PKKH Leaves Zaid Hamid, Calls Yusuf Ali a Kazab

Dan Qayyum, the founder of PKKH has now publicly announced that PKKH is parting ways with Zaid Hamid because of the Yusuf Kazab issue. Our only regret is that even in this parting statement PKKH has tried to misrepresent facts, we have discussed that in detail after the press statement of PKKH. The article published on PKKH site is being produced here in verbatim.

PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan Press Release

March 26, 2010

Takmeel-e-Pakistan is a mission that is above ethnic, sectarian, linguistic divides. When we launched this mission and decided to pass this resolution, our objective was to unite Pakistanis from all walks of life, from the common man on the street to the leading scholars and respected ulema from all over Pakistan.

Unfortunately we have faced stiff opposition and threats of violence and death from certain quarters in the last few weeks, which is why we have decided to clarify our stance with regards to Zaid Hamid and the Yusuf ‘Kazzab’ issue.

PKKH and the Takmeel-e-Pakistan team have never had anything to do and will never have anything to do with any Yusuf Ali Kazzab.

Both PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan are completely ‘independent’ organizations and our association with BrassTacks and Zaid Hamid is due to our agreement on issues concerning Pakistan’s National Security, and projection and promotion of the ideology of Pakistan. We urge all parties to resolve this issue peacefully instead of publicly issuing threats of violence and calling for ‘Jihad’ against fellow muslims – which was threatened in statements in newspapers in the buildup to Takmeel by individuals linked to AMTKN and allied groups.

We respect the noble mission that AMTKN carries forward, and have nothing but the utmost respect for Ulemas, irrespective of their maslaks. We also believe Zaid Hamid to be a patriotic son of Pakistan who has done phenomenal work in a short space of time to make Pakistanis realize their true potential and the beautiful future that awaits them InshaAllah. We believe this issue is resolved soon so the focus can be on Pakistan again, at a time when we face multiple threats from our external enemies.

Pakistanis need to unite at this critical hour. The Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution that was succesfully presented to the nation on March 23rd 2010, is the first step in this direction, and InshaALLAH we will work hard in the coming days and months to get all leading ulemas, scholars, and thinkers on board with this noble mission and work towards our common goal: implementation of a true Islamic system in Pak Sarzameen  and the revival of the Islamic ummah, based on the principles of Quran and Sunnah as demonstrated in the Khilafat-e-Rashidah.

Pakistan, InshaALLAH Hamesha Paindabaad – and may Allah SWT destroy those who oppose efforts to implement His system as we promised on March 23rd, 1940 and again on March 23rd, 2010.

Dan Qayyum

Editor, PKKH and Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution Dated March 23rd, 2010.

Source: PKKH

Editor’s Note:

Dan mentions in his statement that the objective of Takmeel e Pakistan was to unite Pakistanis from all walks of life, from the common man on the street to the leading scholars and respected ulema from all over Pakistan.

However, the leader of the movement Zaid Hamid – frequently visited Ulema’s from the Barelvi maslak and tried his level best to gather their support against Ulema of AMTKN. So the leader of the Takmeel movement himself was working hard to disunite the Ummah on the one issue – which is above ethnic, sectarian, linguistic divides. However, Zaid Hamid has failed miserably in dividing the nation across the lines of various maslaks – just for the sake of his ego, past association and twisted believes.

Dan further mentions that PKKH and the Takmeel-e-Pakistan team have never had anything to do and will never have anything to do with any Yusuf Ali Kazzab and that their association with BrassTacks and Zaid Hamid was due to their agreement on issues concerning Pakistan’s National Security, and projection and promotion of the ideology of Pakistan.

However, ever since the emergence of Yusuf Kazab issue, PKKH acted as a mouthpiece of Zaid Hamid releasing Zaid Hamid’s video statements on the issue, publishing Zaid Hamid’s press releases clarifying his point of view on the issue.

