Yusuf Kazab: I Didn't Rape 'Ghain', It Was 'Noon's' Spirit Inside My Body

Note: The text of this article might not be suitable for minor boys and girls

When Yusuf was jailed, his mureed’s slowly began to defect from him. Due to this details started emerging of the deeds and acts that Yusuf used to commit with his female Mureed’s.

One such act that came to the limelight was Yusuf’s rape of a married female named ‘ghain’ [Urdu word, exact name with held]. It so happened that ghain when to meet Yusuf, and Yusuf took her to his bedroom and raped her.

Ghain never informed anyone about this, till Yusuf got jailed and others started to reveal Yusuf’s true face. When things started to surface Ghain informed her husband Nouman about this incident. Ghain and Nouman, who were residents of Karachi, threatened to kidnap Yusuf’s daughter and informed other mureeds about this act of Yusuf as well.

During the same time, other mureeds were coming forward with the revelations that Yusuf called himself Muhammad infront of them. The letter that Yusuf wrote from Jail, was to address these two issues:

Issue of declaring himself Muhammad: I wont comment much on his explanation on this issue because the focus of this article is the incident of rape of Ghain.

Issue of Rape of Ghain:

Yusuf’s explanation is based on two points, firstly Yusuf stated that he didnt raped Ghain, but rather:

She experienced an exceptional miracle and it was all spiritual. Miracle is performed by Allah (SWT) and man is not even aware of it.

If Jibrael e Ameen could take the shape of Wahiya Qalbi, then why cant Nouman’s spirit be inside my body.

So basically what Yusuf was trying to say was that it wasnt Yusuf who raped Ghain, but Nouman himself. As at that time Nouman’s spirit was inside of Yusuf’s body.

Yusuf goes on to explain that I know it wont be easy for Nouman to accept that he actually raped his wife Ghain. So he mentions a reference from Holy Quran, Surah e Noor Ayah 3

The fornicator shall not marry any but a fornicatress or idolatress, and (as for) the fornicatress, none shall marry her but a fornicator or an idolater; and it is forbidden to the believers.

After referring to this Ayah, Yusuf Kazab asks Nouman that tell me yourself have you committed rape in your life – if yes than your wife Ghain has also done sex with me. But if you have not been indulged in illicit sex, then according to Quran Ghain has also not done anything with me, and therefore whatever she is saying was not done by me – but by you yourself.

The following pages have been extracted from the book Yusuf Kazab part 1 by Arshad Quraishi.

The letter written by Yusuf Kazab from Adyala Jail is embedded below:

16 comments on “Yusuf Kazab: I Didn't Rape 'Ghain', It Was 'Noon's' Spirit Inside My Body

  1. marcvs.tacitvs.cicero says:


    wrong grammar:

    “Yusuf Kazab: I Didnt Raped ‘Ghain’, It Was ‘Noon’s’ Spirit Inside My Body”

    correct: I Didn”t Rape

    [Remarks: Jazakallah, corrected]

  2. So as it turns out, Yousaf was not only a kazzab but also a rapist? How can ppl be so blind and follow a person (Zaid Hamid) who is companion of a horrible person like Yousaf Kazzab?

  3. marcvs.tacitvs.cicero says:

    Naouzubillah, Naouzubillah, Naouzubillah!

    Amazing brother. Jazak Allah for putting this up. This proves, if there ever was any doubt, that Zaid Kazzab is the khaleefa of a rapist false prophet.

    I also remember reading something where he told a girl that he is the Noor of Allah and she is the Noor of Muhammad (saw) and Kazzab and this girl will make love on Farsh just like Allah and Muhammad (saw) loved on Arsh. Naouzubillah. Put that up too if you get time.

    Jazak Allah.

  4. hesham syed says:

    Caution : Wives of the members of Yusuf Cult – Watch out who is coming to you ? AstaghfarAllah – Can this philosophy be adopted by a sane person of any religion so to speak about Islam.

    Yusuf eventually met his destiny which he had chosen but I feel sorry for those men and women who were lost and were simply fulfilling his lustful desires.

    Allah sub ko aisey fitney sey bachaaiey — Kia aisee he aqaaieyd kee tauseeq karaaney key chakkar meiN hai Zaid Ulema karaam sey ? Hairat hai key iss aqal sey paidal ko kiya ho gaieya hai – issey hoash kab aaiey ga ? Kia ussey tauba ki taufeeq naseeb nahee hoa gee ? Kia ussey Hurmatey Rasool ( sav ) ka sahee faham kabhi hoa ga ?

