Asif Shiraz: A dialogue with Brasstacks and zaidhamidexposition regarding Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab

We appreciate the sincerity with which Asif Shiraz , an ex-Brasstacks member, has come out and laid down the points in the form of dialogue with Brasstacka & zaidhamidexpositiond and also other Muslim Ummah to explain the matter. Though, as per the advice given by Asif Shiraz, we very much agree on ONE point in this regard, that Yousuf was Kazzab, and Zaid Hamid has to clear himself of it as soon as possible. There is no running away methods available now.

As for the ‘Tasuwwaf’ Talk, we’ll Insha’Allah cater it later in some other post. But as you yourself have explained, that it was Yousuf Kazzab who crossed the ‘red flag‘ himself which has made things very apparent to the Ulama as well as others Mureed who later repented and became witnesses against him, that he misused ‘Tasuwwaf’ to claim himself Prophet (Naozubillah), which is very much clear in his personal dairy which was produced as evidence against him in the court as well, is the thing we can’t let go.

As you have put the advice in a very pleasant way, not only us but the Ulama of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat before us as well, specifically Shaheed-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Maulana Jalalpuri Shaheed (Rahimu’Allah) has advised Zaid Hamid in his two great works “Rahbar kay Roop main Rahzan” and “Poori Pakistani Baradari Jhooti Ya Akela Zaid Zaman Hamid” showing his greatness by his manners and Ikhlaq with which he conveyed the message. Also, I think one can also imagine what the immediate relatives effort would have been to explaining this issue to Zaid Hamid.

Time is running away from him, and we are not left with any options as well other than to stand firm and stay steadfast.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

As of now the personal videos are marked as private and the following note can be found on his youtube channel. We are using another source as of now with this regard and soon will update this to our youtube channel of zaidhamidexposition.

Note: Some of videos have been temporarily removed after assurances from BrassTacks team that they will come out openly in the public about Zaid Hamid’s association with Yousaf Kazzab and explain all the details about it, and either declare him kazzab and his disociation with him, or else bring multiple, credible, renowned scholars who will themselves say that yousaf was not a kazzab.

Update: The videos embedded above were taken offline by Asif Shiraz.

35 comments on “Asif Shiraz: A dialogue with Brasstacks and zaidhamidexposition regarding Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab

  1. Asad Ullah Chohan says:

    Salam Asif,

    MashaAllah… ap k alfaz is ap ka ikhlaq zahir hay – ju dosroun kay liay misal hay. Ap say to baat karna chahoon ga, agr ijazat hu tu.

    1. Yar, ye bata kia aapki Yousaf Ali is mullaqat hoti rahi hay? Kitni dafa milay? kitnay arsay tuk?

    2. Kia aap ku waqiaatan yaqeen hay k ap ko kisi ko kazzab khanai ka haq hay? kia saboot hay kay yousaf ali kay kisi say najaiz taaluqaat rahay? Ap ni zina ka ilzam tu nahi lagaya mgr kisi baiti kay baap ki izaat cheen li hay? Aag aap ka dil mutmain hay tu goood, warna yar zara soonay say pehlay ghoor kana kay kia aap nay booh’taan hi tu nahi laga di aay, kay us shakhs nay false nabi ya nabi honay ka dawa kia?

    3. yar, ap nay sweeping statement day din kay us ka charater kharab tha, yar, kia aap us ki dil kay haal ku itni achi tarah jantay thai?

    4. Aaap kaisay khatain hain kay aap kay zaid bhia bus kazzab khe dain, sir zaid have some principles. Wo kis bunyad pay kisi ko gali dain? false nabi ka dawa khan likha hoa hay, or kahan kaha gaya hay? Meray bhaiooo aql karo, yah phir saboot du, main app k saath honay may aik lmha bhi nahi lagaoon ga.

    5. Judge ko koi sabut na mila, plz aap ki koi saboot du… amal, meray bhai amal.

    6. Yar, ye ju aap nay khe diya tasawfu shariaat kay nichay hay, tu aap nay shariaat aur tasawaaf ku alag alag kar dia. There is no difference. Shariaat per ahsaan ka muqam urf-e-aam may tasawauf hay – warna is ko hadith-e-jibraeel m Ihsaan hi tu kha gaya hay.