PKKH published Prof Muhiyyudin’s article in favor of Zaid Hamid on their Facebook page on Wednesday 24th of March 2010. Prof Muhiyyudin’s article was written specifically to defend Zaid Hamid on the Yusuf Kazab issue, however it sidestepped from the real issue altogether.  This article is still present on the Facebook page and could be viewed here.  See snapshot of the article on PKKH facebook page below:

PKKH Facebook Wall: Prof Muhiyyudin on Zaid Hamid

PKKH Facebook Wall: Prof Muhiyyudin on Zaid Hamid

PKKH published the video of Ulema e Karam supporting Zaid Hamid on their website. The videos were published on PKKH with the title Ulema e Karam on Zaid Hamid, however, PKKH has now removed that article from their website and the page is returning a 404 error. Nevertheless, the trails of this article could still be viewed on the facebook wall of PKKH which still contains an entry of the article. See the entry on Facebook page of PKKH here, and see its snapshot below:

PKKH Facebook Wall: Ulema e Karam on Zaid Hamid

PKKH Facebook Wall: Ulema e Karam on Zaid Hamid

PKKH published Zaid Hamid’s press conference on March 19, that Zaid Hamid did in Lahore Press Club on their site and also published it on their Facebook page. The videos of the press conference were published with the title Zaid Hamid Press Conference, final and decisive clarification, however, PKKH has now removed that page from their website and the page is returning a 404 error. Nevertheless, the trails of this article could still be viewed on the facebook wall of PKKH which still contains an entry of the video. See the entry on Facebook page of PKKH here, and see its snapshot below:

PKKH Facebook Wall: Zaid Hamid Press Conference

PKKH Facebook Wall: Zaid Hamid Press Conference

PKKH published the press release of Zaid Hamid on the issue on 17th of March, see our coverage of the press release here, which mentions PKKH as the source – however PKKH has now removed that article from their site – therefore the link is returning a 404 error.

And lastly but not the least, who can forget that it was none other than that released the leaked videos Zaid Hamid and portrayed it as The Truth behind the allegations. The matter of fact is that the article and videos are still online on the Takmeel website and can be seen here. A snap shot of the 58 min video in which Zaid Hamid is defending Yusuf Ali and calling him great scholar of his time from the Takmeel website is provided below.

Takmeel Defending Zaid Hamid

Takmeel Defending Zaid Hamid

I can go on and on, but the point is that PKKH’s association with Zaid Hamid and Brasstacks went far beyond the issues concerning Pakistan’s National Security, and projection and promotion of the ideology of Pakistan. In fact PKKH was acting as a mouthpiece of Zaid Hamid and was aggressively defending Zaid Hamid and by association was defending Yusuf Kazab. As far as Takmeel is concerned, Dan Qayyum will only be fooling himself by saying that it is independent of Zaid Hamid. Takmeel is so strongly connected with Zaid Hamid, that Takmeel would loose its identity and color without Zaid. Sorry brother but the youth out there dont know any Dan Qayyum, all they know about is a person named Zaid Hamid.

It was this defense of a convicted blasphemer that led to such fierce opposition, as we make no distinction between any individual who defends Yusuf Kazab [Zaid Hamid] or the organization that stands behind that individual [PKKH].

We believe that the act of protecting the honor of Prophet Muhammad saaw is the greatest ‘Jihad’ and our ferocity and unwavering stand is a testimony to this believe.

Dan mentions in his statement that We respect the noble mission that AMTKN carries forward, and have nothing but the utmost respect for Ulemas, irrespective of their maslaks.

It would have been more effective and believable had you taken the same stance publicly when Zaid Hamid called the Ulema of AMTKN as Fasadi, Takfiri and Do Takey Ke Molvi in his leaked videos.

Dan further mentions that We also believe Zaid Hamid to be a patriotic son of Pakistan.

Let’s be very clear that Pakistan was formed on the basis of Islam. Without Islam there is no ideological basis for Pakistan. The entire building of Islam is based on the oneness of Allah and finality of Prophet Muhammad saaw. Without the finality of Prophethood – every tom, dick and harry can claim himself to be a prophet and can add new believe in the the religion, so without the believe in finality of prophethood there is no Islam.

A person who is not loyal to the belief of finality of prophethood and defends a false prophet is not loyal to Islam, and a person who is not loyal to Islam is not loyal to Pakistan. There is no concept of patriotism with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan without utmost loyalty to Islam and Khatam e Nabuwat.

