Is Team BT Trying To Make Grounds For Zaid Hamid's Declaration of Being Imam Mehdi AS ?

Humaira Naz from Brasstacks has recently published a detailed description of the attributes of Imam Mehdi AS on the discussion board of the official fan page of Zaid Hamid. From the text and its timing, it seems that Team BT is now making grounds to declare Zaid Hamid as Imam Mehdi AS. We want to make this absolutely clear that we do not deny or refute any signs and spiritual powers of Imam Mehdi AS. The sole purpose of our comments against all the spiritual attributes is to highlight the fact that Zaid Hamid is not and will never be Imam Mehdi AS and that he does not possess these spiritual attributes.

Request to Team BT “STOP Copy Pasting Others Work, Without Referencing The Original Source”

It would be nice if you could also mention the source from where you are copying your reports/analysis/articles. The article that you have posted in your discussion is a verbatim copy of an article written by Harun Yahya and is also available on his website here. It would help others realize that what you are producing is actually someone else’s work. This would not get them deceived into thinking that it is your own intellectual work.

The article that you published in your discussion section even copies the same Title – and yet forgets to mention the source of the article. It didnt even linked to the source or hinted the fact anywhere that the article is not a work of Team BT.

The entire copy/paste document published by Humaira Naz is being reproduced here in verbatim and follows below:


The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) contain a great deal of detailed information and signs about the End Times that will take place close to Doomsday. According to the information imparted by our Prophet (saas), a great many significant events will take place one after the other at that time. In the first stage of the End Times there will be great corruption and chaos on Earth, and in the second stage peace and security will prevail as people begin living by true religious moral values.

In the first stage of the End Times there will be terrible degeneration and chaos among people because of various philosophical systems that inculcate atheism and irreligion by their refusal to accept the existence of Almighty Allah (God). Humanity will turn away from the purpose behind its creation, leading to enormous spiritual emptiness and moral degeneration. There will be terrible disasters, wars and famines, and all people will seek the answer to the question, How can we be saved? in order to bring these troubles to an end. The majority of these developments related as portents of the End Times in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) have taken place in our time, just as reported. The recent growing rise in war and conflict, terror, violence, anarchy and chaos, slaughter and torture are a sign that the first stage of the End Times is now taking place.

According to the information in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), Allah will rescue people from the chaos of the End Times after this period of darkness and bestow a great salvation upon them. Allah will make the Mahdi, in other words a servant with superior moral values and who bears the title of he who leads to the truth, lead people who have turned their backs on proper moral values and societies that have suffered degeneration to the true path. By the will of Allah, the Mahdi will enable humanity to live by true Qur’anic moral values by ridding Islam of all corruption and superstition. In the first stage of the End Times, he will resolve all the chaos, social problems and societal difficulties facing humanity and will be a means whereby happiness, peace, security and proper moral values prevail over the entire world.


Various features of the Mahdi are described in several of the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). The spiritual attributes of the Mahdi that we shall be examining in the light of these hadiths are all important guides to our being able to recognize this great individual of the End Times.

In these hadiths that we are looking at, our Prophet (saas) provides a great deal of descriptive information about the spiritual attributes of the Mahdi. He has reported that the Mahdi’s moral values resemble his own, and praised his fear of Allah and moral virtues. Our Prophet (saas) stated that the Mahdi would be a very valuable personage who would be a means whereby people attain salvation in this world and in the Hereafter. He also told people to abide by him even if it means crawling over snow when the Mahdi appears.

The period we are living in is the period awaited for the last fourteen hundred years, when this historic event related by our Prophet (saas) has drawn near. All Muslims who are aware of this fact and who wish to attain the honor of being at the Mahdi’s side when he appears must carefully read the information described throughout this article and imparted in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), and must grasp all means of accurately identifying this holy individual. Because the careful study and examination of this information will, by Allah’s leave, be a guide to the recognition of this holy personage.

There can be no doubt that preparing the ground for and assisting such a holy individual who will be a means whereby Islam returns to its true essence and Qur’anic moral values prevail over all the world is an important responsibility for Muslims. Being one of those close to such a blessed individual as the Mahdi, being able to support him and being able to help in his work aimed at the benefit of all humanity is a great blessing and honor for all believers.