    Asif bhai – yaqeen karain, aanay dil main aik aur bar jhaank lain. mujhay yaqeen hay k aap nay buhut naik niyat say kama lia laikin kaheen adan doost tu nahi bun ga’aay?

    aap kay li aa dua go… or uncoveringzaidhamid team kay li ay bhi dua go. Allah hum sub ki tuba qabool farmay, aur hum sub ko hamari niyatoon ka ajar day, or humain her her fitnay say bachaay. ameen ya Rubbana

  2. ABU AISHA says:

    aslamlakum dear brothers and sisters muslims from the time of our prophet lay aslam .inculding sahiba, tabeen and tba tabeen and the 4 imams and the colectores of hadith books (eg imam bukire , muslim ..)all belived that ALLAH IS ABOVE THE CREATION ,ABOVE HIS THRONE AND HIS KNOWLEDGE IA EVERYWHERE.Amougst the fist people to oppose the aqeeda was mansoor al hllaj who said ALLAH IS IN Every thing and everywhere and that he became ALLAH hemself ( NAOZOBILLAH)he was told to repend but he didnt so he was killed by the muslim ruler of that time.but this aqeeda still ( of masoor alhallaj) still lives amoungs many mulism today and the only people who dont believe in this is the AL LAL HADITH whom you people call wahbee ,this taswoof which brother asif mintioned was never at the time of our beloved prophet.what yusaf kazab was really saying that he was ALLAH . THAT ALLAH BEACOME PROPHET MUHAMMAD THEN HE YUSAF BECOME PROPHET MUHAMMAD .WHY did he say this simple answer because HE BELIVES that is in evey thing and every where,IMAM ABU HANFA was asked by a person that , if a person does not belive tha ALLAH IS ON HIS ARASH (thorne) abu hanifa replied he has done kofur, then the person said how about if he belives the ALLAH is on his arash but he dose know where the arash ( thorne) is ?on the earth or above the heaven . abu hanefa said he has done kofur. so plz bothers and sister beileve that YOUR CREATOR IS ABOVE HIS THRONE AND HUS KNOWLEDGES IS EVERYWHERE /. if u dont believe this the shitaan and his army (jinns) will play with and misguide you just like they misguided and play with yusaf kazab and many orther socalled soofees .

  3. shahid khan says:

    One important question is are you representing khatm e nabuvat people.
    if yes does it consist of ulema from all maslaks? if so please give detailed info.
    because some people are spreading roumor that you only consist of deobandi ulema.

    about the future scanerio

    condition 1:zaid hamid calls yousaf a kazzab would you support him in his takmeel e Pakistan.
    condition 2:what if zaid hamid comes up with some renowned scholars you defend yousaf kazab then what would you do
    (a)boycot against those ulemas calling them bad names
    (b)academic debate with them

  4. hesham syed says:

    CAn I have Asif Shirazi email address please ? It is very important , so that I can communicate directly with him – He seems to be a very nice young person , sincere in making the point he is trying to make but it is important to exchange views with him specially regarding Tasawuf – Zaid misconception etc – I have very much gone in to the depth with the faculty of Tasawuf and I feel that this area need not be outrightly rejected but it needs massive clean up of imported concepts from other sources or religions, which can be termed non Islamic or out of the fold of the teachings of Muhammed ( saw ) and I must caution those who are on this lineage to be careful with many Frauds in this field but with misguided mureeds and aqeedatmand, they are nothing but Cults – When I met Zaid and other members first I knew that they are caught up with a Fraud ( Yusuf Ali ) who was exploiting them and every one for his lustful desires and pretending to be what he truly was not hence a Cult was in making – The andhi aqeedat and misconception eventually has driven all those to a dark pit to the extent that with a few like Zaid the aqeedat is still carried in their heart and a few cant even denounce the the corrupted , immoral devil Yusuf as Kazab – Thanks

  5. Salman Zafar says:

    you guys should listen to what this man is saying and not blinding do a smear campaign against zaid hamid….perhaps he is misguided…but….at least maintain some decorum…….

