Roznama Ausaf – Zaid Hamid Ki Wazahat Uzar e Gunah Badtar az Gunah 24 March 2010

For the readers who have read Mushtaq Ahmed Quraishi’s article titled “Khoon e Shuhada” in Daily Jang. Naveed Hashmi is the same person who asked Zaid Hamid about his association with Yusuf Kazab in a party at Bela. On this question Zaid Hamid got really angry and started abusing Naveed Hashmi and started calling Ulema “Do Takey Ke” and “Fasadi” and “Takfiri”. Mushtaq Ahmed Quraishi’s article “Khoon e Shuhada” could be read here.

Source: Roznama Ausaf

9 comments on “Roznama Ausaf – Zaid Hamid Ki Wazahat Uzar e Gunah Badtar az Gunah 24 March 2010

  1. Ali says:

    Plz cant u ppl make this page fully visible?? half of the stuff is hidden as the page setting isnt proper!

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ali

    Please check it from scribd website or copy the source of the image to another browser window to see it correctly.

    Please bear with us for a little time.

  3. imik1 says:

    Asalam o alikum

    brother Abu Muhammad is website per bohat acha material hai jiski mujhay waktun fa waktun zaroorat
    parti hai . lakin website per sab information pata nhi kahan chale jatay hain bohat mushkil hojati
    hai dhondnay main 😦

  4. Ayesha says:

    Afsos hai is bat pe kai Zaid Hamid ne apnay shuru kai programme mai yeh bat wazeh kar di thi kai Braas tacks opperation jo hoa tha uskay naam pe yah programme ka naam nahi hai..Brass Tacks ka matlab hai Saf saf Bat..yeh iskay behtar mani ki wajah se selcet kia gaya tha..kion kai asal maqsad he saf bat kahnay ka tha phir yeh to mazhika azaiz bat hai kai is bat ko issue banaya jaye

  5. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ayesha

    Agar Brass tacks ka matlab waqee saf saf baat hai tu phr hum say Zaid Hamid say saaf saaf baat tu door ke baat hai, saaf saaf lies kay ilawa kuch ni suna.

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Imik1

    Wa’alaikum asslam wa rahmatullah.

    Brother, try to relate your post with the categories that we have. We hope Insha’Allah that will make your job easy. If not try to google with the Keyword like below

    Keywords here

    Hope Insha’Allah you’ll end up finding it from there.

    Or Use our Search on the right box to find it.


  7. hasan says:

    Asssalam 0 alaikum!! My dear morderator….me zaid hamid ko pehle acha samjhta tha mager aap ki batun ko sun kar mujhey ab woh acha nahin lagta….i have completely studied all the material through your source and through otherz but yet i have not found any SOLIDIFIED PROOF of one thing….that Yousuf Ali ne Nabi one ka dawa kia….and by solid proves i dont mean any audio clip or articles of diff. AAlims….if you have one single video proof of that…plz show that!!!

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Hasan

    Wa’alaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    It seems to me, brother, you’ve not gone through the evidences properly. I’d help you with it. Please read below the personal dairy of Yousuf Kazzab that was presented in the court as an evidence.

    The first para of page 16 of the Diary is being copied here in verbatim:

    Muhammad SAW has been always present in physical. After the apparent death of the physical body, it rolls back into the real body of Muhammad Mustafa SAW. Thus Noor goes back to its origin Immediately, the trascendent Muhammad SAW + Noor of physical Muhammad SAW descends on the most chosen individual, Who became Nabi/Rasool/Mard e Kamil of his times; Thus the next form of Muhammad is similar (rather glorified) to the previous form in apparent and in real. So it can be said that Muhammad is still alive in physical. His first form was Adam SAW and the current is Muhammad Yusuf Ali SAW.

    I think his own statement should be enough for you as a proof.

    If that doesn’t convince you and the 24 witnesses doesn’t convince you, then brother we can make you convinced.

    In Shari’ah, ‘Video’ is not the ONLY SOURCE OF PROOF. ‘Video’ is ONLY ONE SOURCE OF PROOF. Please correct you Shari’ah understanding of a valid evidence.

  9. Ehzaz says:

    really well

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