Clarification by Asif Shiraz Regarding His Comments About Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid

Editor’s Note: Asif Shiraz has left a detailed comment on our article Is Asif Shiraz really an ex-member Brasstacks ?. The comment was posted on Zaid Hamid Exposition facebook fanpage and can be viewed here. The clarification is being published in verbatim here.

Asif Shiraz Salam Guys…

The nature and workings of ZHE group have become more appropriate and befitting for someone who loves to hate zaid hamid…. instead of someone who loves Rasool Allah (sm)…

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for making me so popular. I never knew taking my video off the internet would make me even more popular than putting it on ๐Ÿ™‚ lol…

Let me tell you some hard facts, which some of you will probably dislike a lot.. (because again… muawiya ki nafrat ali ke muhabbat se barh gayee hai).

Let me at first start by proposing a solution to this whole thing, before saying anything further. The solution is verse 3:61. Challenge zaid hamid according to this verse.. doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani hoe jai ga.

Now, about me and my *Video* ๐Ÿ™‚

When zaid started brasstacks, I joined him whole heartedly because to me, it was an attempt to genuinely serve pakistan. I knew he had done tauba for yousaf issue back around 2000 even while yusuf was alive, so I was satisfied he is not trying to bring out yousaf ideology or anything. Besides, the *real* followers of yousaf kazzab are still running loose and just because they don’t come on TV, and just because challenging them isn’t a high profile thing to do, so our fidayeen-e-rasool of this group probably felt more excited trying to focus on zaid. Anyway.. coming back to point… so when I joined brasstacks, Zaid took up this stance that even though “lying” is haram, “hiding” the facts is permissible when intentions are good, e.g. Hz. Abu Bakr Siddique (rz) “hid” the fact of the Prophet(sm) accompanying him when a guard asked him that who is with him.

So as I saw it from within brasstacks, zaid never really lied to anyone directly. He never said i’m not zaid zaman. he just used the name Zaid Hamid. He never said that the audio is not his: He only said that please bring real owner or recorder of that audio so we can comment on it. Similarly, there is no one who can say that zaid lied, in any of his emails. yes, he is guilty of hiding things, guilty of giving “broad” statements which circumvented some pointed questions, but that is not lying, technically speaking. I was aware of the “circumvention” and let it happen, indeed participated in it at times, because I genuinely believed that Zaid had done tauba, and the only reason we are circumventing this issue because it will create needless hindrances in an otherwise well-intentioned good work that we are doing.

Zaid is good at words in this sense. Even in his 58 minute released video, at one point he said “I came to rawalpindi in 1992 and never knew what was happening in karachi”. Some people undertook this statement to mean that he is saying he never “met” yousaf after 1992, but technically, that is not what he said. All he said was, I didn’t know everything that happened in karachi.

I’m not a fan myself of this kind of double talk, nor am I defending why he does this. All I am saying is, he never directly lied. Now, why did he do this?

Like I said, my impression was that he wants to do something good, and is afraid that his past will catch up with him, and no one will believe he has done tauba. That is why I continued silence over such deception, while privately exhorting him to come out clearly in the open.

However, I also am personally a witness to the fact that zaid hamid left kazzab yousaf even while yousaf was alive. We prayed in the same mosque in chaklala and I knew what was happening in his life. This is a hard and bitter pill for those to swallow who are extremely keen on presenting zaid has yousaf’s minion, but the fact is, zaid is himself on “BITTER” terms with the actual followers of yousaf kazzab. Zaid hamix exposition guys know this. But they will never tell you this. They know that zaid does not even talk to yousaf’s followers. But they neither go against yousaf’s real followers, nor do they highlight this fact, because they want to “sell” this impression that zaid is trying to bring back and revive yousaf’s ideology.

The truth is, it always remains a possibility that zaid is simply being egotistical of his personal sincerity even while being misguided by yousauf, and inspite of having realized it privately, does not want to say it in public. The other possibility, that the whole brasstacks is a farce and zaid has realy been working on a covert agenda to re-establish yousaf as a nabi, is based on one single, solitary fact: Zaid not callimg him a kazzab. other than that, there is still absolutely no concrete evidence that can establish how zaid is involved in trying to promote yousaf’s ideology.

Zaid hamid exposition site is doing a wonderful job exposing yousaf kazzab. But a very poor job in trying to go to all lengths and all extremes to paint zaid negatively, as much as possible. So much so that they didn’t even leave me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I ask them just one question. Kazzab toe kazzab theher gaya. Now where is the fatwa which says that kazzab yousaf koe kazzab na kehna wala bhi kazzab hai?

And lastly, I’m sure something that you will apply on me, kazzab yousaf koe kazzab na kehnay walay koe bhi kazzab na kehlay wala bhi kazzab hai ๐Ÿ™‚ (Iss last pool mein yeh loag mujhe daalain ge ๐Ÿ™‚

Editor’s Note: If I would have to summarize the clarification in one sentence, I would say that Asif Shiraz is trying to explain that telling a lie is a bad thing, but hiding truth is permissible in Islam. So Zaid Hamid and I myself never told a lie, all we were doing was hiding the truth in veiled and beautiful words.

Asif Shiraz's Clarification

Asif Shiraz's Clarification

55 comments on “Clarification by Asif Shiraz Regarding His Comments About Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid

  1. Abu hamza says:

    Since when do we follow Yahoods? This is what Jews do, play with the words. Is this guy for real?
    Inalilah e wa ina ilaihe rajaoon.

  2. Acid says:

    So Asif Shiraz says that ZH did Tauba in 2000. However until now in his videos he is defending Yusuf and claiming that he is innocent. So whom is he fooling at?

