Yusuf Kazab With His Spiritual Wife Aneela [Photo]

This photo was provided to print media by a person name Ahmed Deen. Ahmed Deen was a senior officer in the government on Economic Affairs and was the father of Sohail – who was a computer engineer and one of the Khalifa’s of Yusuf Kazab.

Sohail and Zaid Hamid used to be present at all court hearings during the Yusuf Kazab case. Sohail is currently running the spiritual side of Kazabi cult and Zaid Hamid is running the political and propaganda side of the Kazabi cult. Both of them were die-hard followers of Kazab and were made Khalifa by Kazab, due to their unwavering support. The duties and responsibilities of Zaid Hamid and Sohail are as follows:

  • Zaid Hamid’s job was to get wealthy families and personalities into Yusuf’s cult so that Yusuf could rob them of their money and property.
  • Sohail’s job was to get beautiful and young girls into Yusuf’s cult and ultimately encourage them to become Yusuf’s wives.

The image could be obtained from the record of Takbeer or Khabrain.

Yusuf Kazab with his Spiritual Wife Aneela

Yusuf Kazab with his Spiritual Wife Aneela

Aneela was an unmarried woman from Lahore. Yusuf declared her to be his spiritual wife and she started living with Yusuf in Lahore and also accompanied him during his visit to Karachi. When Aneela’s father found out about all this, he got furious and tried to make her realise what she was doing.

When Aneela found out about the reality, she went into mental trauma and was admitted in a psycological ward of an hospital in Karachi.

24 comments on “Yusuf Kazab With His Spiritual Wife Aneela [Photo]

  1. YASIR says:


  2. awaisi says:


  3. hesham syed says:

    NadaaN ttha bey chaarah dil hee tto hai – !

  4. Yasir says:

    Salam junab ,Is their Any Video where Zaid Zaman Hamid saying Yousuf Kazzab is (Nauzubillah) Snaps Can made it ,due to today technology, If He is Non-Muslim or He did worst Mistake but if ,He want to save Pakistani Youth and Try to provoke the nation so what’s the problem ? If there is no Charasmitical Leader in Muslims these days so Might be a Non-Muslim can change the destiny of Pakistan.His Personal Matter and lots of Muslims hurt due to her this Sin , So If you are to geat with Pakistani Nation why you don’t Start Any dominating kind of movement in Pakistan..??? Why You people don’t came infront of youth cause you people coward or ???

  5. Yasir says:

    Where Zaid Hamid Accept Yousuf Kazzab ???

  6. hamza says:

    kitna acha nabi(naoozobillah)tah Zaid hamid kaa

  7. shahid khan says:

    I tried but i could not figure out whose picture is this and are there 2 persons or one person.

    the picture is not clear can a clear picture be uploaded.

    secondly @ Fidaiye Rasool SAAW

    i read some where in your posts that when yousaf kazab was shifted from one kabristan to another daily asaas (may be some other newpaper) team has captured the whole seen in a video.IT would be very helpful if you can get that video.

    the audio at bait ur raza is uploaded every where is there any video of that event can you get one that would be very helpful.

    yousaf kazzabs dead body was shifted under the custody of police can you find that police officers which were there it would be better if you can get their interviews also.

    any picture in which yousaf kazzab and his chela zaid kazab are together.

    there would have been many followers of this kazzab one can estimate from the evil strategy that this man had ,can you find those people it would be very important they can expose this person a lot more.they would know much more of what happened inside.

  8. Zeeshan Najmi says:

    Islam nay he kaha hae na kay pehlay SOCHO, SAMJHO phir AMAL karo?
    Aur Suni Sunai baaton per bhe yaqeen karnay say mana kiya hae. Tou Bhai ye saari Haqeeqat pehlay kahan thee? ab itnay zor-o-shor say samnay kyun aarahi hae? Zaid Hamid kay case ko DEEN ki basis per kyun evaluate kiya ja raha hae. Ek insaan MULK ki baat karta hae tou usko DEEN ki aarh main Badnaam kiya jata hae.

