Who Are Zaid Hamid's Religious And Spiritual Teachers ?

Zaid Hamid is using popular sentiments, to stir up support for himself and for self glorification. What he is saying is not anything new in the islamic world. Marhoom Dr. Israr worked all his life for establishment of khilafat….just compare the life and work of Dr. Israr with Zaid Hamid. Ghazi abdul rasheed of Lal Masjid who preferred to die for his cause along with his followers was demanding, Islamic Sharia based system in Pakistan, Justice for all, Khilafat, Riba free society. Are these not the same things that Zaid Hamid is saying but why was Zaid Hamid tooth and nail agaist the Lal Masjid molvi’s. When the objective of him and them was exactly the same. Have you ever thought about it kids? And there are numerous other examples not just in Pakistan but in the contemporary world today.

The problem with Zaid Hamid is that he wants to establish himself a spritual leader ( although he has no background…in fact he has a controvercial past and aqeeda). He in subtle ways tries to influence his young followers that He has direct connection with RasoolAllah SAAW, that whatever he says is all Truth and there is no room for difference of opinion with him, he considers anyone with independent thought and a thinking mind as Enemy and CIA+RAW+Mossad agent.

There is nothing wrong with what his says his objectives are but there are Serious Problems with His Intentions. With his credibility, his aqeeda, his hypocrisy in public and private life. He does not stop ever in claiming to be an ashiq e rasool. Does his own life reflect following the teaching of Prophet Muhammad SAAW, mere claims do not make us ashiq….there is no love of rasool if one cannot do ‘ Ittaba e rasool’ in letter and in spirit.

His actions speak of a immature mind trying to become hero overnight, trying to use facebook like any teenager to publish his photo session with prominent personalities.

Has any of his fans ever seen this behaviour in Dr. Israr, or other leading ulema and scholars of Islam of this time.
What is Zaid Hamid’s knowledge base of Quran and Sunnah and Hadith, Has he ever written any credible book on Quran and Sunnah, was he ever a student of a known and respected aalim, then how come he is inventing new interpretations of Quran and hadith. Infact He has spent the major portion of his life from 1991 to 2002 in the company of a False prophet, a thug and a morally corrupt man. Afsoos that Zaid Hamid even now defends his False Prophet as a sufi and scholar of Quran, does it not proove that he has learned his Quran and Hadith from Yusuf kazzab and follows the same philosophy of that kazzab believed in even today.

Does a man who only has an engineering background and then spends more than ten years in the company and blind following of a false prophet and is in the security business be called an authority of Quran and Hadith. Any original research? any original scholarly work? NONE!

He himself claims his source of information is Google, Lahowla wala Quwwat.

What is the basis of his claims of his ‘direct relationship’ with Rasool Allah (nauzobillah). Who are the people whom he considers as his frineds and critics. A man who cannot bear to listen to any criticism on his words and actions and uses foul language, abuses everyone and anyone who has a difference of opinion and projects himself as God sent saviour of ummah is a clear case of mental imbalance. He is in grave illusion about himself and someone has to knock some sense into him before he loses all and takes other innocent people with him to the path of total destruction.

Indeed guidance is only from Allah. And there is no loss greater than the loss of Iman for a true servant of Allah.

Author: Furqan

Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted as a comment on Open Letter to Orya Maqbool Jan on Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab Issue.

6 comments on “Who Are Zaid Hamid's Religious And Spiritual Teachers ?

  1. A muslim says:

    JazakAllah o ahsanal jaza brother ……… I pray to make your sincere efforts fruitful…….. may Allah bless you bro…. i thought this also needs to address… the first criterion of following a person is how practical he is…. and how much he implements Islam and Teachings of the Holy Prophet in his personal life… this should be the first thought for every body following any person. you have pointed out some valuable facts……. Islam is not (nauzubillah) an orphan religion to be led by an illiterate (in religion) person. In fact ZH would be counted as an illiterate person here, without any research, without gaining knowledge from a will known Aalim. Religion is not a speciality of self study. No one can become a doctor by reading Gray’s Anatomy, no one can become an engineer by bringing lots of books and start reading that. he is bound to go to a respectable university to gain a particular speciality. It is just a matter of common sense. ZH claims that he have spent 6 years in Afghanistan fighting Russian invasion and he is a mujhid , May be but there are people who have spent there whole life for that cause. If we compare him with Mojahideen of Afghanistan, one can think where would he stand. These are all matters of common sense, just little thinking is required to refrain form such a person. There is a very famous quote ‘Action speaks louder than words’. Sorry to say we have just heard words from ZH. No action infact noting at all……….

  2. adnan says:

    mashAllah, very well written and a food for thought for infected minds by the cult of Yusuf Kazaab.

    What the heck Zaid Hamid can do in this world if his very basic knowledge of “Deen” is from Kazzab itself. May Allah(SWT) give “Hidayat” to this cult and his poor so called fans. ameen

  3. shahid khan says:


    I think with the change in administration of this site the focus has also changed and that can be seen here also that you are promoting Ghazi Abdurasheed a clown who is responsible for murder of innocent people in jamia hafsa.

    A clown who used the innocent students which came there for knowledge and this man armed them with guns and sticks and used them as his army……………

    Stop projecting Israr Ahmad and Gazi Abdurasheed ,everyone knows how these people used sectarian hatred against the opponents for their popularity.

    I will only make it only a deobandi /wahabi forum if you use such tactics.

    focus should be on yousaf kazab and zaid hamid only …….

    • Editor says:

      @Shahid I think you failed to see that this article was a comment written and posted by someone on this blog. If an author states that Ghazi Rasheed talked about Khilafat and Islamic rule, which is exactly what Zaid Hamid talks about, but even then Zaid Hamid opposed him. How is this promoting Ghazi Rasheed ?

      If you have a problem with Dr Israr that is your own problem. Dr Israr is exclusively mentioned here, because Zaid Hamid promoted him as the biggest supporter of Zaid Hamid’s cause. So we mention Dr Israr’s views with regards to Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid himself as a rebuttal to Zaid Hamid’s claims. How is this a shift in focus from Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid issue ?

  4. Anonymous Person says:

    I am not very knowledgeable about Islam. If I want to learn Islam, I should better learn about Islam from authentic books by well known respected scholars. If I try to learn it from an unreliable person, then I might come to distorted version of Islam. E.G, form a direct connection and communication link with Prophet (S.A.W) and passed away saints. Invoking the spirits of passed away saints to help remove obstacles in my life. If I do this enough, I would fill my self with the Noor of Prophet (S.A.W). Saints are the hands of Allah by which Allah does his work, especially when his interest are in danger. There is no direct connection between Allah and a person. Believing Pakistan is Medina Sani, having qualities of Medina. Pakistanis are “chosen people of Allah”

  5. NJ says:

    A very truthful analysis in this article, i second it.


    Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid

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