Zaid Hamid Continues to Call Yusuf Kazab Muhemmed ur Rasol Allah

The latest status update on the new Zaid Hamid page has once again spelled Muhammad as Muhemmed. Please note that whenever Zaid Hamid writes Muhemmed he is referring to Muhemmed Yusuf Kazab and not Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. So whenever he writes Muhemmed ur Rasol Allah, he means Muhemmed Yusuf Ali Rasol Allah (Nauzobillah).

For elaborate detail on this practice read our article How Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid Spell Muhammad SAW.

Muhemmed ur Rasol Allah

Muhemmed ur Rasol Allah

Update: This entire post has been removed from Zaid Hamid’s new page. This is because its against rules to write Muhemmed as Muhammad. The admins under pressure from the fidaiyeen e rasool saaw changed the name back to Muhammad but then realized their mistake and hence deleted the entire post, because the name Muhammad should not exist on the page

2 comments on “Zaid Hamid Continues to Call Yusuf Kazab Muhemmed ur Rasol Allah

  1. nudrat says:

    i have read kazzab’s diary (fron khatm e nabuwat website)and i have noted something which was not new for me. what kazab is saying, something like that i have also read in notes about peeri-faqeeri system (wahdat-ul-wajood theory).kazab went a step furthur and claimed himself to be (naoozobillah) nabi. spirit is continuing even when body deceased.anyway. hey has spelled the nabi’s name with two different spellings himself. the spelling with “e” in it is the continuity spirit that is why he claimed himself to be that as the spirit then in his body. the origional spelling of Prophet’s name was used in kazab’s diary to specify Mohammad ibn-e-abdullah (SAW) (the body possesed by muhemmed’s spirit at that time naoozobillah)…read for urself and u may understand…but honestly its a waste of time to go through kazzab’s diary…full of crap.
    thats all

  2. ali says:

    Zaid H. Claimed many times that he spent many years in Afghanistan. Which party he belongs to out there ? Where he spent time in Afganistan ? Can we find a refernece and do back ground check on him ?

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