Why Zaid Hamid Will Never Deny That He Is The Syed Zaid Zaman In Bait e Raza Audio

When the Audio of Yusuf Kazab’s Bait e Raza speech first came online and people started asking questions to Zaid Hamid, if he is the Syed Zaid Zaman in the audio – Zaid Hamid circumvented the real question by giving broad answers or simply asking the questioners to come to his office for answers.

However, Zaid Hamid’s followers were either not so clever or sincerely believed that Zaid Hamid is not the Syed Zaid Zaman in the Audio where Yusuf Kazab is introducing him as his Sahabi. Therefore, they started spamming Facebook pages, blogs and forums with the messages that this audio is fake and that someone else has made the audio with a similar sounding voice as that of Zaid Hamid.

Even after the admission of Zaid Hamid, that he knew Yusuf Kazab since 1992 and the surfacing of Zaid Hamid’s article of Daily DAWN in which Zaid Hamid admits that he was present in court throughout the proceedings, Zaid Hamid’s fans are unwilling to accept this fact that the Sahabi Syed Zaid Zaman in the audio of Bait e Raza is actually Zaid Hamid – the security analyst and founder of Brasstacks.

But the interesting fact in this entire boxing match of claims [that the audio is that of Zaid Hamid] and counter claims [that the audio is fake] is that Zaid Hamid has never personally stated that the audio is fake. He has never stated this once, not even hinted about it, not even said this in an alluding manner.

This raises a very interesting question, that why Zaid Hamid is not denying the Bait e Raza audio to be his voice ? We all know that Zaid Hamid has proved himself to be a lying maestro, a person who spits out 180 lies/hour. So why such a compulsive liar not denying his voice in the Bait e Raza audio ?

There are two main reasons for this:

Zaid Hamid’s denial of the audio will deprive him of his status of Sahabiat

The first, ideological and main reason is that Yusuf Kazab declared Zaid Hamid to be his Sahabi and then made him his Khalifa as well. If Zaid Hamid denies the audio tape, he would be denouncing his status of sahabiat. This is exactly why Zaid Hamid is not calling Yusuf a Kazab, if he will call Yusuf a Kazab – Zaid Hamid’s status amongst the rest of the muslims will also be of an ordinary muslim. By denouncing Yusuf Kazab, he will immediately loose his sacred status of being an Abu Bakr (Nauzobillah) and a great Sufi of our time. If Zaid Hamid calls Yusuf a Kazab – he would be unable to prove himself to be a sufi, a dervaish, a faqeer, a man of immense spiritual status – because all this statuses were awarded to him by his peer and nabi Yusuf Kazab.

Calling Yusuf a Kazab would rob Zaid Hamid of the grandious stature that Yusuf awarded him. After calling Yusuf a Kazab, Zaid Hamid will never be able to prove himself a mureed of a Sufi, let alone a Sufi Master himself.

Zaid Hamid’s denial of the audio can immediately be refuted via Audio Forensics

Fortunately for the rest of us and unfortunately for Zaid Hamid and his fans, we live in the age of technology. Just like its extremely easy for anyone to make a video or an audio, anyone can now also verify the authenticity of an audio and find out if the voice of a person in a particular audio matches the voice of another person in other audios.

Actually this is an entire field and area of specialization, popularly known as Audio Forensics and we have many audio forensic experts around the world. Wise Geek describes Audio Forensics as follows:

Audio forensics is, simply, the use of scientific investigation, technology and tools to determine the authenticity of sound for civil or criminal cases. The results of audio forensics can be used as evidence in various legal cases dealing with anything from divorce to industrial espionage. It’s also not uncommon to see audio forensic analysis applied to surveillance tapes used in cases against employers or employees of a particular business.

Audio forensics has a long history with the United States military and government. In World War II, the technology was used to identify the voices of targeted enemies that sounded over radios and telephones. The use of a sound spectrograph, which plotted voice patterns’ frequencies and amplitudes, helped analyzers identify people of interest. In recent years, audio forensics is used to analyze messages created by terrorists to help pinpoint their locations, the audio’s creation time and other originating factors.

Some of the things that are commonly evaluated in an audio clip to determine its authenticity are background noises, voice frequency changes, noises emanating from recording equipment and stop, start and pause signatures. Any discontinuity in these areas may signal to the analyzer that the recording is inauthentic or has been compromised. Sometimes, these discontinuities can be masked behind background sounds and extra work has to be done to uncover them.