The Mahdi is a holy personage, the tidings of whose sending in the End Times have been imparted by our Prophet (saas), who will free Muslims from a climate of oppression and trouble, who will eliminate the strife on Earth and bring peace, justice, plenty, happiness and well-being to all the world. According to reliable accounts transmitted from our Prophet (saas), the Mahdi will restore the faith, which has been turned away from its true essence with various superstitious beliefs and practices, to that original nature, will meet with the Prophet ‘Isa (as), and will, by Allah’s leave, be a means whereby the moral values of Islam, the one true faith, come to prevail over the whole world.

He Will Be A Fighter

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid never stops marketing the fact that he went to Afghanistan and that he is a great commando and a fighter. If Zaid Hamid is really an Afghan war commando, can he name the front in which he fought or the commander under whom he fought ?]

According to what we are told in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), the Mahdi will be a role model for all believers, both with his superior moral values and with his powerful, fighter character:

The Mahdi will be dedicated to his work. (Portents of the Last Day, Barzanji, p. 175)

The Mahdi will perform his duties scrupulously and will not go back on his word. (The Book of Portents of the Mahdi of the End Times, p. 24)

The Mahdi will appear from the East. Even if mountains rise up before him he will crush and cross them, and he will find a path for himself in those mountains. (The Book of Portents of the Awaited Mahdi, p. 39)

He Will Fear Allah

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s fans and followers and specially his inner circle considers him to be a great sufi and THE CHOSEN ONE. The reason for such high status of Zaid Hamid is a result of his utmost fear of Allah. If Zaid Hamid is so fearful of Allah, why did he follow a false prophet Yusuf Kazab and why does he utters so many lies on Ulema e Karam ? ]

The more a person fears Allah, the closer he draws to Him. That is because fear of Allah brings with it the devotion and love felt for Almighty Allah. As is stated in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), the fear of Allah possessed by the Mahdi will be exceedingly powerful:

Mahdi is a person who, as the shaking of a bird’s wings, has a deep fear for Allah. (The Book of Portents of the Awaited Mahdi of the End Times [Al- Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar], p. 23)

His Maintenance and Observance of the Bounds Set by Allah

Even a word uttered against Islam offends his feelings. (Ibn Hajar Al-Makki, “Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar”, p. 15-75)

He Will Be Virtuous

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s fans considers him to be most virtuous amongst all the Ulema and scholars of Pakistan. Zaid Hamid himself frequently states that he is doing Tarbiyat of his fans and followers on the lines of Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani RA etc. So naturally only a person who possess the excellent moral values can teach them to others. Truthfulness and Haya are two important moral features, Zaid Hamid has proved himself to be a compulsive liar. In addition to this his organization of mix gatherings is a testimony of his inner moral state. ]

Almighty Allah has dispatched many emissaries throughout history. It is reported in the Qur’an that the emissaries possess excellent moral values. In the verse, “Indeed you are truly vast in character.” (Surat al-Qalam, 4), it is reported that our Prophet Muhammad (saas) possessed superior moral virtues. As we are told in the hadiths, the Mahdi, a holy envoy of Allah, will also possess this attribute:

Mahdi is extremely submissive towards Allah. In moral terms, he is like the Prophet (saas). (Portents of the Last Day, Barzanji, p.163)

A child of mine whose morality is similar to me will emerge. (Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 21)

He Will Behave Justly

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s fans considers Zaid Hamid to be extremely just and truthful as he pin points the evils of politicians and unleashes the reality of the system of Tagut. However, the same Zaid Hamid does not stop and think for a second before labeling other fellow muslims as RAW/CIA/MOSAD agents. His labelling of Hamid Mir to be a CIA agent is a mockery of all principles of justice and morality. ]

Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Ali Said:

“When the Mahdi from our Ahl al-Bayt emerges, he will distribute the goods equally. He treats the people justly. Whoever submits him, he would submit to Allah. He is named as the Mahdi. That is because He will guide to a secret (unknown) deed.”

