Yusuf Kazab Ka Anjaam – Nov 2002

This article was published in Nov 2002 in Lolak, the monthly magazine of Aalami Majlise Tahafuze Khatam e Nabuwat.

The article is a must read for everyone in order to get Ibrat from the destiny of a Kazab and a Gustakh e Rasool saaw.

The article could also be viewed here.

Source: Monthly Lolak

4 comments on “Yusuf Kazab Ka Anjaam – Nov 2002

  1. Wasim says:

    yaar video present krogey plz ?

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Wasim

    Just to explain you without really meaning any offense.

    If someone doesn’t have a ‘video evidence’ that he is the son of his father and mother; will this imply you to call that person a bastard?

    You need to get your childish arguments and illogical comments fixed.

  3. sweety says:

    Last me lekhaa hai .. tamaam Waqeyeh ko camera me band kya gya..

    plzz Es ki video agr available ho sake.. plz bhai..
    Bcoz yousuf kazaab ki Audio or books ki tamaam tehreero ko ZH k fans Jhoot , propeganda or paise ki wajah se kehtey hen.. or yousuf kazaab ko innocent maantey hen…
    plz kisi tarah yeh video haasil kerne ki koshish kare.. yah Laaash ki… sab detail ki Video..

  4. Sheraz says:

    yes..pls try to find a video..this CULT has to be cut of from its roots

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