    Wake up! Asif is just side tongue of ZH

  3. Salman Zafar says:

    yaar this is still ridiculous…..

    for 2 years you and zaid and rest of BT team have been avoiding the kazzab issue and doing all sorts of gymnastics to do that….

    and then that video “leaked” or was released or whatever…and zaid basically lied himself to death….

    he said mufi Ghulam Sarwar Qadri defended yusuf kazzab till the end…

    when Ghulam Sarwar Qadri was asked about that he denied any such thing and said…

    shaitaan hee shaitan ka difah kar sakta hai…musalmaan nahi

    he called yusaf kazzab…a kazzab dajjal and shaitan

    and called zaid hamid a shaitan and a person who is spreading makaari….

    i mean even if asif shiraz didnt tell a single lie…

    and zaid didnt tell a single lie for 2 years

    that recently released 58 minute video by zaid …had at least 1 lie…since mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri is a person who zaid quoted on defending yusuf kazzab…but this was denied by mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri….

    i mean isnt that a lie by zaid???

    take a look for yourself

  4. Salman Zafar says:

    unless the person in the video is not Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri….

    can someone verify ???

  5. Salman Zafar says:

    here take a look at this…..zaid speaks of mufti ghulam sarwar qadri in this sound bite….

  6. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    To Asif Sheraz,

    To say you have become famous is something beyond my imagination.Your reputation and you credibility is badly affected that will cost you alot.So come back to reality instead of living state of denialism….

    Zaid Kazzab praised Yousaf Kazzab as a GREAT suffi in His video.A person who praise Yousaf KAZZAb as a GREAT SUFI is a person who has nothing to do with Islam.

    It is just like you say that Qadyani was a great Sufi or Musailma Kazzab was a great Sufi or Abu Jahil was a great Sufi….

    Prophet said love me more than your ownlife and your faith is not complete….Ghazi Ilmudin Shaheed and other heroes ripped the GUSTAKH E RASOOL….But look at this Munafik Zaid Kazzab praising the GUSTAKH E RASOOL….So he did not do any TUABA which you are highlighhting…..He is hypocrite….

    For Shytan like Zaid Hamid, his own Respect and EGO is thousand time more important than the respect of Prophet Muhammad Sal ALLAH Ho Alaye Wasalam.

    Abu Sufyan, Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed, and few other SAHABAS use to openly express their sorrow of doing works against RASOOL ALLAH before converting to Islam.They tried to make KUFARA of their evil deeds before ISLAM even though they were fogiven by ALLAH….

    Remember one of the sign of Momin is that he is HUMBLE
    and one of Sign of SHYTAN is he is ARROGANT..

    Infact ibless was made MAROOD and cursed due to his arrogance..May ALLAH curse Zaid Hamid like Shytan for his arrogance..Allah has humilaited this Zaid Kazzab and we pray that he is humilaited like Firuan InshAllah…

    Asif Shiraf if you had any kind of love for Prophet Muhammad Sal ALLAH ho Alaye Wasalam , you would have cursed Zaid Kazzab along with Yousaf Kazzab…No diplomacy or relations can be applied when limits are crossed……
    People like you fall in the category of Qadyanis, Musailma, Kazabi and STAY LIKE THAT….

    Zaid kazzab is 100% continuation of Yousaf kazzab…Things like writing Muhemmed for his false prophet, calling Pakistan as Madina Sani, dream for becoming Khalifa, sending love SMS to Non mehram girls in the cover of Sufism, Equating Takmil e Theaterstan as Sulah Hudaibiya, calling Takmeel as AZAAN, equating their mummy daddy burgers followers as 313 badar sahabi…ARE all KAZABISM…..

    All KAZZAB are DAJJALS>….they give legal cover to their HARAM acts and all Ulema Ikram need to pass FATWA of Beheading of such people on the spot who make FUN of Islam like this…then only these people will learn a lesson…

    equaiting events to Islam is JOB of top class Ulema Ikram and not pseudo scholars or shytans…

  7. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    Surprising contrast. A gentleman who in has last clarification stated that “I am not a Shariah expert to make a judgement on whether it is incumbent upon Zaid Hamid sahib to declare Yousuf as a Kazzab or not”

    and now he is so conveniently quoting ayat from Quran. His words “The solution is verse 3:61”

    Unfortunately Asif Shiraz has left this group, otherwise we would have suggested him to check the reference to the context of this ayat and in relationship to Arab society of that time. We all know that even mushriks of that time admitted the truth once it was clear to them.

    Yahan to situation hee kuch aur hay. A barrage of lies to cover up the previous lies.

  8. Now I do not understand why Shiraz had to write such a wrong write-up just to say that hiding truth is permitted, thus concealing facts on a Fitnah of such level is a ‘no problem’ – in simple words, is it not Taqiyyah?

    As a rule of thumb, any person who does not believe a Kaafir to be a Kaafir, is himself a Kaafir. Details can be read from:

    The things are not that simple that Zaid Hamid only hide the truth, but he actively tried to prove that Yousuf Kazzab was a great scholar (by saying he was a member of Zia ul Haq’s majlis-e-Shoorah) and he was a great Sufi who got killed by Fasadi Mullahs. All of these words are on record in 58 minutes video.

    Given everything expose, Mr. Ashraf is either trying to fool himself or us. For the believes, the issue is crystal clear as much as the Hadith of “A believer cannot be stung from same hole twice”.


  9. Sohail Khan says:

    How easily he stated that “…. is based on one single, solitary fact: Zaid not calling him a kazzab. other than that, there is still absolutely no concrete evidence that can establish how zaid is involved in trying to promote yousafโ€™s ideology….”