    On a Different Note:
    Altaaf Hussain MQM Quaid kay saath bhe yahi kiya gaya thaa. Jab unhon nay Karachi ko uska haq dilanay ki baat ki thee. Itna bara masla bana diya kay Unko bhe Apnay he mulk say Rukhsat hona para. Samajh nahen aata kay Jis kisi nay bhe PAKISTAN ki Falah kay liye kuch karna chaha usko DEEN aur ZAAT kay naam per BADNAAM kiya gaya.

    Khair ab kya bolay insaan Jo log apnay Bani-e-Pakistan QUAID AZAM MUHAMMAD Ali Jinnah ko aaj tak bura bhala kehtay hain aur unko Non-Muslim honay ka ilzaam daytay hain tou Aisay Fitno ka kuch nahen kiya jasakta.. Khuda ka wasta Zaid Hamid kay Mazhab ko aur aqeedon ko un kay haal per chor dain aur Mulk ki Falah ki taraf kaam karain…

    PS: I know all my comments wont get published on your website, if not that will prove your authenticity!

    Thanks & Regards,

    Zeeshan Najmi
    MSc, Data Telcomms & Networks,

  9. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Zeeshan Najmi

    It is always good to have a good assumption about your own Muslims brothers. If your post follows blog rules, it is always approved. Thus, you can see your comment here.

    This didn’t come to reality before because Zaid Hamid was lying about his links with Yousuf Kazzab. They he got exposed by the leaked video and here we stand now

    It is very important for us to know the Aqeedah of the person who is trying to lead us. A Kafir/Mulhid can’t lead a nation nor can a lier.

    You talk about that one person talks about Pakistan, then let me tell you that Qadyanis talk about ‘Islam’, not only Pakistan. This doesn’t make them right nor their leadership right.

    On a right note:

    Altaaf Hussain MQM is safe where he is now. We don’t want to indulge in any political discussion. It will be off topic.

  10. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Yasir

    I can’t imagine someone getting too low for Zaid Hamid and would not mind even a non-Muslim ruling the nation. Subhanallah.

    This is only a sign of a nation, who had steeped too low and can’t realize the importance of Islam and faith.

    I won’t say.
    “Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz”

    but I’d rather say for this
    “Pakistanion ka Khuda he Hafiz”

  11. muhammad says:

    Allah hamain in kafiron k fitne se bachae!!!!

  12. sofi ibrar says:


  13. A Khokar says:

    What ever the allegation are leveled up in Takbeer paper but onus of the blame remains prejudice to the decision of honorable court that whether it was proved as such in the court or not?

    Was this allegation filed in the court and if it was filled. (Reportedly these are not filed) Any how if this was filed; how the court took them?

    I hope the allegation levelers they may also be aware of it that in Islam you need four witnesses to prove fornication, rape of a women.

    If all this is not proved in the court then all these allegations leveled up as such will fall in the category of; a mollified intent to defame a person and are called Bohattan. Can Takbeer news paper explain that what should be the punishment who levels up a Bohtaan?

    In any case; a Muslim is allowed to have four wives and you may not take a women in marriage with having an acquaintance.

  14. Fasi Uddin says:


    * Zaid Hamid’s job was to get wealthy families and personalities into Yusuf’s cult so that Yusuf could rob them of their money and property.
    * Sohail’s job was to get beautiful and young girls into Yusuf’s cult and ultimately encourage them to become Yusuf’s wives.

    We need to find out where is the other Chela of Kazzab and where is he practicing his magic skills now a days.

    Somebody needs to be in touch with his family and friend and get the real picture as was done in the case of ZH.

    It would be a great proof if anybody can get the videos of Kazzab’s sittings with ZH attending, although I believe on the articles on this site but for some young troops of his, this could be beneficial to show them the light.


