The Truth – a story of a follower and activist of Zaid Hamid..

M Hamza Bakhshi Stop deleting my post, let people read the truth.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write this post with a heavy heart.

To all my brothers and sisters who are still firm believers and followers of Zaid Hamid I only ask that you read this with an open mind without the ‘conspiracy theory’ blanket we place on all anti-zaid hamid comments.

I met Zaid Hamid before the wake up series, It was actually a coincidence. He was dining in at a restraunt and i happened to bump into him. At the time his Brass Tack programs were starting to pick up quite a following. I remember walking up to him and hugging him and telling him how proud my family was of the honourable work he was doing.

Zaid Hamid has a very large presence, one that draws you in. As soon as you meet him you want to know him better you want to be his friend. He has this special way of connecting with people and I felt that immediately. Zaid Hamid spoke to me for a few minutes but left a deep impression.

Some time after this meeting a relative of mine got involved with Zaid Hamid in the wake up series. I made it a point to attend these and try to ‘educate’ my skeptic friends on the greatness of the vision and ideology of Zaid Hamid.

This whole issue of Yusuf Kazzab didnt effect me at the beginning. True, I didn’t understand what Zaid Hamid’s strategy was in dealing with this. Why he denied and then he didn’t. I, non the less, as an unquestioned follower tried to explain to everyone about the intricacies of the situation. I told them Zaid Hamid did not tell anyone to avoid fitna between sects and that it all made sense if you just spent some time to understand it.

I know, since some of my friends were also followers, that we all deep down had questions. I suppose its normal. I mean after all one fine morning Zaid Hamid is the talk of the town. Where did he come from? What does he represent?

Anyhow, I guess I chose to ignore everything. Until – now after reading the next paragraph you can doubt what i say, have a problem with it or agree with it. Frankly, I am only telling you because I feel I have to. I am not interested in a debate, what you choose to do is up to you.

I met a man, who I and the people I know, hold in the highest of esteem and reverence (which is probably irrelevant to you – I will call him Haq Sahib). Haq Sahib knew Yusuf Kazzab, and he mentioned how him and others like him were partly to blame since they made him the monster that he turned out to be. They would praise him, follow and obey him without question. Haq Sahib told me of a sermon that Yusuf Kazzab gave, a sermon I discarded when i heard it before. Haq Sahib narrated that sermon nearly word for word. In this sermon Yusuf Kazzab introduces Zaid Hamid – – as his sahabi.

Zaid Hamid didnt only know Yusuf Kazzab he was one of his closest associates.

This revelation of was the final nail in the coffin.

This is the truth my friends. Zaid Hamid is lying about his association with Yusuf Kazzab. This is a fundemental flaw in his person and hence in all he represents. This brings to question his purpose and mission.

It is sad, and painful to come to terms with this but we can be excused because we all wholeheartedly followed him in search of truth, answers and solutions. Because he drew us to him through his personality and oratorical ability. Because as youth of this great nation we were desperate to be part of something big, something that would change the course of history. Something for Pakistan.

I leave you all to poke holes in this article and satisfy yourself in which ever way you please. I however have come to know and hope so will all of you.

Author: M Hamza Bakhshi

Note: The story was originally posted on the discussion board of Zaid Hamid Fb fanpage. However, we expect that the Zaid Hamid team will continue with its fascist ways to suppress freedom of expression and hence will remove this post instead of answering this person. The author has already requested the admins of Zaid Hamid fan page to not delete his narrative and let people read it.

10 comments on “The Truth – a story of a follower and activist of Zaid Hamid..

  1. Sohail Khan says:

    Zaid & his team are following their agenda of kazabism. Unlike to other kazzabs in the past zaid did his homework for more than 10 years and came up with the ideology of nationalism, patriotism and something that would change the history of Pakistan, but he is actually promoting the kazabism behind this whole drama and the target is the emotional youth.

    Wake up dears he is not only playing with our emotions but also with our Eeman & aqaed! Its clear from his teams stances and posts that they are promoting kazabism while defaming the Ulema-e-karam but Allah (swt) won’t let him do so (InshaAllah)!

    Zaid ur days are over!

  2. Abu Bilal says:

    @Hamza: Jazak Allah brother but they will delete your post from their forum as usual.

  3. laraib says:

    are bhai pata nahi zaid ke fans ki ankhe kab khulengi

  4. yaldram says:

    down with kazzab and kazzabis,

  5. jamil baloch says:

    hamza brother it was ALLAH’s blessing that you found the truth..may ALLAH bless all other blind followers of zaid..ameen ya rabbal alameen

  6. Asif says:

    Well, what is really important now is that Zaid has been allowed back on the media through an interview with Waqt News, of the Nation and Nawa-e-Waqt group. until there is a total ban on him in our media, exposition will fail. someone needs to exert their influence on the nizami’s or they will just offer him a programme.

  7. Ahmed says:

    Kazab or not, is what Zaid Hamid doing really what Pakistan needs? What is he trying to do? What is his agenda? What does he mean by revolution? And why does he want more war! Do we really need that?

    Kazab or not, his entire agenda is dubious and will lead to no good, only more misguided youth.

    The youth of this nation are energetic and have always been so and want to do something about the future of this nation. Educate yourself, work hard, help others and READ and write. You don’t need Zaid Hamid. You just need to believe in yourselves.

  8. Azeem Bro says:

    Dear @ Abu Bilal,

    No need to delete, after Hamza post there were 5 posts after that amongst one is mine what zaid cheaters and kazzabi maslak did, they delete all the post after Hamza post and made his thread un accesabale for any one. even i have mentioned the link of the the thread on ZHE thread when it was started on ZH fan page. then they disabled by account too. no problem, Hamza and lots of others alhamdolillah understanding by time gradually and some of them put there comments openly. other wise you will notice with 52 K fans. they page will be full of comments but now this is not the case only few are there to still try to defend zaid liar i will say they are trying to defend because whenever anyone of ZHE take stand and cross question they do no have answer of the post.

    see the good discussion with zaid fan, (i really has a doubt he is himself zaid liar or must be his kid, why because the way he is try to play the game with words is giving me the hints even though you will notice even after accepting yousuf kazzab audio what he said in the disccussion about him, really funny)
    see page 4.

  9. Sean says:

    @Hamza: Jazak Allah brother but they will delete your post from their forum as usual.

  10. Sean says:

    hamza brother it was ALLAH’s blessing that you found the truth..may ALLAH bless all other blind followers of zaid..ameen ya rabbal alameen

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