TV1 Stops Airing Brasstacks – Zaid Hamid Fighting Back

Brasstacks, Zaid Hamid’s TV show was used to be aired by TV1. However, this week TV1 did not air the show. This has been a result of immense pressure being applied on TV1 and specially the founder and owner of TV1 Tahir A Khan by Fidaiyeen e Rasool saaw.

The last episode of Brasstacks was aired on TV1 on Sunday 21st March. ZHE launched a massive mobilization campaign and asked its fans to sms Tahir A Khan, inform him about Zaid Hamid’s association with Yusuf Kazab and request him to stop airing Brasstacks and ban Zaid Hamid from appearing on TV1. The campaign was launched on Thursday 25th March, 2010.

Tahir A Khan Message Campaign by ZHE

Tahir A Khan Message Campaign by ZHE

We have confirmed from various sources and they have informed us that Tahir A Khan has decided to shut down Brasstacks, however he has now been put under pressure from Zaid Hamid and his cohorts to re-instate the program. One reader of Zaid Hamid Exposition blog has informed us that Zaid Hamid and his team take the mobile number of all the students participating in their seminars. These students are then messaged from time to time to write letter to editors of newspapers to give coverage to Zaid Hamid. However, they have now received an sms from Zaid Hamid and TeamBT to immediately sms Tahir A Khan and ask him to continue running Brasstacks on TV1.

Asma: I was also present at the Islamabad convention center when they beat up a student, went with friends who were fans of Zaid Hamid. Stupidly, we have our phone numbers, they would message us to write letters to the editors, and now they have sent us the following sms:

dear family members our opponents r forcing tahir khan to end brasstracks n pressurising him to air n0thng related to โ€™syed zaid zaman hamid in future. 0333-2196777ths is tahir a khanโ€™s number flood his inbox with msgs in support of zaid hamid n safe the mission of takmeel e Pakistan n that this mission can not be stopped play ur role

We want to inform TV1, its management and specially Tahir A Khan Sahib that Zaid Hamid is the defender of a Kazab. This has been obvious now after Zaid Hamid’s own admission. Any support or provisioning of Air Time to him would be against Islam and against Pakistan – which was founded on the name of Islam.

ARY, the other channel, that was an official media sponsor of Zaid Hamid’s Wake Up Pakistan project and his Takmeel project backed off from providing air time to Zaid Hamid after the Shahadat of Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri.

TV1 was now the only media channel that was airing Zaid Hamid’s programs and providing him air time. We have nothing but respect for Media channels and we are a strong believer in freedom of speech. However, we will not tolerate the Defender of a Kazab and Gustakh e Rasool to go on air freely.

We request the administration of TV1 and specially Mr Tahir A Khan to not budge and fulfill his Islamic duty by banning Zaid Hamid and Brasstacks. Mr Tahir A Khan should not be seen standing besides Zaid Hamid, when his own team PKKH and his old friends such as Ahmed Quraishi has left him on this issue.

Our struggle is extremely peaceful but we would make no distinction between the defender of a Kazab [Zaid Hamid] and the promoters of this defender [TV1].

14 comments on “TV1 Stops Airing Brasstacks – Zaid Hamid Fighting Back

  1. Catalyst says:

    Excellent work by you guys!!!!

  2. khurram says:


    This is an important step, in stoping him from further giving false info and trying to recruit new , innocent and immature minds.
    Do tell Us how we who are not in Pakistan can help.
    Cuz we want to be a part of the team , but not being there does not help, but i am sure
    we can play our part from outside.
    And how can we Contact thair khan? should we mail him?send him a letter? or how?
    he would have definetly changed his # by now.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Jazakallah khair

  3. syed sohaib roomi says:


    same is my question. what can we do being abroad.

    sadly two friends of mine were inspired by zaid kazzaab’s propaganda. i managed to save one but another one is in bad condition as he says all Ulama are bad and they have done nothing. it’s a shock for me as he is a guy with religious appearance.


  4. awaisi says:

    masha Allah aap log bohat effective kaam kar rahe ho,Allah aap logo ki efforts mein barkat de aur is fitne se hum sab ko nijaat de,ameen

  5. laraib says:

    ZHE ki mehnnat rang lai Allah ke karam se kazzab par pabandi lagi
    jazakumullah ahsanal jaza

  6. marcvs.tacitvs.cicero says:

    Mabrook on this great victory.

    Alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Zaida is feeling very strong mirchaiN and trying to relieve himself by updating his status every 20 minutes.

    We hit him where it hurts. Congrats. Double congrats if the zhe team is who they say it is.

    mb in ac in de. A friend of ashiqu-e-nabi ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Fidaiye Rasool SAAW says:

      Humein bhi buhat arse se shak tha ke ap bhi ashiqu-e-nabi hi type koi cheez hain ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ap samajh to gai hi hoon ge.

  7. Karl Khan says:

    @BIOMAT (who suggested the dawn article of Nadeem Farooq Paracha aka NFP),
    My friend you are quoting one extremist (NFP) against other. NFP is one of the famous anti-islam (also anit pakistan i would say) writer exist today. This guy can never see any good in any part of the country. He just can not stop making fake situations to disgrace islam and pakistan all the time in his articles.
    I am totally against Zaid Zaman (Hamid) and this guys should be stopped from whatever he is doing but you just can not use and equally pathetic person (NFP) to make your point.

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  9. yaldram says:

    @ syed sohaib romi and khurram

    U can just fwd and spread the word of zhe url to yiur friend and that will do it.

    For more contact me and we can tlk further on it my facebook email

  10. Rehan says:

    you all who have commented against the most honoured Mulsim,highest spiritual personality,and most diginified Pakistani leader “Sir Zaid Hamid” should be ashamed of your cheapselves. Indeed wisdom is a blessing from Almighty God, that ignorants like you can never possess. For wise people, it takes only a small hint to discover indepth knowledge of a personality but ignorants like you do not understand even after “Sir Zaid Hamid” explained everything in most detailed forms. After seeing so much false propaganda against him, I am assured that He is undoubtibly the most blessed one that any one nation of this present time can have. May Allah bless “Sir Zaid Hamid” more and more everyday so that enemy’s hearts get burned more and more everyday. Ameen.

    • Editor says:

      @Rehan Highest Spiritual Personality .. What a joke :), you made us laugh. DO you even know what spirituality really is ?

      And by the way who gave that joker the title of “Sir” ?

      Also please point out the content that you find untrue and propaganda on this site. It would make sense to talk with proofs rather than just issuing statements like Zaid Hamid.

  11. a2ztruth says:

    Editor : Rehan jaisey andhey aur bahrey bahut haiN – masha-Allah Paksitan bhara parrha ahai – Summun bukmun UmmyuN fahum la-yar jeyoon — In kaa ilaaj — Chatroal hao Chatrol !!

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