(Mer’iy ibn Yusuf ibn Abu Bakr ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf al-Makhdi, “Faraidu Fawaidil Fikri fi Imamil Mahdi al-Muntadhar”)

Just as how the earth was full of cruelty and injustice, Mahdi will fill it with justice and righteousness. (Ali Ibn Sultan Muhammad al Qaari “Risalat Mashrab al Vardi fi Mazhabi’l Mahdi)

He Will Be Greatly Loved by All

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s fans love him greatly. However, a large number of people now hate him a lot as well. The people who love him do so for the love of Pakistan, where as the people who hate him do so for the love of Holy Prophet saaw and for the love of Islam. ]

The measure that believers observe in loving someone is that person’s closeness to, love and fear of and devotion to Allah. For that reason, whoever most manifests the titles of our Lord that is the person who is most loved and respected by believers. Indeed, the envoys were people who most manifested the titles of Almighty Allah and who exhibited the highest virtues in terms of faith. Our Prophet (saas) has indicated that the Mahdi will be the best-loved individual of the age during the End Times:

Allah (c.c.) will fill all people’s hearts with his (Mahdi’s) love. (Al-Khavlu’l Mukhtasar Fi Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 42)

No individual who will not be pleased with the ummah of the Muhammad will remain. (Portents of the Last Day, Barzanji, p. 163)

Abu Abdullah Nuaym ibn Hammad related from Abdullah ibn Masud as follows:

Allah will place his [Mahdi’s] love in people’s hearts. This way they will be a community who become lions during the day and spend their nights in worship. (Ukayli “En-Necmu’s-sakıb fi Bayanı Anna’l Mahdi min Avladı Ali ibn Abu Talib Ala’t-Tamam va’l Kamal”)

The people of the earth and heavens, and even the birds in the sky will assent to his caliphate. (Al-Khavlu’l Mukhtasar Fi Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 29)

He Will Be the Most Auspicious of the Time

[Editor’s Note: Auspicious means success or favorable or opportune occassion. So This could be worded as “He Will Be the Most Successful of the Time”. Zaid Hamid’s fans and Zaid Hamid himself minces no meat in telling others how successful they have been in their campaign. So for Zaid Hamid fans even this attribute fits perfectly with Zaid Hamid has he is the most successful person in his time to revive the Ummah. However, the reality is that Zaid Hamid was forced out of Minar e Pakistan, had to lie to book the Alhamra Theater and was unable to gather 200 people in his Takmeel e Theateristan event. If this is success for Zaid Hamid, than we wonder what failure would look like for them. ]

The world, which will be in a state of chaos in the period when the Mahdi appears, will begin experiencing an enlightened age by means of him. Through him, much that is auspicious will take place. It is reported in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) that the Mahdi will be the most auspicious person of the age:

Join the person who is the most auspicious of the ummah of the Muhammad and your guardian who removes the difficulties…He is the Mahdi. (Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 57)

He will be the most auspicious of his time. (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 27)

Mahdi is the most auspicious of the people (in his time.) (Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, s. 58) “Mahdi is the most auspicious of people.” (Ali ibn Sultan Muhammad al-Khari al-Hanafi “Risalatul Mashrab alvardi fi mazhabil Mahdi”)

The Power of His Message

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s fans frequently tell that how Zaid Hamid’s message and speeches changed them, how there love for Pakistan has increased and so on and so forth. There is no doubt that Zaid Hamid is a good speaker, but in reality he is a master of twisting words, deceiving others, circumventing questions to make his fans feel as if he has answered everything, as if all against him are nothing but liars.]

The hadiths below concerning the power of the Mahdi’s message are interpreted in different ways in addition to their apparent meanings. One of these interpretations may take this form: By turning to someone who is compared to a dry tree and being a means whereby they come to the truth, the Mahdi will make this person, who was formerly of no use to his surroundings, just like a dry tree, useful to his surroundings, like a tree that has flourished and borne fruit, in other words to his state, nation, faith and all of humanity.

When the Mahdi plants a dry tree, the tree will immediately turn green and sprout. (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 43)

He (the Mahdi) will plant a dry seed in a dry land, and it will at once turn green and sprout. (Portents of the Last Day, Barzanji, p. 165)

Similarly, it is reported in the hadiths below that someone who was previously ignorant, parsimonious and timid will become generous and courageous in the End Times through the message and teaching of the Mahdi, and that he will change his character, just like a tree that was formerly dry and unproductive flourishing and bearing leaves:

In his age, an ignorant, parsimonious and timid man will immediately become learned, generous and courageous. (Portents of the Last Day, Barzanji, p. 186)

His Wisdom and Power of Understanding

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid has now done programs on Islamic Caliphate, Economic System, Terrorism, Security and Defense – in short on all aspects that are the fundamentals of a government – specially an Islamic Government. In reality these programs have been a copy paste of material found on internet. There are dedicated researchers in Team Brasstacks, who’s sole job is to find out material online on these issues which Zaid Hamid later presents in his own words in his programs.]

