Eye-Witness Testimonies Against Yusuf Kazab – Yusuf Plundered Our Wealth

This is a small section of eye-witness testimonies against Yusuf Kazab. In all the testimonies, one theme is common – which is that Yusuf asked everyone for money in return for showing him haqeeqat i.e. making him meet Prophet Muhammad saaw. This is also evident from Hesham Syed’s testimony that Yusuf demanded money from him.

However, this time around the Kazab cult did not plunder money from innocent people in return for showing them haqeeqat, but rather in return for the dream of imposing Shariah in Pakistan.

The following pages have been extracted from the book Yusuf Kazab part 2 by Arshad Quraishi.

14 comments on “Eye-Witness Testimonies Against Yusuf Kazab – Yusuf Plundered Our Wealth

  1. Asher says:

    Intihai Kameena aadmi nikla yeh Kazzab!!

    I really thank this team in exposing a Kazzab like this. He was running a business in the disguise of a “sufi”. He charged money for the “deedar-e-Muhammed” and fulfilled his sexual lust by dishonoring women.

  2. heshamsyed says:

    Yusuf had a personal lustful mission and he was blind at heart – but those who are still defending him are more blind than him.

  3. Ali says:

    Thats why i say our mission and Jihad should only be to expose this fitna of Zaid Hamid, and we are all united against Zaid Hamidism. we have to give a chance to democracy. because its not against Islam, and our Qaid M.A Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a democratic state.

  4. asad khan says:

    Hazrat Muhammad saw said
    “aik admi ko jhota hone ke lye ye kafi hai ke vo suni sunai bat begair tehqeeq ke age biyan krta hai ”
    and mr adim your prov is this book written against yousaf. You dont have a single peace of writting which you can say is written by yousaf himself. All letters and others things are takken from this book.
    Any thing written by yousaf is a refrence.
    If you have any thing with prove you publish that according to hadis if you have publish a single thing without proof you are a lier.
    Tume khuda se dar nai lagta.

  5. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Asad Khan

    If your looking for something written by Yousuf Kazzab, read below:

    Now, before you speak up and tell us that we are just forwarding a “sune sunayee baat”, why don’t you better check it for yourself. We are presenting the eye-witness testimonies which were presented in the court. From where your concluding we are telling stories.?

    If you think the dairy above is also taken from this book and we are lying, then go the court, get the record and prove us wrong instead of just typing words for the sake of typing.

  6. asad khan says:

    Where in this book is written that
    “Allah ne muje 99 shadiyo ke ijazat de hai”
    “Mai Allah ka Nabi hoo”
    “Muj pe vahi nazil hote hai”
    “Hazoor SAW ke bad mai nabi hoo”
    “Muje pe jibrael AS nazil hote hai”
    “Jo muje nabi nai mane ga vo kafir hai”
    i dont think there is any such statement

    tell me if you have publish any thing outside this diary than you are publishing sune sunai bat WITH OUT TEHQEEQ and you are a lier.

  7. asad khan says:

    now i know
    why you deleted my comment
    what happened tell me are you muslim
    Tume Khuda se dar nai lagta

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Asad Khan

    We very closely monitor the comments. People like you come and flood your comments with different names WITH SAME CONTENT and consider us not to take action. Don’t you think your only fooling yourself here?

    All the things you mentioned, may be, Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani (Lanatullah alayeh) didn’t say as well. Thus, should we consider him Muslim as well? Let me copy for you what Yousuf Kazzb directly wrote in his dairy and then you’ve to respond your comment on it. Don’t respond if you have to say that the evidence is fake etc without any proof.

    Muhammad SAW has been always present in physical. After the apparent death of the physical body, it rolls back into the real body of Muhammad Mustafa SAW. Thus Noor goes back to its origin Immediately, the trascendent Muhammad SAW + Noor of physical Muhammad SAW descends on the most chosen individual, Who became Nabi/Rasool/Mard e Kamil of his times; Thus the next form of Muhammad is similar (rather glorified) to the previous form in apparent and in real. So it can be said that Muhammad is still alive in physical. His first form was Adam SAW and the current is Muhammad Yusuf Ali SAW.


  9. Furqan says:

    All those who are defending ZH, should ask Allah swt for hidayat.

    Most of these people have only heard ZH on television or on the stage, they knew nothing about kazzab, about ZH ’s connection with kazzab, or the reality of ZH.

    It is a pity that they are so blinded by their inflated ego that these young people refuse to accept that yusuf kazzab was a fraud, claimed to be prophet nauzobillah, and that he was a rapist. All in all a ghaleez man, a shaitaan.

    How many of these ZH fans met kazzab personally? None, yet they are defending him. How many know that ZH is repeating the same selected poetry of Iqbal that kazzab use to recite in his own favor? None, yet they are defending him. How many know that kazzab use to talk about ghazwa-e hind just like ZH? None, yet they defend him.

    There are people who knew ZH personally when he was a devoted mureed of kazzab and there are people who were themselves victim of kazzab’s fitna once and have realized that it was only Allah’s guidance and rehmat that their Iman was saved. People who are ready to tell the world that yusuf kazzab claimed right infront of them that he was the Prophet Nauzobillah.