  6. Talha Zahid says:

    part 5 mai jo baat ki hai Asif nay kay Expose karnay walay chatay hai Thay Zaid hamid kay sath hona yeah bilkul sahi hai mai khod chatah tha kay yeah banda agaye barhay lekin wohi baat TAuba wali aur haan yeah baat bhi mai kayta hon agar yeah publicly tauba karlay aur Yusuf ko Kazzab kay dey tu saray Expose walay bhi is kay sath hojaingai

  7. ReD Cap Productions says:

    I appreciate the effort and courage of Asif Sheraz.But at some point he defended zaid zaman and yousaf kazzab that,
    “ulma karam shryiat ky POV sy theek hayin or ahl-e-tasawaf meian yeah concepts hayian magar sharyiat ko bartari hasal hayian”
    The truth is this he had nothing to do with tasawaf.He was not even in any “Rohani silsala”.I dont think so he had a “peer/Murshad”.
    He was a liar not a sufi.So dont compare him to shah mansoor or other sufi’s who were de-tracked.

    Then asif mentioned that “zaid bahi yousaf sy tayiab ho gayay thay or unhon ny dosray mureedian ko bhi yousaf ko chornay ko kaha tha”

    agr zaid yousaf kazzab sy tayiab ho gyea tha to uska case court meian kion larta raha?
    usay jail sy koi baghanay ka plane banata raha?
    usay abhi tak kion defend kr raha hay?
    usky defense ky leay ulma karam ky paas ja ky unhyian misguide kr kay kion fatawas leta raha?
    yousaf kazzab ky defense ky leay ab kion ulma karam ka naam use kr raha hay?
    kion kabhi jamyia namyia jata hay to kabhi dr.israr ky paas to kabhi tahreek e minhaj ul quran?
    kion yousaf ky defense ky leay jooth pr jooth bool raha hay?

    zaid zaman itna zada controversal or doubtful ho gea hay ky kazzab ky issue ky baad bhi isay follow krna or toba ky baad bhi isay support krna bewkofi hoge….

    sirf yeah kehna ky yousaf kazzab logon ko bewkoof banata tha sub kuch clear nhn kr deta….

    he is still defending him…

    we can not handle our country in such a person’s hands…..

  8. Furqan says:

    Asif you are trying hard to remain unbiased but still your admiration of your estranged Z bhai can be felt from your dialogue. The guy in question is full of deception and lies and is a danger to our sacred country as well as religion. stop wishful thinking and realize the gravity of the issue please.

  9. Muhammad Naeem says:

    @ Asad Ullah Chohan

    Bhai kia aap aik cheez confirm kar saktay hein k kia aap is following link walay hi Asad hein

    Agar aap hein toh meri dua hai “Aap Koh Allah Hidayat Ka Rasta Dikhai”

  10. Abdud-Daiyan says:

    Assalamualaikum brother in Islam Asif Sheraz,

    Jazakallah Khairan brother for helping thousands of us understand the issues which were asking questions about – but getting no replies except evasion. I am glad like me you have moved on from ZH having learned some things and are now doing something Islamically authentic and useful (Gold Dinar based Islamic economic system).

    Well done to you for your bravery and willingness to help all of us Muslims who all want the same basic goals Inshallah.


  11. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Shahid Khan

    We are not the official representative of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, but we only consider ourselves to be a servant of Khatm-e-Nabuwawt and we are in contact with them and support them from Islamic point of view on this issue.

    Regarding the case of Yousuf Kazzab, all the Ulama who were present at the time, they agreed of his being Kazzab and it included all school of thought scholars. Please check our blog for the list of scholars.

    1. If Takmeel-e-Pakistan, is REALLY about implementation of Shari’ah in Pakistan. We are with them. But if Takmeel-e-Pakistan means the implementation of Shari’ah through Maria B. and Ali Azmat and other Non-Islamic means, we are not for it.

    2. We’ll argue academically initially to explain them the issue Insha’Allah, as many Ulama are not aware of it. Rest of the things lies in the hands of Ulama to guide us on these issues, as they understand the Book of Allah more than us.

  12. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Salman Zafar

    Where have you find us not complying to decorum?

