Text of Yusuf Kazab's Bait e Raza Speech [Certified Court Copy]

Text of Yusuf Kazab’s Bait e Raza Speech has been made available online by Aalami Majlise Tahafuze Khatam e Nabuwat and can also be viewed on AMTKN website.

Yusuf Kazab admitted in court that the audio cassette contains his voice. Furthermore, Asif Shiraz ex-member of Brasstacks admits that Zaid Hamid has never denied that the audio cassette is fake or that the voice of Zaid Zaman in the audio cassette is not of Zaid Hamid, he only says that the recorder of the cassette should come forward. Asif Shiraz’s exact words are:

So as I saw it from within brasstacks, zaid never really lied to anyone directly. He never said i’m not zaid zaman. he just used the name Zaid Hamid. He never said that the audio is not his: He only said that please bring real owner or recorder of that audio so we can comment on it.

For more details about how Zaid Hamid twists and lies, read Asif Shiraz’s Clarification regarding Zaid Hamid and Yusuf Kazab.

Audio of Bait e Raza Speech

The complete audio of Bait e Raza speech is also embedded below:

7 comments on “Text of Yusuf Kazab's Bait e Raza Speech [Certified Court Copy]

  1. Muhammad Naeem says:

    Dear ZHE team I’ve heard that there was a video tape of this event as well which was presented to court. Have you guys able to get it.


  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Muhammad Naeem

    Wa’alaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    We are trying to dig the dead corpse records. We haven’t been able to get it yet, but for now the text should suffice as it is approved and authenticated. All the video evidences against Yousuf Kazzab have been archived into writing and have already been presented. Thus, even if the video record can not be retrieved, the written certified document should suffice as a proof.

    Anyone who has doubt can have it verified from the court.

  3. Muhammad Naeem says:

    I don’t have doubt 🙂 this is sufficient but we should try to get that as well. It would help us to get the masses off from zaid for sure.

    InshAllah I believe ZHE team will get that as well 🙂

  4. Salman Zafar says:


    while we are on the sujbect of audio/video evidence….

    … just like you have Mufi Ghulam Sarwar Qadri ka video interview leeya tha kisi nay…..where he destroyed zaid kazzab’s lies…and mufti Naeem’s video interview response to zaid kazzab’s lies…. and statements(and videos etc) from other ulema regarding yusuf kazzab, zaid kazzab, , zaid kazzab’s lies on various matters, brasstacks etc….

    can you guys get a comprehensive video interview from Dr. Israr too? ….so that he can also demolish the rubbish that zaid kazzab spouts and people can clearly see him doing so….rather than just reading a press release of tanzaeem islami….

    ….and you could also get more scholars, witnesses, experts, and other relevant people(perhaps lawyers? or judges? or people who know zaid kazzab or have seen the yusuf kazzab case first hand, etc etc) to give video interviews….

  5. marcvs.tacitvs.cicero says:

    A million La’anat on Kazzab and his scum followers. Zaida is a sahabi? He is Abubakar (r.a.)?


    Where is Sipah Sahaaba when you need them?

  6. Whats In a Name says:

    When Zaid Hamid is declaring that he accepts no one as prophet(saws) then what is the matter.

    The material presented here is very manipulative.

  7. A2ZTruth says:

    @6. You all will never get it right and keep coming back without any understanding to the basic issue – The only demand is Zaid should denounce Yusuf and call him a Kazab – Yusuf declared himself not a new Prophet but Muhammed ( sav ) himself and used His ( sav ) name for his lustful desires – so Zaid should be explicit about it that Yusuf is gustakhey Rasool and a Kazab – Once Zaid declares it the chapter will be closed – This site is not manipulative but Zaid is hiding behind words and he is the one manipulating every one including people who are so naive like you to understand his tricks – He is avoiding to call Yusuf a Kazab instead defending him as a great Saint and Sufi and a Walee is making every one believe that Zaid is pursuing the same belief and acting like Yusuf assigned devoted Khalifah – All Zaid past actions and his deep rooted association with Yusuf has made this issue very sensitive and no Muslim is prepared to accept any one or forgive any one at the cost of Hurmatey Rasool ( sav ) – Zaid need to openly come out clean and genuinely repent for what he was dragged in to if he has slightest respect for Rasool ( sav )- Hope you will understand now – !!

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