Last Remarks

I heartly welcome Dan and TeamPKKH’s move to distance themselves from Zaid Hamid. I have nothing but respect for them on this decision. However, I have written my note just to put the record straight and to let everyone know that we did not oppose PKKH or Takmeel because of their struggle to make Pakistan an Islamic Shariah state, but because of their support and defense of Zaid Hamid – a known defender and Khalifa of a convicted blasphemer.

We are very careful not to attack anyone irrespective of their profession on this issue. We have written more than 200 articles, but have not mentioned the names of Maria B, Ali Azmat or other individuals associated with Zaid Hamid, because none of these individuals have come out in public to defend Zaid Hamid’s stand on the issue of Yusuf Kazab.

We published an article against Ahmed Quraishi titled Zaid Hamid’s Mouthpiece Ahmed Quraishi joins the propaganda battle for his master. However, upon receiving Ahmed Quraishi’s clarification, we published Ahmed Quraishi’s clarification in the article Ahmed Quraishi responds to zaidhamidexposition and immediately changed the title of the previous article to Ahmed Quraishi Joins the Propaganda Battle for Zaid Hamid. We published Ahmed Quraishi’s further clarification that he does not support Zaid Hamid on the Yusuf Kazab issue.

I personally apologized to Ahmed Quraishi unconditionally and in clear words for writing that offensive title.

We are not working on character assassination of people. Our mission and effort is to protect the Honor of our Holy Prophet saaw and that we will do, no matter what the cost.

Additionally we believe that the soil of Pakistan may have not produced more loyal and patriotic sons than the ones who stand in our camp. There can’t be individuals more loyal to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan than ones willing to die for the honor of the Prophet of Islam.

24 comments on “PKKH Leaves Zaid Hamid, Calls Yusuf Ali a Kazab

  1. Muhammad Kashif says:

    Mashallah …Well done guys u r doing a great job…Keep it up.Jazakallah-o- khair

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    Honestly, this press release was nothing but a bunch of lies, deception and joke. I think all the team around has perfected this art of lying from their former mentor – Zaid Hamid.

    I’ve even my greatest doubts on their so called articles on national security, which is nothing but flat lies. I don’t have time to discuss this now. May be Insha’Allah later will expose those so called national security analysis.

    This statement below was nothing but a joke.

    Pakistanis need to unite at this critical hour. The Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution that was successfully presented to the nation on March 23rd 2010, is the first step in this direction..

    Firstly, everyone has seen the ‘success’ of this Takmeel-e-Pakistan in the form of Photos and Videos. If this is what you call ‘success’, I wander what failure looks like.

    Secondly, they forgot to mention who presented this resolution? A Mulhid – Zaid Hamid? Astagfirullah. I don’t understand why these people want to make fun of themselves, while they proudly talk about ‘Islam’ as a cloak? If they really want to give some respect to the resolution – which I don’t feel like – they should have some ‘Muslim’ say it, then even talk about some success in this regard.

    Thirdly, a suggestion, take out the name of ‘Islam’ from all this, and then do whatever you like because your ideas, thinking and behavior doesn’t depict it at the least and there is no word better to describe this press release other than

    “Hypocrisy at it’s best’

    Fourthly, I don’t think so it was a complete parting with Zaid Hamid.

    Fifthly, PKKH should take down any videos/audios/statements (any media) that has ZAID HAMID in it if they have really parted of because this is about Namos-e-Rasalat (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam).

    I’ve a good news for PKKH. I won’t share it now but soon they’ll come to know what is coming towards them. Be prepared.

  3. ma Rehman says:

    its my Humble Request dat Plz visit ZH with both UlEMAS who r against him n who r for him n have a private sitting n Resolve this issue once and for all. We cant remain fighting. History shows that when we r not united, we r defeated, unity is strength. Our enemies r laughing at us. Posting posts on Public forum will not resolve the issue. PPl will keep fighting. SO I REQUEST PLZ MEET ZH ONCE N RESOLVE THE ISSUE ONCE N FOR ALL. Ulmas verdict will b the final one. I think dat we r too naive to Pass the Judgement cuz there might b mant gray areas of this issue which Ulemas can Identify in a better manner. Once Ulmas of all the maslaks sit together with ZH n pass the judgement in favour or against, only then the matter wil b resolves cuz half ppl on this side half on that side, so final verdict is important.