    Not calling him (yousaf kazzab) a “kazzab” whom he(zaid) supported through out his case, and was a khalifa of such a kazzab, seems to be one single, solitary fact to Mr. Asif Shiraz.

    So Mr. Shiraz why is zaid still trying to prove yousaf kazzab as an innocent sufi? I can bet you can’t answer this question.

    This may seems to be just a “single-fact” for you but; for a person who wants to change history of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah its necessary that he must clear his position regarding a kazzab person who used to be his Khalifa.

    It is now clear from zaid kazzab’s stance that he still believes in Yousaf Ali and himself as his khalifa.

    Zaid, Allah (swt) will not let you do the damage you have planned!

  10. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    An addition to brother Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah’s statement:

    Surah Al-Tawba: “Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline; or the dwellings in which ye delightโ€• are dearer to you than Allah or His Messenger or the striving in His cause; then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious.” (9:24)

  11. I could not agree more with ‘Acid’ above.

    If someone who has not seen ZH’s 58 min video, he/she might be convinced by Asif Shiraz’s statement, BUT if you’ve seen ZH’s 58 min video you would know how he defended Kazzab in it.

    One a lighter note, Zaid Hamid has reacted to news of Shoaib Malik – Sani Mirza wedding (satire):

  12. khan says:

    Mannnnโ€ฆโ€ฆ… this write-up looks like one of stupid lies from another kazzab associate….

    This is becoming hilarious….
    Poor liars…. getting exposed themselves… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great job dudes… keep up the good work!

    Fidayeen-e-Rasool…… Zindabaad ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Star Fastian says:

    @Admin… plz dont waste ur time with such chess-men. they are just to divert ur attention from the actual target.. leave such beads to us, inshaALLAH we all will make them unhappy.. u may best focus on zaid hamid exposition..

  14. shahid khan says:

    @star Fastian

    agreed he is just trying to create confusion thats all.

    aik jhoot ka plunda likha hoa he ore kuch nhi isey kahein k is site pe dono tarha ka mavaad miley ga for and against lakin ja ja k daikh jo ZH k khilaaf baat kia koi sawal b pooch le usey baan kr sya jata he kioooooooooooooooooo

    @asif sheraz

    i would say that please don’t try to prove a wrong act right thats the job of a devil………….

    aap bara islami havaley detey ho me ne b sultan bahoo r.a ki kisi book(ain ul faqr ,qaleed tauheed ,noor ul huda or mehkul faqr) me aik hadyt parhee thee k “sach ko chupaney vala goonga shaitan he”…………..Mr .Asif sheraz iska kia jawab daingey aap.

    ore ye to koi daleel hi na hoee k vo to karachi me fazal deen k barey me keh raha tha k mujhe us ka pata nhi …… daleel to aankhoon me katti dalney valee baat he……………..

    one should himself to b very stupid to accept such stupid excuse…………he was definetly explaining his relation with yousaf kazab………..ya fazel deen k barey main baat ho rahee thee asif sheraz sahab??????????????????

    agar tauba kr hi chuka he to dubara mun se kehney main usey konsi maut parh rahee he Mr Asif Sherazz??????????????????

    Kio vo privately logo ko usey aik wali sabit krney ki koshish krta he???????????????????????????

    kio uski khatir apna or takmeel pakistan ka bera ghark kr dya bolo javab do Mr.Asif sherz????????????????????

    ore baki aapkey comment k exposition valey aisey hain vesey hain all rubbish……………aapki ankhain exposition valo ki hi ghaltia doondhney main lagi hoee hain ZH k page pe kia hota he vo nazar nhi ata………………..

    Us apney ZH se pocho k vo jhoot nhi bolta to sabooot paish krey k exposition valey CIA or RAW k agent hain????????????yahn ankhain band ho jatee hain?????????????

    konsi mohabaat ki baat krtey hoo vahan to ana ka masla bna kr youth ko divide kiya hoa he vo nazar nhi ata tumhain vahan ankhain band ho jatee hain?????????????

    usey kaho k sabit krey koi akhlaqi daleel de k kis ne usey ikhteyar diya k jo uskey nazriae se ikhtelaaf krey vo fasaadi or yahoodi ho jata he????????????????

    lakin nhi udher ankhain band hain kionkey ZH doodh ka dhula hoa he jo marzeee he kahee uskey jhoot ko sach sabit krney ki daleelain or yahan k sach ko jhoota sabit krney ki daleelain.??????????????

    Kis cheez ki tauba kitni dafa jhoot bolo gey us ne to khud kaha he k yousaf kazab nhi tha aik sufi momin tha………..kis ki ankhoon me dhool jhonk rahey hoo……..????????????

  15. Azeem Bro says:

    What shiraz said, there are so many thing, which is wrong in actual, but the way is same as Zaid pretend and want to his listener pretends the things.

    His way of exlaining and put the blame on others in a way to smartly so body will him wrong, the same logic he is trying to used what ever he said not lied iin some sense, he forgot this that his master Zaid hamid is much more expert them him in this field and skills but he is also caught.

    Now Shiraz is trying to do the same. I will sy one thing the people are link with zaid hamid including he himself their personality are totally damaged. they can not see the difference in truth and lies. Shiraz swear by God as per the previous post of ZHE. he did not mention it here he want to do the same magic as zaid hamid was doing since begining. Shiraz has also started telling lies and the problem is here they cannot differentiate the tuth and lies. theie personality, thoughts and ideolology is destroyed.

