailor!
4 hours ago · Report

Sabeqoon Wa Awaloon Alhamdolillah we are not disappointed its shows how strong our azan is:)
4 hours ago · Report

Sabeqoon Wa Awaloon tun diye bad e mukhalif se na ghabra
yei to chalti hai tujeh ooncha orane ke liye
4 hours ago · Report

Umair Imtiaz in tea me and poitics there is Mr Imran khan not Zaid sahab telecasting now.
4 hours ago · Report

Aatif Najam BT Team !!
Can u tell plz. why Zaid Hamid show is not shown. Any new timmings for this show. Desperately waiting to know the new date n time. is it available on you tube????

Zaid Hamid’s Fan Ask Him To Resolve Yusuf Kazab Issue

Nasir Mehmood aisa hi hoaga jab zaid sb sirf media pay ana pasand karaingay aur apnay fans k sawalat aur uljhanao ka jawab nahi dainagay to har koi inkay khilaf hojai ga akhir main.
Ab har koi to fan nahi hai unko to solid proof aur jawab chahiyain. balkay ab to fans be logical proof and asnwer deman karahay hain like i was asking from yesterday night to get Sir zaid hamid contact no. so i can contact him but no success.
3 hours ago · Report

Nasir Mehmood simply the TV refused to show his program earlier they dont know the reality but definitely later ZHE told them the all the things audios literature and everything. so refuse to launch his program. we need proper clarification from sir ZZaid.
3 hours ago · Report

Nasir Mehmood every body is defending or try to defend him but he himself not saying anything on facebook, i really need to talk to him on all the current issue and matters.
3 hours ago · Report

Nasir Mehmood please anybody knows his contact no please send me in private.
3 hours ago · Report

Nasir Mehmood we can not succed by closing our eyres from reality we have to face it. if we could not accept at least we should face it. please Sir Zaid we need you on facebook personally to answer to your fans questions
3 hours ago · Report

Zaid Hamid Responds to his Fans

Zaid Hamid responds to the questions of his anxious fans about why the program was not aired today. His answer was that ATV will air it next week.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] Alhamdolillah, today we spoke in an international conference in Lahore to remember Pir Jamaat Ali shah sb, the dervesh who helped and fully backed Quaid Azam against all odds to create Pakistan when Congressi mullahs were after the blood of Quaid. We talked about Takmeel and message was sent globally. Also, ATV shall air our program next week inshallah. We continue with our mission with dignity, alhamdolillah!

Does Zaid Hamid’s response really answers the question that why exactly was the program not aired this week and instead of it ATV repeat telecasted Imran Khan’s interview. So basically, there was something so fundamentally wrong with Zaid Hamid and his program, that ATV decided to cancel it even though they didnt have anything else to show and were left with no other option but to repeat Imran Khan’s interview. And that fundamental problem with Zaid Hamid will vanish in the next few days and hence ATV will happily air his program next week.

Will Zaid Hamid’s fans really ask him, why exactly ATV cancelled the program ? Or will they once again be content with these statements that fasadi’s got ATV authorities to cancel it. Will Zaid Hamid’s fans ever wonder what magic does these Fasadi’s have that who ever listens to them, gets against Zaid Hamid. First the Punjab Gov. cancelled Zaid Hamid’s NOC for Takmeel at Minar e Pakistan. Then DCO Lahore cancelled his NOC for doing any program what so ever in Lahore. Then TV1 banned him and cancelled Brasstacks. And now ATV !!!

May Allah bless everyone, who put in their time and energy to get this program cancelled and specially the authorities of ATV. May Allah reward them in this world and hereafter.

13 comments on “Zaid Hamid's ATV Program Cancellation Timeline

  1. Salman Zafar says:

  2. salman saif says:



  3. Anonymous Person says:

    I hope Mr Zaid Hamid has not invoked the spirit of Pir Jamaat Ali Shah to help him in his mission.

  4. Anonymous Person says:

    “That black magic is Hub e Rasool and Ishq e Rasool saaw”

    This sentence sounds so wrong, even when it is in context of sarcasm.

  5. Furqan says:

    @Anonymous person,

    Agreed that the sentence sounds so wrong even in sarcasm. Editor please remove the word ‘black’. Lets remain very cautious in our words and our speech regarding Prophet (salallaho alaihe wa alehe wa barik wa sallum)

  6. codename steal DON says:

    AHAn baita agar next week par wo prog chal gea to?? hahah well wohi hoga jaisa tum logon nay mashoor kia tha k rehman malik ZH ko saudia say aty sath he gariftar kar lay ga hahaha ab tum mera comment kdell kardo gay i know, agar sach par hona to comment dell na karna

  7. gulraiz says:

    isss jhoty k sath aisa hi hona cahiyee…

  8. Anonymous Person says:

    Thank you.

    Please, if possible. Remove my comment as well regarding that sentence.


    • Editor says:

      @Anonymous Person. The sentence have been removed. We are sorry for that sentence. Jazak Allah for pointing it out.

  9. kashif nasim says:


  10. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    🙂 bohat channels hien, kitney channel band karao ge !!! heeehehehe

    hum apna channel launch karna ja rahe hien. ab isko stop kar k dhikao 😉

  11. Moslim Pride says:

    @Rizwan Shaikh
    go ahead

    P.S Yusuf was KAZZAB

  12. champion says:

    though i am confused ke zaid hamid ka kia chaker hai lakin main zaid hamid ke programs main koi nuqs nhi dekhta balke uski waja se aaj pakistanion ko zionist theories ki awareness hai… doosri trf main zaid hamid ke “fasadi mullahs” wali theory ko bi deny krta hun.. kiunke ismain aqeeday ki larai ki smell hai… but aaplogon ki team jo zaid hamid ki exposition main lagi hai usse request hai ke ager zaid hamid ke programs band krte ho to phir uske muqable main khud bi to koi zaid hamid jasi research kerke zionists theories ko expose kro.. aaplog wase to global level pe koi exposition nhi krte.. i hope main kisi ko offend ya defend nhi krreha kiunke main to sirf yahudion ke agenda ko naqam banane ko apna mission samajta hun

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