Is Asif Shiraz Really an "ex-member" of Brasstacks ?

Asif Shiraz was an ex-member of Brasstacks. During the recent on-going controversy surrounding Zaid Hamid, Asif also came forward and released a 6 part video on Youtube in which he called Yusuf to be a Kazab and asked Zaid Hamid to clarify the issue.

We wrote about this and published the videos on our own site in the article Asif Shiraz: A dialogue with Brasstacks and zaidhamidexposition regarding Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab. In this article we praised Asif’s sincerity and truthfulness and wrote:

We appreciate the sincerity with which Asif Shiraz , an ex-Brasstacks member, has come out and laid down the points in the form of dialogue with Brasstacks & zaidhamidexposition and also other Muslim Ummah to explain the matter. Though, as per the advice given by Asif Shiraz, we very much agree on ONE point in this regard, that Yousuf was Kazzab, and Zaid Hamid has to clear himself of it as soon as possible. There is no running away methods available now.

However, a couple of days after the videos were released an embedded on our blog, Asif took the videos offline and left a message on his Youtube profile, which read as follows:

Note: Some of videos have been temporarily removed after assurances from BrassTacks team that they will come out openly in the public about Zaid Hamid’s association with Yousaf Kazzab and explain all the details about it, and either declare him kazzab and his disociation with him, or else bring multiple, credible, renowned scholars who will themselves say that yousaf was not a kazzab.

When that happened we tried searching for the videos on Youtube, to see if someone else downloaded and uploaded the videos from his/her account. Fortunately a user named drbeelz had uploaded the videos from his account. We changed the urls and embedded the videos from drbeelz account.

Asif Shiraz contacted drbeelz and asked him to remove the videos because they are his property and drbeelz is violating his copy rights. drbeelz sent us an email at asking us to guide him on this matter. We asked drbeelz not to take down the videos and inform Asif to get in touch with us.

As a result Asif contacted us and stated that he is not required to contact anyone on this matter, because the videos are his property. We told Asif, that we consider all material on Yusuf Kazab issue to be a property of the Muslim Ummah. We further informed him that he could try taking down the videos by contacting Youtube, and in case the videos are taken down, we will upload them from other accounts – and if need be will upload them from a private server.

Asif Shiraz contacted Youtube and got the videos taken offline. The videos hosted by drbeelz now show a message stating “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Muhammad Asif Shiraz.”

We have not uploaded the videos from multiple accounts, because we ourselves wanted to give Asif time on this issue.

Asif Shiraz: Zaid Hamid Has No Links With Yusuf Kazab – Sep 2008

However, people are continuously sending us emails on the issue. One specific email that we have received highlights a very important point. The sender of the email has shared a link of a discussion on Facebook. The topic of the discussion is “Zaid Hamid links with Yousuf Kazzab” and it was started by a person named Jalal Saima on 26 Sep, 2008.

Jalal Saima asks the following question in the discussion:

Jalal Saima

This link shows a book which i have gone through recently, this book mentions the name of Mr. Zaid Zaman many times and tries to prove that he had strong links with Yousuf Kazzab.

Further more i happend to find out following article on the net which talks about the same links,

Can any one validate or nullify these claims. Is Mr. Zaid Zaman is Mr. Zaid Hamid, the description in these articles is true or not …
Can any one please answer



The first person to respond to the discussion is none other than Asif Shiraz. Asif’s response in being provided below:

Asif Shiraz Assalam o Alaikum,

This is Asif Shiraz, I work for brasstacks. Someone posted a similar question on facebook group, and I replied there. I will just copy and paste my earlier reply.

Dear Friends,

I see that some of you are getting confused over that article. To vilify a great person is the readiest means of a small person to achieve greatness.

For all the users out there on the internet, I know you love zaid sahib, but still have been bitten many times by dubious leaders and want to be cautious. Fair enough. There are two solutions to getting this thing clear, one of the heart and one of the mind.

The way of the heart is that of Hz. Abu Bakr Siddique. When Abu Jahl approached him saying that your friend(sm) today has said he went up till the heavens, Abu Bakr replied (without hesitation) that I believe in it. If you have all heard zaid sahib. If you think he can be an imposter these guys are claiming him to be, I can only wonder at your perception and “aqal” 🙂 If this is so, just wait. and watch. When you see Zaid sahib steadfast, and brasstacks, actually walk the distance in the service of this nation, then reconsider your conclusion. We will welcome each and every Pakistani and now and forever, to join us in this noble work.

The other option is logical. Verify what they are saying. How? They have written an article. We can also write one to refute it. That wouldn’t help right? What would help is to seek out people who actually know Zaid Sahib. And ask them about who Zaid sahib is, what his background is.

I for one can claim that I know Zaid sahib for the last 15 years, and I can testify, in witness of Allah(sw) and his Prophet(sm), that all these allegations trying to link Zaid sahib with Kazzab yousaf’s ideology are all false propaganda. Zaid sahib is a staunch muslim, and dearly, dearly loves the Holy Prophet(sm). It is blasphemous even to think of linking him to Kazzab Yusuf. Instead of believing in that spin article, go out and actually verify.