  15. Tabrez says:

    Did the Prophet know the Ghaib?
    Recently I was listening to a speaker who was talking about a war between Pakistan and India, and was quoting some hadeeth to support that the Prophet made predictions about the Muslim conquest of India. The speaker was promoting a dangerous philosophy advocating a deadly war between two nuclear armed nations.
    As is always the case with me, I decided to review this alleged hadeeth in the light of God’s Book – al-Qur’an. I wanted to know if the Qur’an supports this claim and if there is any indication in the Qur’an that the Prophet made predictions about future events – events of the ghaib or unknown – and if it were part of the mission that was assigned to him by God. The following verses from the Qur’an give a completely different picture than what the speaker was implying in his speech:

    “Say [O Prophet]: ‘It is not within my power to bring benefit to, or avert harm from, myself, except as God may please. And if I knew that which is beyond the reach of human perception, abundant good fortune-would surely have fallen to my lot, and no evil would ever have touched me. I am nothing but a warner, and a herald of glad tidings unto people who will believe.’” (Qur’an 7:188)
    I was struck by this extremely plain and logical verse from the Qur’an. The prophet is made to say that if he did have knowledge of the future – ghaib – then no calamities would have befallen him and he would have all the treasures of the world. The history tells us that the Prophet faced severe hardships in his life, which he could have avoided had he known what is in the future.
    The above verse is not the only verse where the Prophet is made to declare that he has no knowledge of the ghaib. There are several other verses emphasizing this point. Here are a few examples:

    “Say [O Prophet]: ‘I do not say unto you, “God’s treasures are with me,”; nor [do I say], “I know the things that are beyond the reach of human perception”; nor do I say unto you, “Behold, I am an angel”: I but follow what is revealed to me.’ Say: ‘Can the blind and the seeing be deemed equal? Will you not, then, take thought?’” (Quran 6:50)
    This declaration of the Prophet was not new. Prophets before him also made such declarations as well.
    Prophet Noah said:

    “’And I do not say unto you, “God’s treasures are with me”; nor [do I say], “I know the reality which is beyond the reach of human perception”; nor do I say, “Behold, I am an angel”; nor do I say of those whom your eyes hold in contempt, “Never will God grant them any good”- for God is fully aware of what is in their hearts. Were I to speak thus, verily, I would indeed be among the evildoers.’” (Qur’an 11:31)
    What is revealed to the Prophet of the ghaib is identified clearly in the Qur’an as the stories of the past prophets:

    “These accounts of something that was beyond the reach of thy perception We [now] reveal unto thee, [O Muhammad: for] neither thou nor thy people knew them [fully] ere this. Be, then, [like Noah,] patient in adversity – for, behold, the future belongs to the God-conscious!” (Qur’an 11:49)

    “This account of something that was beyond the reach of thy perception We [now] reveal unto thee, [O Prophet:] for thou wert not with Joseph’s brothers when they resolved upon what they were going to do and wove their schemes [against him].” (Qur’an 12:102)
    It is sad that people invent stories that have no basis in the Qur’an and that defy the Qur’an. Since the Qur’an is the Furqan – the criterion to distinguish between what is correct and what is false, we should always seek its help in determining if a certain idea or report or story – especially as it pertains to the Prophet – is correct or false.

    “Or have they a ladder by which they could [ascend to ultimate truths and] listen [to what is beyond the reach of human perception]? Let, then, any of them who have listened [to it] produce a manifest proof [of his knowledge]!” (Qur’an 52:38)
    There are traditions that describe the details of the last Day and the “signs” that herald the coming of the last Day. However, Only God knows the coming of the hour and It will come suddenly:

    “They will ask thee [O Prophet] about the Last hour: ‘When will it come to pass?’ Say: ‘Verily, knowledge thereof rests with my Sustainer alone. None but He will reveal it in its time. Heavily will it weigh on the heavens and the earth; [and] it will not fall upon you otherwise than of a sudden.’ They will ask thee – as if thou couldst gain insight into this [mystery] by dint of persistent inquiry! Say: ‘knowledge thereof rests with my Sustainer alone; but [of this] most people are unaware.’” (Qur’an 7:187)

    “Verily, with God alone rests the knowledge of when the Last hour will come: and He [it is who] sends down rain; and He [alone] knows what is in the wombs: whereas no one knows what he will reap tomorrow, and no one knows in what land he will die, Verily. God [alone] is all-knowing, all-aware.” (Qur’an 31:34)

