6 comments on “Yusuf Kazab Giving Basharat Of Jannat To His Followers [Video]

  1. kashif nasim says:

    Very Good Post

  2. a2zTruth says:

    Editor : Better that you post this at the Home page please.
    What is holding us in declaring Zaid Hamid Zaman as KAZAB ?
    From : A2Z Truth :
    I live in Lahore but travel frequently to Karachi and Islamabad & other major cities of Pakistan – This makes it easier for me to interact with quite a few of the assassinated Yusuf Kazab & Zaid Hamid Zaman followers & supporters and also those who have raised fury about them , even to Zaid H Zaman close associates and family members & in-laws.

    I have been frequently visiting Face Books + Bloggs and Websites of both side even the present stolen site by Zaid team ie http://zaidhamidexposition.com as well as the most updated site http://zaidhamidexposition.org – and have added many comments ie my views at these sites.

    My interest and inquisitiveness in to the whole issue or let us call it a FITNA is obviously in search of the Truth behind all this drama going on – Earlier also I have posted my observations and conclusion of this new group or cult as they say it which can be read at this site.

    During this time, I have also received many information from different sources & most reliable ones which have been partly shared by Zaid hamid exposition team – how ever for the interest of all and to provide a truthful analysis I like to illustrate here that :

    1.Yusuf Ali Kazab case need not be reviewed and opened for discussion any more – A person who declared himself basically Allah ( swt ) in the form of Muhammed ( s.a.w ) incarnated in him and he by misusing this profile managed to loot many people money and stripped women’s chastity , destroyed their faith & Imaan – is an obvious & proven Thug , Blasphemer , Cheater and a Crook who lived a life out of the fold of Islam – Any one disputing his evil credentials knowing all these facts publicized and posted in abundance + Fatawaas of Muftees and Ulemaas opinions and Court judgment passed already and further more defending Yusuf portraying him as a great saint and believing that he really carried the noor of Allah ( swt ) and Muhammed ( s.a.w ) is also a gustakhey Rasool ( s.a.w) and automatically places himself or herself out of the fold of Islam and can be called a Murtid.

    2.Hence, Zaid Hamid Zaman stance in this respect is very clear – He has through out been defending Yusuf and eternally believes that he is nominated Yusuf Khalifah , a chosen one to bring a revolution , he still has a spiritual link with Yusuf which in his opinion is Rasool ( s.a.w ) even though bodily Yusuf does not exist , so what ? Yusuf and Zaid and his like all carried the belief that Muhammed bin Abdullah was again a body like Yusuf to carry that noor of Rasool ( s.a.w) – refer to the audio tape posted at this site ie speech of Yusuf at Bait e raza ….

    3.It was reported to me that , Zaid has been telling his trusted friends male and female that his travel to Madinah is to submit his report to Rasool ( s.a.w ) for March 23 rd Takmeel e Pakistan episode is another of his child like fantasy and fabrication to fool others. He likes to cherish and enjoy this belief loudly thus making other also get disillusioned about him – But, I wonder why he has to travel to Madinah when his Rasool Yusuf who opposed his followers to go to Madinah as Muhammed ( s.a.w) was in Pakistan in his form , so Zaid should have gone to Yusuf grave or may be the noor of Rasool ( s.a.w ) after Yusuf was killed has gone back to rest in Madinah { it must have been a hectic journey in Pakistan & to deal with Pakistani Molvees & Muftees – is not it ? }
    Astaghfar-Allah , summa astaghfar Allah.

    4.Zaid journey to holy places and posting pictures at his FB & Blogg site of his visit is again a clever & satanic move to prove his legitimacy of being a Muslim to regain the nose dive popularity & loss of his TV business – A move to regain people’s specially young ones confidence in him as a spiritual & revolutionary leader of Pakistan.