  4. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ma Rehman

    It is not Ulama who are running away from Zaid Hamid, it is Zaid Hamid who is running from Ulama. He has to go to Ulama and clear himself off.

    The other option is to accept Ulama open challenge. It is for him to accept. If he is truthful, he should not fear.

    It was the will of Allah that Allah showed through this event those who really love Islam and those who just take the name of Islam to deceive people for their own interest which are nationalistic not Islamic at all.

  5. Noman Ahmed Burney says:

    This was sent to Dan Qayyum right after he issued this press release at PKKH, still waiting for a reply. So Dan Qayyum, would you mind replying here?


    As for right now it’s completely an unavailing attempt because you didn’t specify what would be your possible course of action if ZZH and AMTKH fail to ‘resolve’ this issue. And to be honest, there’s nothing left to resolve after the official release of so-called ‘Truth’ –the video– at Takmeel website in which ZZH ‘adjudicates’ not only the incredibility of AMTKH’s case against Yusuf Kazzab but also the verdict of Session Court, Lahore.

    Uptill now all this Takmeel fervor is only characterized with ZZH as a person, who knows Dan Qayyum? So do you have any option like ZZH minus Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission if status quo remains?


  6. Ali says:

    These PKKH guys were in the forefront of defending yousuf Kazzab and Zaid Hamid, now they are distancing themselves only out of cowardice, they are receiving threats from true muslims for their association with Zaid hamid.

    Even in that note they are not denouncing Zaid, instead they are calling him a patriotic Paksitani,its a shame, which shows that for them patriotism is more important than Islam itself.

    They are still supporting takmeel-e-Paksitan which is a mission of Zaid hamid, so they are just deceiving people, they are not parting ways.
    This new statement of pkkh has exposed them even further and their duplicity, They are willing to support Pakistan because Kazzab is Patriotic…come on?
    this is rubbish.His associates are as guilty as Zaid hamid for promoting him.

    They havent learned a lesson from TakmeelePakistan’s epic filure.

  7. Salman Zafar says:

    @ abu Muhammad

    I have to agree with you on PKKH…they were very pro Zaid hamid…although i am not sure whether they were decieved by him and believed his story on Yusaf Kazzab or this is by design on their part…..

    Yes, takmeel resolution passed by Zaid Hamid is a joke….since if his aqeedah is not correct then how can he present the resolution….as far as we know…Aqeedah of Quaid e Azam and all the other people in original Pakistan movement was fine….and Allah Subhanawatallah responded to them….and gave us this land of Pakistan….

    Muslims with correct Aqeedah need to ask Allah for aid and help……

    and yes PKKH should remove ALL Zaid Hamid content from their site….until he repents and has correct aqeedah…

  8. Salman Zafar says:

    *Allah SwT for help…

  9. Salman Zafar says:

    BTW to ZHE website…..

    Good job!

    Yaar i first believed Zaid Hamid’s claimed about the people being after him being against takmeel e pakistan and all that….

    but recent events have shown me that you people are not what he claims….

    and his facebook forum has been destroyed…the admins revolt is working….people are posting comments on it and he cant do anything about it…he has almost 50 000 fans…i just defanned myself today….remembered i was a fan…..and i certainly dont want to a fan of such a person Nauzobillah…his new facebook page has less than 1000 people on it…..

    AQ has disassosiated with him…PKKH also…..

    seems like his avenues are decreasing every second…..

  10. Ihsan says:

    I first came across Zaid Hamid on ARY telecasts of his address in Wake-up Pakistan, Islamabad. I felt that this man could unite do some good for our country.