  16. Azeem Bro says:

    What he wrote means @ shiraz, dil to karta hai do tappar maron aur face to face question karoon, isko ko baiwaqoof bana rahah ahai, i read again i got angry again,he is such an idiot he did not understand the meaning of becoming famous, iski misal to yahi hai “bad naam agar hongay to kia naam na hoga”. if this is a logic then you shoud say more against zaid hamid so that zaid hamid will become more famous is this is a rule. see his ideology and thoughts. see i did not see his video on the first step. i know by his face and speech that he is such a kid to whoom zaid hamid making fool. and zaid hamid ask to just innocent kids like shiraz, “please check myh statements if it is against Quran and hadees then decide” . to whom zaid hamid said this who even do not know the masil of namaz rather than they know about Quran Kareen or Ahadees SAW. Zaid hamid is very smart and these mumm, papa kids are extremely fool. It is the uty f Ulema to check zaid hamid satament are against the Quran or YOu kids. ZAid said himslef baout him i am not alim than why dont you people go the correct people who know Quran and ahadees?????

  17. Azeem Bro says:

    an only thing is possibel which give asif shiraz a benifit of dount is he is underepressure or may be he is pressurized by ZAid hamid aur uskay chelon ki team but why we give him benifits of dounts, ufff
    just read again his full of foolishness in his articel and thoughts and lies and try to mend the truth . i don nto want to give him the benefit of doubt.
    he is against NABI SAW and favoring the person who is linked with yousuf kazzab , is there any thing more important than this for a muslim….
    yai bewakoofon ki misaal aisi hi hai america ko pakistan main liay bohat acha nizam hojai ga sari rishwat khatam hojai i. roads electrucity sara nizam theek hojai ga. idiot, he is supporting on this logic ZAid hamid that he is very patriotic….. why you did not ask some yahoodi aur eisahi aur hidu to make your leader for the better ment of this conutry, they are much better that zaid hamid atleast they are not selling wine by the name of milk. zaid hamid doing worse than this he is doing this with islam and sayig so much against ulemas and muslins schilar and even you can listen and read too by only visiting his forum Is this you are doing is this a favor of islam ? is this a sinceiryt of Pakisan.

  18. Azeem Bro says:

    @ shiraz “issi last pool main yai log mujhay dalain gay”, actually he want to write loop mean non ending series, he is speaking like ziad hamid and his chelay speak (k mullaon ka to kaam hi yahi hai). he is just like other kid mumma papa, See…., first he join zaid hamid and even knowing the truth he lies and defend zaid hamid (kid usually do this as they sees the person not the pesonality and reality of that person.) Secondly, in jazbaat, he launch a video then he relaized i should not do this (another sign of kid who dont know what he is doing, changing his views quickly) and then he should think logically and put his name in the army of Nabu SAW ki rasalat aur namoos k defender main, in stead of Yousuf kazzab ki army main shamil hota. and now again showing his kidding as his above article full of kid accuse and lame logics. and then after some time will say again against zaid hamid and yousuf kazaab. i think we should leave this kid and should take propler action on the basis of facts and see the current propaganda theya re doig in his forum and catch him in the cort and not only him this all his and yousuf kazzab chaly, as it was done ealier than this fitna should be here at this time. I know even, this zaid liar was hidding hiself in all ths years to protect himself and his mission behind all his lies.

  19. Azeem Bro says:

    @ salman zafar see more lies and there are so so many if we have enough time to mentione d again and again the given proves aagianst them,

    Just go through the last video conference of Zaid Hamid LiarHe lied it is deobandi brelvi jhagra, See the session court report all school of thoughts have same thoughts about Yousuf Kazzab,

    Yousuf kazzab shown a certificate, which shows Khilafat is given to him from Nabi SAW, computer printed document of given khilafat from NABI SAW. See his foolishness and lies.He could not translate the meaning of that English certificate as yousuf Kazzab himself admit he knows very little of Arabic, farsi, English. For further proof go through the session court report.

    Yousuf Kazzab was fired from Army because of misduct of his behavior. See the army records and Session court report.

    Zaid Hamid used Maulana Ashrafi name in his 58 min video, see the truth,

    He lied about so many Maulana are with him, so far who ever he named , they rejected any such favor to Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab, and he also named Maulana Naeeni about FIR see the truth below.

    See Tanzeem-e-islami statement:-

    See the truth about Ghulam Sarwar Qadri ( 58 min You tube)

    He said, it is deobandi Brelvi problem, we are not bring this issue k deaobandi , brelvi fisad khara hosakhta hai.

  20. YASIR says:


  21. Furqan says:


    Indeed one has to tell a hundred more lies to cover up one lie.

    Claiming to establish Sharia, when their own aqeeda is twisted. ZH excels in twisting Quran, Hadith-e pak and interpretations of Sharia according to his own liking.

    May Allah protect all from such sickness!

  22. Azeem Bro says:

    I visited them time to time, they recently block me, see the following thread.

  23. syed sohaib roomi says:

    what a great TAUBAH. Sounds like;

    “No doubt X was a qadyani but now X is TAAIB and X only says that Mirza Ghulam Qadyani was a great SUFI having HIGH LEVEL OF ILM bla bla bla……………”


    khud aap apnay daam mayn sayyaad aa gyaa.

    Allahumma Salle Alaa Muhammad Wa Alaa Ale Muhammad.

  24. anonymous person says:

    So basically they are saying these guys “often” hide the truth, because if they reveal the truth, it will create fitnah? What sort of truth are they speaking of which can create such a fitnah?