One of the most popular techniques used during analysis is to compare one unknown sound against a known one to identify it. This can be done in cases involving voices, where one speaker has been identified but the other has not. With voices, prosody, vowel formant trajectory, pitch striations, breath patterns, nasal resonances, speech pathologies and more can be used to identify speakers.

Audio Forensic experts can also pin point the location at which the audio was recorded by analyzing the frequency signatures of local electrical power sources.

The software of choice for Audio Forensic Experts is DCLive Forensics. This software is so easy to use, that you dont have to be an expert to run different audio samples on it and find out if they match or not. Using DCLive Forensics the following can easily be proved:

  1. Comparison of Zaid Hamid’s current voice samples with the voice sample of Syed Zaid Zaman from the Bait e Raza audio could be done to prove that the voices are that of the same person.
  2. Comparison of voice sample of Bait e Raza audio with that of current voice sample from Bait e Raza mosque at Chowk Yateemkhana Lahore to prove that both the audios were recorded at Bait e Raza mosque.

Final Remarks

We know that Zaid Hamid will never deny that he is not the Syed Zaid Zaman in the Bait e Raza audio because of the fact that doing so would deprive him of his sacred status bestowed upon him by his Nabi Yusuf Kazab.

However, even if somehow Zaid Hamid gulps this cup of poison and denies that audio – we can easily prove this any where around the world – at a location of Zaid Hamid’s choosing that the voice in Bait e Raza audio is that of Zaid Hamid. (Insha Allah)

18 comments on “Why Zaid Hamid Will Never Deny That He Is The Syed Zaid Zaman In Bait e Raza Audio

  1. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    BANG on TARGET!!!!

    The best post so far i have come across.

  2. Abidullah says:

    Allah jab aqal per perdah daal dey to yeh baat bhi samajh nahi aey gi. aur jab dil ko hidayat kay liay khol de to is baat ki bhi zarurat nahi

  3. Shahbaz says:

    Brilliant work.MashALLAH.

  4. Shahbaz says:

    Can u make sure u always keep ur analysis and facts separate so no one can criticize and it also fair and just.

  5. yaldram says:

    Like i have mentioned in my below equation. This article is right on spot….
    yusuf = false claims of khalifa e azam kazzab
    khalifa e azam = blasphemy of declaring oneself like prophet (naoozobillah)
    ‘K’, is constant endorsed by session judge muhammad jahangir
    therefore, yusuf k ,
    remains kazzab for us and even for times to come inshAllah
    zaid = false claims of defending yusuf’s claims
    zaid is inversely proportional to Religous Ulema
    zaid = 1/Religous Ulema
    the lies of Zaid are exposed more when ulema expose the real truth of yusuf
    Also,taking the following variables of claims of ghawa tul hind, targetting elite youth and liberal class of our society proves the strategy;
    zaid -> following-> yusuf k

    zaid = (claims of defending yusuf) => zaid = lies………….i
    yusuf k = (claims of false prophet) => yusuf k= lies……..ii

    Putting yusuf K, in the equation (i) with onstant in the equation gives us the following final result.

    zaid = yusuf K

    Thanks for your time,

  6. marcvs.tacitvs.cicero says:

    Why will Zaida never deny it was his video?


    Because he ACTUALLY believes he has the capability to bring about a revolution, to make people worship him, and to capture state power. In short, to become Hitler.

    And this ‘love that dare not speak its name’ that he holds for his rapist prophet, will be the final divine secret that he will reveal once he has become our Führer, with the expectation that the jubilant population will en masse convert to his new religion. And after Zaid accepts the video as genuine, Pakistan will become his Madina-e-Sani and the Golden Age of Khilafat-e-Kazzabiya under Ameerul Momineen Zaida Jhoota, Kazzab II, will begin. Mubarak ho, Zaat-e-Haq ayaaN ho gaya 🙂

    Yep. Zaida is insane. Off his rocker. Raving loony. A few cards short of the deck. Lost his marbles. Barking mad. But persistent, tenacious and dull like a particularly stupid donkey who was not very bright to begin with, but now is in a foul mood after a good beating. And so he will never deny the tape because he actually plans to declare the video authentic with great fanfare and jubilation.

    When the time comes.

    I cannot imagine what goes on in his head. Must be a madhouse. Such a heavy burden, and only a little wittle itty bitty zaida, nannhi si jaan, to handle all that. So many secrets. So many plans. So many lies. Soooo many lies.

    Zaid Kazzab truly is a “Father of Lies”.