    Since then, I found out lot about him on internet. There has been a lot written about him on internet regarding his following of a fellow named Yusuf Kazzab. Despite the fact that there had been 14 eye witnesses in the original trial, Mr. Hamid’s continued denial of association with Yusuf Kazzab, made me feel that maybe he was not originally involved with that Kazzab. However, since then I have come across a gentleman (who Alhamdullillah has since done his repentance and is a true believer) who was part of the original drama. He knew Zaid Zaman and he knows Zaid Zaman Hamid and he states categorically that they are one and the same. So at least for me the current Zaid Hamid is the same as the one who was a follower and sahabi of that Jahannam Dweller. It is clear that Zaid Hamid is still follower of that Kazzab as evidenced by his repeated defense of THE KAZZAB and calling our scholars bad names.

    Any attempt now by him can only be seen as trying to sweep the issue under issue under the rug and mask his true belief. IT IS ENTIRELY CONCEIVABLE THAT HE HIMSELF IS AN AGENT OF RAW/CIA/MOSSAD implanted to create divisions among Pakistan’s youth.

    I entirely agree with the author of this article that any revival of Pakistan and her resolution can only be led by a MUSLIM since ours is a MUSLIM state. Any crap led by people who associate with a false prophet directly or indirectly is bound to fail Inshallah.

    If Takmeel/PKKH are sincere to the cause, they need to completely dissociate themselves from Zaid Hamid. I believe Zaid Hamid cannot be believed now regardless of how many statements he issues regarding Yusuf Kazzab.

    I commend you all for opening the eyes of simple people like me. I PRAY that Allah(SWT) keep you safe and steadfast in the defense of the HONOR of our Prophet and our leader Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH) and may Allah destroy all the KAZZABs and their followers

  11. AMTKN Rules says:

    Please do not trust Dan Qayyum he was and remains one of the close members of the Zaid Hamid group. As he has stated it in his own words that the press release was issued in face of stiff resistance and death threats.

    They are staunch believers of the Zaid Hamid and in no time will flip sides again. Let not fall for this hog wash!! PKKH and Takmeel-e-Paskistan are Zaid Hamid’s brainchilds and Dan was running those two propaganda sites promoting Zaid Hamid all along. Dan should also face the music!!

  12. hesham syed says:

    We are simply repeating ourselves , even this letter in urdu is just a repeatation of things said so many times – True Islamic aqeedah and deep rooted respect for Huzoor ( sav ), correct understanding of his status ie Hurmatey Rasool ( sav ) is first and foremost for any one who want to represent or lead Muslims – it is just not emotional fiery speeches but indepth knowledge , balance state of mind , maturity , ability to bring people together of all walks of life , vision for future and judicial administrative ability which will qualify one to stand on the platform.

    Hope these parameters are considered to march forward.

  13. umair says:

    ALLAh aap loogo ko jannt firdous ata kay…AMEEN

  14. Salman Zafar says:

    Asalam u alaykum

    wasay yaar i dont know if i should say this or not….

    but i have seen facebook pics of PKKH and zaid hamid and Co.

    they ALL look mashkook to say the least…Allah knows which of them is a Kazzabi..

    Zaid is since he does not denounce Kazzab as Kazzab….

    but the rest of them seem…as Abu Muhammad say….to be very very VERY close with zaid….

    not ‘independent’ as they claim to be…….

    maria B…..PKKH….and PKKH seems to be close to AQ…and none of them seem to be very islamic

    that marukh quraishi who comes as a compare in brasstacks shows has her facebook status as “in a relationship”

    so she has a boyfriend….well i mean…how dare they make a mess of shariat like that…and then talk of islamic nizaam and when zaid hamid does a series on Khilafat e Rashida

    and the compare of the show is a non hijab wearing non mehram woman who has a boyfriend???

    shariat kee dajiyan ura dee hain in loogoon nay….i think they are ALL in it together….

    perhaps not AQ….

    but PKKH is being criminally negligent…islam kay khadim khaaq hain…they are no defenders of islam or pakistan…..wasay heee loogon ko chakar day ray hain…or they have got mesmerized by zaid hamid and have started following his stewardship…..

    yaar how do i personally email or contact the people that run this site??? i have been following zaid hamid for like a year or more and watched his programs with a lot of sincerity that he was sincere it Islam and Pakistan too….

    but its all a HUGE SCAM AND SHAM …FRAUD DOKHA FITNA DAJJAL…..lies rubbish jhoot in the name of Islam…..

    i need to talk to you guys about this…..

