Muhammad Assad ex-member PKKH: 'PKKH belongs to BT, Get that straight'

We conducted an interview with Muhammad Assad, an ex-member of PKKH. The interview is being published here in verbatim.

What was your role at PKKH and Why did you left PKKH ?

I worked for PKKH as Communication head. I was the admin of the PKKH Discussion Forums. I separated around 9 months back along with one of the PKKH founder over differences on the Pak Army operation. Later I rejoined PKKH in few weeks to assume my responsibilities as PKKH Communication Head until last month.

I also met ZH on PKKH Special protocol on his visit to Saudi Arabia.

You can see my profile on PKKH Forum here. I was responsible to set up , manage and market the forum.

Profile name: acid.

What is PKKH and what are its Goals and Objectives ?

On the papers , PKKH goals and objectives are as stated on their website i.e raise awareness of Pakistani real politics and corrupt ideologies and external influence on Pakistan etc. All these are just stated goals and objectives and used as a public relation exercise.

However , the true goal of PKKH is not a word different than of BrassTacks. That is to carry on Zaid Hamid’s agenda under different names and covers.

What is the Funding model of PKKH ?

I am not aware how exactly is PKKH funded but all expenses are paid by Dan Qayyum who himself is part of another organization which you will see in my answer to the following questions.

Are there any paid employees. If yes what are there pay scales ?

No paid employees in PKKH Team. This is what is APPARENT. Since PKKH itself is a wing of other sister organizations , I am not aware If key employees are paid or unpaid.

What is Zaid Hamid’s role in PKKH. What influence he has on PKKH. Is PKKH really independent of Brasstacks as Dan Qayyum suggests it is ?

Zaid Hamid is effectively the director of PKKH and possess the influence of the director. PKKH is not an independent organization as has been suggested. It runs closely in affiliation with BrassTacks. There are a number of BrassTacks members who are also in PKKH Team , for example , Zaki Khalid , Who holds position in BrassTacks and is also head of Media dept. for PKKH.

There has been meetings between BrassTack members and PKKH members in UAE around mid of 2009.

What is your assessment of Zaid Hamid as a person and as a security analyst ?

Zaid Hamid is a masked guy. He used his communication skill to impress the masses into believing his agendas. From my research, Zaid Hamid spends lot of time in digging information from google and present into his Urdu programs. Take ‘Economic Terrorism’ for example which is just the Urdu version of Zeitgeist documentary. Since our Pakistan people, unfortunately, are unaware and ignorant of such facts, they got really impressed by what Zaid Hamid had to say (they dont know that all he is doing is google search).

Initially Zaid Haimd focused his programs into wider issues e.g. the economic system and CIA threats. He developed reputation and credibility from these ‘external focused’ programs which were mostly appropriate content wise.

After scoring on his initial programs, he shifted his focus deeply into the Pakistan politics. This is the point where he started to infiltrate his ideologies into his so called analysis. The Pakistan population got trapped here and started to follow and believe his analysis as they believed his initial programs. He provides anti India and Isareli analysis which is easy to believe for the Pakistani masses.

I believe Zaid Hamid analysis is nothing but just myths and tales in the name of Pakistan which aim to play with emotionally distressed Pakistani citizens. As far as Zaid Hamid as person, than I think there is enough for it on your website.

Anything else that you feel is worth sharing.

Dan Qayyum belongs to Zaid Hamid. PKKH belongs to BT. Get that straight. Do not let different covers deceive you. ZH has managed to team up the rich spoilt kids, who are ‘immature’ in his own words. But his success would be short lived because one day these immature will get mature too.

He do believe that he is right thats why he is being successful. Success has deceived him. Even the Kufar is now days the most successful nation but there end would be an evil abode.

Best Regards,

6 comments on “Muhammad Assad ex-member PKKH: 'PKKH belongs to BT, Get that straight'

  1. Note says:

    Its time to expose this American war, which is making muslims fight muslims.

    the political anyalsis of this ZH were as flawed as his Kazab!

    He fooled the massses to accept US war of terror, and supported the war within pakistan that has resulted in countless deaths.

    i suggest this website to also expose the political Kazabness of this ZH!

  2. musab says:

    Assalam o alaikum ,

    I can assure you that PKKH and BT were closlely coordinating previously untill 23 march , PKKH had put on a stiff resistence against Zaid hamid to clear his stance on yusuf kazzab issue , but Dan qayyum and PKKH parted their way , and they are considered as the main mutiny designers in the whole event , exposition guys can confirm this from their sources that zaid hamid and BT consider PKKH as the real conspirators within their ranks , I myself know many memberrs very closely and I assure you all that they have taken strong decisions which I cannot disclose , and Zaid hamid has literally cried on phone , and insisted them to regroup and work..

    I can swear to ALLAH that this is true , if any one does not belive then time will proove ,

  3. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Note

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll be taking care of it Insha’Allah as well. It is important for Muslims to realize and see the facts with regard to this Global Crusade against Islam under the name of ‘War on Terror’.

    Have you thought over this that

    World War I lasted for 4 years approx.
    World War II lasted for 6 years approx.
    World War III (War on Terror) is now more than 9 years old and still not stopped.

    It’s time to reassess and re-plan things for the future generation of Muslims.

  4. khalid says:

    @Note – Couldn’t agree more! JazaakAllah Khair.

    Brother Talha, I wish to talk to you over this issue and what are your next steps? May Allah exponentially increase your reward for this great effort. But the thing is, Zaid Hamid is gone… he’s no more! If not yet, then he’ll be gone soon (InshaAllah). The big question is, where do you, your team, and subscribers of ZHE go from here? Is exposing ZZ our only goal? No! I think once this ZZ saga is over, we need to focus on the real solution of the problems of Muslim Ummah, and how to implement the solution. Brother, I really, really want to speak with you over this – in person. I’ll try to contact you soon, and see if we can meet up.

    BTW, one thing that we need to do is to expose the War of Terror, and it’s real motives.


  5. khanbaba says:

    i am not pro ZH nor anti ZH so i hope you all take my comments as neutral. I have read many times that ZH is cunning in his ‘analysis’ by simply digging up information from Google. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Most top level researchers do the same. I work in software and 90% of my issues are resolved using google as starting point.
    I have lost all respect for ZHE team. They have proved via this blog that their interest is in generating wows and to feed their egos with shabash. If you’re discussing ZH’s aqaid, then stick with that and only that. Going off on tangents is cheap behavior.

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Khanbaba

    Your 90% issues on software related stuff can be found on google, I don’t doubt that. But Professional Research is not related to it. You need solid evidence and case studies to make your name. Your understanding of professionalism is very naive.

    Your neither anti ZH nor pro ZH but by giving a comment that your anti-ZHE, you certainly have proved yourself to be pro ZH.

    If your neither pro Zh nor anti-ZH, it is better to stay quiet.

    I don’t understand why this cheap cult starts with this cheap statement. Don’t understand what they try to prove.

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