    “People will ask thee about the Last hour. Say: ‘knowledge thereof rests with God alone; yet for all thou knowest, the Last hour may well be near!’” (Qur’an 33:63)
    In none of the above verses the Prophet is made to say that “yes such and such events will indicate that the Last Hour is near”. It is strange that the Book of God makes no such claims on behalf of the Prophet, and yet, the traditions are full of stories of details will happen near the time of Qiamat and these traditions show – contrary to the reports in the Qur’an – that the Prophet had knowledge of all these future events.
    The fact is that it was not the mission of the Prophet to forecast or predict the future, and nowhere is he shown in the Qur’an to ever make any such claims about the ghaib. As opposed to that he is clearly made to identify his mission in the Qur’an in no uncertain terms so that the people after him do not invent false stories about his mission.
    The Mission of the Prophet:

    “You are NOTHING but a Warner . Surely We have sent you with the truth as a bearer of GOOD NEWS and a WARNER , and there is not a people but a Warner has gone among them.”(Qur’an 35:23-24)

    “Do they not reflect that their companion has not unsoundness in mind; he is ONLY A PLAIN WARNER .” (Qur’an 7:184)

    “Then, it may be that you will give up part of what is revealed to you and your breast will become straitened by it because they say: Why has not a treasure been sent down upon him or an angel come with him? You are ONLY A WARNER< ; and it is Allah that arranges all affairs.” (Qur’an 11:12)

    “And We have not sent you BUT as a giver of good news and as a warner .” (Qur’an 25:56)

    “Say: ‘I exhort you only to ONE thing, that rise up for Allah’s sake in twos and singly, then reflect’: there is no madness in your companion; he is NOTHING BUT A WARNER to you before a severe chastisement.” (Qur’an 34:46)

    “Say: ‘I am ONLY a warner , and there is no god but Allah, the One, the Subduer (of all).’” (Qur’an 38:65)

    “ONLY this has been revealed to me: that I am to give warning plainly .”(Qur’an 38:70)

    “Say: ‘O people! I am ONLY A PLAIN WARNER to you .’” (Qur’an 22:49)

    “’I am commanded ONLY that I should serve the Lord of this city, Who has made it sacred, and His are all things; and I am commanded that I should be of these who submit; and that I should RECITE THE QUR’AN. Therefore whoever goes aright, he goes aright for his own soul, and whoever goes astray, then say: I am ONLY ONE OF THE WARNERS .’” (Qur’an 27:91-92)

    “And they say: ‘Why are not signs sent down upon him from his Lord?’ Say: ‘The signs are only with Allah, and I am only a plain warner .’” (Qur’an 29:50)

    “They say: ‘When will this promise come true if you speak the truth?’ Say: The knowledge is with Allah only, and I am ONLY a plain warner .’”(Qur’an 67:26)
    In no uncertain terms the Prophet has been made to emphasize his mission on this earth: He is only here to warn that consequences of bad actions will be bad, and to give good news that the consequences of good actions will be good. He is not here to establish God’s “government” or “kingdom” on earth (God’s government has always been on earth and will always be there whether there are Muslims in the world or not); and he is not here to make predictions of future wars.
    The fact is that certain individuals are using falsehood to perpetrate war and bloodshed on earth. They promote these false ideas in the guise of “Islam” (Peace).These are the individuals against whom the Qur’an warns:

    “When it is said to them:’ Make not mischief on the earth,’ they say: ‘Why, we only want to make peace!’ Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not.” (Qur’an 2:11-12)
    We should be aware of such people and always use the Qur’an – the Furqan – to distinguish what is right from what is wrong.

  16. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Tabrez

    The overall message is agreed from you in terms of main subject. But let me clarify a few things.

    1. We consider Quran and Sunnah both as part of Islam and consider authentic hadith of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) part of faith.

    2. We consider Jihad to be the pinnacle of Islam and the best of the Ibadah (worship) and we consider Jihad to be obligatory as per the Fiqh of Jihad. Thus when Jihad is being done you can not quote this Quranic Verse [2:11-12] and conclude for these Mujahideen that they are making mischief. It is the other way around.

    3. Just like there is obligation of Prayers and Fast, the obligation of Jihad is also there and as Muslims we support it and yearn for it.

    Hope this clarifies a few things regarding us.

