19 comments on “Fidaiyeen e Rasool saaw At Takmeel e Theateristan [Photos]

  1. aazaan says:

    MashAllah this handful is still greater in number and braver at heart than the pinch full that collected with ZZH.

    Allah-SWT sub kee koshish maqbool karay. Ameen

  2. Farhan says:

    Subhaan Allah, these ashiq-e-Rasools (SAW) would be on his side if Mr Z Hamid had cursed Yousif Kazaab!!!

  3. Syed Afzaal Ali says:

    Masha Allah their looks represent what a muslim should look like, not those burger followers of kazzabi movement

  4. MashaAllah… jazakAllah

  5. zia says:

    I wish that these ppl do something constructive for Finality of Prophoethood rather than just narey bazi.

    Writing books
    Writing articles
    Teaching people on this subject
    Doing debates with Qadianis such kind of stuff

    these type of people are giving bad image to the great mission of finality of prophethood

  6. salman says:

    I was also been there and i witnessed that there was no public support to these SO CALL MOLVIES, these were some students from some mudrassas, But Zaid Hamid was having big public support. Hundreds of people were there, just because event was started before time, you will see a few number of persons there in event. It is also Victory of ZAID HAMID that he has PUBLIC SUPPORT, where all of these “Fidaayaan E Rasool” was compelled to come here.
    i talked with a person among these and
    HE Said I Dont Know Name Of The Person Who Came Here
    How shameful is that without proper knowing these people were there just because of those so called “Ulmaa Keraaams”

  7. yaldram says:

    MashAllah Fidayeen Rock

  8. Jamil baloch says:

    ALLAH O AKBAR…haq aya or batil mit gaay..beshak matil mitne k liye hi hai..!!

  9. Acid says:

    May Allah exalt them in ranks.

  10. Insider says:

    Dear ZH Exposition Team Members,
    We would want to tell you that thanks to your great work, and similar exposition efforts by others, PKKH has decided to part ways with ZH. The announcement will be made soon on PKKH too.


  11. Khurram says:

    just the dress code speaks for itself who is for islam nd who is for the kazzab..
    All the ASHQAN-E-RASOOL PBUH , hats off to you for your efforts.
    May ALLAH SWT bless you with the highest.

  12. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Salman

    Thank you for coming and making fun of your own self.

  13. wiseman says:



  14. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Wiseman

    Wiseman, you don’t seem to be wise. Seems like your a mufti. I haven’t deleted your comment. I’ll guide you on this issue. Insha’Allah.

    TV and movie pictures and video pictures

    Hope this helps you with some Islamic Knowledge.

  15. khurram says:

    now that they have no ground to stand on …( the lions shattered there ground in the “theater”) they will try to beat about the bush.
    well sorry for wiseman and salman, but you do not have to make fun of yourself by telling us of who was successful..
    nd who had to leave under the pressure….
    the story is out, you are left with no ground… still open your eyes and understand .
    Wake up Zaid Hamid and His supporters.

  16. umersultan says:

    Jazakallah Abu Muhammad for the link guiding the Mr Wiseman.

    Sheikh Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Mawlana Mufti Rafi Usmani Damit barkatuhum have done on TV. The link clearly lays out the bases of the rulings and which ruling would apply where.


  17. salman says:

    @ Abu Muhammad
    Agar tekmeel kay event kay liay aanay waaly logo ki pictures bhi li jaati to pata chalta bhaai.. ap loag tasveer ka eik rukh dekh rehay hu bas … you even dun want to see other side. SHAME ON YOU.
    Kal Pakistan Nay Khush Dili Say Islaam Qabool Kernay Say Inkaar ker Dia MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.

    better if you see resolution, there was nothing un islamic in that

    Tahreek E Pakistan Mein Ulma O Mashaaikh Ka Kerdaar

  18. bhai jee says:

    Before making wish, I think it was better for you if you came after knowing what Mulla’s were and are doing about khatm-e-Nabuwat, or atleast if you read what work they are doing and have..
    The list you listed is very small, They mashaAllah already doing more then these things.

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