  13. ReD Cap Productions says:

    @ Shahid Khan & Abu Muhammd

    1: Agr appny zaid ki video dekhi ho jis meian woh kehta hay humhyian shari adaltyian qayiam kr lenay dayian phir dekhyian in ghatyia ulma ko karay pardhay gay or inki gawahyian sari umer tak qabool nhn ho sakyian ge…..
    so his intentions are clear he might try to take revenges from his enemies and those who are against yousaf kazzab…
    well his character is controversial and he is still defending a kazzab his toba will only be a show off…
    so atleast m never gonna support him not even implementation if sharyiat…(sharyiat uski merzi ki hoge jo part woh chahay ga rakhay ga jo nhn chahay ga nhn rakhay ga…)

    2: No one will the knowledge of islam will support him.He can only get support from masjid mullas who want to come on tv 😛
    I dont think so there is anyone left after ulma’s like dr.israr mufti naeem mufti ghulam sarwer qadri molana abdul rehman asharfi and tahir ul haq qadri etc i think lahore n khi meian to sub khatam ho gayay shyiad landi kotal ka koi milla usay support kr day 😛

  14. Salman Zafar says:

    yaar as in the posts his every detail and action….do you have to pick an argument with zaid hamid on everything? it sometimes seems like this site is out destroy him rather than to to expose his possible errors…such as his stance on Yusaf…..

  15. Salman Zafar says:

    how do you guys know zaidhamid was behind the murders? it could have been external forces who want chaos in our country….Zaid has to clarify on Yusafissue….but that does not mean he is a murderer

  16. shahid khan says:

    @for ZH fans
    In my opinion kazzab yousaf ali ne iska bera ghark kr check point jo banee ye achee he k pehley yousaf ko kazzab mano us pe tauba kro phir takmeel e pakistan k safar pe jao.

    abb zahid hamid k fans ko b andaza ho gaya ho ga k kion unko is nakami ka samna krna para he.

    uskey fans kehtey hain k yousaf ali to mar chuka he Allah janey vo janey lakin me un fans se poochta hoon k agar masla yousaf ali k kazab honey ka nhi he ore zaid hamid ka us se vakaiee koi talluk nhi he(jesa k vo apni statements main keh chuka he) to phir sare mission ka sattya nas krney ki kia zroorat thee aik shakhs k liaey jo k marr chuka he.

    ZH k fans ye kion nhi sochtey k unho ne itni importance dee zaid hamid ko itni izzat dee itna wakt dya isti support dee Islam or pakistan k naam pe adal o insaaf k naam pe Iqbal or Qaid k naam pe is mulk ki sarbulandi k naam pe kia aap me se kisi ne ye sab kuch yousaf kazab k naam pe kia tha poochain sab apney aap se ye sawal kia aapka koi talluk ya maqsad yousaf kazzab tha.

    agar aapka koi interest hi nhi yousaf kazab se na aap usko jantey ho na aapko us se koi lena dena he to phir is tehreek ko us shakhs ki khatir kion tabah kr dya giya.

    poochain zaid hamid sahab se kia takmeel e pakistan k mission me aap ne kabi ye kaha k hmara maqsad yousaf kazzab k difa he ,aap to Allama or qaid ki misalain detey they musalman gernails ki kahania sunatey they.

    maza tb ata k koi islam k khilaaf honey valee baat pe aap stand letey ,koi allama iqbal k khilaaf honey valee baat pe stand letey ,koi qaid ko bura kehta to stand letey koi pakistan ko bura kehta uskey khilaaf stand letey jo mission aap ne dya uskey hisaab se to ye stand honey chahiey they.

    lakin phir saari quvat sarf ho rahee he yousaf kazzab ko bachaney k ye dooka dahee nhi.
    ZH se poochain kia aik yousaf ali uskey liaey ziada important ho gaya iqbal se qaid se islam se pakistan se or takmeel e pakistan se.

    jb yeh kehta he k ye maqsad azeem he hm is se hatna nhi chahtey to kia aap is se sawal nhi krty k aik yousaf kazab ki khatir tum ne poora maqsad khak me mila dya actions speak louder than the words ,sabit ho gaya k tumhain sab se azeez yousaf ali he na pakistan na islam na allama iqbal na qaid e azam.

    @exposition team:

    nice work done uptill now lakin kuch cheezain hain jin pe hmain kafi ihteyaat se kam lena chahiey.

    hmarey ikhtelaaf ki noeyat zati nhi honee chahiey jo kuch kr rahey hain Allah k deen k liaey kr rahey hain is me apni pasand na pasand nhi anee chahey ye na hoo hm zaid hamid se apney ikhtelaaf ki vaja se insaaf k taqazey bhol jain.

    hmain uskey fans ki tarha ulema ko bura bhala nhi kehna chahiey balkey ye koshish krnee chaiey k jitney b barey barey ulema hain un sab ko in tamam proofs ki aik copy send kr denee chahiey ta k unhain masley ka sahih idraak ho ore vo tamam maloomat ko daikh kr koi wazahat kr sakain.

    hmain ye b daikhna ho ga k sarey maslak saath chalain or koi aisee baat na ho jo kisi k ikhtelaaf ka sabab baney.