It is reported in the hadiths that the Mahdi will have a special power bestowed on him by Allah:

He is called the Mahdi, for he is the holder of a secret power nobody is able to know. (The Portents of the Mahdi of the End Times, Ali ibn Husamaddin Al Muttakhi, Kahraman Publishing House. p. 77)

Muhyiddin Arabi, one of the great Islamic scholars, has set out in his works nine of the main noteworthy characteristics of the Mahdi:

1. He has foresight
2. He understands the Holy Book
3. He knows the meaning of the verses
4. He knows the condition and actions of the people he will appoint
5. He remains compassionate and just even when angered
6. He knows the classes of entities
7. He knows the hidden sides of matters
8. He has a good understanding of people’s needs
9. He knows the secret knowledge particularly needed in his own time.

He Preserves the Truth in the Face of Oppressors

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s refusal to call Yusuf a Kazab is been taken as his perseverance for Truth in the face of opposition. Although this is not perseverance for Truth, because Yusuf was convicted to be a blasphemer and is declared to be a blasphemer by Ulema of all Maslaks. Zaid Hamid’s refusal to call Yusuf a Kazab only shows how strongly he believes in Yusuf to be a Prophet (Nauzobillah). ]

Hafiz Abu Abdullah Nuaym ibn Hammad has reported from Jafar ibn Yasar A-sami in his book Fiten:

The Mahdi will defend the truth against the oppressors. Indeed, he will extract the molar tooth (anything unjustly held) of a (cruel) person and restore it to its rightful owner. (An-Nacmu’s-Saqib fi Bayanı Anna’l Mahdi min Avladı Ali b. Abu Talib Ale’t-Temam ve’l Qamal)

The Surveillance – Following – of the Mahdi

When the Dajjal appears, a person among the believers (the Mahdi) turns against him. Then, many armed men, those armed men charged with surveillance in Dajjal’s headquarters oppose him. (Muslim, related from v. 11/s. 393)

At the beginning of the hadiths it is reported that the Mahdi will be subjected to surveillance by the supporters of the Dajjal. We also learn from the Qur’an that some prophets struggling on the path of Allah had also been subjected to surveillance in earlier periods, and that the aim had been to thus keep them under control:

He is nothing but a man possessed so wait a while and see what happens to him. (Surat al-Muminun, 25)

He Will Face Troubles and Difficulties

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid is facing immense troubles and difficulties. His plans got shattered, his friends are abandoning him at a rapid rate. However, this troubles are not in the way of HAQ but due to Zaid Hamid’s insistence upon BATIL.]

Most of the envoys sent to warn peoples living far removed from religious moral values and to call them to the true path have been rejected by the peoples to whom they were sent and subjected to various false accusations and slanders. We are told in hadiths that the Mahdi, who will be descended from the line of the Prophet (saas), will also encounter such troubles and difficulties. (Allah knows best.)

Our Prophet (saas) stated:

The Mahdi is among us, one from the Ahl al-Bayt…We are such a household that, for us, Allah preferred the Hereafter over this world. After me, my Ahl al-Bayt will surely be subjected to trouble, abduction and banishment.

After me, my Ahl al-Bayt will meet trouble and torment, and be subjected to expulsion. (Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p.14)

…Mahdi will emerge at a time when, one after another, disasters befall people and people lose hope of his appearance. He prays two rakaat. When he returns from the prayer he says: “People! The Ummah of Muhammad and especially his Ahl al-Bayt have undergone many troubles…” (Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 55)

Those troubles befalling the one who is profound and strong in his faith are grand. (Ibn Hibban)

He Will Appear With Sacred Objects

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid is yet to appear with sacred objects, but who knows ? We will have to wait and see on this one. ]

We are told in many hadiths that the Mahdi will emerge from a place where there are sacred objects and that he will be the first person to open these. One of these hadiths reads:

Naim ibn Hammad related from Abu Jaffar;

“Mahdi emerges at the time of night with our Prophet’s banner, shirt, sword, signs, light and beautiful expression.”(Ali Ibn Sultan Muhammad al-Qaari al-Hanafi “Risalat Mashrab al Vardi fi Mazhabi’l Mahdi)

He [the Mahdi] will emerge with the Prophet’s banner. That banner has four edges and is seam-free and its color is black. There exists a ring above it. That banner has not been opened since the time our Prophet passed away and it will be opened when Mahdi emerges. (Portents of the Mahdi of the Akhir Zaman, Ali ibn Husamattin Al Muttaki, p. 22)

