34 comments on “Takmeel e Theateristan Photos

  1. Acid says:


    what an emotionally charged event! it was HISTORY IN REMAKING!

    on 14 August , in just one flat complex you can gather more people than this super emotionally charged event!

    May Allah disgrace His enemies.

  2. Acid says:

    yeh log khilafat laing gay..????… chilla rahay tha PAKISTAN KA MATLAB KA LA ILLA IL AL LA.

    [Remarks: Adhere to manners.]

  3. Muhammad Qasim says:


  4. Farhan says:

    Had he cleared his stance, more people could have turned up, this is a total disaster and Mr Hamid himself is the soul responsible.

  5. Farhan says:

    Takmeel e Pakistan was SUCCESSFULLY accomplished with few dozens of immature blind followers what a shame…

  6. Farhan says:

    A street side monkey show could gather more public in no time than this longed planned event

  7. Farhan says:

    QUAID E SAANI a new proposed laqaab for Mr Hamid from his fans, I can not stop myself rolling on the floor laughing 😀

  8. Muhammad Avais says:

    I think he forgot to mention to his followers that there will be a conecrt by Ali Azmat and a cat walk arranged by Maria B. That could have gathered more audiance:P:P

  9. Ali says:

    Thanks to Allah the even failed totally. No more then 250 people. Very happy to know that.HE IS PLAYING WITH IMMATURE MINDS OF YOUTH and Youth is getting stupid behind him,

  10. shiraz syed says:

    lolz… yeh mummies dadies.. hehehe.. girls to hain hee nahin … 100 banday bhi nahin aye ..lolx


  11. aazaan says:

    this is so absolutely disgraceful that even we shouldn’t bother gracing it with our comments. Allah-SWT has given them the kind of izzat they deserve!


  12. Abidullah says:

    bhai yeh to taaliyoun kay lia bhi nahi ruka? aberbbrrr rqaarraraarrr InshaAllah manzour kertay hein (kaun? world islamic assembly)

  13. Syed Afzaal Ali says:

    hahaha, jeans t shirt walay khilafat ki baat karte hain, epic fail, shame on you zaid hamid, totally agree with brother Muhammad Avais

  14. ReD Cap Productions says:

    @ Ali
    you are to generous
    i think there were not more then 100 people…
    20 30 brasstacks walay 2 3 papar bechnay walay n baqi tamasha dekhnay walay 😛

  15. R H KHAN says:

    Its not more then 100 Peoples and Ajj Zaida Obalay Khar Raha Hoa Ga Obltay(boiling egg) Anday ki tara yeah

    Yeah Bohat Kameena HA expostion teem ,
    Dushman Jitan Adna hoa ous koa Itna bada samjo
    or be prepaired to fight with sord instead of Pen
    My Tributes to Team Exposotion
    who open then eyes of thousands
    Alahh App ka Hami-o-Nasir hoa
    Amin ,Jazzak Allah

  16. Myra says:

    These pictures are taken an hour before the gates were opened.
    Do u not see that the event has not yet started?

  17. Fahd says:

    I swear Brother Avais, that’s exactly what I was going to say :D. And his supporters, so called youth, they think that this gathering and naar e baazi is heroic. They’d be making their friends jealous the other day. LOL! They are all a bunch of attention seekers. Mindless morons. And about Zaid Hamid, he seriously needs medication now. He’d probably hang himself, than letting others send him to his GURU(yussuf kazaab). I mean, this is the extreme of embarrassment. May Allah be with US, in these times and the coming deceptive times! Ameen

  18. Muhammad Qasim says:

    people from exposition side are

    simple and

    go go go goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!

  19. Fahd says:

    I hope this phase ends soon. He probably SHOULD hang himself after the failure of this event. Ground breaking, emotionally charged.. history in the making. Ha! No one will follow him, even if he does his taubah. He is a MAD MAN! mental hospital is the right place for him, apparently. Till the police or law makers get him.

  20. Owais says:

    Shame! Shame! Shame! Is se ziyada larke to tb jama hojate hen jb kisi larki ko koi cherta he… Lolz! Wese is ki lal topi kahan gayi aaj?

  21. Paki says:

    AlHamduLillah,it is the first time in 63 years when Barelwis,Deobandis,Shias,Ahle-Hadith,came on one platform,to thwart ZH.

    I hope this unity will prevail.Long live Pakistan.

  22. anonymous says:



    Tazheek-e-Pakistan ???

  23. Yar inti sharmindgi aor iss kadar beaziti …… itna tu nain socha tha……ALLAH RABULIZZAT ne tawaqatuat se ziaada zalil kar dia hay……ab tu zaid haim aor us ke group ko hosh ke nakhon lainay chaiay…….ALLAH HIDAIAT ATTA KARAY>>>>AMEEN

  24. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah……
    Shukar hay us Pak zaat ka jis ne batil ko aaj zaleel ker dia…..

