Moulana Ismail Shujabadi Responds To Zaid Hamid, Zaid's Lies Further Exposed [Video]

If the video embedded below does not play, please click on this link to watch the video.

FACT: Yusuf Kazab was unable to produce a single witness in his favor in court. Not even his own Sahabi’s Zaid Hamid and Abdul Wahid testified in his favor and said on oath in court that Yusuf never claimed to be a prophet.

Watch video below and ask Zaid Hamid and his fans,

  • Why not a single person (an Alim or a Jahil) in the whole world testified in favor of Yusuf Kazab ?
  • If Barelvi Ulema were in favor of Yusuf Kazab why didnt a single Barelvi Alim testified in favor of Yusuf Kazab in Court ?
  • Why not a single Barelvi Alim or an Alim from any maslak gave a fatwa against the verdict of the court on Yusuf Kazab case ?

Why Zaid Hamid Didnt Testified In Favor Of Kazab in Court ?

Zaid Hamid did not testified in favor of Yusuf Kazab in court, because he and others knew that unlike internet and web forums, where he could run away from answering real questions – Zaid Hamid will have to prove his statements to the court. Or else the AMTKN lawyers will prove with evidences that the witnesses in favor of Yusuf Kazab are lying.

5 comments on “Moulana Ismail Shujabadi Responds To Zaid Hamid, Zaid's Lies Further Exposed [Video]

  1. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    filhal tu shuja shb chikni chpari gufugu khud kar rahe hien, now listen him be self, k wahan koi mazhabi behas nahi hoi, just on allegations.

    iska matlab saaf hai k tum logon n Yusuf Ali ko phansaya, or ek bey-guna shaks ko latka dia.

    ziada intezar nahi hai ab, ab tum logon ka pata bhi saaf honey wala hai.

  2. YASIR says:

    compile all video of ulmea e karam including important points from asif sheraz video in a single video. This video should be updated time to time by adding upcoming videos.

  3. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Rizwan Shaikh

    Is waqt tu chikni chapri batain tumhare lag rahee hain. Yah problem hotee hai kisssee ko bhe blind follow karnay say kah jiss ko follow kia jayee, uss ke chikni chapri batain nazar ana band ho jatee hai aur ankhain, kaan, dil aur damagh us ko samajhnay say maflooj kar diyee jatay hain.

    Allah reham farmayee.

  4. YASIR says:

    @Rizwan Shaikh…App ke zuban har waqat zehar ugalti hai..I know you very well as your partents didn’t know you. Apni auqat me raho tu behtar hai. Yae tu zhe team ke ala zafri hai app jason ka post ho baho rahenay daite hein.

  5. Hesham Syed says:


    Please work to get a comprehensive Fatwahs as detailed below from prominent & highest istitutions & Muftees in Pakistan / Saudi Arabia / Egypt and other Muslim countries.

    This will help to kill all kinds of Fitnaas germinating all over the places :


    Fatwah to be declared as Non Muslim / Murtid / Kafir

    1.One who declares himself or her self any Nabi or Rasool after Muhammed ( sav )

    And his or her Followers .

    2.One who declares himself as Allah / God – And his Followers,

    3. One who declares himself as Muhammed ( sav ) incarnated and his Followers.

    4.One who declares that he is carrying the holy spirit of Muhammed ( sav ) inside him and he impersonates himself as Muhammed ( sav ) – And his Followers.

    5.One who believes that the spirit of Muhammed ( sav ) has kept on coming to this world and will continue coming in future also in the form of another human being.

    6.Those who do not believe in the finality of Nabuwwat & Risalat and Muhammed ( sav ) being the final most Nabi and Rasool.

    7. Those who make a mockery of Allah ( swt ) or Muhammed ( sav ) and looks down upon on His Shariat.

    8.Those who degrade Muhammed ( sav ) in any way and considers any Walee Allah to be superior to Muhammed ( sav ) .

    10.Those who do not consider the Quran as the Final Book of Allah ( swt ).

    11.Those who interpret Quran without consulting Hadees and Sunnah or Seeratey Rasool ( sav ).

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