    5.Zaid has been so adamant about his belief that he has been acting crazy, in addition to loosing his credibility on the whole he even divorced his wife because she refused to follow his mischief and he has been dating with Maria B ( Maria Butt ) the fashion designer – Maria B letter about Zaid was posted at this site which was taken out later on her plea that she was getting more information about Yusuf & reviewing her stance with Zaid and her private letter may not be publicized – But the close corners have informed me that she is very much with Zaid. Maria B + Zaid have been acknowledging love at first site to each other & which was also openly written by Maria in her above referred letter.They have been planning to marry , it was to take place on or before Takmeel e Pakistan march 23 rd day event but due to the mishap and unsuccessful program caused by the effort made by Fidayaane Rasool ( s.a.w) and Majlis e Tahafuz e Nabuwat team it was delayed.
    Zaid to justify his act , he has been spreading rumors about his ex-wife NJ that she has gone insane and psycho and she cant even take care of her grown up children etc – What has been sent to me from reliable sources is a total contrast to this maligning campaign against her. She has completed her MBA also recently beside that she was a distinction holder NED qualified IT Engineer and she is in teaching job after she separated from Zaid and living with her father in Islamabad. Zaid and his very close disillusioned spiritual followers which includes Maria B also have made her ( NJ ) children believe that if they will stay with Zaid and follow his instructions, Allah ( swt ) and Rasool ( s.a.w) will be happy , hence these vulnerable children have been also brain washed.
    Zaid by temperament is a control freak , this is what is said by extremely close family member – { Quote : Zaid is a control freak , Zaid is indeed in some kind of self illusion about himself, his conceit is at its peak – }.

    Caution : To Maria B : She must know that a Muslamah ie a Muslim woman ( as she claims ) can not marry a Murtid or a supporter or defender of a gustaakhey Rasool ( s.a.w ) until and unless she decides to abandon Islam and live like a non Muslim.

    @ Who now will explain where the insanity lies ? Zaid and his followers who believe in him as their spiritual leader having a direct contact with Rasool ( s.a.w ) or the people who are putting their efforts to bring the misguided ones back to their senses.

    6.Zaid has always been hiding behind his statements and words by not denouncing Yusuf by name as Kazab – speaks about his die hard commitment to him. This is exactly what Yusuf was doing to publish his statements in news papers where he never said that he himself is not Muhammed ( s.a.w ) but always said he believed in finality of Prophet Muhammed ( s.a.w) , hence leaves question mark – I am informed that he told his Sahbaas that when the time of test and tribunal comes , tell Lies , aur Mukar jaayo — Is this not what Zaid doing ? twisting each time his frame of statements and fabricating lies ? Deceitful statements and activity ? Kazab means Lier in Arabic.

    7. There are clear evidences that ISI has also been supporting Zaid for all the programs he was running but have backed out now after Zaid’s reality has been exposed ? ISI also is comprised of Muslims I believe and not other wise , so how can they support and promote a gustaakhey Rasool ( s.a.w) any more ?

    8. I am also informed and read that , Yusuf group or now Zaid group have been using terminologies viz ; Nadaan Doast to those who would doubt & refute this distorted ideology and Useful Idiots to those who stand against this open Blasphemy — But what about Zaid Hamid Zaman himself and his like — Are they Useless Idiots ?

    Lastly, I wonder , why are people so blind folded ? young or old , like to follow a childish & idiotic character with nothing to offer other than fantasy – Is Pakistan deprived of young generation who has no wisdom ? and left with any respect of Rasool ( s.a.w ) – Do they really have an image of Rasool ( s.a.w ) like Yusuf ? What kind of country we will build then ? Is Pakistan not faced with already so many crooks and idiots ruling and sitting at the helm of affairs ?

    what is holding us in declaring Zaid Hamid Zaman as KAZAB ?

    A2Z Truth

  3. Azeem Bro says:

    Please find more videos from the ex-relative of yousuf kazzab. we need all the possible audio and video we can find from any source. Jakallah khair

  4. Adeel Kunwar says:

    This is a wonderful website, exposing the modern Fitnah,
    please also include the posts by Nadeem F.Paracha from Dawn blog, which he wrote against Zaid hamid, criticising his lack of knowledge and in-ability to analyze religion, which most of his fans think the otherwise.

    for all ZA fans, Mirza Qadiani Kazaab also took the same route which was taken by Yousaf Kazaab, thanks to youtube and internet the message of modern kazaabs is blocked now.l

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