  15. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    its good n the identify from the Allah, the traitor n fear full persons/group must step back n leave, we will face more hard test n hurdles in our mission so its better they start in begining.

    We are with ZH till our end of life.

    He is brave n true muslim who face CIA/RAW/Mossad threats as well as challenge all local failed n corrupt elephants of political/economical/judicial/religious.

    thats y all funded mulla backed by RAW targeting him.

    but Inshallah, we will success by the help of Allah. your foul n fake propganda now lay down.

    so just w8. we r coming.

  16. what are you guys doing? says:

    Guys, let’s not get too excited and judgemental. If PKKH says they do not support ZH in his views any more, we should respect that. Several thousand youths of Pakistan have been taken over by this fitnah. Should we announce war against them?

    The problem here is, this site too, is being run by amateurs. Amateurs on both sides are spewing venom against each other and the gap between our Youth is increasing with every passing day. This issue isn’t religious any more. Both sides are politically using it.

    Whoever wishes to part ways with ZH, we should respect that. I just checked PKKH’s website and they have removed all content that they had placed that was defending Yousuf Kazzab. I do know PKKH has been there since 2008, and that goes a long way back, when ZH was not even known to anyone. Since PKKH is a patriotic website, I have been an avid reader. They might’ve been wrong in supporting ZH to an extent that they have not. But give them the benefit of doubt, and don’t call them liars unnecessarily, lest ALLAH may ask you on the Day of Judgement how you called someone a liar without looking inside his heart.

    ZHE is doing an amazing job. Don’t taint it with Fatwas against everyone and inciting hatred amongst your own brothers who’re your age and love Islam and Pakistan just as much.

    May ALLAH be with you and with everyone who loves Islam and Pakistan.

    Just be careful with whatever you say. You shall be held accountable for everything you say, even on the internet. Don’t forget that. Hope you won’t pass a fatwa of me being a “kaafir” now. 😉 ……..

    Now that you’ve received a certain position on the internet and people are listening to you, be careful with whatever you say. Don’t abuse the influence you’re winning over the youth.

  17. heavenzboy says:

    I must appreciate ur skills of twisting words and making them mean the way u want them to. Big up to you for that borother! i am sure u’ll be highly rewarded in the Akhirat for twisting some other’s words and making them mean suitable and colourful for your propaganda. PKKH or Dan Qayyum never said that they are “parting ways” with Zaid hamid or “leaving him”, as you wrote it quite boldly on your page. This is an absolute lie, and blind propaganda. PKKH has just clarified its status on Zaid Hamid and the controversy against him. Twisting it in such a way that they are parting ways with him, or leaving him is just dysinformation and lie, which is the basic tool for your propaganda. As far as PKKH and Zaid Hamid are concerened, i would like to tell you, for your kind information, that PKKH and it’s Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission has always been an independent organisation, from the very first day, working for the revival of Iqbal’s Ideology and for the Takmeel of Pakistan on true Islamic basis, whereas Zaid Hamid and Brasstacks are another “independent” security analysts, working for the same cause. This commonality of purpose lead them for mutual co-operation to work for the same, sacred cause. There are many other organisations working with Mr. Hamid and PKKH for the same cause, (rather than sitting comfortably in their own madressas issuing fatwas of kufr against each other), so there is no question of adopting or leaving someone. I would have appreciated if you would’ve done ur all this homework before issuing this article. May Allah give u hidayat and dare to accept the truth, the way it is. JazakAllah!

  18. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Heavenzboy

    We appreciate our skills as well to make your propaganda look as ‘Ultimate Truth’ for others. All you did was repeated nothing new and the response is already there in the post.

    Since, there is no commonality now left after this case of Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab. Are you suggesting now that there is still some ‘very close relationship’ with Zaid Hamid of PKKH and they are still defending him against the case?

  19. Imhere says:

    @heavenzboy & all

    what i understood form the statement is that PKKH doesn’t supports ZH till he clarifies himself on Yusuf Kazzab issue and gets a certification kind of thing from Ulema, because the Mission PKKH and TAKMEEL are taking with them is PURELY Islamic and any one with allegations of believing in any Kazzab can’t be part of this Mission.