  25. Asif Shiraz says:

    @Azeem Bro

    Internet pe pharhain maarna toe bahut asaan hai… jab kazzab zinda tha toe tum jaisay toe uss waqt bhi ussay qatal naheen kar sakay… pansi ke saza yafta qaidi ka sahara laina parha… mujhe tappar maroe ge…

    Burai ka jawab burai naheen hota.. apnay daaman mein dekho kitnay jhoot hain… you guys lied to me that you have 100% proof ke zaid kazzab yousaf ke saathion se paisay laita hai… you have never been able to prove that…

    Allah (sw) will decide how sincere and full of ishq-e-rasool your act was when you tried to black mail me to release my video by running an article against me, even when you knew the reasons for why I had take it off the internet.

  26. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    Asif Kazzab,

    Zaid Kazzab suna nai tha kia keh raha tha meray PEECHAY ASSASIN bhir rahain hain is liyae CHOHAY ki TARAH bill mae chupta bhrita hae….

    Her cheez ka aik proper tarika hota hae….usi proper TARKIKAY ka nateeja nakla tmjesay log BENAQAB hogay hain or bohat say log wapis Islam mae dakhil horahain hain….

  27. Abu Hamza says:

    All Zaid Hamid Lies are sequenced beautifully in this video please check…

  28. Muhammad Qasim says:

    MY GOD !!


  29. Asif Shiraz says:

    Innocent until someone says what goes in line with what you want to say.. and guilty the moment we start speaking the truth that does not fit into your preconceptions. Allah (sw) aur Rasool (sm) ke saamnay hai mera muaamla… you guys can go to hell.

  30. Asif Shiraz says:

    @Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah

    This guy is calling me a kazzab. Lol.. ab ZHE walay mufti bhee ban gaye ke fatway issue karnay lagay…. masha Allah… that shows your character and depth of understanding of Islam.

  31. Ajeer e khas says:

    @asif shiraz

    ZHE admins are only Abu Muhammad, Ajeer e Khas and Fidaiye Rasool SAAW, we are not responsible for open discussion of general public.

    wa salam

  32. Azeem Bro says:

    @shiraz again you tried to show your smartness,what you are sayign so many thing which is irrelevent and even not said by the person and you youself assuming things that we said that to you. your role now in my opinion with zaid hamid is same as zaid hamid role to yousuf kazzab.

    I can see the same virus in you that yzaid hamid is having and try to spread it too.
    I know you are in trouble as i can understand from your post too. so iam not create any trouble for you. but if you can not speak truth then dont tell lie and dont try to blame ZHE or any other person by putting lame accusses i can reply to your all post , but i am now adays very busy. dont try to be smart by saying kids stuff ab ZHE mufti bhi hogai adn the most important thing that saza yafta ka sahara lia gaya, now can you prove your this statent, you are trying to say k yousuf kazzab ko qattal karwaya gaya tha this is itself a big dawa, you are bound to give prove whether somebody take his khidmaat or he did it y himself , apni jannat kamanay k liay. Could you prove it??? there are somnayy lies mentioned that you told but you did not even answer or come to any of these points ,hahah. and even you like to hide the truth and tell lie. we can see you future, be careful.

  33. Ajeer e khas says:


    one more thing, be carefull when you quote statements like “you guys can go to hell”. that is how zzh address Ulema e Karam in his 58 mins video, zzh said “i have one word for them they can go to hell”.

    Even after all the evidences ZHE team had tried not to use term like “go to hell”, we still stand by our Scholar’s demands

    Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has โ€œnothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like himโ€. What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past?

    A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following:

    1. Acceptance โ€“ Accept publicly and openly that he โ€œdidโ€ a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet.
    2. Repentance โ€“ Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Taโ€™ala.
    3. Disassociate โ€“ Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs
    4. Condemn โ€“ Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
    5. Tajdeed e Iman โ€“ Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly
    6. Tajdeed e Nikah โ€“ Do tajdeed of Nikah

  34. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    Asif Shiraz ,

    If u want to know the indepth Islam , read what Hazrat Umer did to a hypocrite….

    U have lost the purpose on earth the moment u supported Zaid Kazzab….

    Your only way out is join the camp of enemies of Zaid Kazzab and that will suffice as a KUFARA for your past mistakes like Brother Hesham Syed…

    • @Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah To the best of my knowledge Brother Hesham Syed was never a mureed of nor a member of Yusuf’s cult. He immediately recognized what Yusuf was upto, after having a few meetings with him.

      You must read his eye-witness testimony again.

  35. Sana says:

    @Ajeer-e-khas: If you are not responsible for the open discussion here then wht the heck are u an admin for?? Wah, when u dont like a comment u easily block it giving reasons that it wasnt according to the policy of the blog but any abusive comment any statement of kufr that attacks Zaid Hamid or any one who dareS to speak the truth being neutral makes u helpless, wow wht jokes literally.

    @Asif: Brother these handful of ppl do not know wht mess theyve got themselves into. They only know how to attack others character n issue fatwas. Astaghfirullah is what I keeps saying when I read the posts n comments of the those over here, who do not fear Allah for a second before they declare someone a Kafir. Abhi tuk to ulema nay bhi Zaid Hamid ko kafir nahi declare kia doston ๐Ÿ™‚ Allah se daro. Basically anyone having least knowlegde of Quran n Sunnah would easily comprehend that whtever this blog is conveying is totally against Quran n Sunnah. Now they have exceeded all limits by targetting anyone n everyone who thinks irrespective of the moto of this site! Its a SHAME ZHE!!!