This is nothing new. They try to do this with any good person that comes. Even with the Holy Prophet(sm) they tried to label him as “Sahir”. Nothing to worry. “Innal baatila kaana zahooqa”. Chill 🙂

The most interesting part of the response is where Asif states that he knows Zaid Hamid for the last 15 years or since 1993 and can testify with Allah(sw) and his Prophet(sm) as a witness that all these allegations that try to link Zaid Hamid to Yusuf Kazab are all false propaganda. Asif further states that it is blasphemous even to think of linking Zaid Hamid to Kazzab Yusuf.

Interesting isn’t it, because in his videos released this month, Asif Shiraz has himself admitted that Zaid Hamid was linked to Yusuf Kazab. How come Zaid Hamid developed connections with Yusuf Kazab between Sep 2008 to March 2010 – when Kazab is not alive any more. Does this not mean that Asif Shiraz was lying through his teeth in Sep 2008 when he said that Zaid Hamid has no links to Yusuf Kazab. And to top it all he lied with Allah(sw) and his Prophet(sm) as a witness.

Another interesting point of the discussion is the next response after Asif’s message. This is a response posted by someone named Refuting Lies and he has basically pasted an email from Zaid Hamid to the discussion. This part of the conversation is embedded to highlight the spelling of Muhemmed in Zaid Hamid’s email. The response follows:

Refuting Lies “Assalam-0-Alikum”

This is the mail i got from Zaid Hamid:-

Dear Zaid,

aa and dua. Total non-sence and shameless bohtan.

Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be “prophets” after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw). Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar “prophets” and also cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such false prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, Maulana, Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah keep us in His serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira.

May Allah be my witness in both the worlds and forgive our errors, mistakes and sins and have mercy on Ummat e Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw). Indeed Allah is the best of Protector and most merciful on His slaves.

Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests and trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in love of Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains for Allah and His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, family and even good deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad to follow false prophets after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw).

We will inshallah, will not be distracted and continue our mission of protecting Pakistan against all threats, internal and external.

Wassalam and duago

Zaid Hamid


The discussion could be followed by clicking on this link. For historical referencing we are embedding the screen shot of this discussion below.

The image could be viewed in full screen mode by clicking here.

Asif Shiraz: Zaid Hamid has no links with Yusuf Kazab - Sep 2008

Asif Shiraz: Zaid Hamid has no links with Yusuf Kazab - Sep 2008

The eGold and Brasstacks Connection

In his videos Asif Shiraz begins with an introduction of his company eGold, that is trying to sell gold coins and ultimately make them a store of value and tender for monetary transactions in Pakistan. In this regard Asif Shiraz made a Facebook comment which stated:

Asif Shiraz We have decided that is in the best interest of both eGold and BrassTacks to completely separate them from each other. This way, no one will think that zaid hamid is trying to profit from his own ideologies by selling gold coins now. And at the same time,. eGold’s universal appeal will not suffer because of zaid hamid’s yusuf kazzab controversy, his military-ISI support, or the stereo typical image of his ideological baggage.

The comment can be viewed on Facebook here and a snapshot of the comment is embedded below as well:

Asif Shiraz: Separating eGold from Brasstacks

Asif Shiraz: Separating eGold from Brasstacks

What does it mean to separate eGold from Brasstacks ? Were they one and the same thing before ? If not, does it make any sense to separate two organizations that are independent of each other ?

Asif Shiraz further clarifies Zaid Hamid’s association with eGold on his own site in a post titled “How eGold came into being”. The relevant part of the post is embedded below:

Note: (Mar 03, 2010)
The following post was written back in september when I used to volunteer part-time for BrassTacks. Back then, I did not know much details about the Yousaf Kazzab controversy. Since I worked with Zaid Hamid, I believed in what I was told, and also wrote an article about the issue, which is quoted here. I still stand behind that article in that it was written in good faith, and because it is true that Zaid Hamid himself never ever said anything in front of me to suggest that he had any doubts about the finality of the Prophethood of Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (sm). However, I never questioned Zaid Hamid in detail about his beliefs regarding Yusuf Kazzab, and had always believed that he considers him a Kazzab too. Now, however, after these clarifications, I want to make the following points clear:

a) I, Asif Shiraz, consider Yousuf kazzab to be a liar and a kazzab.
b) eGold’s as a company, only had this much association with Zaid Hamid that the idea of its inception was taken from one of this TV programs. Zaid Sahib was never on our board of governors, board of directors, shareholders, officers, employees or contractors, in a formal capacity.

I still have high regard for Zaid Hamid, and believe that he is a very capable and sincere person, and is and has always been a staunch muslim of the Ahl-e-sunnat-wal-jamaat school of thought. His affiliation with Sufi ideology, however, appears to make him accept certain things which may otherwise have been disallowed in Shariah. During my volunteership in BrassTacks, I privately urged him many times to make this issue clear upon the public, because the people love him, and have a right over him to know the truth. Now that he has finally spoken, I disagree with his view regarding Yousaf Kazzab, and find it sad that a person of his stature and wisdom is compromising his sincere mission of the nation’s revival over such a petty issue regarding a man who has long since died. However, I am not a Shariah expert to make a judgement on whether it is incumbent upon Zaid Hamid sahib to declare Yousuf as a Kazzab or not, but I do hope that scholars will look into this matter again, and provide guidance to the general public about the truth of the issue from an objective point of view, and consider the evidences which Zaid Hamid is claiming to possess about Yousaf’s so called innocence.