He Will Be Grateful to Allah Alone

When we examine the stories of the prophets in the Qur’an we see that they have turned to Allah under all circumstances. We also learn of their sincere devotion to Allah and the love and fear they felt towards Him from the Qur’an. As emphasized in the hadiths below, this characteristic will also be seen in the Mahdi:

“Mahdi is one of us, one of the Ahl-i Bayt. He is a person who does not feel grateful to anyone other than Allah.” (as-Suyuti, al-Havi, 2/24)

There Will Be Black Propaganda about the Mahdi

[Editor’s Note: It is evident that we and other fidayeen e rasool saaw have put up extreme resistance and opposition to Zaid Hamid. So does this mean that we are the followers of DAJJAL and are actually oppsoing Zaid Hamid/Imam Mehdi AS ? ]

The supporters of the Dajjal, the enemy of Islam, will blacken the name of the Mahdi in written and verbal media and will attempt to weaken his prestige in the public eye. This is indicated as follows in one of the hadiths:

When that Muslim personage (the Mahdi) sees the Dajjal, he says: “People! This is the Dajjal of whom the Prophet (saas) mentioned.” Dajjal gives his order about him right away and that person is laid upon his stomach and from his back it is said: “Take him and beat him.” Then that person’s back and stomach is broadened by beating. This time he [the Dajjal] grabs him by his two hands and two feet and hurls him. People assume Dajjal throws him into a fire. But in fact he is thrown away to the Garden. (Mahdism and Imamism, Ibrahim Suleymanoglu, p. 40)

We are told in the hadiths that the Mahdi will be broadened by being beaten on his back and stomach. The author of the book says in reference to this section that the Mahdi’s fame will constantly be declared and disseminated. Yet since it is the supporters of the Dajjal who will do this, it may be said that this propaganda will blacken the name of the Mahdi. However, although this may appear to be infelicitous at first sight, it will be a means whereby the Mahdi is recognized and whereby the moral values of Islam are spread.

He Will Be Far from Sight

Naim ibn Hammad reported thus from Abu Jafar:

…At nights he will be engaged in worship while he will be hidden during the day… (Ukayli “An-Najmu’s-sakıb fi Bayanı Anna’l Mahdi min Awladi Ali ibn Abu Talib Ala’t-Tamam va’l kamal”)

He Will Be Supported by Angels

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid frequently talks about Barakah in his work and his inner core specially talks about the Noor that he possess. In addition to this his latest facebook message states that Aulia Allah have formed battle lines against his enemies. So are Angels also a part of these battle lines that Aulia Allah have formed against Zaid Hamid’s enemies ? ]

In the majority of stories about the prophets it can be seen that they were always supported by help from Allah in communicating their message of religious moral values or whenever they encountered a difficult situation. In the same way that this assistance might reach the prophets in a moment, or take various forms such as natural phenomena, it also took place with help from angels. In one of the hadiths, our Prophet (saas) has revealed that Allah will help the Mahdi by means of angels:

“Allah (cc) will help him (the Mahdi) by means of three angels. They will beat the faces and backs of those who oppose him (the Mahdi).” (Ikdu’d Durer, p. 12)

He Will Know What is Lawful and Unlawful

[Editor’s Note: This also fits perfectly with Zaid Hamid as he does not hesitate in stating words like Alhamdolillah we have fulfilled all Shariah requirements, which actually means that he knows Shariah completely. Similarly he goes on to give Basharat of Heaven and Hell to people, which means that he even knows what would happen to someone in the hereafter. ]

Since the Mahdi will possess superior moral virtues and have a powerful fear of Allah, he will know Almighty Allah’s bounds and what is lawful and unlawful:

Hussain was asked:

“By what signs will the Mahdi be known?” He replied: “By his ease of heart and dignity, by his knowing what is lawful and unlawful.” (Fera Idu Fevaidi’l Fiqr Fi’l Imam al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar)

He Will Be Compassionate Towards the Poor

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid is yet to show this characteristic. However, what we know by now is that his gang fiercely beat a student at Paradise Complex Islamabad. The student belongs to a not so well to-do family and only wanted to ask a question to Zaid Hamid regarding his association with Yusuf Kazab. ]

The infinite compassion of Allah is recalled at the end of many verses in the Qur’an. In addition, the Qur’an commands believers to “be one of those who believe and urge each other to steadfastness and urge each other to compassion.” (Surat al-Balad, 17)

Our Almighty Lord’s title of The Most Compassionate of the Compassionate is manifested in all prophets and believers. We are told in one hadiths that the Mahdi will also be exceptionally compassionate:

“His exercising discipline over those working for him, his distribution of goods generously and his being very compassionate towards the poor are the signs of the Mahdi.” Fera Idu Fevaidi’l Fiqr Fi’l Imam al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar”, Islamic Scholars’ Views about the Mahdi, p. 133, Footnote number: 26, Kopru Publishing House.)

