O Muslims, Don't talk the talk; walk the walk

In this day and age, all we the Muslims do is talk, talk and talk. We talk about unity and the times of the golden era of Islam, but what do we do to emulate the great Islamic personalities of the past. We complain about the help of Allah not descending, but we also can’t be bothered to pray our 5 compulsory prayers. What we need to do is change ourselves before we complain. And also become ‘people of action’.

A life changing reminder by Sheikh Zahir Mahmood,  titled “People of action“.

Click here to download the mp3 version:
Click here to download the video and re-upload in HD:

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9 comments on “O Muslims, Don't talk the talk; walk the walk

  1. Mujahid Fisabi-Lillah says:

    JazakALLAH for Sharing bro keep up the momentum…This Site must not just focus Zaid Kazzab…Allah might help bring revolution through this site…


  2. Abdud-Daiyan says:


    I agree Inshallah that in this ZHE site the hikmah is that it should act as a vehicle for the correct implementation of Shariah in Pakistan. Now that the distinction between Haqq and Baatil is manifest let us now proceed to give the youth of Pakistan the correct Islamic methodlogy and concepts.

  3. YASIR says:


  4. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ YASIR

    No, it is a rhyme of human voices.

  5. YASIR says:

    I’m not agreed sir….in starting this is the sound of piano…any how it’s not my problem.

    [Edited By: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Use Small Caps.]

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ YASIR

    If it is not your problem then why are you even bothering to reply or ask?

  7. YASIR says:

    ok sir, I apologize.

  8. YASIR says:

    ok sir, I apologize. I appreciate your efforts concerning the exposition of ZH.

  9. umersultan says:

    Jazakallah for sharing this. Very powerful and touching.
    Action speaks louder than words indeed.

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