    All i can say about ZH fans is that they are summun, bukmun, omyun. Today ZH is defending a Kazzab and they are supporting him, tomorrow if ZH starts to defend Abu-Jahl or Saamri, these blinded fans will still support him. Their hearts are sealed, no amount of reasoning will convince them. They are not the ones who can receive hidayat because they are enveloped in darkness upon darkness and cannot see light.

    They are the ones gone astray “Dhal-leen”

    Inna lillah he wa inna alaihe rajeoon.

  10. asad khan says:

    Please dont divert from topic now you are admitting that these things are not written by yousaf…….i.e (ALLAH mje 99 shadion ki ijazat di hai etc) and other 70% of stuff that you copied from book cant b consider authentic…
    Why are publishing these things without tehqeq
    Quran say’s
    “Kisi b shaks k jhota hone k lia yeh kafi hai k woh bila tehqeq suni baat agay pohncha day”
    Now you can consider about yourselt that what you..what bad king of muslim you….

  11. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Asad Khan

    I don’t have time to go around with you on useless arguments while I have clarified the stance. It is you who is avoiding answers not me. We are in contact with those who were involved, thus don’t blame us that we are just passing out information without confirming it.

    It is you now who is doing bad by thinking bad about us. Think about yourself first, before you point fingers on others.

    First bring us answers to things which we have proved, exposed and refuted regarding Zaid Hamid.

    Don’t bother yourself to reply now for the sake of argument.

  12. Asher says:


    Abu Muhammed has given you a befitting response. Your first argument was where did Yusuf Kazzab claimed that he is a new prophet and jibreel brings him wahi?

    When hackers create viruses, they find new “loopholes”. They don’t reuse the old ones

    Yusuf’s Kazzab exploited a weakness (a loophole) in Sufism (and I think that parts needs correction). That Allah(SWT) created the noor of Piaray Nabi (SAWW) before everything else and that he was a star. This belief feels weird that Holy Prophet(SAWW) was a star and not created with clay. Allah(SWT) says in Holy Quran that He created Adam with clay. Isn’t Nabi-e-Kareem Mohammed (SAWW)a progeny of Adam? Don’t human being beget another human being?

    Anyways that discussion is for a different time. So Kazzab’s belief that this same noor travelled from one prophet into another and finally into Yusuf Kazzab. This is a new fitna he created which is sooo dangerous that you don’t realize. He, via this belief, got the authority to do whatever Kazzab like. Didn’t he extort huge sums of money from devotees? Didn’t he dishoner many virgins? Women literally believed that in the body of Yusuf Kazzab lies the noor or rooh of Prophet Mohammed (SAWW). Didn’t this Kazzab say that all the current translation of the Holy Quran are invalid? Don’t you think that Kazzab would have used this authority to change the message of Islam?

    Look at all the documents presented in the court and published on this blog. Read the contents of the message of Yusuf which he himself admitted to be true. The contents don’t lie. There is enough in those content to know that Yusuf was a shady character. I don’t understand why Zaid Hamid ignores this aspect of Yusuf Kazzab as if it is okay to cheat, rape and do “ghaban”. Even this alone should be enough for Zaid Hamid to know that this guy can not be a highly spiritual sufi who deceive, hurt, exploit, and rape his devotees. I have seen Sufis living the life of faqar. What kind of faqeer he was who lived in a rich mansion in defence? But Zaid conveniently ignores this and continues to believe Kazzab as spiritual leader. I think Zaid has gone nuts and can not be trusted as a leader.

  13. Asher says:

    Dear Furqan,

    You are 100% right 🙂 Very beautifully said what I couldn’t say.

    I, like many people, became such strong supporters of Zaid Hamid that we believed in everthing that he said as correct. If he said Hamid Mir is CIA agent, we believed it. If he said a certain group of Muslims is Takfeeri, we believed him. He might be right about few things but blind-devotion is NEVER a good thing. When I first found out about Zaid phenomenon, I also found out about the Yusuf Kazzab thing but I was not willing to consider Zaid as shoddy so I never paid attention to the folks who were against Zaid. I just thought it was a propaganda against Zaid and the Indians are against him. I had never known Zaid, Kazzab or other bloggers in person. It was ONLY online.

    @ASAD, you are exactly doing the same. In defending Zaid Hamid, you are defending Yousuf Kazzab without caring to find out who the hell he was. You should not be a blind follower of Zaid for he is only a human being and can make mistakes. You should use your brain to form your own opinion about Yusuf Kazzab. Don’t just read from the script that Zaid has given you. You are baligh and intelligent, use it. Go do your own research. Dig up works of Kazzab and read them on your own without being affected by your pre-conceived ideas. I can guarantee you will see kazzab’s real face soon.

  14. malik says:

    asad khan sahab tm khan ho islye aisi behki behki baten kr rahay ho..


    ye link visit kro.waise ismay tmhara qasoor nhi khan sahab.ainda aisi jahilana baten mat karna mjhe to tum khud musalman nahi lagtay.mere pas kuttay kazab ki puri detail mojod hai pehle tum khud tehqeeq kar k ao phir 2sro ko iska dars do.is kuttay ko to sar-e-aam damper se kuchalna chahye.

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