I would advise everyone to focus more on ideology, rather than personalities, and to move ahead with creating an interest-free, gold-backed economic system in Pakistan, and we welcome everyone, including Zaid Hamid, Nadeem farooq paracha, and Maulana Jalapuri to join our efforts in this direction.

In the highlighted part of the post, Asif Shiraz is basically asking the religious scholars to consider Zaid Hamid’s evidences that Zaid Hamid is providing in favor of his claim about Yusuf Kazab’s innocence.

Our readers would certainly be enlightened to see these evidences, but what exactly are these evidences ? Zaid Hamid’s 58 mins leaked video ? or are we seriously missing something ?

Update 1: One of our reader has informed us that the Brasstacks domain has been registered by a person named “Asif Shiraz”

Domain ID: D2210092-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 301
Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID: 000-ZZ01662
Registrant Name: Zaid Zaman
Registrant Organization: BrassTacks – Advanced Threat A
Registrant Address1: 29-D, Askari III, Chaklala III
Registrant City: Rawalpindi
Registrant State/Province: Punjab
Registrant Postal Code: 46000
Registrant Country: Pakistan
Registrant Country Code: PK
Registrant Phone Number: +92.515505166
Registrant Email:
Administrative Contact ID: 000-AS01663
Administrative Contact Name: Asif Shiraz
Administrative Contact Organization: American eBusiness Solutions
Administrative Contact Address1: 3/172 Sawar Road
Administrative Contact City: Rawalpindi
Administrative Contact State/Province: Punjab
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 46000
Administrative Contact Country: Pakistan
Administrative Contact Country Code: PK
Administrative Contact Phone Number: +92.515516632
Administrative Contact Email:
Billing Contact ID: 000-AS01663
Billing Contact Name: Asif Shiraz
Billing Contact Organization: American eBusiness Solutions
Billing Contact Address1: 3/172 Sawar Road
Billing Contact City: Rawalpindi
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Billing Contact Country: Pakistan
Billing Contact Country Code: PK
Billing Contact Phone Number: +92.515516632
Billing Contact Email:
Technical Contact ID: 000-AS01663
Technical Contact Name: Asif Shiraz
Technical Contact Organization: American eBusiness Solutions
Technical Contact Address1: 3/172 Sawar Road
Technical Contact City: Rawalpindi
Technical Contact State/Province: Punjab
Technical Contact Postal Code: 46000
Technical Contact Country: Pakistan
Technical Contact Country Code: PK
Technical Contact Phone Number: +92.515516632
Technical Contact Email:
Last Updated by Registrar: R&K GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES, INC.
Domain Registration Date: Wed Jan 09 09:02:07 GMT 2002
Domain Expiration Date: Sat Jan 08 23:59:59 GMT 2011
Domain Last Updated Date: Sat Jan 10 23:50:05 GMT 2009

Update 2:

Comments from Asif Shiraz:

My statement was: “all these allegations trying to link Zaid sahib with Kazzab yousaf’s ideology are all false propaganda”. This was because I did not beleive zaid follows yousaf’s “ideology” anymore. I did not say “linking to yousaf”, I had said “linking to yousaf’s ideology”.

I swore to this statement, and I still stand by it, because I was a witness to zaid leaving yousuf in his last days, and once you do tauba, you get a clean slate. I always believed brasstacks was entirely a patriotic endeavour by Zaid, and he has completely left yousaf. That is why I wrote that, and that is why I swore to it, because back then, it was what I believed to be the truth.

I still do not believe brasstacks is anything about promoting yousuaf’s ideology. The only reason zaid is not calling yousaf a kazzab is for his personal reasons and past associations, and some tassawuf related misconceptions. Still, I left brasstacks because i had differences over this issue, and to play my part in trying to resolve those differences was why I made the video. BrassTacks promised to issue a statement to clarify and settle the issue so I took them down. The gold project was inspired by brasstacks, was originally intended to run in collaboration, but we learned that brasstacks wishes to continue its focus on political, strategic and defence issues, and not get into financial sector directly yet. So we separated.

Lastly, zaid hamid expositions guys: You suck.

Also, what the exposition guys fail to mention is that even back then of my message of 2008 which they have dug up, I have used the words “kazzab yousaf’s ideology”.

Update 3:

A person named Abdul Muez has added the following comment to this article. His comment is no 50 on this post.

The original wikipedia article about Yusuf Kazzab was started by someone named Asif Shiraz. This article was basically the same thing that was written by ZH in an online post.

I noticed this fact when I was adding “citation needed” tags to this article.

That wikipedia article got deleted a few days ago!

80 comments on “Is Asif Shiraz Really an "ex-member" of Brasstacks ?

