Why TV1 cancelled Brasstacks

One of the major victories which ‘fidaiyeen e Rasool’ achieved was to stop Zaid Hamid’s program ‘Brasstacks’ from being aired on TV1. This was a great victory which did not get so much of coverage as it should have. It again showed the power of the masses whose hearts beam the light from the flame of Eeman.

During the course of our movement a lot of people started calling their cable operators and told them not to telecast TV1, if they air Zaid Hamid’s show. Initially, TV1 refused to cancel Zaid Hamid’s show. However the tides changed as cable operators stopped TV1 in many localities due to the pressure of their clients. The attitude of Law enforcement agencies was very sympathetic to the population. They facilitated the legitimate demands of the people.

Zaid Hamid knew all this and he instructed his hooligans to threaten TV1 staff including its owner. The statements which he issued in this regard are still available on his facebook official page. Finally TV1 concluded, just like other organizations that hosting Zaid hamid was far more expensive than ditching him and thus they took off his program.´

The credit for this goes to all the Muslims of Pakistan. It was their ‘Ghayarat e Imani’ that they did not allow a  Gustakh e Rasool to be telecasted any where on their soil. I am proud to belong to this great nation.

I personally think that Zaid Hamid is no longer capable to have any impact on the society. He is defeated and has lost every thing which yields power. His recent threats and allegations against innocent students are a proof of his impotence. He still has a core group of followers who are brain washed into obeying him unquestionably. We hope that they see the true path some day soon.

If Zaid Hamid decided to address a public gathering to spread his Fascist vermin like Takmeel or Wake up, then we will make sure that he does not remain unchallenged by all lawful and peaceful means. This time thousands will be with us (Insha Allah).

As far as the murder case on Zaid Hamid is concerned, in which he has been named prime suspect by AMTKN, we hope that he will be brought to justice soon. If there is a delay in bringing this killer to justice than there will be protests and mass demonstrations by all segments of the society.

With this development I can safely declare victory on the army of Yousf Kazzab in this campaign. We will remain ever vigilant on any threat to our faith and nation.

Talha Saad

Editor’s Note: All praise and glory is for Allah and Allah alone, who has bestowed these victories upon the camp of defenders of Khatam e Nabuwat and Namoos e Risalaat saaw.
ZHE reported about this event more than two weeks back in an article titled “TV1 Stops Airing Brasstacks – Zaid Hamid Fighting Back“. The pressure on TV1 from all quarters has been so severe that cable operators have still not started airing TV1 transmission in some areas of the country. Zaid Hamid is desperately trying to apply counter pressure on TV1 via his facebook legions. Unfortunately, he has mis-calculated the Jazba e Imani of the Muslim Ummah.

ZHE is specially thankful to the administration of TV1 and specially Mr Tahir A Khan, who saw through the lies of Zaid Hamid – defender of Yusuf Kazab, and didnt hesitated for a minute to ban Zaid Hamid from TV1. Mr Tahir A Khan has not just banned Brasstacks, but has also banned Zaid Hamid from appearing on any show or debate on TV1 – not as a host, not as a guest, not as an analyst. Thanks to Mr Tahir A Khan, our youth is saved from seeing the face and lies of Zaid Hamid on Television screens.

4 comments on “Why TV1 cancelled Brasstacks

  1. yaldram says:

    Congratulations And Nasrum minAllah e wa fathun qareeb inshAllah and thats the motto of our Pak Army. May be Zaidians always forget before they talk about ghazwa hind.

    Talha, Jissay Allah rekhay ussay kaun chakhay…

    Shukar Allah

  2. salman saif says:

    tahir sahab ko mubarak ho ALLAH ney un sey apney deen ka kaam liya hai
    merey bhaion yeh fitna dafan ker k chorna hai

  3. May Allah give reward to those who stood up against this Fitnah. It’s about time to clean Pakistan from filth!

  4. saqib says:

    May Allah ruined the “after effects” of the kazzab’s cult just like its base. (Aameen)

    May Allah save all of us from blindly following the people in the name of Islam, Pakistan etc. (Aameen)

    May Allah bless the ZHE team for their efforts against the kazzab’s cult.(Aameen)

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