Yusuf Kazab's Ad in Jang March 1997 and Ulema's Response To It

In his leaked videos Zaid Hamid claimed that Yusuf Kazab published ads from his own pocket in different news papers to clarify his believes, but even then Moulvi’s didn’t accepted his clarification and ultimately got him convicted in court.

Yusuf published ads in Daily Jang and Daily Nawa i Waqt to clarify his believes. Yusuf also tried to publish ads in Daily Khabrein, but Khabrein refused to publish his ads – even when he offered hefty sums to Daily Khabrein. The muslim community and Ulema strongly criticized Daily Jang and Daily Nawa i Waqt for publishing Yusuf’s ads saying that they dont publish news related to Yusuf, but publish his ads – because the ads were well paid.

Yusuf’s ads in Jang and Nawa i Waqt were published on the front pages and were paid off by a mureed of Yusuf Kazab, who sold his property to pay for the ads. This mureed of Yusuf went into depression after the court judgement on realizing that he has lost all of his wealth and his iman by following and supporting Yusuf.

English Translation of Yusuf’s Ad in Daily Jang

I Abul Hasnain Muhammad Yusuf Ali clarifies that I am a firm believer in Khatam e Nabuwat.

There is no God But Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah

I have never claimed to be a prophet and nor can I even think of it. There will be no prophet after Hazoor Nabi e Akram saaw. I consider a person who claims to be a prophet and a person who accuses someone to be a prophet are mardood.

Yusuf’s Ad in Daily Jang

The ad can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking here.

Yusuf Kazab Ad in Daily Jang 26 March 1997

Yusuf Kazab Ad in Daily Jang 26 March 1997

English Translation of Ulema’s Response in Daily Ummat

1 – Yesterday Maloon Yusuf Ali published an ad in Daily Jang and in which he stated that he believes in Khatam e Nabuwat and in the finality of Prophet Muhammad saaw and that he does not believe in any Prophet after Muhammad saaw and that he has not claimed to be a new prophet.

2 – This clarification of Maloon is not relevant to the actual issue. Maloon is being accused that he calls himself to be Muhammad saaw and presents himself as Muhammad saaw to his followers. Therefore, by claiming to be Muhammad saaw, he does not have to additionally claim to be a prophet. Furthermore, in order to justify his black deeds he claims that its not him but rather the spirit/nur of Prophet Muhammad saaw within his body that is doing all this. In this way, he absolves himself of all crimes and lays the blame on the sacred name of Prophet Muhammad saaw.

3 – This clarification of Maloon is a deep and clever scheme and it proves that Maloon has not left his previous Aqaids/believes and has instead taken the cover of this ad to hide his aqaids.

4 – All muslims are requested to not fall for this scheme and not allow Maloon to divert from the real issue of Impersonating of Muhammad saaw.

5 – We inform the Government that if an action is not taken against Maloon, it will result in a strong reaction – whose responsibility will be on the Government itself.

Ulema’s Response in Daily Ummat

The ad can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking here.

AMTKN Ad In Response To Yusuf Daily Ummat March 30 1997

AMTKN Ad In Response To Yusuf Daily Ummat March 30 1997

Important Note

After viewing Yusuf’s ad and Ulema’s response to the ad, the readers will understand that Zaid Hamid is issuing clarifications that are deceiving and veiled similar to his prophet Yusuf Kazab.

9 comments on “Yusuf Kazab's Ad in Jang March 1997 and Ulema's Response To It

  1. Sajid Zaman says:


    Zaid Hamid is also using the same technique to betray everyone. O’Muslims, Please! Stay away from him.

    JazakAllah khair

  2. “Assalam-0-Alikum”

    It Always Puzzled Me That No One Responded To The Statements Where Zaid Hamid Says Yusuf Kazzab Publicized Is Aqeedah That He Was A Muslim,But Now By The Grace Of Allah,It Has Become Crystal Clear How This Kafir Tricked The Whole Nation,Now We Ask Zaid Hamid To Clarify His Position As He Used To Say Yusuf Kazab Is “A Staunch Muslim Scholar”,Lies Upon Lies…….

  3. hesham syed says:

    Yusuf stinks – He knew how to deceive people with words – Declaring himself a new Nabee & Rasool could have exposed him so he took a safer route under the viel of misguided Sufi clan ideology – Saanp bhi mar jaaiey aur Latthee bhi na tootey – Iss makkaar ney kitnoaN ki zindagee tabaah kar dee , KitnoaN ko bey aabroo kia – Wa-Allah khairul maakey-reen – How could ALlah ( swt ) tolerate His beloved Rasool ( sav ) being impersonated by such a stinky filthy person.

  4. If There Was An Islamic State,Then Zaid Hamid Due To His Beliefs Would Have Been Executed By “Amir-Ul-Momineen”,But Since There Is No Islamic Government In Muslim World And Only Kafirs Rule,Then It Become Incumbent On Every Muslim That If He Sees Zaid Hamid,He Should Kill Him,This Statement Is Given In The Light Of Assassination Of Aswad Al Ansi Who Claimed Prophethood And He Was Ordered To Be Assassinated By Our Prophet Muhammad(May Allah Bless Him) And Also The Assassination Of Asma Bint Marwan Could Be Used As Evidence..

  5. syed sohaib roomi says:

    like father like son

  6. zakaraya33 says:

    refuting lies,
    Dear bro, shariah i some thing full of love an dkindness, in the hands of totaltarian estate shariah has been abused, people have been oppressed, threatened, killed for pesonal enmities.

    Its a big allegation, I wish you know the consequences of what can happen if you are wrong.
    Please leave it for Ulemah and devise punishment. If all of us start giving personal laws then no one will be alive in Pakistan…. Please understand..

  7. Rizwan Shaikh says:





  8. laraib says:

    @Rizwan Shaikh lanat ho un logon par Allah ki jo us shakhs ko defend karen jisne apne apko Muhamad kaha muhamnmad ka libas kaha Allah ka ghazab nazil ho jhooton par do jahano main zaleel-o-ruswa kare Allah ameen summ ameen

  9. laraib says:

    aur lanat ho us par jo ulema ko zaleel karta hai kyunke ulema waris hain Anbiya Karam ke uelma se murad hai alime deen na ke zaid jese log jo logon ki ki hui research ko utha kar tv par bolkar popular hone ki koshish karte hain aur apne name ke sath scolar lagwate hain kazzab

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