  1. syed sohaib roomi says:


    I read Qudrat Ullah Shahab’s SHAHABNAMAH and i think that Yousuf Kazzaab, Zaid Zaman and all his fanatics are also under spell of “90” like thing. “90” was a “nooraany” net for catching a patriot and pro Islamic Qudrat Ullah. And “90” is here again to divide Pakistani nation. May Allah save us from “90” like things. Aameen.

    Its my humble request to all my Muslim brothers and sisters that please attach yourselves with Ulama-e-Karaam and have guidance from them in Yousuf Kazzaab, Zaid Zaman’s Sufism’s case. Its far more better than to rely on your incomplete knowledge and unexperienced wisdom.


  2. “Assalam-0-Alikum”
    “Peace Be Upon You”

    People Can See Me Above Defending Zaid Hamid,But Now Truth Has Become Apparent To All Of Us That Yusuf Is Indeed A Kazzab And His Follower Zaid Hamid Is A Kafir Of Worst Kind,The Mail You See Me Above Quoting Was Originally Sent To Me By Zaid Hamid…

  3. Nadia says:

    there’s one thing that i still don’t understand.. when asif shiraz says that he himself is the witness of zaid zaman doing touba and renouncing yusuf kazaab, so if assuming that asif shiraz is correct, then why the hell zaid zaman abstains from calling yusuf a kazaab?? has asif any answer to that? doing touba means that zaid zaman was a follower of yusuf kazaab.. so, if he did touba, according to mr. asif shiraz, zaid zaman considers that yusuf kazaab was wrong.. so then there shudnt be any hurdles in calling him a kazaab.. why the hesitation then?? can asif shiraz answer this??

    i would like mr. asif shiraz to comment on it.. but since he recently said that he’s leaving this group, somebody kindly ask him :):)

  4. Asif Shiraz says:


    Thanks Sister. I still have nothing against anyone personally… I am just terribly disappointed by the response I have recieved to my gesture of a sincere reconciliation attempt. I am outta here.

  5. Asif Shiraz says:

    @Abdul Muez

    This guys says that there was an article on Yousaf kazzab on wikipedia, and “This article was basically the same thing that was written by ZH in an online post.”

    Another lie avidly being promoted by ZHE because it is in line with their mission. When a lot of people started questioning us in brasstacks about yousuf, we decided to open a wikipedia article to at least let people know who he was. What ZHE team fails to tell, because it is not in line with their mission, is that the very original article was also named “kazzab” yousaf by me. They are saying I made the article, and failing to notice what title I gave to the original page, even back then. You guys are total liars…. inflaming issues that have no relevance, just because you got snubbed by the fact that even kaafir yahoodi christians had better morality than you, where they honored my request to remove my video becasue of my copyrights, while you had unilaterally declared it to be “ummah’s property”, as if you are the “thekedaar” of the ummah, inspite of my request that my creation can only be on my youtube channel, and not one some one else’s, which is my right.

    Abdul muez is another liar. He says the article I wrote on wiki was what ZH had written in his post. Please show us that post and the article. Now you will make excuse that it was deleted from wikipedia so you can’t prove it. Then how will you answer to Allah(sw) for making this bautaan against me? Oh… you don’t care about that right… tum loag toe Hurmat-e-Rasool ke bhi thekedaar hoe.. tumhain toe sub jhoot bahutaan jaiz hai 🙂 I forgot… good luck with your thekedaari…

  6. Badar says:

    In response to some one who posted somewhere on your site that PKKH is not affiliated with zaid hamid.

    This is an article written by Assad pervaiz official member of team PKKH (as mentioned on their website. the article is available at under the article examining claims against zaid hamid. the article is being reproduced here.

    Examining Claims Against Zaid Hamid

    By Assad PervaizPublished in Other Islamic RefutationsPublished on Dec. 10, 2008
    In this article we shall rebut the lie and slander against Sir Zaid Hamid with clear reasoning, evidence and rationality.
    Brief view at the lie and slander
    With immensely growing popularity of Zaid Hamid and his intellectual videos and policy papers, which was seen by some people as a growing threat, there is a bizarre article being forwarded on emails chaining the inboxes and are also found on few bloggers pages which claim that Zaid Hamid have links with a paranoid person who claimed to be a prophet and was consequently murdered for this blasphemy.Indeed Prophet Muhammad SAW was the Seal of All Prophets.

    The article is a very despicably written and shows the photo of the false Prophet – Yusuf Kazzab, taken from the cutting of the magazine and with it is a scanned copy of an article in Urdu which apart from other malice says that Yusuf Kazzab claimed to be Prophet and appointed Zaid Zaman as his first Khalifah. The article goes on to further say that the authors friends were deceived by this false prophet, and some later returned to Hidayah, when he was invited at some dinners and also Zaid Zaman was also accompanying them and his excellent communication skills and young handsome figure made people his fan. The writer continues on to say the false prophet said that he had the Noor of Prophet SAW. Interestingly then the writer says that at the time of the false prophet Yusuf Kazzab, Zaid Zaman was an extremely dedicated supporter and also promoted his cause and is still running his sect. If you are noticing the word Zaid Zaman and wondering what has this got to do with Zaid Hamid, then you are intelligent enough to get the meat of this article!. The author said that back then Zaid Hamid was known as Zaid Zaman!

