Zaid Hamid's Official Fanpage Taken Over by Fidaiyeen e Rasool S.A.W

Alhamdulillah the official fanpage of Zaid Hamid which had more than 48,000 fans has been taken over by fidaiyeen e rasool saaw. Apparently some members of Zaid Hamid’s inner circle have revolted against Zaid Hamid and have removed all other admins of the page from the admin status.

In the beginning TeamBT thought that the page has been hacked. This is not true, no one has hacked the page, as hacking the page means, hacking Facebook itself. If that would have been the case news outlets and blogs around the world would have reported it by now. Instead some internal members have removed others from administering the page. This is why TeamBT is unable to post updates to the page or remove comments or ban users who are posting comments against Zaid Hamid.

Humaira Naz, who is a member of TeamBT and used to comment on Zaid Hamid’s official page with the id HN TeamBT has acknowledged this fact in person, via the following comment on Zaid Hamid’s fanpage.

Humaira Naz Dear all, due to the removal of admins on our old FB page, we have been forced to create this new page. The reason are not clear. Inshallah, we will continue to march along in the face of difficulties towards our Takmeel.

Zaid Hamid page taken over by Fidaiyeen e Rasool saaw

Zaid Hamid page taken over by Fidaiyeen e Rasool saaw

According to the best of our knowledge, it would be impossible for TeamBT to take back the ownership of the page, because an admin can remove other admins – this is a standard Facebook feature. So the admin who has removed other admins has not done anything against the Terms of Service of Facebook.

Furthermore, there is no limitation on creating a page for an entity that you dont own. Case in point is the Facebook fanpage of CocaCola. The CocaCola fanpage was created by fans and is not owned by CocaCola. The fanpage now has more than 5 million fans, but neither CocaCola requested it back stating that the page infringes their copyright, nor Facebook shut it down.

The House Rules of CocaCola fanpage states:

This is your Fan Page and we encourage you to leave comments, photos, videos, and links here. However, we will review all comments and will remove any that are inappropriate or offensive. We will leave what you share that relates to the subjects covered on this Page. Please understand that comments posted to this Page do not represent the opinions of The Coca-Cola Company.

So the current admin of the page can keep the Zaid Hamid page running for as long as he wants and Facebook will not take it away from him. He has done nothing wrong as far as Facebook is concerned.

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11 comments on “Zaid Hamid's Official Fanpage Taken Over by Fidaiyeen e Rasool S.A.W

  1. adnan says:

    Allhamdulillah & Mabrook, not specifically that their(ZZH) page got idle but the good thing is our brothers and our sisters who’s been infected by the sugar coated pills of “kazzabiyat” are now starts to realize the truth and now seeing the real face of ZZH and his relation with Maloon Yusuf Kazzab.

  2. Aashiq-e-Rasul SAW. says:

    Jazakallah!! Started my day with this news & very happpy!!!

  3. Shahid says:

    Yar koi sher bacha hey. Itna bada kaam Allah-o-Akber.

  4. YASIR says:


  5. Syed Kareem says:

    I have been a silent observer. Great work here. Today i was going through Yusuf Kazzab’s statement in court and was surprised to notice that when the prosecution lawyer asked him, “does the video presented to the court shows you?is it you in the video?” .. Surprisingly, yusuf kazzab doesnt deny it, he didnt say “no its a fabricated video”. He a swered,”my Lawyer has advised me not to answer this question” .. He repeated this answer to questions a out all the videos.
    It would be great if u guyz could get the whole case file typed and uopload it here.


  6. Agha Khan says:

    Admin please request the guy to remove the word OFFICIAL form the page, so that he is not in trouble. besause you cannot own others officical page, like i can create a Coca-Cola fan page but not OFFICIAL page. So please just remove the word OFFICIAL

  7. BIOMAT says:

    i think is also owned by same admin who revolted. As on that page till now same old facebook address & photo is coming. Also on clicking it is taking to same old facebook. Also there is no announcement on that site about old facebook revolt & forming of new facebook.
    There are 3 facebooks look similar dont know who is controlling which facebook.
    V scary stuff. It looks like CYBER WORLD NIGHTMARES movie.. WALLAH ALAM.

  8. KASHIF NASIM says:

    Please unblock the account which has been blocked. Thanks

  9. Thank you for every other informative blog. The place else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect manner? I have a mission that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

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