Zaid Hamid Defending the Beating Of An Innocent Student at Paradise Complex Islamabad on March 13, 2010 [Video]

Watch Zaid Hamid defending the torture of an innocent student who only wanted to ask a simple question from Zaid Hamid that “What is his link with Yusuf Kazab”.

On asking this question, Zaid Hamid’s gang jumped in and started beating the poor student. The student was also robbed of his mobile phone and later thrown out of the hall. You can read the complete details of the event in our article Paradise Made Hell for Zaid Hamid, Another Takmeel Function Goes Down The Drain.

14 comments on “Zaid Hamid Defending the Beating Of An Innocent Student at Paradise Complex Islamabad on March 13, 2010 [Video]

  1. Imraan says:

    where did he defend beating of the student…why are you guys publishing videos with wrong titles?

  2. BIOMAT says:

    brother where r the remaining parts.??

  3. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Imraan

    If you’ll see this video by first taking off the glasses of blind taqleed of Zaid Hamid then you’ll realize that his ‘not condemning and stopping those ‘kids’ from beating that is student is enough’ to conclude that he didn’t defend that student.

    Besides, if Zaid Hamid defended him. Why would this next student ask those questions?

    Please grow up and start accepting the bitter realities of truth.

  4. usma says:


    he should be sorry for the student but he is defending his gangsters and what happen if you asks a question in your class lecture and some one beat u for asking questions….????

    [Edited by: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Brother, please be mannerly in saying something.]

  5. Imraan says:

    @ Abu – Yes you are right….PLEASE grow up and start accepting the bitter realities of truth.

  6. Imraan says:

    @ USMA…even in a classroom if you disrespect your teaher i am sure some one will beat you??

    I am not here to argue with anyone but please we are all Pakistani’s – pls do not create a FITNA and create more confusion…you are not helping anyone…

    [Edited By: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Explain things without any slangs and be manner-full. If you can’t do that, find another place. ]

  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Imraan

    I already have, Alhamdulillah. You seem to have some trouble accepting it.

    No don’t get into any arguments for the sake of argument as this time it will not be entertained.

  8. usma says:

    how did he depress him
    asking a question about his murshad….
    he is not teaching islam he wants to be the khalif of pakistan
    who wants to give the ultimate power to a controversal n doubtful person….
    well now its beyond doubts that he liee and he was khalif of a false prophet….

  9. Badar us Salam says:

    @ Imraan

    Plz awnser in yes / NO on behalf of Zaid Hamid (as he himself is not awnsering)

    If yousaf ali had a belief that he is a Tasalsul of Muhammad (PBUH) then curse & Lanat be on him & Zaid Hamid does not believe in this aqeeda. Muhammad ibne Abdullah ibne Abdul Mutalib (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah (SWT).

  10. KASHIF NASIM says:

    @Imran: “Abhi in ki tarbiat honi baqi hai” kia yeh defend nahi kia ??

  11. Ahmad says:

    The situation is, that we don’t know WHAT the boy SAID or ASKED.

    While showing only one half of the video, making a conclusion would be Stupid. It’s taught by our Beloved Prophet (SALLALLAH o alaihi wa’alihi wasallam) to Investigate/Research fully before jumping and forwarding to a conclusion.

    So dear brothers, instead of going to One extreme (Either in favor or against Zaid Hamid), I’ll request you to show the Question part as well, that caused the beating.

  12. Muhammad Omer Aslam says:

    Zaid Hamid Threating the Students .. Shame less act.

  13. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ahmad

    Irrespective of the question that was asked. Do you think it is justified to let his gang beat them? Why this unnecessary defense and argument?

  14. Ahmad says:

    @ Abu

    I heard ZH clearly saying “we are not perfect” and “kids committed a mistake” – does that mean he was accrediting the act as “Good” by his “Gang”? Well, common sense tells it’s more inclined towards Admitting the mistake.

    Infact, while trying to always remain calm and neutral/unbiased, I might also get enraged and lose control if someone would abuse, accuse or badmouth about someone I’m emotionally attached to, Why? because after all I’m a Human being prone to Err – while admitting that it would be wrong, I’m pointing out the fact of Satan always being with Humans, especially with Muslims/Mo’mineen.. as told by Quran.

    Now coming back to real issue,
    Why are the readers being forced to believe in a “Specific Conclusion” without showing the whole clip? Do they have something to hide?

    * I’m not in anyway defending the Act of Beating and fully acknowledge that it’s against Islamic Teachings.

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