    These were the main lies and malice in the article which we shall now expose inshAllah.
    What is evidence? It is imperative that we first understand what constitutes an evidence. Evidence can be defined as:

    -Information indicating whether something is true or valid.
    -Information used to establish facts in a legal investigation or to support a case In a law court

    It is essential that we verify the sources of information to check from where the information is validate from to check its authenticity and reasonableness before accepting the information and its conclusion as a belief or appropriate information.

    It is a spiritual duty on us by Allah (SWT) to verify the source of information before accepting it and if you deny it then you can be a madman and believe anything which comes your way.

    After familiarizing with what is an evidence, We should know that anything which does not have an evidence is an unsubstantiated claim having no foundation at all. For example , If you go to High Court and file a case against your friend and accuse him of stealing your car, the lawyers or authorities are going to ask you to provide evidence and substantiate your claim, If you don’t have one then you are only gonna say that “This guy stole my car, I know it very well so arrest him!”. The authorities wouldn’t take more then a second to consider you a paranoia and tell you to go back home.
    Finding evidence
    Now we shall look at trace of evidence, if any, in the article under consideration & If we find information and claims without any supporting evidence or act of rationality, then it will be proved that the article linking Zaid Hamid with Yusuf Kazzab, is misinformation which makes a claim against an Intellectual of our time and would be
    considered as a deception towards the public.

    The readers are free to judge themselves as we shall base our entire article on sound evidence and which will appeal to rationality, to expunge the falsehood.
    Source of information
    The author says that he received all the information about Zaid Hamid accompanying Yusuf Kazzab and all the above mentioned events, through a message on facebook from a friend. That’s it! The source of information is a mere message at the facebook. Would you or anyone form an opinion about any high profile person just based on some messages on facebook? I receive tones of messages each day saying that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is going to descent on earth this year and few weeks back I got some message saying that I am going to get free tickets to Switzerland! But I am still enjoying the heat of Arabia!

    The source of information is just a facebook message which is totally unrealiable, without any evidence as we have no idea about who the person who sent the message is actually is, and why should we take his word and not Zaid Hamids word when he said that all this is simply a mythology and lie fabricated against him to defame him. Why believe a person whom we have never seen or don’t even have a proper profile but disbelieve in a person whom we know very well?

    It is just like If I send a message to my friend on orkut and say that Barack Obama used to live with me 15 years back in Egypt and just to collect tins for the pepsi company! And then my friend whom I sent this message spread this piece of information to public! Would you really buy this fable? Ofcourse not!

    Further more we have no other source of information confirming this fact, Its only one person story. If that would had been the case, then it would be reasonable to assume that there would be a group of people who would confirm this fact about Zaid Hamid links to the Cursed Yusuf Kazzab and would have provided us with some evidence. We would have had some pictures of Zaid Hamid with Yusuf Kazzab, when he was invited on dinners and was back then a prominent figure then its reasonable to assume that people would have taken pictures of this famous personality! While we have none! There are no testimonies of people who went astray by this false prophet and then some who reverted back to Hidaya, we don’t have a word from them! Why? Because the event is totally untrue.

    This clearly proves that the source of information is fabricated and totally un trustable, is dishonest and is just a small paper written by someone on facebook as a time pass to fool people and defame Zaid Hamid. All of this is based on anecdotal evidence which is pseudoscientific, in other words … It’s a Joke without humor!
    False Prophet Khalifah roaming around?
    How come it is that the appointed Khalifah of the false prophet didn’t got executed by the authorities or various zealous Islamic Groups in Pakistan? Didn’t any one initiate a search warrant for this guy? Then suddenly Zaid Zaman comes up after a decade and decide to open a defense and security analysis think tank!

    Sir Zaid Hamid’s early life is clearly documented and his website contain the events when he went to do perform Jihaad in Afghanistan, we have the fully documented evidence while for the Kazzab Zaid Zaman we don’t have a clue who he was and how did he look like, we have no picture to identify him.
    The Audio Speech
    The most funniest thing in all this conspiracy was the audio file uploaded with speech of Yusuf Kazzab who then introduce Zaid Zaman, the so called sahabah, who gives the speech and It amazes me that people even have time to believe in this non sense. No where does the speech identify the man as ZAID HAMID or ZAID ZAMAN HAMID but just SYED ZAID ZAMAN. It’s just like some one saying, that the BackStreetBoys Audio CD which I just bought from Music City which have a cover identifying the audio CD as BackStreet Boys and the CD contains BackStreetBoys songs, is the audio CD of eric Clapton and then insist me that the BackStreetBoys 10 years back were Indians and now they started making English Songs!

    It is clear from all logical and empirical evidence that this was just a failed attempt to defame Sir Zaid Hamid.It is just a game lost game of misinformation. In this time of ours when paranoids like Salman Rushdie are honored and respected by our enemies, we will always see hate towards the Muslim leaders and Sir Zaid Hamid is the one who want to alert us of their games and hence they will do their best to defame him.
    Its time we stand united and live with our eyes open and don’t believe in any misinformation games created by our enemies.

