Zaid Hamid's Takmeel e Theateristan Ruined, Greatest Defeat Yet For Zaid Hamid

Batil is very frail internally, and in order to hide its weakness it parades illusions of strength. The reality of takmeel gathering planned at minar e Pakistan, by Zaid Hamid was similar. In addition such mass shows are a traditional tool of Fascists to achieve mass hypnosis of a certain segment of the population.

Though our comrades had been successful at sabotaging all of Zaid Hamid’s shows after Wake Up Islamabad. I was particularly worried about Takmeel on 23rd March. The reason was that he had planned it for a long time and he had full patronage of intelligence agencies.

This Thursday I was informed by AMTKN Islamabad, that Mualana Tufani has been given the task of thwarting the 23rd March, function. This decreased my anxiety level a little bit. I contacted the khatm e nabuwat in Lahore on Sunday and they told me that the establishment had assured them that Zaid Hamid would not be allowed to hold his show in Minar e Pakistan. Details are available in my previous note.

On Monday the DPO of police refused to give Zaid Hamid permission for his function at Minar e Pakistan due to the tremendous pressure by students and scholars. However the police also refused to give permission to AMTKN to hold a Takmeel e Iman conference in the grounds of Minar e Pakistan.

Most of our comrades were suspicious of Zaid Hamid’s intensions, and about 200 students decided to stay in minar e Pakistan all day on the 23rd, just in case Zaid Hamid decided to show his face there. These students are still standing there, guarding the soil of their nation even as I write this note.

Mean while a lot if students started gathering at Alhamra. They were demanding that Zaid Hamid be banned from addressing any gathering and that he be tried for murdering 4 people and dishonoring the Prophet(S). The ulema of Khatm e nabuwat, acting as an intermediary b/w the students and the establishment told the DPO that if Zaid Hamid will be allowed to attend the gathering, there will be trouble for which only Zaid Hamid will be responsible. The informed his that he is a thug and a murderer.

The DPO called the Alhamra administration and they told him that the people who booked the hall said that they wanted a function for ladies and children. They did not know that Zaid Hamid will be coming.

Sensing, that things will get out of control if he didn’t do any thing, the DPO, decided to call Zaid Hamid out of the theater. He also issued orders that Zaid Hamid will not be allowed to address any other gathering in Lahore.

Mulana Azziz ur Rahman from Lahore AMTKN and Mulana Qasmi from AMTKN Islamabad called me to congratulate me and told me send their best wishes to the entire ummah for this blessed operation. Congratulations youth of lahore… you have emerged victorious today… may you always triumph over your enemies…

Talha Saad

Editor’s Note:

When the officials of Punjab Gov. were contacted regarding Zaid Hamid’s program at Minar e Pakistan, they were stunned as they didn’t knew of any such gathering. The DPO of Lahore was informed that if Zaid Hamid will conduct a program at Minar e Pakistan, AMTKN will do so too. On this the DPO banned both Zaid Hamid and AMTKN from conducting programs at Minar e Pakistan, however students of AMTKN are guarding Minar e Pakistan and will do so till mid-night to ensure that Zaid Hamid doesn’t show up there.

Zaid Hamid booked Alhamra by deception without informing the authorities about the real motives of the program there and without the Alhamra management knowing that Zaid Hamid will be coming there.

When the authorities found out that Zaid Hamid is in Alhamra, he was asked to leave Alhamra immediately – to which Zaid Hamid complied and left Alhamra with his head down on his shoulders even before the starting time of the event.

Takmeel e Theateristan program at Alhamra theater ended even before it could begin.

25 comments on “Zaid Hamid's Takmeel e Theateristan Ruined, Greatest Defeat Yet For Zaid Hamid

  1. Acid says:


  2. Aashiq-e-Rasul SAW. says:

    @ Editor! Congratulations to you too and Ummah!!! I’m not In Pakistan so I could ONLY pray for your success.

    You guys are wonderful! Reading and knowing your efforts make me extremely happy that during this time of behayaee & fitna, so many lovers of Rasul Ullah SAW are willing to do anything..