The Mahdi’s sign is his being disciplined on those working for him, his generosity about goods, and his compassion for the oppressed.” (Ukayli “An-Nacmu’s-sakib fi Bayanı Anna’l Mahdi min Avladı Ali b. Abu Talib Ale’t-Tamam va’l Kamal)

He Will Assume All Responsibilities

[Editor’s Note: This is Zaid Hamid’s ultimate goal as well. To assume all responsibilities and then to settle scores with 2 takey ke Fasadi Moulvi’s.]

He assumes all responsibilities and helps the poor and those in need. (M. Muhyiddin Arabi “Futuhat-Al Makkiya”, 366. bab, v. 3, p. 327- 328)

He Will Disappear Twice

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid went in hiding after the death of Yusuf Kazab. His blackout was profound that no one in the media or general public heard his name till 2007. Zaid Hamid is now almost off the media screen ever since Takmeel e Theateristan. So may be after coming back from this second hiding, Zaid Hamid may declare himself to be Imam Mehdi AS. ]

The way that the Mahdi will disappear twice appears in this form in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas):

“The one who will fulfill this deed (the Mahdi) will hide twice. One of these will lengthen to such an extent that some of them will say, “He is dead” whereas others will say, “He has gone.” Neither those who love him nor others will know his whereabouts. Only his servant who is very close to him knows his place. (Al-Saa Fi Eshrad-is Saa” p. 93, Egyptian edition.)

He Will Not Declare His Needs

One of the most important characteristics of the Mahdi is that he will not declare his needs:

Hussain was asked:

“By what signs will the Mahdi be known?” He replied: “… People will need of him but he will express his needs to no one.” (Fera Idu Fevaidi’l Fiqr Fi’l Imam al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar”)

He Will Possess Exemplary Virtues

[Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid’s fans might find him to possess exemplary virtues, but sweet talks are different from sweet deeds. Zaid Hamid’s behavior with the student who leaked his videos and the one who dared to ask him a question at Paradise complex are a testimony of his fascist inner self. ]

Almighty Allah has sent envoys to issue warnings in all periods, and they have been charged with telling people of the true faith. However, their message was not limited to expounding religious moral values, and they were role models with their behavior and attitudes. The exemplary moral virtues of the Mahdi are reported as follows in one hadith:

Divine superior virtues inspired by Allah reach him. He receives knowledge of the faith and exemplary moral virtue from Allah. (Konavi Risalet-ul Mahdi, p. 161 B)

He Will Know the Science of Numerology

Some of them said this book that has reached maturity is attributed to the appearance of Mahdi who is expected to appear in the End Times. He is very competent of the science of jifr and its secrets. This knowledge is the kind of wisdom that reached from the books endowed to the prophets of the past. (Mahdism and Imamism, Ibrahim Suleymanoglu, p. 252)

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Zaid Hamid Imam Mehdi ?

Zaid Hamid Imam Mehdi ?

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  1. Hesham Syed says:

    AstaghfarAllah : Zaid should not have been even compared – Pssst.

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    This essay was compiled by Harun Yahya team. Blind followers of ZZH are just trying to be “shah say ziada shah ka wafadaar”.

    “The one who will fulfill this deed (the Mahdi) will hide twice. One of these will lengthen to such an extent that some of them will say, “He is dead” whereas others will say, “He has gone.” Neither those who love him nor others will know his whereabouts. Only his servant who is very close to him knows his place. (Al-Saa Fi Eshrad-is Saa” p. 93, Egyptian edition.)

    Shiites believe this.
    Can somebody confirm that “Al-Saa Fi Eshrad-is Saa” is an Ahlesunnat source?

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    Yes, the are preparing but I think it will be a major mistake ever.

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    Asallama Alaikum.

    I see your original blog has been suspended.

    I don’t think she is talking about Zaid Hamid being Mahdi.