  36. Asif Shiraz says:

    @Azeem Bro

    I did not start it Azeem. These guys posted an article on me, and you guys started commenting on it in very irrisponsible manner. I have not spoken any lie. Everything I have said here, I own it and can prove it. On the other hand, people commenting against me have a very casual attitude towards accuracy of what they are saying. I can point right now to your casual attitude towards the accuracy of your statement right here in this example: I said a word “pool” and you said “he really means loop”. Am I trying to be smart or you are? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway… I have nothing against you guys…. except an advice to act more honorably if you really aspire to represent Rasool Allah (sw) with your akhlaaq… thappar maarnay wali baat mein ne kee thee ya tum ne? Anyway… I have already said… I have nothing against you because you are guys are basically sincere…. On the other hand, I still maintain my position that most of your claims against zaid’s intentions are inaccurate. Neither you, nor I, have torn apart his heart to see what is in it. But we all speak through our experience, and analysis. My analysis is that brasstacks never was, nor is, a tool to resurrect yousaf. I have learnt conclusively that you guys are not willing to consider this possibility. Which is fine with me.. go and sort out your fight with zaid… but which ever of you will do ziadati, I will take the other’s side because that is the Sunnah of my Prophet(sm). Zaid did wrong by not telling people details, and I spoke against it. You guys are doing wrong by excessively using conjecture in this matter, and I will speak against that too.

    If your case against zaid is really so true and strong from sharia perspective, than go file a case against zaid and we’ll see if the court orders him to be executed or not. If not calling a kazzab also makes him a kazzab, then go and get him punished by the same courts that punished yousaf. Why fight an online media war like this…. go and get him sentenced. And if the courts refrain from sentencing him, go to sharia court. And if the shariah court refrains from sentencing him, then on the same grounds, you too loose the right to interfere with his life in the manner you are doing. And if the shariah court says he is kazzab too and should be hanged, bismillah, I will come and join you to make it happen.

    The shariah either says that a murtad and kazzab should be killed, or else, if he is not a murtad and kazzab, then let him alone. Sharia does not allow standing outside his convention locations and shouting slogans, nor does it allow online defemation campaigns like you are running. Agar tumhara case such hai, toe get him punished. Agar naheen hai, toe leave him alone.

  37. hesham syed says:

    You go over board at times- please take care.

    @ Brother Fidaye Rasool – Thanks for your clarifying the matter.

  38. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    Asif ,

    I can tell you one thing ZHE is far more decent and softer in their approach then required by Islam….and that gives you and other SHYTAAN are reason to take advantage of softness….

    No honours for all KAZZABS…Until they return back to Islam…..If they are feeling disrespectuful, that is their Punishment on their bloody egoes….till they are subdued and brought to knees which Allah Subhanuwataala will…

    Abu JAHIL was far more egoiest than all KAZZABS out here but his ego was drown along with him…

    [Edited By: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Brother, your welcome to criticize but it should still remain mannerly and we should make sure we don’t over do. [Only one word is edited from your post] ]

  39. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    @Asif: you say that “Iโ€™m not a fan myself of this kind of double talk, nor am I defending why he does this. All I am saying is, he never directly lied.”

    Can we assume that you do not consider his claims about support of Moulana Ghulam Sarwar Qadri, Dr. Israr Ahmad, Mufti Naeem as “direct lies”. We, on the other hand, not only consider these as “lies” but also as effort to “deceit”. Or is it “Munchausen syndrome”?

  40. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    You must have heard that famous quote “A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.”

    Zaid will have to re-establish his credibility and will need to do a major repair work on damages that he has himself induced. He has established himself to be a “chronic” liar.

  41. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Sana

    You said

    Wah, when u dont like a comment u easily block it giving reasons that it wasnt according to the policy of the blog but any abusive comment any statement of kufr that attacks Zaid Hamid or any one who dareS to speak the truth being neutral makes u helpless, wow wht jokes literally.

    Our blog rules states

    4. No insulting or bashing of Islaam and the Muslims.

    Since, we don’t consider Yousuf Kazzab followers to be Muslims. It fits into the blog very well. But if Yousuf Kazzab and followers fatwa of Takfeer doesn’t go down your throat, then you fix yourself for it.

    Next time when you want to comment, keep this in mind, what stance we hold. This will help you avoid your childish comments.

  42. Ahsan says:

    AOA all,

    Well there are just a couple of things i would like to say.

    First of all I dont think Asif Sheraz is defending ZH or Yusuf Kazzab and he has clearly stated in his video that he considers Yusuf a kazzab so i guess we should refrain from calling him a shaytaan or smthing else.

    Secondly i do disagree with him on this point that ZH never directly lied. ZH might hav ignored the issue and indirectly lied before but in his leaked video he directly lied too; especially against the scholars,against the court, against the case etc.

    Thirdly Asif Sheraz has said that he was not a big fan of ZH’s double talk as well and that was one of the reasons why he parted ways with ZH.

    From my personal conversations with Asif i find him of the opinion that ZH is not doing all this for the sake of Yusuf Kazzab but now hes doing it for his own ego satisfaction n glorification.neverthless regarding YK, ZH still has a soft corner.

    So I suggest lets give the guy freedom to express himself too instead of behaving in a similar manner as does ZH n his gang. I also request him to restore the videos online again as truth should never be held back. Be fierce when someone crosses the line but on rest of the occasions be moderate guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. @Ahsan

    Here is Zaid Hamid’s point of view on Yusuf Kazab: I am not defending Yusuf Kazab, all I am saying is that Yusuf was a great scholar and a sufi. And that Yusuf never claimed to be a prophet. This is not called defense.