    To me we all should accept and appreciate this positive step from PKKH and Takmeel, NO ONE IS PERFECT not even PKKH guys they can also make mistake. I was also a die hard supporter of Zaid Hamid till this Yusuf KAZZAB issue broke, well to be clear I also defended him on this issue in different personal gatherings like many did for some time in starting pure by hearing ZH’s comments on this issue, but now I am categorically against ZH on this issue in particular and same I think PKKH has decided to do. Being close to any one doesn’t mean that they support him on everything.

    I would suggest you all to please be careful with your statements calling any one lier is not appropriate.

    And as I searched almost all the content on Zaid Hamid and Yusuf KAZZAB issue has been taken off from PKKH and Takmeel site.

  20. Abdullah bin Hashim says:

    This is a freaking lie by DAN whatever. Most of PKKH team pals can be seen shoulder to shoulder with Zaid Hamid in Takmeel-e-Theateristan. Now they lost hundreds of readers so they are apparently trying to distance themselves from Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab.

    They are liars, to hide one lie, they will keep speaking a thousand lies.

    By the way, Zaid Hamid’s vidoes are still hosted at PKKH blog… how I do not know what they are trying to prove here?


  21. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Imhere

    We demand Zaid Hamid ALL media to be taken down, not the specific ones linked to Yousuf Kazzab only.

    We don’t want to take any Islamic Teachings from an Impostor/Lier/Kazzab Follower. We are better without any of these and directly take it from the Quran and Sunnah.

    A Nation who doesn’t understand the sanctity of Namoos-e-Rasalat (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) is doomed to a failure. Seeing the arrogance and attitude and the soft corner people are still holding with this Kazzab follower is unbelievable and makes my body shiver to realize this fact that this nation needs a revival of Islam from scratch.

    If this simple matter can’t be understood by them, then forget about others, which are more complex than this.

    Allah Alone knows how many lies this lier has spoken.

    May Allah guide this Ummah towards wisdom.

  22. heshamsyed says:

    @Abu Muhammad : Please continue doing what you are doing , dont ever get discouraged by curt and poisonous remarks – Allah will reward you Jazak um Allah Khair – All those who are hiding under the viel of fascinating terminologies like Pakistan , Progress , Nationalism , Sharia , Khilafat at the cost of Hurmatey Rasool ( sav ) are all bunch of bull shits that is the least can be said – Many have reverted and more will come back to their senses – It has never been easy to bring people to correct understanding of Islam and the true purpose of living in this world. Even Prophet ( sav ) had to go through all kinds of humiliations , oppositions and rejections and such people are still there even with so called Muslim names to degrade him ( sav ) and undermine his mission , They belong to Satanic Cult — When these people will revert by receiving Hidayat from Allah ( swt ) they will appreciate your and others efforts insha-Allah.

  23. Imhere says:

    @ Abu Muhammad

    I agree with you brother, but my point is if they have moved towards a good/better stance We should respect and appreciate that rather then calling them lair etc etc. If I can return from the “SEHER” of Zaid why can’t they? They also are human beings like us who can make blunders and can never be Perfect.

    Hope you understand that, I am not defending PKKH but am just giving them some space brother and Praying that May ALLAH (SWT) guide Me, Them and all Muslims to what is right.

  24. Whats In a Name says:

    All should fear Allah alone. We must know that if we are falsely slandering someone it is a great sin.

    Our judgment should be on Quran and Sunnah only. Those who are well versed with Quran and Sunnah can only estimate what is desirable to Allah, and is the way of the Prophet(saws).

    It is Allah’s responsibility to preserve Quran. We must remember that.

    If you want to write against ZH then bring proof of his writings/talk where he goes against Quran or Sunnah.

    I see a lot of manipulative content on your website and not a single proof.

    I am not trying to defend ZH here. I only think that your website is creating disharmony and disunity.

    Much bigger campaigns were launched to discredit Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. But history is witness to what was the truth.

    Both Jinnah and Iqbal were slandered in the same manner and were called blasphemer.

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