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and spoke not the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the Father of Lies.”
    –Bible (John 8:44)

    [Remarks: Ameerul Kazibeeen is better to say with regard to Zaid Hamid ]

  7. hesham syed says:

    Kahtey haiN key Jhoot key PaooN naheeN hoa-tey – laikin mojoodah halaat meiN Jhoot hee sar charrh kar boal raha hai. Zaid key saathi , may be they are in shock and confused and dont want to believe the bitter truth & purposely dont want to look at the mirror as this will make their face look ugly. But they have to face it, sooner the better – There is no other choice.
    Zaid Hamid is Zaid Hamid Zaman or Zaid Zaman – untill nless he disowns his own parents – How can Zaid pretend to be some one different ? The audio is genuine. But did Zaid refused to accept this audio and said that it was fabricated ? or he just kept silent about it – and his followers debated over it – ? The confusion around demanded that Zaid should tell the truth to the public – A person with strong moral character will do that – If one has reverted to Islam and done genuine Tauba then there is nothing to fear – Deception only proves guilt and makes the person dubios. Delay on the part of Zaid to clearly and openly denouncing Yusuf calling him gustaakh and kazab and just beating around the bush, playing with words and seeking support from Brailwee Ulemaas is making him dicy and untrustworthy & he will find people breaking out from him more every day – What is happening to Zaid is his own making and choice – One must not play with the trust of people, this is the basic requirement to be a Muslim or even a good human being. BY the way no Brailwee Aalim will support the ideology of some one impersonating Muhammed ( sav )and if any one does he has to be equally mad , out of his senses or out of the fold of Islam.
    So much time of the Pakistanis young and seniors are wasted on these fitnas cropping up so frequently these days. God help Muslim Umma and save Pakistan.

  8. Daniyal Bin Muzaffar says:

    One of the best post so far with all the proves. So, no comments.

  9. Farrukh Hassan says:

    One thing is very important for Ulema to say particularly and everyone in general: that masses were following Zaid Zaman Hamid not because of his beliefs about Yousaf Kazzab and last Prophet-hood, but because of their motivation about Islam and Pakistan…
    We still have to remain united as a ummah and nation; and have to aim for a modern and welfare Islamic state on the principles of Khilafat-e-Rashida…

  10. Ahsan Masood says:

    nice work…!

  11. IB says:

    Why don’t you approve my comment?

  12. fidai e rasool SAW says:

    why dont you go ahead and prove that it is ZH’s voice using audio forensics?

    • It is already evident. We only had to prove that Syed Zaid Zaman – the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab is the Zaid Hamid – security analyst of Brasstacks. Zaid Hamid has admitted this himself in his leaked videos and hence this stands proved.

      So brother we have already proved our case. Its now Zaid Hamid’s turn to either admit that this is his voice and he was present at Bait e Raza and accepted Sahabiat from Yusuf Kazab, or come up with sufficient evidence to deny that this is his voice.

  13. a2zTruth says:

    Watch out Folks – I will say nothing but Truth and plain Truth come what may.

    Yusuf ideology is nothing but a crap – His followers Zaid Hamid Zaman and all like him are completely blind folded – Zaid political view and his mobilising every one for Ghuzwat ul Hind is a complete bull shit – He is being used as a hate mongrer and will lead every one to a disaster & to a point of NO Return.
    Save the young pakistani generation from going to hell – First fight against the evils in Pakistan which has made this country a HELL – why you need another door of Hell to be opened ?

    Cheers !!!

  14. Shahbaz says:

    why dont you drag him into the court?.So much is written against him that it could lead some people to believe its just a propaganda against ZZ.Can we not file a case against him for defending Yousuf Kazzab?.and if we can then what r we waiting for.

  15. AntiHInd says:

    Assalam o Alaikum ,

    Dear brothers , we need not worry !

    Zaid Hamid is under the Wrath of ALLAH already , this dajjal is melting day by day , Inshallah all the children who still idealize him will surely understand , I think exposition dudes should not wait for zaid kazzab to refute this audio , they should take this audio to forensic experts , and get a confirmation certificate , that its none other than the evil zaid , this will further pressurize him , and clear the picture for his fans , Im ready to pay for this noble cause , just do it guys

  16. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Syed Shah

    You are reading this because your comment has been deleted. Don’t waste your time here, if you don’t have manners to talk. Read our blog rules before you bother yourself to comment. We don’t tolerate nonsense and foolish people in our blog, who don’t know even how to discuss.

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