    All Praise be to Allah!

  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Badar

    I can’t find that article in the link you’ve given ( It would have been better, if you’ve posted that in that particular post to guide other viewers towards it.

  8. Badar says:

    An important point in the above article is that Mr Assad pervaiz endeavoured to segregate zaid hamid from zaid zaman.

    Only Allah knows whether he was unaware of the fact at that time or he was deliberately trying to misguide the readers.

  9. Abdul Muez says:

    @Asif Shiraz
    You are not denying that the wikipedia article was written by you. You said: “When a lot of people started questioning us in brasstacks about yousuf, we decided to open a wikipedia article to at least let people know who he was.”
    So can you show us that article so that we also know “who he was?”

    And no the article was not titled “Yusuf Kazzab” as you said. It was titled “Muhammad Yusuf Ali”.
    Here is the link to the deleted article:

    Google cache view of the page can be seen here:

    Please note that this is not the original article. Many people have edited since being written by Asif Shiraz.

    I remember the ZHE have references from the original wikipedia article in one of their posts.

    So Asif, I think most of what I said in my comment is not being disputed by you, right? All you are calling me a liar for asserting that the article was based on a post by ZH?
    First of all, does it make any difference that whether it was based on an earlier post by ZH or not when you are agreeing that you along with brasstacks team “decided to open a wikipedia article..”. So you intended to show what the brasstacks team thinks about Yusuf Kazzab, right?

  10. Asif Shiraz says:

    @Abdul Muez

    1. The words kazzab were put in the title (not name) of the article i.e. yousaf ali was introduced as yousaf ali kazzab in the very first lines, in the origianl article. The google cache is of a later date, but if there is a cache of ealrier date, it will cleary show it in my copy too.

    2. You said: “does it make any difference that whether it was based on an earlier post by ZH or not” Yes. It makes a difference because you said it without any authenticity, and now you are admiting it.

    3. I only opened it because people asked about it. I only made a stub page. Sorry to say but there was nothing in that page that can play upto your desire to describe brasstacks as having “promoted” yousaf, except it being your biased conjecture. The Prophet(sm) said ke baaz gumaan gunah hotay hain… be very careful of what you say.

  11. Asif Shiraz says:


    The reason zaid does not call him a kazzab is because every wrong or bad person in the world does not necessarily become a kazzab. In zaid’s view, yousaf got misguided, because of which he left him, and asked other of his followers to leave him too. He left him because he considered him gumrah. But even when zaid was with him, he never considered yousaf to be a nabi. You can say zaid is wrong or stupid to consider yousaf’s blatantly wrong statements as a particular case of sufi concept of ‘fana fi rasool’ but even so, inspite of this stupid logic, the fact remains that he never considered yousaf as a nabi. Zaid, even during his association with yousaf always believed in hazrat Muhammad Mustafa(sm) as the last Prophet of Allah(sw). That is why he refrains from calling yousaf kazzab. Now we do not approve of his giving this personal interpretation more value once ijmah e ummat has arrived, but that is what the explaination of the situation is. This is why zaid does not hestitate to call him gumrah and corrupt, but not use the words kazzab for him.

    This simple thing makes all these people believe that zaid considers yousaf as a nabi and is still his followers. Only Allah(sw) knows what is in the hearts.

    I have asked them and I repeat, if you guys are so sure that this act (this personal interpretation of yousaf’s situation) makes zaid a murtad (or kazzab), then go to the same courts that sentenced yousaf, and get a sentence against zaid also. They won’t, because they know they can’t, because shariah does not allow it. Under Shariah, they have nothing against zaid. If they do, then go to the shariat court!!

  12. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    Asif watch the video again in which Zaid Kazzab declared Yousaf kazzab as GREAT SUFI scholar…..

    and give lecture to ZAID KAZZAB instead of people here to win some sympathy…

    Zaid kazzab knows very well when he was enjoying the status of Abu bakr blessed to him by his Nabi, Zaid was busy looting people, Zaid was seeing female doing illegle raltionship between yousaf kazzab and zaid after his death supported him like a TRUE follower…

  13. Abdul Muez says:

    @Asif Shiraz
    I know you are angry at the moment and reading too much from my simple lines. I am not part of ZHE and am simply here in a attempt to dig through this controversy. Read all my comments in this thread and you will see that I have not accused you or anyone else about anything. I was even careful not to say that “Asif Shiraz” started the wikipedia article. Instead I said “someone named Asif Shiraz…”. Because I know full well how the web and specifically the wikipedia works.

    Having said that lets return to the points you raised in your last message
    1. I don’t want to keep going on about whether you put it in name or title. Not having original article anymore this discussion is pointless

    2. I haven’t admitted anything. I just asked whether it make any real difference? Anyway not having the original article anymore, even if I dig out that online post of ZH on which I asserted it was based on, what will we be comparing it against?

    3. Once again you are reading too much in my lines. Wikipedia article that I read clearly claimed that Yusuf was falsely framed in that case. And a lot objections were raised against the judicial process. As far as Yusuf’s aqaed are concerned the article didn’t go into them.