    Baki hmain maria B vaghera se darney ki zaroorat nhi Islami nizaam aya to vohi ooper aye ga jo haqdaar ho ga.
    aik ore cheez jo mujhey kuch munasib nhi lagtee vo ye he k hm logo ko acha ore bura musalman declare krna shuru kr detey ye bhool jatey hain k ye Allah hi he jis ne hmain musalman gharaney main paida kia he kisi hindu k ghar me nhi.
    ye Allah hi he jis ne kisi chakley pe paida nhi kia aik izat daar gharana dya he ,hmain in bato pe gharoor nhi shukar ada krna chahiey ore kisi ko haqarat ki nazar se nhi daikhna chahiey.

    Maria B to samney hain shayad hm me kai zaida gunah gaar hoon Allah ne parda pooshi kee hoee he.Islam kisi insan se nafrat ka nhi kehta yahi vo amal he jis se kaiee burey log islam me dakhil hoey k is mazhab me to hmain b log izat detey hain insan samhajtey hain.
    maut kis ko kis haal me atee he ye Allah hi ko maloom he.Allah sab ko hidayat de hmain b zaid hamid ko b uskey fans ko b or aliazmat or maria B ko b.

    Zaid hamid ko kion itni support mili ye b sochney valey baat he aik article to aap ne share kia k vaja mix culture he lakin ye sirf aik pehlo hey shayad kuch log ye daikh kr b aiey hoon lakin jo is sooch k hotey hain unhain islam k saharey ki kia zroorat vo to pehley he alm e baghavat buland kr k ye sab kuch kr rahey hotey hain ,asal me corruption ,insaaf ka na hona ,mazhab k naam ko istemal kr k katl e aam krna hr jaga logo ki izat e nafs majrooh hona ghareebo ka istehsaal ye sab cheezain hain jinkey khilaaf koi amli kadam nhi uthata.

    zaid hamid ne is k khilaaf awaz uthaiee kia baki logo ko kisi ne baandh rakha he vo kion nhi boltey…ulema aaj bais e izat hain lakin jb iqtedaar mila to inho ne kia kia…….madraso k students ne kia kia…….kia kirdar raha deeney logo ka is mulk me adl o insaaf k liaey… kia vo me kia bataon…… me ye ghaltia hain jin se log faida uthatey hain ore uthaatey rahey gey jub tk hm inhey drust nhi krtey…….Ye waqt he hmain mil baith kr sochney ka k aoo apney ikhtelafaat khatem krain ore kandho se kandha mila kr kharey ho jain ta k shaitan hmaree safoo me ghus na sakey…….hm ne to safo me fasla hi itna rakha hoa he k shaitan asaani se ghus jata he…..phir haim khial ata he… baat meree ulema tk pohanchain k is mulk me firka variat ko khatam krney main apna krdaar ada krain bahami ikhtelafaat khtam krney k liaey amli iqdamaat krain………kursi ko chore k deen ki khidmat krain…….agar ye abb b na hoa to mujhe daar he is tabkey pe baree azmaish nazdeek he….

  17. Muhammad Avais says:

    I personally think that people who are still asking for proof agaisnt kazzab or zaid hamid are either too lazy to go through this blog in detail or they are just trying to confuse others with their agenda.
    Secondly i think no one will/should allow zaid hamid to lead any jamat even after he does tauba according to shariat. Shariat has set certain rules and conditions for a leader. Yes we will accept him as a muslim brother whole heartedly.

  18. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Salman Zafar

    If you get exposed, you get destroyed. Exposition is direction proportional to your destruction. Isn’t it a simple equation?

  19. Aashiq-e-Rasul SAW says:

    @admin! Asif Shiraz videos are not working. Have you downloaded them? are you going to post them here? Thanks

  20. Farhan says:

    Asif Sheraz video

    Admin please copy these videos to your channel before this copy is removed too, all others are marked private.