    But she said Mahdi would appear in the time of fitnah when Islam would be filled with corruption and superstitious beliefs.

    Isn’t saying, Allah is noor, and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is made of Allah’s noor, and Muslims also share the noor of Prophet (S.A.W) which is basically Allah’s noor. A concept which is unheard of before? Doesn’t this concept sound similar to the Christian trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. isn’t propagating this concept as legitimate in Islam, corruption and superstitious in it self?

    in your post, you said.

    “the Mahdi would be a very valuable personage who would be a means whereby people attain salvation in this world and in the Hereafter”

    the word “attain salvation through (insert person name here)” is often quoted by Christians.

    Muslim usually use the word “guidance”. Muslim pray to Allah to guide us to the right path, We don’t say, give us salvation through Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), nor we say give us salvation through Mehdi.

    It is the Christians who believe in attaining salvation through Jesus Christ in this world and here after.

    It is a subtle way to introduce “Christian Attitude” in Muslims towards Islam.

    I am not knowledgeable about Islam, Only Allah knows my imaan. I am not doubting your Islam, I do NOT think you believe to take Zaid Hamid as Mehdi, but these are the question which arise in my mind when I read your paragraph

  5. Aalya Qureshi says:

    I thought Brasstacks was a Defence Think Tank ?….Who gave Humaira Naz the authority to promote complicated relgious issues ?…What are her qualifications ?…Most importantly, who was her teacher ?

    Also, isn’t this the same first steps which Mirza Ghulam Qadiani (la) took before pronouncing prophethood on himself.

  6. laraib says:

    yess brother kyunke ye bhi hai ke bohat se log jhoote Imam mehdi hone ka dawa karnge ab zaid ka apne apko Syed sabit karna aur phir ye sab kya sabit karta hai

  7. Red Magic says:

    Well, look how another employee of ZH is buttering his master to save his job.

    Intrestingly he is the same guy from ISPR whose girl-friend, on his behalf, was requesting again and again to remove his name from the list of BT Core Team. 😉

    I am sure ZH also doesnot know his following qualities discovered by his loyal employee, Mr. Yousaf Alamgirian. LOL

    "...It is recalled that Mr. Zaid Hamid is a prominent Defense Analyst and Intellectual. He has an extensive experience with regard to matters of defense strategy. He is proficient in affairs related to state and non-state terrorism, national security, practical steps against terrorism, unconventional warfare, revolts and ways to put them down, psychological and information warfare, and dealing with religious and sectarian violence. Mr. Zaid Hamid is a unique writer, who has published dozens of booklets and articles on defense issues. He is also regularly invited to numerous television channels as an expert analyst."

    Here is Mr. Yousaf Alamgirian’s Cell number 😛 0333 5255465

    And here is his photo, as someone asked earlier ->

    Mukk gaya tera show Zaid Hamid 😛 😛 😛

  8. Fahad says:

    Yes, you are right. Just take a look following comment I read there on FB. Shame on ZH and his followers.

    Fatima jazakALLAH,
    after reading this essay, many thoughts are coming to my mind. i dont know if say this than it will be right or wrong, as most of these Ahadith match with the character of Sir Zaid Hamid, as he is syed too. i think sir is the imam mehdi of the muslim ummah for which we Muslims were waiting till now!!
    I am proud to be a part of your “lashker”:-)

  9. Elam says:

    if they will move on such speed the day is not far away that he will be in same place where his leader Yousaf kazzab ended.

  10. tatom2k says:

    This article is from Haroon Yahya he is another cult who himself have attributed the qualities of Imam Mahdi on himself and he was jailed for this in 1988 and is also now in jail under (Islamic Party Government) for misleading the hidden sect of his… where he prophesize himself as Mehdi etc.
    so be aware of that cult too…,194,0,0,1,0

  11. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ammar

    Your comment has been deleted. Next time if you want to say something, say in manners. We are not here to listen to your version of ‘shame’ and ‘success’. We don’t want you to believe anyone, ZH or ZHE. If your sincere, consult an Aalim.

  12. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ tatom2k

    This is not an place to comment on the hadeeth. Kindly consult an Aalim directly. It is always better to seek out truth from different resources, before you reach your own conclusion.

    We are sorry we are not allowing this debate.

    Jazakallah for understanding.

  13. Mujahid Fisabillilah says:

    So this is the HIDDEN agenda Mulana Jalalpuri reffering to. and thats why he got Shahdat.