  17. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ A Khokar

    The Ulama filed a case against Yousuf Kazzab for ‘attempt of zina’ not ‘act of zina’. Please understand the difference between the two.

    There is no punishment of buhtan for ‘attempt of zina’, it is only for ‘act of zina’. The Ulama know more than you the punishments and hadood, that is why to be on the safe side, they decided to file with ‘attempt of zina’ because due to customs around, it is very difficult for women to come forward and witness against the one committed this act. Since Yousuf Kazzab case was already proven to a blasphemer thus, it could have been felt appropriate not to proceed with this charge.

    Otherwise, there is no doubt on these. There are still witnesses live today.

    Yeah, Muslim is allowed to have four wives. As for this case Aneela was not the wife of Yousuf Kazzab but rather taken into as a ‘spiritual wife’; something unfound in Islam.

  18. heshamsyed says:

    @Tabrez need to be advised appropriately – he is missing many perspective to interpret Quranic verses correctly.

  19. Asad Ullah says:

    Br Abu Muhammad,

    I like your comments. Please tell me what if there was nikah between the women and men in the picture above. Do you have a statement from women that she was not married to the man?

    JizakAllah for clarification

  20. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Asad Ullah

    There was no Nikah between them. If there was Yousuf Kazzab would have mentioned that in his bio data in the court proceedings. He was married to one wife only.

    Brother, if she was married to Yousuf Kazzab, then why would his father get furious over it and why would she go into mental trauma, if she was his wife?

  21. mahnoor ahmed says:

    all abt zaid hamid is rubbish he has no relation wid yusuf kazzab he only ptomotes d msges of allama iqbal

  22. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Mahnoor Ahmed

    Your right he has not relationship with ‘Yousuf Kazzab’. He only knows ‘Yousaf Ali’ whom we call ‘Kazzab’. Thank you for your testifying the Kalma of Zaid Hamid.

  23. Imtiaz Hussain says:

    Aap sab logon ko Salam,
    Taaluq hona ya na hona alag chez he aur kisis ke aqeedey ki perwi bilkul alag chez he. Yahan moamla ek aam admi ya sheri ka nahi he balke os admi ka he jo zabardasti qom ka leader bannay ki sar tor kosis kar raha he. Aap log 20 sal ki omar tak Math aur Physics parhte hen, aap men se kitne hen jo ye keh sakte hen keh Einstein ki “Theory of Relativity” poori tarha onki samajh men agai. Deen ke muqable men ek mamooli si chez ko samajhne ke liye 20 sal ki Academic education hasil karna zrori he lekin Deen aur Aqeeda tauheed kya itne kam darje ki chez he jis ka jo dil chahe keh de woh bhi is haal men ke 10 sal to kya in logon ne 10 mah bhi ilm e deen nahi seekha hota. Wese to aap sabka Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani malaoon se koi taaluq nahi, to phir kya khayal he hamen os malaoon ko kazzab manna he ya nahi. Yad rakhen jo koi bhi Yousuf Kazzab ko kazzab nahi mane ga wo khud bhi kazzab hoga ya doosre lafzon men Zaid Hamid wese to Hindoon, essaiyoon aur yahoodiyoon ke khilaf to bohat sakht zaban istimal karta he lekin kya wajha he keh court men sabit shudah Kazzab ko woh kazzab nahi kehta. Ham ek pal men ache se ache aalim ko gali dete hen aur samajhte hen keh esa karne se hamara deen eman kharab nahi ho ga. Allah pak ka farmaan he “Jhooton pe allah ki lanat”. To jhoot bolne wale leader ki qayadat men aap falah kese pa sakte hen. Jhoote nabi ke jhoot ko jo jhoot na smjhta ho aap khud andaza laga len woh admi kesa hoga. Hazrat Mohammad Mustofa SAW ne farmaya ” Jab Allah kisi ki bhalai chahta he to os ko deen ki samajh ata kar deta hai.” Rassol aur apke sahaba deen pe chale to bohat taklefen bardast keen. Ham log deen pe chalna chahte hen bina takleef othaye. Good luck.

  24. Wow! I cant think I have found your blog. Very helpful info.

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