  21. Salman Zafar says:

    @ Abu Muhammad:

    @ Salman Zafar

    If you get exposed, you get destroyed. Exposition is direction proportional to your destruction. Isn’t it a simple equation?

    what do you mean by that?(that was not referring to me personally was it?)

    yaar dekho,

    focussing on the “Kazzab” issue is fine, Asif Shiraz wali baat….getting him to clarify his position is fine…and he can only work towards takmeel e Pakistan after that clarification is done…but that does not mean that u can be judge jury and executioner and call him a cultist right off the bat…..perhaps he is being arrogant and needs to be confronted….perhaps he is misguided and needs hidayat…perhaps he knows what he is doing and needs to be forced to condemn and make taubah….but he does not need to be demonised on every point…it hurts your own case yaar…

    if you people want to make him confess to true crimes that he has done…then very good…

    but if this is all being done to fight and stop the takmeel movement and to stop real change in pakistan…..then this site is a sham…..

    the more you mock him the more it appears like this site is only out to stop his movement from gaining momentum…rather than to stop him and it appears that if he is not of the path of Haq…then you people arent either…… just want to fight him to prevent him from achieving his goals….not because u really care about Islamic principles and adab of RasulAllah(saaw)…

    If Yusuf Ali really did do what Asif Shiraz said he did in the video then certainly Yusuf did serious fraud and lieing…whether he deserves the particular “Kazzab” label or not is for ulema to decide…

    but regardless if the label fits or not and the aforementioned crimes have been commited by him…then Zaid sahib should say yes Yusaf Ali was a bad person and condemn him…and he can clarify if he was connected with him…or if he had nothing to do with him…but even if he had notthing to do with him….such a person who does such crimes…should still be universally condemned….even though we dont have anything to do with the qadiyani kazzab…we all hate him and should be ready to condemn him if asked, for what he was and what he did…similary if Yusaf was actually doing the things Asif said in the video …then he too must also be condemned since those actions were Ghustakee of RasulAllah(saaw)….and Zaid must also condemn Yusaf Ali before he can lead (or even participate in) activities like Takmeel movement….

    but if Yusuf is innocent…then Zaid does not have to condemn him in that manner….since he might have been corrupt other wise(and done other crimes) but was not a ghustak e Rasul (saaw) ….

    you need to stick to facts, and not blind propaganda and mockery of him yaar.

    …btw that post on ghazi ilm din shaheed was indeed very touching….

  22. hesham syed says:

    Any one who thinks that he has become a big leader and have grown of a size that big that he can not openly repent for his misconception or misguidance about Yusuf gustakh to safeguard Hurmatey Rasool ( saw ) and still he has to defend Yusuf & his like as a Walee instead of denouncing him then he is destined to be ruined.

    Dont ever tamper with the status & respect of Hazrat Muhammed bin Abdullah ( saw ) which Allah ( swt ) has bestowed upon him –Allah will have no mercy and not only individual but even a nation can be destroyed for causing blasphemy like this – It is not difficult for Allah ( swt ) to raise any other nation as Muslim and do away with all gustakhey Rasool ( saw ) , Inn-Allah ala kulley shaieN qadeer.

    Any Sufi or Sect who think that Allah ( swt ) or Muhammed ( saw ) comes in some one elses form to just have fun in this world is sadly mistaken -Such people who impersonate Huzoor (saw) for vested interest and those who believe in this philosophy have mental disorder , if Ulemahs and Governemnt cant fix their chemistry then they have their place in a mental hospital.

  23. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Aashiq-e-Rasul SAW

    We have changed the sources now, please check again.

  24. hesham syed says:

    Any one who thinks that he has become a big leader and has grown of a size that big that he can not openly repent for his misconception or misguidance about Yusuf gustakh to safeguard Hurmatey Rasool ( saw ) and still he has to defend Yusuf & his like as a Walee instead of denouncing him then he is destined to be ruined.

    Dont ever tamper with the status & respect of Hazrat Muhammed bin Abdullah ( saw ) which Allah ( swt ) has bestowed upon him –Allah will have no mercy and not only individual but even a nation can be destroyed for causing blasphemy like this – It is not difficult for Allah ( swt ) to raise any other nation as Muslim and do away with all gustakhey Rasool ( saw ) , Inn-Allah ala kulley shaieN qadeer.

    Any Sufi or Sect who think that Allah ( swt ) or Muhammed ( saw ) comes in some one elses form to just have fun in this world is sadly mistaken – Such people who impersonate Huzoor (saw) for vested interest and those who believe in this philosophy have mental disorder , if Ulemahs and Governemnt cant fix their chemistry then they have their place in a mental hospital.