    I am a x-ZH fan. Your and AMTKN efforts give me MORE hope than the hopes given by ZH.

    What Our next step should be: Try to bring youth to the practical love of Rasul Ullah SAW, which is following the sunnah & seerat… Jazakallah Khair!!!

  3. khurram khan says:

    A Sucess . the drama Takmeel has indeed come to an end…
    I salute you Talha Saad, for showing such love for The Holy Prophet PBUH.
    and i will inshallah send you msg of the Batils defeat as far as i can…
    Jazakallah khair…

  4. Abu hamza says:

    mashAllah excellent news. Alhamdolillah common sense prevailed. But i bet you, ZH will use this as a positive sign and argue that it was the external forces stopping the blessed mission.
    May Allah guide us, ameen

  5. adnan says:

    Asslamo Aleykum dear Brothers,

    You guyz are doing awesome job against the Yousuf Kazab Khalifa’s’ i.e. Zaid Zaman Hamid aka Zaid Hamid. May Allah (SWT) give hidiyat to ZZH else keep all Muslims save from his fitna & May Allah (SWT)punish him in a way that makes him a sign for his admirers.ameen

    Also , see this link if you can add to your wonderful collection

  6. imik1 says:


  7. Ali says:

    You are calling the ‘Takmeel-e-PAKISTAN’ movement as ‘Takmeel-e-Theateristan’ movement. This means tht u r against the concept of establishment of Khilafah in Pakistan, u favour the current political, judicial n economic systems tht r in place in the country, u wish tht pakistan remains secular as it is currently, u wish tht Riba stays as the foundation of the economic system of the country, u r against the ideology of khudi n Muslim unity of Iqbal, the ideology of quaid-e-azam, and u wish tht the fasad due to firqawaariyat n political parties continue. U r against this movement, meaning u r against the ideology of pakistan. This clearly sidelines u as either indian or jewish or one of those ppl who r against the two-nation theory n the ideology on the basis of which Pakistan was made.
    Dont worry, u can continue ur propaganda against Pakistan for as long as u want. But just hear this very clearly, o enemy of Pakistan n Islam, a time WILL come wen we will take hold of ppl like u n we will then make sure u never create fasad n propaganda against Pakistan n islam again. Long live Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad. Islam Paindabad.

  8. ReD Cap Productions says:

    you know what he’ll have an excuse for this.
    like government ny nhn krnay dea n blah blah

  9. K.A.Noorani says:

    TAKMEEL-e-THEATERISTAN or TAZLEEL-e-PAKISTAN turned into a BIG FLOP as ZH couldn’t even gather 50 people with him today @ Lahore. We don’t need Shariat-e-Maria.B in our country, not at all…

  10. Faiza says:


  11. Salman Zafar says:

    well whatever the true motivation of takmeel was….at least now ulema and others are waking up to the current situation…

  12. Abdud-Daiyan says:

    Well done to Talha Saad, Abu Muhammad and all true sincere believers in Allah (SWT) and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)for all their efforts! Jazakallah Khair to all who participated in exposing and stopping ZH’s fitnah.

  13. yaldram says:

    Bauhut acha hoa, baatil mitnay k liye hai or haq aanay k liye inshallah

    Aaashiq e Rasool(PBUH)
    Fidaye Rasool(PBUH)
    Sub kuch qurbaan aap per Ya Habib Allah(PBUH)

  14. Ali says:

    Subhan Allah and congratulations to all the lovers of Islam, it is a great achievement to ruin the function of Zaid Hamid the deceiver.
    Thats terrific these brave men deserve all the praise.

  15. Talha Saad says:

    Zaid hamid did have the support of ISI. The civilian establishmet does not support him I have mentioned the role of DPO in my note.
    It was not the power of the state which destroyed his function today but the strenth of iman of 1000s of ashiqs of the prophet. Had it not been for them Zaid Hamid would have done 1000s of programs. The DPO did not allow zaid hamid because he feared reaction from the youth, not because of his personal convictions

    • When I wrote establishment I meant ISI and Military establishment. I have talked with an ex-ISI officer and he informed me that no one is supporting him. This officer that I am talking about was not a foot soldier, but a Brigadier. He is very well known and has asked me not to disclose other things that he has mentioned.

