Letter of Yusuf Kazab in Which He Wished to Have Ghain as His Spiritual Wife

Ghain was married to Noon and both the husband and wife were a mureed of Yusuf Kazab. Yusuf liked Ghain and declared her to be his spiritual wife. Ghain went on to live with Yusuf Kazab for 2 years and returned to her husband, only when Yusuf was arrested and sent to Jail.

Yusuf knew some sort of black magic or hypnotizing technique, because of which when he was around no one was able to say no to him. It was only when he went to jail that both Noon and Ghain realized what has happened and got really angry. Yusuf then wrote a letter from Jail trying to pacify them. This letter that Yusuf wrote from Jail could be read here.

Ghain and Noon now live abroad and don’t want to remember anything of this ugly past.

The following pages have been extracted from the book Yusuf Kazab part 2 by Arshad Quraishi.

3 comments on “Letter of Yusuf Kazab in Which He Wished to Have Ghain as His Spiritual Wife

  1. marcvs.tacitvs.cicero says:

    Remember this word by kazzab: ghazwa e hind

  2. Asher says:

    Tauba Tauba,

    Kiss tarha yeh shakhs logon ko apnay jaam mein giriftaar karta tha. He was pretty good at his chicanery. In order to cover his crime, he used the “Test of your Choice” and presented that test as coming from Allah(SWT) or Prophet Muhammed(SAWW). Throughout this letter he is forcing people to be obedient to him (Hum nay aapko bataya tha keh hamary ahad ka taluq toot nahin sakta. Yeh koi peer keh saath bayet nahin hay) and threatening them with Azzab-e-ilahee.

    Ya Allah!! Why this guy had no fear of Allah(SWT). Wasn’t he afraid of the miserable end?

  3. awaisi says:


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