  25. Wasil says:

    (I think most of the people already know)
    Zaid Zaman Hamid has cleared himself on this issue.
    To view it click

    and please also check the following link (in this Ziad Hamid clearing his viewpoint in an exlsusive interview. Please please watch it.

    For Allah’s sake, after viewing both above mentioned links, make an ‘unbiased’ analysis and decide by yourself.

  26. Muhammad Avais says:

    @ Salma Zafar:
    Wat i blv about the purpose of this site from now on is to prevent zaid hamid from any kind of leadership in future even if he does tauba…
    We are not against the cause he is using as a leader.. BUT cant u seeee soooo many lies he has uttered after this issues started. Think objectively.. We should accept him as a muslim brother if he does tauba according to shariat but being a leader of muslims there are so many conditions and standards.. he has already failed in the test for becoming a leader.
    About the nobal cause of bringing shariyat and islamic system in Pakistan, so many ppl and groups are already working on that.. and the basic requirement for that is to change people and their minds.. without that how can u implement shariyat? Work is already being done.. If you or anyone has ambition to work towards this cause then ask.. i will give u many name.. they are in every maslak and school of thought working towards this cause.. lagan sachy hay to mil jaye ga.. watching some1 debating about it emotionally on tv and becoming his fan and thinking that our role is done.. i dont agree.. our responsibility is much more then that..
    This whole issue has at least proven one thing.. our youth, irrespective of their class or religious/social back ground, love islam and this country.. wat we need is more practicality and effort to find the truth..


  27. syed sohaib roomi says:

    @Shahid Khan said….i assessed zaid hamid’s goals (like khilafat, riba free society, bait ul maal, etc) and his techniques (like organizing lectures in mixed gatherings of boys and girls, music, etc) for achieving his goals. i found him like a man who wants to construct a MOSQUE by using SHIT as its construction material. conclusion is that his slogans are acceptable but his practices are not. so i think practicing Muslims (who are labelled as fasaady mullahs by zaid) will not accept him as a leader even if zaid would accept yousuf kazzaab a kazzaab.
    he can only make himself acceptable in masses (not only in B

  28. Ayesha says:

    Apne yeh to barri aasani se kah dia kai Zaid hamid ko follow karnay walay Mulla logoun ko bura kahtay hain ..magar kabhi apne khud jana kai aisa kion hai…haq bat kahni ho to tahqiq bhi laazim hai..mai Zaid hamid ki fan houn magar Follower unki nahi unki ideology ki houn…or being a patriotic na to mai Ulema karam kai khilaaf houn or na unkai khilaaf kabhi galat bola hai…kion kai Alim ki izat he Muslaman ka shaiwa hai.Apko yeh bat apnay dil se nikaal daini chaiyeh kai zaid hamid kai fans Shriat kai hilaaf bat kartay hain.

  29. Muhammad Qasim says:

    hey ayesha !!!!

    if the day of jugment u be asked a question? why u were standing with follower of false prophet ? what will u do ????
    ye baat dil se nikal nahi rakhni chahiye k jo bhi zaid ka follower hai wo shariat k khilaf hai

  30. Sarim says:

    Can you upload the videos again they are removed.

  31. Nadia says:

    please upload the videos again.. 🙂

  32. Ayesha says:

    @Muhammad mujay apnay Iman kai lyeh ksi se certificate lainay ki zarurat nahi naa Moulana hazrat se na Zaid haimd se ..Yeh mera or Allah ka muamla hai , mai kalma go houn or namazi houn or agar nail kam karti houn to sirf Allah kai liyeh, follower insan banday ka nahi nazriyeh ka hota hai…Zaid Hamid koi filmi personality nahi jisko dekh kai koi follow karay ga ,hazaroun logoun ne sirf usay suna hai dekha nahi, or aj tak jo bat uss ne kahi wo theek thi, jis din wo kahay ga mujhay poojo us din sab sawal juwab khatam ho jayen gay..lihaza meray ya kisi aisay kai Iman ki fikr na karen jo unkai mission kai stah hain.Or ap kisi kai iman kai baray mai kion kar dawa karnay kai majaaz hain ? jab kai har kalma go Allah kai nazdeek Muslaman hai ?

  33. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ayesha

    Which Muhammad are you addressing in this comment?

  34. farooq says:

    please provide us an alternate link…..
    why these videos have been removed from you tube?

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