6 comments on “Naat – Rasool Allah saaw Se Khitab – Hesham Syed

  1. Ammar says:

    I want to make a correction here
    KHITAB ka word please use na keya jay

    AARZ ya DERKHAWASAT likha jaye

  2. syed sohaib roomi says:


  3. hesham syed says:

    Khitaab hee theek hai – wa-assalam

  4. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    Takabbur hay sare-mimber ajab deen ki hay ruswai
    keh khud ko har koyi kehta wali hay ……


  5. Asad Ullah says:


    I agree with you. It is better to use the words you have recommended. Khittab tu generally un say kia jata hay ju aap kay baraber houn

  6. hesham syed says:

    I see some people not getting the message of the text and absorbing those but they choose to bring up issues of their choice only and continue debating without podering & understanding the perception on the other side. Allah kareem

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