  5. awaisi says:

    yeh tu waqai bohat la’anati shakhs tha, zaid hamid ko waise tu duniya ki tamam batoon ki aqal hai ,lekin yeh saada si baat us ko samajh nahi aati ke aik bad charachter insaan Allah ka wali kaise ho sakta hai.sach hai ke emaan Allah ki bohat barri naimat aur rehmat hai ,Allah hum sab ko emaan pe qayam rakhe aur jo gumrahi ka shikar ho rahe hein un ko bhi hidayat de, ameen.

  6. Ahad says:

    Excuse me. Yousaf ali proved in the court through a medical test that he cant MATE! SO please stay illiterate ZHE! =S

  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ahad

    Only a mentally insane person will say what your saying, and only a mentally insane person will accept what your saying.

  8. MZ says:

    Ahad please see his pic with Mureed (Aneela) in other post and kindly dont defend 100% proven kazaab. This is what ulema feared that ultimately Zaid Hamid’s favour will lead to favouring Yusuf Kazab.

  9. Syed Hassan Asif says:

    Some very important terms to be noted in this letter are listed below:

    a. “Fitna”
    b. “Syed Family”
    d. “Tohmat” and “bohtan”
    c. “Istehkam-e-Pakistan”
    d. “Ahya-e-millat-e-Islamia”

    Echo os these terms are still being heard in text written and speeches made by ZH.

    Following the same philosophy?

  10. Ahad says:

    @ Abu Muhammad

    Please go and do some research and read the court proceedings! =S

  11. Asher says:

    La Hola Wala Quwwata Illah Billah!!


    Itnee ghatia ghatia baatein kee hay iss Yusuf Kazzab ne keh aqal dang reh jaati hay ke loag iss keh dhokay mein kaisay agay?

    Look at the sleak talk of this Kazzab!!

    “…Nauman’s nafs entered Kazzab’s body and therefore it wasn’t me who was doing the haram act with Nauman’s wife…”

    All he had to do was to put the nafs of any husband and molest his wife. What Rubbish!!!!

  12. Asher says:


    Is this cult still active? It is said many influential people became Kazzab’s mureed. Many army generals and politicians. I have also seen these politicians believe in peeri-mureedi a lot. Where is this guy Sohail (who used to supply women) and Abdul Wahid (who used to hold shaitani mehfil in his house in karachi?

  13. khan says:

    @ Syed Hassan Asif
    True lair zh is more or less continuing the same philosophy just by focusing it towards current Pakistani-nation’s issues.

    I must say that this lair-Yusuf had vicious command in manipulating words and in Urdu writing… ThankGod lair-yusuf is dead… else I’m sure we have many weak people who would have rushed in his false faith…

    I hope we will soon find any solution to lair zh’s issue… this is an unfinished job that we have to deal with… this is learning for us… we should not forget examples set by great Sahaba in dealing difficult issues…..

    Inshallah kazzab’s associates will soon also find same fruits.

  14. hesham syed says:

    @ Asher,
    I know only as much as I have written on my Blogg
    http://heshamsyed.wordpress.com – read all articles and my reports in urdu and english in the catagory Cult.
    And my input & feedback is also visible at this website.
    I may have met abdulWahid and Suhail both but no one really introduced me with them so I am not sure if I have pictured them right – They are bunch of idiots and misguided satanic craps , good that I never met them – the more I read about these people the more I feel bad about the whole thing – If they have not done Tauba and Astaghfaar , sincere repentance then they can go to Hell – I have least sympathy with any one who makes a mockery of Rasool ( sav ) – If you like you may write to me on my email;
    Whether this Cult is active or not I really dont know – you should be contacting the so called Khalifaas of this satanic Cult if they are still pursuing this and making their way to Hell.

  15. Nadia says:

    @ Asher u asked how people fell in yusuf kazaab’s trap.. u see jab Allah swt dilon pe parde daal deta hai to na to phr wo shakhs na sun sakta hai na dekh sakta hai.. shetan asal mai bande ko hijack kr leta hai, phr usse such jhoot aur jhoot such lgta hai, burai achai aur achai burai.. bas un sab ke sath be aisa hi hua.. ALLAH reham farmaye hum sab pe aur aise fitno se duur rakhe ameen sum ameen..

  16. Asher says:


    I don’t wanna be in touch with anyone from that cult (if it is still active). I don’t know the people behind that organization. When you mentioned that still there are people with Zaid who were from that cult, it brought chills to my spine.

    @Nadia, yes I totally agree with you. Allah(SWT) aqal par parda daal detay hay. Another thing is having wrong aqaid. If this is what tassawuf is about where a wali can meet prophet in person, then it becomes highly dubious. Look at the consequence of having such a belief. Some Maloon came along exploiting the core of that belief.

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