    You are saying that you only made a stub page. Earlier you said: “we decided to open a wikipedia article to at least let people know who he was. “. How do you reconcile these two statements? How can a stub page let people know who he was? I mean you are saying that you started the article that began with the words “Yusuf Kazzab” and it was “only a stub page” to ” at least let people know who he was”.

    Please cool off before replying. I am not accusing you of anything. I have just raised some questions and I am sure anger will not enhance your ability to respond.

  14. Abdul Muez says:

    @Asif Shiraz
    If you are still not sure whether I am part of ZHE team or not perhaps you will be interested in looking through my comments in other posts of ZHE blog. In my earlier posts I myself avoided using the word Kazzab with Yusuf’s name because I wanted to confirm the facts first. So far what I have read, heard and saw on this blog and elsewhere have made me to have led me to believe that this guy was indeed a Kazzab

  15. Someone Above Quoted “Islamic-Life” Website,I Just Wanted To Say I Was A Great Friend Of This Website’s Creator And I Have Witnessed Many People Converting Through Him,His Age Is Roughly Below 22,Our Friendship Ended When He Persisted On Wrong Aqeedah Regarding The Branches Of Tawheed,
    Allah Knows Best

  16. Salaam Alikum

    To “Fidaye Rasool S.A.W.W”,
    I Rather Not “Elaborate” As People Here Are Not Ready For Such In-Depth Debate Regarding Aqeedah And I Am Afraid I May End Up Doing More Harm Than Good But I May Say That The Biggest Blunder Assad (Aka Acid Peace) Did By Supporting “Zaid Hamid” Was That He Shifted His Position From “Ahlal-Hadith” To An “Extremist Sufi” Because Zaid Hamid Supports And Reveres “Ibn-Al-Arabi” Who Was An Extremist Sufi Who Used To Say “I Am Allah,You Are Allah,We All Are Allah And Therefore We Don’t Need To Pray” And Famous And Respected Scholars Of Ahlul-Hadith And Others Have Declared Him To Be A Kafir Including Shaikh Ibn Taymiyya,Allama Ibn Kathir,Allama Ibn Qayyam,Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani And Others Have Stated That He Was A Kafir,So By Supporting Him,He Has Done What Many Would Have Wished To Die Before They Even Think About It i.e.Support Someone Who Loves And Respect Ibn-Al-Arabi(Zaid Hamid Talks About Ibn-Al-Arabi In His Series “Qurun-E-Aoola”

    • @Refuting Lies. I got your point but I must state that Assad or anyones support for Zaid Hamid does not mean that they Nauzobillah changed their aqeedah or became kafir.

      Most of the people didnt realized about Zaid Hamid at first. You yourself would be a witness to this, that Zaid Hamid opened himself and his aqeedah and his past very slowly. As and when he became popular.

      So we must not judge, anyone.

      As for the sufi matters I dont want to comment on them, not because I have no knowledge of it, but because this is not the forum for these issues.

      Jazak Allah

  17. Abdul Muez says:

    OK here’s an update on the wikipedia issue.
    I dug in and found following facts about Wikipedia article:

    1. It was started by someone using name Asif Shiraz on 03/November/2008 and it was really a stub(i-e a very small article like a place-holder)
    2. Initial content was:
    “Yusuf Ali Kazzab was a Pakistani citizen who was murdered in the year 2000. He was charged of falsely claiming himself to be a prophet, and a case was registered against him by the Anjuman-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatme-Nabuwwat.
    Recently, interest in Yusuf Kazzab case has been rekindled by the rise to popularity of Zaid Hamid, whom some people claim to have had linkages with Yusuf Kazzab.”

    3. This article remained a stub till 6/May/2009

    4. On 6/May/2009 the article was heavily edited by someone using name Sarosh92.

    5. The end result after Sarosh92’s edits was very much like the article mentioned in

    Conclusion: My memory faulted me. What could have been said based on the facts is : The wikipedia article (after sarosh92’s edit) was based on the article linked above.
    My initial statement was “The original wikipedia article about Yusuf Kazzab was started by someone named Asif Shiraz. This article was basically the same thing that was written by ZH in an online post.”

    I apologize to Asif Shiraz and everyone else for making this inaccurate statement.

  18. AL says:

    Asif Shiraz: I have a few questions:

    In the 58 minute clarification that ZH gave on Yusuf Kazzab, he said a lot of things. At one point he said that Yusuf was gumrah and corrupt. At another point in the video he said Yusuf was a great sufi & muslim scholar.

    How do you reconcile the two statements? Either Yusuf Kazzab was gumrah & corrupt or he was a great sufi & muslim scholar. Whoever believed that Yusuf was corrupt would not simultaneously declare him as a great sufi.

    I think this means only one thing – that Zaid Hamid was trying to confuse his listeners.

    Secondly when you say that ZH did Tauba & went to Medina to seek forgiveness, what did he do Tauba from if you say that he never believed that Yusuf Kazzab was a nabi? Were there other twisted concepts of Yusuf Kazzab that ZH used to follow & then disassociated from? And if he disassociated from these concepts then why does he still call Yusuf Kazzab a Sufi & great muslim scholar?