  14. Fahad says:

    @Aalya Qureshi

    Humaira Naz was working on a very junior position in IT Dept. of ZONG Mobile Company and was fired from there. How funny when she says I was on senior position but not confirmed employee. LOL. She is now pretending as “Islamic Scholar” to capture minds of those innocent youth who think BT is doing something beneficial for Pakistan and Islam.

    If Playboy will offer her job, she will start managing their FaceBook account against money. Please dont take her seriously. Real culprit is ZH.

    pehle hi mulk mai har cheez mai milawat hai, ZH aur us k cheelo ne “Deen” mai bhi shru kar di Hell with them !!!!

  15. adnan says:

    Dear Admin brothers, really much much appreciate the effort for getting new maqam-e-ah-o-fugan for all of us . inshAllah aik din yeh ah-o-fugan zaroor rang laian geen. We are all with you guyz.

    And yes we can expect everything from this cult, so the analysis in above article is at very right time and with very right approach.

    jazakAllah khair.

  16. tatom2k says:

    @ Abu Muhammad I agree that this is not place for this…
    but the fact about that Hadis regarding hiding is common in Ulema… I have searched for Ulema for this Hadees.. it is not mentioned in Siha neither any other books of Hadis compilation…
    This concept came latter and the Hadis refering to this was considered doubeous by Ahle Sunaat Muhadaseen…

  17. tatom2k says:

    My simple point was that even before answering to Zaid we would have consulted that the things which he is giving are they from HAdis or simple commentaries which as I said before is simple commentary by Haroon Yahya not by reference of any Hadis so you should have replied here by Hadis and Quran rather than replying with consultation from Ulema rather than replying in a way above..

    I hope you will not mind my point…
    coz Zaid team have picked the week resources for this hidden agenda so we should not reply to these week resources rather we should put and place the firm resources by authentic Hadees…

  18. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Tatom2k

    As I explained we don’t want to debate over the issue of Imam Mahdi here. The point that needs to be grasped is why is Zaid Hamid fan pages propagating Imam Mahdi at this point in time, while lot of things have already piled up against him and he has to respond to it but he is ignoring all those replies till now.

    If we keep our point of discussion with regard to this point it is better. We can very well reply to the concept of Imam Mahdi according to Quran and Sunnah. When we will deem necessary, we’ll Insha’Allah put it for the viewers. But for reasons, we want to focus on why such an article at this point in time? What is the message they want to give us and their viewers? Why suddenly a drastic shift from wake up projects to religious mind programming?

  19. tatom2k says:

    agreed @ Brother Abu Muhammad…
    Jazak Allah

  20. Furqan says:

    Has Humaira Naz been.. [edited out]

    Sorry if you find my comment impolite. Lahowla Wala Quwwat

    [Remarks: We appreciate those viewers, who do pass on the message keeping manners.]

  21. Abdullah says:

    this just shows how far and upto what lenths ZZH fans can go to defend him and Kazzab… u get the same idea from maria b in her email about him being the chosen one,
    we need to be more active and propagate there belifs and exposition in our inner circles not just online,JazakAllah

  22. Ali says:

    This is beyond pitiful.. its a shameful behavior by Zaid and his cohorts, it is unpardonable act and he should be tried for this under the blasphemy law.

    Maulana Jalapuri knew about all the plans of Zaid hamid, thats why Zaid got him killed, because Maulana jalalpuri was exposing him and his lies.

    I knew this was coming from Zaid and his team.. it was only a matter of time.
    Just like he found his false predictions of Naimatullah shah wali (who is himself a creation of Zaid’s mind) and now this.. this guy should be tried for murder and blasphemy law.

  23. Patriot Pakistani says:

    It is requested pls do not accuse entire BT team for this stupid action of Humaira. She does not know what she is talking about and what silly views she is posting on their official FB page. She does not respresent entire team BT.

    I clarify that we do not know neither support any such attempt by anyone or Humaira to call or even assume ZH as Imam mahdi. Though she had clarfied that she is fan of Harun Yahya’s work and that is why she posted that.But Still i agree with you that she should have posted the source of the article to avoid any misunderstanding.

    This is un-Islamic to even Blame someone without any proof. So I would request all of you at ZHE here, if you really are working for the glory of Islam then pls do follow the principles of Islam in such matters and do not blame entire Team BT for this. We are as much Muslims and believers of Khatm-e-Nabowat as you are.

    Hope you take it in good faith and correct the assumption.

    member BT

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