Action Against Zaid Hamid's Appearance on ATV

I received an email today from comrade Abdul Manan today saying that his brother Usman Durez wants to contact me immediately. Abdul Manan is a very old anti Zaid Hamid activist and he was the one who convinced his brother Usman Durez to turn against Zaid Hamid. Brother Usman did a show on ATV and is now working with many different channels.

I called Usman bhai and he told me that he has talked to many people in ATV, and wants to send them proofs about Zaid Hamid. I quickly compiled a list of links on ZHE and sent it to him. After some time Usman bhai called me and told me that he has emailed all the links to people in ATV but he asked me to call them as well.
I called Ijaz Bhutta sahib who is the director of the program in which Zaid Hamid is coming. I told him about Zaid Hamid being Yousf Kazzabs heir, his fascism, hooliganism and murders. He listened attentively and told me that he will convey my demands forward.

Then I talked to Miss Sadia who is also a director in ATV. She told me that Zaid Hamid was just invited for one episode on a program which Rabia does and they can guarantee that he will not be invited again. These were her very words “I guarantee that he will not be invited to any more of our programs and if we have to invite him again it will only be if you want to have a debate with him. It will be as you want it to be.”

Basically the summary of mine and Usman bhais discussion with ATV people was that they told us that they just invited him to do his ‘taking’ as every one is doing it just like four news. They told us that they didn’t expect a response like this from us as they were not promoting him and they will NOT invite him again. We informed them that they had hurt the feelings of many people by inviting them. They apologized for that.

Then I received a call of Hazrat Maulana Waheed Qasmi sahib who inquired from me about the progress of our action. I told him every thing and he then asked from me the number of Mr. Abdul Jabbar who is the Chairman of ATV. A reporter from Ausaf had told Hazrat Qasmi to contact him. I quickly forwarded Abul Jabbar’s number to him. Mulana Qasmi Sahib told Mr. Abdul Jabbar about Zaid Hamid and protested that he was invited on ATV. Mr Abdul Jabbar expressed total ignorance about this matter. He said that it is impossible that such a person is invited to a program on ATV. He promised to take notice of this issue.

I talked to Usman bhai a few minutes ago and he told me that ATV has promised that they will do a live program in which Zaid Hamid will be invited and so will a representative of AMTKN. That program will be hosted by Usman bhai. If Zaid Hamid refuses the challenge it will be publicly announced.

I personally think that this is a great victory as ATV has agreed to give us air time to conduct a live debate b/w Zaid Hamid and AMTKN.

Author: Talha Saad

5 comments on “Action Against Zaid Hamid's Appearance on ATV

  1. Zubair says:

    Allah u Akbar

  2. A muslim says:

    JazakAllah o ahsanal jaza Talha bro……. May Allah bless you for your efforts ameen ………..

  3. Bilal says:

    Mashallah. ye Zaid naaMurad kaheen sey izzat nia pa saka…. Allah paak hamari qoom ko is key fitna sey mehfooz rakhey.. Ameen.

  4. Nauman says:

    Jazakallah for the efforts. Keep up the good work until ZH escapes.

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