    Secondly, let us assume for one second that Yusuf Kazzab never claimed to be a prophet as ZH thinks & wants his followers to think. Even if we ignore all the mountain of evidence to the contrary Yousuf Kazzab’s aqaids were still blasphemous. There are 3 audio clips of Yusuf Kazzab on Youtube. The famous one where he called ZH his sahabi & compared him with Hazrat Abubakar. Neither ZH nor Kazzab denied that the voices in the audio were not theirs. Yusuf Kazzab was asked by his lawyer as far as i have researched to say ‘no comments’ when he was asked about this audio in the courtroom (ZHE will be able to verify this). Which can only mean one thing that this was his voice & he called ZH his sahabi. In the other audio clips from what i have understood Yusuf Kazzab is basically claiming that Allah & the Prophet are one and the same thing. When in human form he is called Prophet Muhammad and when a noor in the sky he is called Allah. Now this is clear shirk in my opinion (as an individual. i am not an aalim) & regardless whether Yusuf Kazzab claimed to be a prophet or not, he should be treated as a murtid under Islamic laws.

    Now, knowing these aqaid, why is ZH still defending him by claiming that he was a sufi and great muslim scholar & he was wrongly punished? He should have been punished for propagating these aqaid’s regardless of whether he claimed to be a prophet or not.

  19. AL says:

    Asif Shiraz to answer your points raised in your post no. 26:

    1. Intermingling of girls and boys happens in all universities, but it is not implicitly encouraged by people claiming to be on some divine mission like ZH does. It is wrong because ZH talks about Islam & the setting up of a Khilafat system in such gatherings. If he was making speeches about any other subject no one would be pointing fingers at him.

    3.Again the same point. ZH claims to be talking about Islam & following the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) footsteps. MTV, AAG or any other music channel do not show or promote music under the garb of religion and Islam. That is why no one points fingers at them. If Dr.Israr, Zakir Naik etc. also started implicitly promoting these concepts then people would point fingers at them too.

    4.I don’t know about this love sms thing and whether ZH has ever sent any inappropriate message to anyone. But if he has then the same argument goes as above. I will try and explain with an analogy. If we see some teenagers or 20 something guys dancing at some concert we wouldn’t think about it twice. But if we see a pesh-imam for example dancing at a concert THAT WOULD BE NEWS.

  20. Salaam Alikum

    @ “Fidaye Rasool S.W.W”,
    Brother,I Never Said Assad Has Become A Kafir,I Was Trying To Say That He Was And I Believe Still Is A Salafi So I Was Pointing Out His Mistake That By Supporting Zaid Hamid,He Is Supporting His Aqeedah,Secondly,Yeah You Are Right,ZH Opened Himself Slowly And He Was Subtle Regarding His Aqeedah So We Ask Our Brother Assad To Reconsider His Position Regarding ZH,
    I Got Your Point To(Smile)


  21. Abdul Muez says:

    @Refuting Lies
    A question for you (off topic): Why you write everything in title case?
    It hurts the eyes of the person reading your message and can hurt your hands if you do it too much.
    Read about Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) if you already don’t know about it.

  22. Salaam Alikum

    To “Abdul Muez”
    Believe Me Brother,You Are Not The Only One Who Is Complaining To Me About It,Yeah I Am Quite Aware Of RSI And Her “Sisters” And I Ask Allah To Keep Me Away From Harm !

  23. Monety euro says:

    Interesting. Gonna search for more info.

  24. Furqan says:

    @ Asif

    Dear the statement you gave in a post above
    But even when zaid was with him, he never considered yousaf to be a nabi.

    It is the biggest lie of the decade!

    May be ZZH never said it to you Asif but he indeed did his best to convince me that yusuf kazzab was the reincarnation of the Prophet.

    Giving me all sorts of weird tasawwuf theories to prove his point.

    Please dont give statements about what another person believed or not, you are not Allah, you cannot look in his heart. We have to take people for what they speak, in public or in private.
    Those who have two toungue, one for public consumption and one for private meeting, are hypocrites!

    May Allah save us from grave misconceptions in Deen

  25. Abdul Muez says:


    Can you give more details about what you just said in above comment?
    I mean a bit of background like who you are and how do you know ZZH?
    And also the details about your private dialog with ZZH.

  26. A2ZTruth says:

    77 Furqan : God bless you.

    I am glad that Furqan came out crystal clear – This is the end of the story – It is coming out from horses mouth and any one who has had the interaction directly with Yusuf and Zaid and his likes in meeting them privately have the knowledge of the real Truth. Rest all is assumptions and far fetched ideas & logic etc.

    All those who refute the reality – watch out Shaitan is working with you guys and will make you go astray if you do not do Astaghfar and seek refuge of Allah from shaitan-arrajeem. Time is too short so please get back to Allah ( swt ) and show respect and reverence to Muhammed ( sav ) by denouncing all seasonal prophets , messengers and Imposters as Muhammed ( sav ) incarnated etc.

    Allah may guide you all to the right path.

  27. Thanks a lot for this post 😉

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