Eng. Naveed (Tanzeem e Islami): We Will Not Allow Zaid Hamid To Cash The Funeral Of Dr Israr [Video]

To know the context of this telephonic conversation with Engr. Naveed, Head of Tanzeem e Islami, Karachi – please read the article “ALERT: Zaid Hamid Will Be Using Dr Israr’s Funeral For His Photo Session”

However, some people who attended the funeral of Dr Israr Ahmed have confirmed that Zaid Hamid attended the funeral with 4-5 of his “boys” – one of whom was busy taking photos of Zaid Hamid in different poses during the entire time.

Rizwan Hayi i witnessed him at the funeral of Dr Sb.. he was in a group of 4-5 boys and one of them was constantly taking pictures… so stupid of them to take this oppurtunity for photo session.
he was in the last rows though…

Zaid Hamid's Photo Session at Dr Israr's Funeral

15 comments on “Eng. Naveed (Tanzeem e Islami): We Will Not Allow Zaid Hamid To Cash The Funeral Of Dr Israr [Video]

  1. Abu Bilal says:

    I guess, I was late to convey this information to Eng. Naveed otherwise, if this happened (the photo session of ZH kazzab) would have never happened.

  2. faisal says:

    May Allah bless Dr. Israr with jannah. He did a great job by guiding us about the fitna of Zaid.

    Zaid is a reall crook, anything is expected from this fraud person.
    We need to remain alert for his efforts to misguide the youth of Pakistan.

  3. Ahsan says:

    Sir gee dr israr kee death ko cash ker lya gya.

    zaid hamid k sathio nay aik audio conversation upload ker di hai where zaid hamdi is saying kae dr israr hamein support ker rhe hein. yea audio conversation kitni purani hae yae kisi nae nahy batya. magar ye aduio coversation dr israr ki death k baad kiu upload ki ye impotrant baat hae. please take notice on thiz.

  4. yaldram says:

    Never too late brothers….

  5. Amen Ibrahim says:

    I was there but not at a position from where I can see what was happening in the front rows. One strange thing happened that delayed the NAMAZ for almost 10-15 minutes. I don’t know what exactly was happening but there was a lot of noise coming from the front rows. Can some one tell what went wrong?

  6. Wajid Rasul says:

    Yeh Sahar Jo Kabhi Farda Hai Kabhi Hai Amroz….
    Nahin Maloom Hoti Hai Kahan Say Paida….

    Wo Sahar Jis Say Larazta Hai Shabistan E Wajood….
    Hoti Hai Banda E Momin Ke Azan Say Paida….(Allama Iqbal)…………

    Dedicated to Our Beloved Dr Israr Ahmed ( May Allah Rest His Soul In Peace AAMEEN )

  7. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    @Admin – a very comprehensive and professional video comprising of ZH’s claims (LIES) and exposes thereafter should be prepared. By professional, I mean that

    a) it should be clear of extra notes and animated slides to make it concise and compact.
    b) Audio and video should be perfectly calibrated.
    c) should be with no background music

    The video should then be posted to various private channels where it can get a chance to be aired. In addition it should be tagged to a FB pages of all local journalists.

    p.s. date of claim and exposure should be clearly mentioned to remove/reduce the chance of objections.

  8. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Dr Israr was a blessing for this Nation. May Allah enable the students of Israr sahib to continue the struggle with the same zeal.

  9. Aijaz says:

    Some people are so fond of this idiot ZH that do not even follow the lies that he keeps dropping like Rabbit dropping and just believe him. I have been following this guy since he started his Brass Tacks program. One of my questions is where did he get the money from to sponsor his own program and where did he get his Defense Analyst degree. Most of the stuff he gaves us came from PRISONPLANET.COM. Let us be real. This guy is a bigger fake then Asif Zardari and that is saying a lot. People say he has been around for 10 years??? He only started his program a short while ago and no body knew him before that. Only when started the program Ulema noticed that this is the same guy who was kahlifa of kazzab.

  10. Aijaz says:

    RE – Ahsan
    My question to all faithful ZH followers were all the people correct or not when they said this stupid will do this. Even after Dr. Israr before his death categorically denied any support for this liar.

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