25 comments on “Takmeel e Theateristan [Video]

  1. Afsoos,…….. wo baray baray dawae kidher gaiay………is qaddar nakami……itna tu nain socha tha……..abhe bhe waqat hay ALLAH se mafi mang lo….aor yousaf kazzab ke aqiad se tuba kar lo……..ALLAH HUMARAY EMAAN KI HIFAZAT FARMAIAY>>>>>ISLAM SAB SE PHALEY

  2. Vieiwer says:

    Please upload the video again as I cannot see it on you tube

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! La ilaha illallah wallahu akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahil hamd!!

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    The days of this Kazzab are over, inshallah

  5. Muhammad Qasim says:

    ha ha haaaa


  6. Insider says:

    Dear ZH Exposition Team Members,
    We would want to tell you that thanks to your great work, and similar exposition efforts by others, PKKH has decided to part ways with ZH. The announcement will be made soon on PKKH too.


  7. sharban tahoora says:

    afsos horaha hai itnay kam loog aye thay agr Zh sachay hotay to poori qaum un k saath hoti….
    magr ALLAh tala jissay hidayat dayna chahien….
    any ways ZHE team keep up ur work aaj app loogon ki mehnat rang laae hai..ALlah tala aap say khush hon ..ameen..mai basharat to nahi daysakti …as ZH does ..bas dua kar sakti hon…..!!!
    woh sab kahan gaye jo itni behes kar rahay thay…gaye q nahi attend karnay tazleeel-e-pakistan..????

  8. Anees says:

    Mujahid ki azan aur hai. Bhagoray ki azan aur

    ^^^^ LOL buhat khoob, here is some more

    Ajab! ZAID Ki Deendari Hai Ya Rabb!
    Adaawat Hai Ise Muhammed-e-Arabi Se.

    Bari Baareek Hain, Zaid Ki Chaalain
    Laraztaa Hai Awaaz-e-Athaan Se

  9. Ahmed Anml says:

    Zaid hamid Bay Shak Galat ho….Ho Sakta hai Woh Waqai Mujrim ho…but Is Waqat Tu woh kaam Pakistan k liye ker rahay tha na…phir yeh public kaha gayab hogai…Yeh Zaid hamid ki Insult nhi…Hamri Apni Kamzori hai…!!

    Allah Ta Ala Said: Agar mera banda Din main 27 Bar Gunnah kary Or 27 bar Maafi mangey tu main 27 Bar Maaf kerounga.
    Zaid Hamid: ney agar maafi maang le hogi tu or ab itnay achay maqsad k liye Kaam kar Rahay hai tu Allah Ta Ala ney Zaror Maaf kiya hoga

    Hum sab Dood k Dulhay hoye nahi hai…Sab K Sab Bohat he Gunnah gaar hai…!!
    Or Koi Shakas bhi Apne Amaal ki bina pey Jannat main Nahi jai ga Sirf Allah Ta Ala k Rehmo Karam pey DepenD hoga cox kisi ki bhi Life Aisi nahi hai jo yeh baat Granty se bol Dey K Main Jannat main jaoung..!!

  10. tashkanov says:

    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people”
    see where your mind fits.

    who’s exposed, time will judge?
    BTW, what’s wrong about the resolution? It’s the same resolution passed 70 yrs ago and still part of constitution Isn’t it? What’s wrong with the crowd? Are the doing something against Pakistan?

    The main pillars of this movement are Shariah, philosophy of Iqbal, Great Islamic Heroes, Lessons from Islamic History and important of all is Khilafat.
    Are you man enough to be part of the game?

    Why did the govt blocked or canceled their NOC? What’s the threat? Why you guys are against Mr. Zaid Hamid? Do you feel your balls being kicked?

    to be honest, i believe that there is nothing wrong with the cause of the movement. you guys need a break and a lot of fresh air to take a fresh start. Think positive 🙂

  11. Muhammad Naeem says:

    May Allah Reward You Guys In This World And Life After………Thank you so very much

    By the way Kia http://www.brasstacks.pk b sog mein band hogai hai? 🙂

  12. syed sohaib roomi says:

    aik shayr kaa baraa gharq arz hay… 😉

    woh aay aakar chalay bhee gay nazron mayn ab tak samaa rahay hayn

    yeh jal rahay hayn woh tap rahay hayn yeh gir rahay hayn woh mar rahay hayn

    Pak sar zameen par takmeel-e-naapaak kee kaamyaab naakaamee par dilee mubaarakbaad.

  13. tashkanov says:

    The website is up an running …

  14. Ahmad says:

    man i havent seem him talk this fast ever. Mustve been scared shitless. haha. Good job.

  15. Sulaiman Ahmed says:

    I really doubt PKKH would separate themselves from Zaid Hamid, even in the Takmeel-e-Theateristan, Dan Qayyum is standing with Zaid Hamid (he is wearing black shirt and a P cap). Those who know him, will recognize.

    I think it is only a crap to apparently separate from Zaid Hamid to safeguard their readership which seems to be declining (based on user comments, from a hundred to few per day).

    • We know very well who Dan Qayyum is and who are behind PKKH. We approved the comment as it was posted by someone here. Otherwise I know that Dan would be the last one to leave Zaid. Allah knows best.

  16. imik1@live.com says:

    brother zaid hamid k sab jhoot pakday jatay hain .

    ye kehta hai isne jihaad kiya us per bhi research karain pata to chalay isne maidan e jihad main
    kiya karnamay anjaam diye thay

  17. ahsan says:

    I have not gone through any positive or negative stuff related to zahid hamid, but i just know that who ever talks for pakistan, has a tragic and terrible end. I remember he challenged India , he spoke about the media creating confusion and misery in the minds of pakistani people. I think he has been insulted on a cause which was related to pakistan, we never know maybe it was SOMEONE else’s agenda to crush zahid hamid.

  18. ahsan says:

    Its sad…

  19. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ahsan

    We have gone through the case of Zaid Hamid and after going through history it is eminent that every Kazzab and it’s followers have a bad end.

    Btw – it is Zaid Hamid not Zahid Hamid. 🙂

  20. fatima says:

    For all those who are thinking that why so people were present there. So I would like to answer that because of the pressure from government authorities, he had to pass the resolution about 30 minutes before the decided time. So thats why few people were present there. and secondly a large number his supporters were gathered outside there, but unfortunately even they were present but they were not allowed to enter. The people inside were asked to leave the place. So that is all the situation there.
    Congratulations you people are successful in crating hurdles, but even then our desired goal is achieved!! 🙂

  21. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Fatima

    We are sorry, we didn’t know that 1 lac supporters of Zaid Hamid had to stay outside when the resolution was passed because of us. (By the way, it is a flat lie)

    You should thank us because the resolution was ‘successfully’ passed before 30 minutes because of us. It’s a good achievement in itself.

    No matter how much you try now, the “Takmeel-e-Theateristan” was nothing more than a “Mystery-e-Theateristan”

  22. fatima says:

    I just don’t understand that what is your problem with Takmeel-e-Pakistan?
    Your objection against Yousuf Kazzab issue is something that can be justified. Even this blog have been created to serve that purpose. But why you have objection with Takmeel-e-Pakistan? What’s wrong in it?

    • We do not have a problem with any Khilafat movement. Our problems with Takmeel are because of Zaid being its leader. You guys kick him out and we will not say a word about Takmeel.

      I think you are unable to get this simple fact that an incredible leader can not bring credibility to your movement.

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