Takmeel.pk takes a quick action against our post

Takmeel responds to ZHE with regard to our post  of “Mard-e-Haq to Mard-e-Musalman to Mard-e-Kamil ?” where we suggested that “Mard-e-Kamil” is missing in the sequence of the videos. Takmeel responds by removing that particular video completely from the sequence, leaving behind only two videos in the sequence, instead of three. I think they honestly realized it that the sequence doesn’t match. We would have appreciated it more if our suggestion would have been considered in this regard.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Initially the page looked like

Takmeel.pk Front Page - Before our post

Modified to by ignoring our suggestion

Takmeel.pk Front Page - After our post

Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-original
Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-our-edited-suggestion
Document (English): mard-e-haq-to-mard-e-musalman-to-marde-e-kamil-takmeel-actual-action

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3 comments on “Takmeel.pk takes a quick action against our post

  1. Agha Khan says:


    the link ““Mard-e-Haq to Mard-e-Musalman to Mard-e-Kamil ?” in the first paragraph is not working please check.

    thank you

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Agha Khan

    Jazakallah. It has been corrected now. Please check.

  3. adnan says:

    seems there is some issue that i am unable to see the image at all that source start from http://img265.imageshack.us….

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