The Real Views of Dr Israr Ahmed About Yusuf Kazab [Video]

Zaid Hamid fans claim that Dr Israr was very supportive of Zaid Hamid. Watch this video to know the real views of Dr Israr on Yusuf Kazab issue. Dr Israr declared Zaid Hamid’s iman to be mashkook in the second press release issued by Tanzeem.

11 comments on “The Real Views of Dr Israr Ahmed About Yusuf Kazab [Video]

  1. kashif nasim says:

    @admin: Please check this video

  2. kashif nasim says:

    I think this is another lie from him that he was in majles-e-shora with yousuf kazzab.

  3. Salman Zafar says:

    @ kashif nasim: good point. Nice video. it does not appear zaid has an answer to this latest footage of dr israr
    he hasnt had a new fb page update in like a day

  4. hilali says:

    this video seems to be 10 years old. It is clear that Dr. sahib does not have knowledge about the case. Yusuf was not killed in Sahiwal as Dr. sb claimed. He is wrong on this count. In later meetings, Dr. sb acknowledged that Yusuf did not claim to be a Nabi though statements of yusuf can be called blasphemous! Court convicted yusuf on calling himself khalifa, not Nabi. This is critical to note. Plus the court was NOT a sharia court and has no jurisdiction on matters of deen.

    • Editor says:

      @Hilali. In which video or statement did Dr Israr acknowledged that “Yusuf did not claim to be a Nabi though statements of yusuf can be called blasphemous!”. Please show us those statements or stop putting Bohtan on Dr Israr.

      You should know better that its a big sin.

  5. Ali says:

    Great work guys, unfortunately i do not have a facebook account otherwise i would have loved to become a fan of Zaid hamid Expostion,this is a really noble cause indeed.
    Also, the site looks much better now.

  6. Yeah he is saying every thing right. But where did he says that Zaid Hamid is wrong. Zaid Hamid point is that Yousuf didnt say he is a prophet. And any one proves that yousuf really said that he is prophet than he would also call him as yousuf Kassab.

    • Editor says:

      @Muhammad Mohsin You say that he is saying everything right. Which means that when Dr Israr says that Yusuf claimed to be a prophet, he is right and Yusuf really claimed to be a prophet.

      Zaid Hamid says that he is not a religious scholar, but Dr Israr was a religious scholar. So why is Zaid Hamid not accepting the view of Dr Israr – a religious scholar and declares Yusuf to be a Kazab, just like Dr Israr did in this video ?

  7. Hamid Sharar says:

    @ admins… gud job guys…

    @ hilali… our constitution allows civil judiciary system to take care of such false self-claimed prophets… it is not mentioned in anywhere in our constitutions that a civil judge cannot decide such cases..

    plus… decision of hanging yusaf kazzab was taken by a muslim… and i believe that a person who claims to be a muslim should not argue with this decision, if he is a true muslim… and i believe that most of the followers of yusaf kazzab and his kazzab khalifa zaid zaman are either qaadiyanis or gohar shahis who are already proved to be non-muslims and murtids…

  8. Hamid Sharar says:

    if u dont agree with the proofs provided by ZHE, why dont u guys prove that yusaf was not a kazzab… prove it… bring something that can clarify ur point… which actually is a non-sense..

  9. Zubair says:

    Allah hu Akbar,
    Allah hu Akbar,
    Allah hu Akbar,

    I cant imagine such a beautiful words of Dr. Israr Ahmed R.A, still hidden from the public.

    Yusuf ALi was a liar who Clame as Prophet Inshallah he will face justice on judgement day and send to hell paradise.

    Zahid Hamid Shame on you for promoting lies on name of of Dr. Israr Ahmed R.A. You try to proof ur Lia and defend ur liar Prophet innocency by using name of Dr. Israr Ahmed R.A.

    Then video is Open slap on ur face.

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