Clarification By Ahmed Quraishi Regarding PKKH, Takmeel and Zaid Hamid

Dear Hesham Sahib,

Thank you for sharing this. Just a small but important correction:

This email by Mr. Asher Fawad was NOT sent to me.  I am not part of Takmeel or Wakup or any other project that Mr. Zaid Hamid and his teams are involved in.  Mr. Fawad sent this letter to PKKH team who launched Wakeup and Takmeel projects.  For some reason, Mr. Fawad copied me on the email. I don’t know him personally. One of my Web editors checking my mail posted it on my Fcebook page.

I hope you will place this clarification at an appropriate place in the published piece, or at least remove my name from this line : “This email was sent by Asher Fawad to Ahmed Quraishi, Dan Qayyum and other PKKH members.”
This line gives the false impression that somehow I am part of the ‘PKKH members’.

Keep up your good work.

It is important now to do some detoxification by telling our young people that working for Pakistan and Islam can be done without defending Mr. Hamid’s wrong position on Yusuf Kazzab.

Ahmed Quraishi

Islamabad, Pakistan.

7 comments on “Clarification By Ahmed Quraishi Regarding PKKH, Takmeel and Zaid Hamid

  1. Aashiq-e-Rasul SAW says:

    I absolutely agree with Ahmed Quraishi!!

    I would request the team of PKKH & Takmeel to please keep working for Pakistan & Islam. But do it without ZH because of his beliefs. PKKH & Takmeel have so much talent and sincerity. May Allah bless them. Ameen

  2. So this means, at this stage all PKKH, Takmeel, Ahmed Quraishi has parted ways with ZH. People like Maria B & Ali Azmat will be first ones to flee as well when they see their popularity is at stake.

    Allah is Great!

  3. YASIR says:


  4. Talkhaba says:

    Thanks Ahmed for realizing that working for Islam and Pakistan can be done without supporting Z Z Kazzab

  5. Asif iqbal says:

    Assalama u Alaikum!

    Ahmed bhai jab aapne man hi lia hai k Zaid hamid aik bad aqeedah shakhs hai, tu ab aap TALIBAN ko protest karna chor dain apne PROGRAMS main.!!

    Allah Hafiz!!

  6. Asher says:


    I don’t know Mr. Ahmed Quraishi in person. Like many others I visit his website from time to time. I admire his style of writing and consider him a good defender of Pakistani standpoint. I wrote the above letter to Dan and copied it to other folks including Ahmed. My intention was to make clear to Dan my viewpoints regarding Zaid and a bit of advice for Zaid so our youths are not mislead.

    When I came to know about Zaid Hamid by watching his videos on Mumbai fiasco in November 2008, I became his instant fan and considered that he will fix the political problems of Pakistan. During the same time I came across many Pakistani internet blogs. Among them was Mr. Quraishi’s On that page, he gives many links to different Pakistani bloggers. I started reading Pak Alert,, PKKH and rupeenews etc. I became imbued with a desire to serve my country from abroad and decided to spread the political message of these bloggers. I used to send videos and articles to my friends and some yahoo groups that I had joined.

    My association with PKKH lasted for a few months in 2009 and I had to opt out because of some personal reasons. I was never an active member of PKKH because of my busy work schedule. All I could do for them is distribute their weekly newsletter.

    I can tell you that PKKH is a group of patriotic talented young Pakistanis who want to do for their country what their elders could not do. They have no association with Yusuf Kazzab and his cult. He was never the focus and never was discussed. It is true that PKKH works with other bloggers for the betterment of Pakistan. This Takmeel-e-Pakistan project was run by another blogger who joined hands with PKKH. I don’t know when Zaid Hamid started supporting this since I was out of PKKH by then. I also believe that PKKH can do without Zaid Hamid. PKKH has bunch of talented people who have a deep religious background who can be great leaders of tomorrow.

    I want to give you this disclaimer that I have been out of Pakistan and settled abroad for the last 25 years. I have no association with any of the Pakistani bloggers. My only way of communication with them was through the internet. These websites are independantly run by their founders. I agree with some of their policies but not everything. My support had been only moral.

  7. LETHIMCOME says:

    I agree, PKKH and Maria B , has nothing to do with Zaid Hamid any more, verify by own sources.

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