    Here is Asif Shiraz’s point of view on Zaid Hamid: I am not defending Zaid Hamid, all I am saying is that at times Zaid Hamid conceals facts, but those are not lies. And regarding his lies about Moulana Ashrafi, Mufti Naeem, Dr Israr and Mufti GS Qadri, well I dont follow Zaid Hamid and brasstacks now so I dont know about it. And further more Zaid Hamid did touba in front of me and now due to his ego does not want to call Yusuf a Kazab again. This is not called defense.

  44. hesham syed says:

    Is Zaid Hamid ego greater than Hurmatey Rasool ( sav ) ? Then he deserves what he is going through โ€“ If his love to gustakh Yusuf Paleed is more than Muhibbaney Rasool ? then he deserves what he is in to โ€“ Zaid must learn to live like a ghulaamey Rasool( not like Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of course ) before he claims to be an aashiq e Rasool ( sav ), it is sickening โ€“ What he is showing is total paradox to what he is shouting to impress upon people.

    Br & Sis โ€“ have no sympathy for a person who is a gustakhey Rasool ( sav ) or even have slightest feelings for such a Paleed.

    Pls delete comment 45 due to typo

  45. Ahsan Masood says:

    @Fidaiye Rasool SAAW

    yes i agree with what u have said but lets not call him a shaytan or kazzab…arguing should be there but labeling him shouldnt be part of the parcel.I still disagree with Asif that concealing wasnt equivalent to lying in this case n further more ZH proved that he had no problem in openly lying as well in his video.i think Asif should reconsider this argument of his as well.I also have serious reservations regarding ZH’s tauba in 2000.if he had done so he wud hav no problems in calling him a kazzab. Even if we agree with Asif in his statement that ZH did tauba in front of him it is now clear he still revers him.

    Asif agrees that theres a possibility that ZH is still following Yusuf Kazzab’s ideology but he has no solid proof to go with it. But from the looks of it, it appears hes still under in awe of Yusuf. ZH has proved that he cant be trusted but i will like to second Asif’s statement that AMTKN shud also drag ZH to court as they did with yusuf. or this time an ulema committee can be formed regarding ZH’s fate.

  46. Sana says:

    Abu Muhammad: lolz I knew u would respond in ur usual insulting tone. What a Fidayeen e Rasul who doesnt even know how one talks to a sister in Islam, but calling others childish doesnt make u mature. I said what I meant n stand by it. What makes u encourage an ugly post n let it appear here which declares Asif a kazzab :D. Whats makes u justify a post where ur fidayeene rasul say:”Thappar maroonga” to just another muslim brother (Asif) who is not guilty of anything. As a matter of fact ur hues n cries make no difference to the Shairah, Quran n Sunnah. If you were on the right track u wud never be running ablog like this where sevral 1000 times ur ‘chelas’ (Term given by ur so called Fidayyen Rasul to those who dare talk in favor of ZH to the leat) call Zaid a Kazzab n now others who even have aneutral stance. Lemme make it clear to u that our religion does not support the view of embarrassing someone of his past. Digging for someones flaws even after there are witnesses (obiously such witnesses do not matter to u)to teh fact that he had parted ways wid Kazzab long back. He has pronounced Kalima Shahadah n that makes him a firm muslim. This is no way to deal wid a muslim brotehr but ppl like u would never get it. U sound as if u never went astray n sinned. Whatsoever considering the present there is nothing wrong with ZH. Not calling someone a Kazzab doesnt make him a Kazzab becuz even if Yusuf ever claimed Khilafah or whatever refuted later which doent put him in the category of Musaylma n the rest. Allah knows best whats his rank as he now belongs to the barzakh, n spitting out bad words several times a day on him wont make u a Fidayeen Rasul, plz get a life. If You are such a good muslim. Try n talk to ZH n bridge the gap between AMTKN n him so that things get settled. A daily dose of Lanat malamat will get us nowhere.Giving titles like Zaid Hamidians n promoting haterd for all those who favor or even talk neutral would worsen things. Think about it. Thats a sincere suggestion. ZH shud definitley clear his stance before a board of Ulemas form all over Pakistan n not just AMTKN. So that a general opinion of the Ulemas is given on this Issue in the light of all the witnesses n proofs. If u can work so hard work for a solution rather than the infiltration of hatred.

  47. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Sana

    I don’t understand why you take my straight replies as ‘insult’. You should know that ‘Truth is Bitter’ but unfortunately people like yourself haven’t got use to taking this ‘bitter’ yet. It is better to term what I say to you as ‘bitter’ rather than take it as an ‘insult’.

    Writing what you wrote, will not make your mature either. You ran away from the other post beautifully when a reply was demanded from you regarding the comitted blasphemy by Yousuf Kazzab from his personally owned dairy. This really shows how much hollow you people are from inside.

    Certainly, I don’t need your lessons to know what ‘Fidayeen e Rasul’ (s) behaves like while you certainly don’t seem to understand it and void of it. It is better you look into yourself before you point out to others.

    I’m not accountable for other people comments. Why do you bother to write to me for what other people have stated to someone else? Ask of me, what I write.

    Had you learned a little bit about Shari’ah matters you would have been in a better position to comment on these issues. I think you shouldn’t even consider Qadyanis as non-Muslims as well because they daily recit the same Kalima, the same Kalima which your using to defend Zaid Hamid now.

    Regarding your comment to make someone remember his past is correct but that is true only for those who have REPENTED OR REVERTED TO ISLAM. Right now Zaid Hamid is out of the fold of Islam and we consider him so unless he follows the Shari’ah rulings to waive off this label from himself. Only he can do it on his own. Asif Shiraz also believes that Yousuf is Kazzab, but unfortunately, it seems that it is your habbit to just take out things that suits you to tell others that your ‘neutral’.