      However, I want to inform you and everyone else that ISI or Army is not supporting him.. This is 100% confirm news. 100%.. You may also read the article

      Regarding the past. Yes ZH was on agency payroll … This is also a confirm news. He was launched and paid for by the agency. Naval Intelligence (NI) docs reveal this. I wont comment further on this except for stating the both Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Hamid were launched on Media by the agency during the last days of Musharaf. However, like many things done during the Musharaf era, the Army has rolled back its stance on this issue too..

  16. Talha Saad says:

    However I do feel that ISI will very soon fire him if they have not fired him already, excellent job Fadee rasool

  17. awaisi says:

    talha bhai masha Allah,aap ko in efforts ke liye Allah hi ajar de ga ,hum tu sirf dua hi kar sakty hein k Allah aap ko apni hifz-o-amaan mein rakhy,ameen.

  18. K M Rashid says:

    Cant you see who is the enemy and who is not. Open your eyes and see from your minds.

    All you are using words like “Allhumdulillah” “A GREAT DEFEAT MASHALLAH!” and “May Allah guide us, ameen” but do you really know what these phrases mean, and who is the real enemy.

    Dont get hopes from any group, may it be ZZH, or AMTKN, PPP or PML or MQM or ANP etc, ALLAH ALMIGHTY has given you a mind to be used, to think to evaluate and decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong. Dont start following groups like sheep….

    It is pretty clear what the evil plan is and how it is unfolding in Pakistan, this shortage of everything is all artificially created to bring the Pakistan people on the roads to promote chaos and anarchy.

    If we dont open our minds we will be treated as sheeps…..

    Go back to the Quran, Islam and you will be guided to the right path..

  19. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ali

    Don’t assume anything about us and don’t put your words in our mouth. All what you have said is completely based on falsehood. This is in simple I can relay to you.

    Next time, make sure before assuming things regarding ask. Ask us of it. We don’t have time to refute your emotional comments.

  20. sharban tahoora says:

    magar ab ALLAh k bandon aik ho jaao ta k koi zaid hamid ya koi aur is jaisa hamey toor na sakay …my dear brothers do something ..4 real revolution…..v need it..ta k aab koi idiot is tarhaan say hamary jazbaat say khail na sakay….plz seriously think of uniting….v need islam in our lives in our country n true khilafat…..bhai jin loogon nay ZH ko expose kiya hai..ab app hi loog koi revolution laaien…
    duago wa taalib..

  21. asma javaid says:

    i wont fall in further argument regarding the status of zaid hamid if isi or any other agency is supporting him or not but as long as our aims our same regarding khilafate rashida we will support him and wen i attended the lecture a police officer told my father that army police is peshwr police uniform have been employed 4 security…why did that happen then if ISI or army isnt baking him??

  22. Aashiq-e-Rasul SAW. says:

    @Fidaiye Rasool SAAW!

    So does it mean that Army has Qadiani-mentality people who launched ZH???? or Army/ISI didn’t really know about ZH(which is not possible)?

    Its very sad if majority of Pak Army & Military has bedeen people 😦

  23. Amjad says:

    Congratulations for being on the Straight Path,

    أحـزان قلبـي لا تـزول
    حتـى أبشـر بالقـبـول
    وأرى كتابـي باليمـيـن
    وتقـر عينـي بالرسـول

    The Sorrow in my Heart will Remain
    Until I am given the Glad tidings of Acceptance into Jannah,
    Till I behold my Book of Deeds in the Right,
    And my Eyes are Cooled by the Sight of the Messenger

  24. Ahmad says:

    Thank God there are people out there who see this crazy person for who he is. And that they act on it. I’m not in Pakistan right now. Otherwise I’d so be there.Thanks for doing this.

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