    Ye khaas karam hi hai ALLAH (S.W.T) ka…

    Dua hai k ALLAH (S.W.T) sab musalmano ki mehnat, koshish, gham, gussa aur dua… jis jis ne jo jo kia usay qabool fermaey….

    Hazrat Maulana Akram Tufani Sahib ne khaaas dua fermai hai Exposition team k liay…. Aur Hazrat Khwaja Khan Muhammad Sahib (D.B) k paas dua kerwanay khud gaey hain

    ALLAH hamai bhi isi tarah buzurgo ki khas duaaon ka hissa ban’nay ki taufeeq naseeb karey


  25. sharban tahoora says:

    magar ab ALLAh k bandon aik ho jaao ta k koi zaid hamid ya koi aur is jaisa hamey toor na sakay …my dear brothers do something ..4 real revolution…..v need it..ta k aab koi idiot is tarhaan say hamary jazbaat say khail na sakay….plz seriously think of uniting….v need islam in our lives in our country n true khilafat…..bhai jin loogon nay ZH ko expose kiya hai..ab app hi loog koi revolution laaien…
    duago wa taalib..

  26. khurram says:


    nd i was thinking all nite about the MAJOR TURN OUT

    This is the best he could do”?

    Really…. i mean… i feel pity for him…

    atleast he should accept the truth now..

  27. Farhan says:

    Alas!! Baba zaid once again had to face a comprehensive defeat and humiliation in front of his fans (with fused motors) as the attendance hardly seemed to be more or less 100 people. And wow he was in such a hurry that he completed his

    He doesn’t have a sharai’i beard and he claims to be an AASHIQ’e Rasool Sallallahu Alaike Wa Sallam and a patron to raise KHILAFAT once again.

    This was his approach for takmeel e Pakistan, Muhammad ur Rasoolullah, with a mixed gender gathering in an open air theatre which has a very colorful (in the other sense) history. If he would’ve been a die hard type fan of Rasool Sallallahu Alaike Wa Sallam he would have not dared to change the venue.

    Jazakallah Khair to all those who gave a hard time to zzh. May Allah Pak reward you in both worlds and may this insane liar go to hell and we all witness this. Insha Allah.


  28. salman says:

    People were strictly restricted to come in event. police officials were stopping them to go to Hall…

    otherwise, people coming for this event were more than your thinking. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  29. M Qamar says:


    check out these pics and also keep in mind that these are the pics 30 min before the starting time of the event.
    And also keep in mind that to which class these people belong to.
    All of them 4m elite class or higher middle class those who are having facility of Internet.
    No Advertisement on any channels
    No Posters even in Lahore itself,
    zero publicity + Security threats + Propaganda 4m some Ulemas(Tehreek-e-Khatm-e-nabuwat) even then people managed to come.
    I know U people are jealous.
    You can not do any thing except what u are doing(Propaganda against all those who are doing something for Pakistan ad Islam)

  30. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ M Qamar

    Come on. Spend million of Rupees on this event and program and are talking about no publicity? Sign of Frustrations?

    If we say that we didn’t do any publicity to your level, it look’s acceptable to say.

  31. aazaan says:

    Paki said

    March 23, 2010 at 9:11 pm
    AlHamduLillah,it is the first time in 63 years when Barelwis,Deobandis,Shias,Ahle-Hadith,came on one platform,to thwart ZH.

    I hope this unity will prevail.Long live Pakistan.


    May Allah bring us all back to the teachings of Muhammad-SAW son of Hadhrat Abdullah. And may we all straighten our “aqaaid”, uniting under the name that Allah-SWT has chosen for us “MUSLIMEEN”. May all sects wash themselves again with eemaan and come into the LIGHT as they have for the love of Prophet Muhammad-SAW son of Hadhrat Abdullah of Makkah.


    Thumma Ameen!

  32. @salman:

    ji kal 20,000,000 log Hall k bahir police ne pakar liay thay k andar na jao……

    Shame on Zaid Zaman …. Kazzab e Jahan

  33. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ zakaraya33

    You’ve been blocked from the blog due to your excessive negation of blog rules. No comment of yours with your location and name will be allowed to be posted now.

    Don’t unnecessarily waste your time by coming again and again.

  34. Pakistani says:


    You are correct, the pictures were taken before the start of the event. The other 2 million people were just around the corner 🙂
    BY the way, there are a couple of videos of the “event” when your Khalifa was speaking and you can see how many people were there.

    I have seen more people at some food rehris in Lahore. LOL

    Good job guys. Now who is up for kicking his backside as he exits our collective nightmares?

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