    Let me explain that every dose of Lanat, Malamat on Yousuf Kazzab or any other Kazzab is a basis of Ajar. This is what we belive and will continue to believe till the day of judgement. We are not forcing you to be a part of it.

    We are not stopping Zaid Hamid from accepting the Open Challenge of the Ulama of AMTKN. Also making those statements that you made will not make you mature either. You wasted a whole paragraph of yours for just a few lines of my explanation.

    Last not the least, a car doesn’t move on ‘neutral’ gear and I hope you know of this.

  48. Sana says:

    You say:
    4.”No insulting or bashing of Islaam and the Muslims”

    Not followed by u ! Refer to the previous posts! U better know of ur acts n we all can see too.

    You say:
    Iโ€™m not accountable for other people comments. Why do you bother to write to me for what other people have stated to someone else? Ask of me, what I write

    Well I thought ur an admin n previously reminded me of the blog rule of no bashing of Muslims. Ok ok i got it one who disagrees with u is a non muslim ๐Ÿ˜€ Perhaps after Asif now me too,Certainly, U have own criteria. Alhamdulillah doesnt make a differencce to my Emaan. Allah would judge us Inshallah. I fear him only.

    What are u talking about Lies n Propaganda!! Cmon u guys are doing the same. I can see the same pattern of playing with words, deriving your own meanings n putting a full stop to anything which shows the other side of the coin, throughout ur Blog. Even I stand for justice n truth n writing something down here may seem a waste to u but Allah knows my intentions n efforts , so lay off with ur comments.

    U are right abt the neutral gear of a car but on this note u acknowledge too that extremism has no place in Islam too. You are soooo sure of what ur doing shows PERHAPS u have no fear of Allah. One who fears Allah treads on a path where there is minimum chance to err. I have no words to tell u how gross it is to announce that u do not consider someone in the folds of Islam. How brave of u. If thats the Islam ur talking abt then I dont follow ur version of Islam. I conside it a duty to share any suggestion i have so plz dont keep telling me to leave the blog. Im sure u dont wanna see such posts as they are a hindrance n disturb the fllow of the lanat malamat. What I know of Islam is taht it forbids calling kafir be it a real Kafir, coz he might one day turn to Islam n cud be better than befor Allah. I see no such possibilities given a considertaion here. Perhaps u all have ur namae Amal already wid u whoch tells u taht ur a better muslim. The day Zaid Hamid says he is following Yousuf Kazzab or no Kazzab whtever he is Allah knows best I shall stand wid u. Thats wht the Qadianis are doing so dont unnecessarily try to match the two situations. Not calling Zaid a Kafir and waiting for a true verdict is the sign of a fearful muslim. Anyways I know one thing its no use commenting or suggesting anything coz all u welcome here is lanat malamat n no positive approach coz this site has been designed n created for a particular aim n that is to defame Zaid Hamid apparently, so u shall continue to do so. AMTKN is not an authority to pass the final verict , if they are to challenge go ahead n challenge Zaid in the court. All ur doing is beating about the bush n nothing else. Try n come up wid a solution to it as I said earlier.

    Again my comments would be seen as a wastage of time n space but its ok. I see no truth here so forget about the BITTER part. Allah Hafiz!

  49. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:


    Shriyat says when someone has commits SINS like becoming follower of KAZZAB , he has to follow some actions before he is MUSLIM again

    Accept his crime, ask for Tuaba and mercy….Did Yousaf Kazzab do this…No…For him his own ego and fans were very imp than the respect of Rasool ALLAH….so he keep on lying…

    So Yousaf was a KAZZAB and a LIAR…..

    Same is the case with Zaid Kazzab….

    and same is the case with Asif xxxxxx

    and same is the case with you…

    first subdue yourself, accept your crime, follow shriyat , make you nikah again so that HARAM kids are not produced….

    then afterward u have done above, learn islam for true scholars tinstead wrong ones and then sit with MUSLIMS ..

    This is ISLAM of Prophet Muhammad Sal ALLAH Ho Alaye Wasalam and that is EGOISTIC sort of religoon by Kazzab(KHUDI or self Ego or Self respect for them is very imp)….

    If you do not become humble or subdued you might also think yourself as God like yousaf kazzab…Astaghfirullah…

    We are servants of ALLAH to make sure People are either forcefully or otherways are humbled…

  50. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Sana

    You come to our blog for an advice, and then tells us that PERHAPS you have no fear of Allah, so on and so forth. Then, here you show your own fear of Allah beautifully by telling us

    ok ok i got it one who disagrees with u is a non muslim Perhaps after Asif now me too,Certainly, U have own criteria

    Is this what you call Allah fearing? If this is about it. Keep it to yourself. We are not in need of it. We don’t look forward to people to clarify their eman in front of us.

    Do you know the nullifiers of Islam which makes a person out of the pale of Islam. I bet you don’t because a person who simply don’t understand a simple Takfeer will not know of others. For your reading

    Actions that put a person beyond the pale of Islam

    Next time, you comment make sure you take this ‘perhaps’ thing out of your post. Don’t waste your time on me with your assumptions. There is nothing in your post that is worth a reply. Also, we are not here to explain to you how ‘fearful’ and ‘fearless’ Muslims we are. Stop working on your ‘perhaps’.

    You see no truth because of disease of your own heart. If there is someone to be blammed for this, it has to be your own self, not us.

    Now let me explain that we are not here to waste our time for the sake of argument. Any attempt now to do ‘debate’ rather than ‘discuss’ things rationally will not be entertained to the least.

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