20 comments on “Mufti Zia ul Habeeb Sabri Endorses Takmeel e Pakistan [Video]

  1. Muhammad Avais says:

    Zaid hamid sahib ke haath pe BAIT karen???????
    So ZH started bait… now tell us zh fans.. wat do u say abt it???

  2. heshamsyed says:

    Good finally he spoke – Saadah sey , acchey aadmi haiN bey chaarey- Rasool (s.a.w) aur Pakistan key hawaaley sey kis ka dil paseej naheeN jaata ?

  3. Sulaiman Ahmed says:

    Yaar pata nahi becharay maulana sahib ko kya kya topiya pehnai hongee aur video banwa lee… kher Allah rahem karay pakistan pe.

  4. Abdul Rehman says:

    Now people have started selecting Mufti’s as well…. If you can select or reject any Mufti’s statement then others have the right to rejecting other Muftis as well…. Now go on start a campaign against Mufti Zia as well that he is a Kazzab…. since he is supporting ZZH….

    When will this blame game stop and people will start thinking about Muslims as a whole…. Its just that our Ulemas don’t think in the broader term and just keep on insisting on one thing…. the whole 5 years what i heard about Jamat-e-Islami was “Musharraf Wardi Utaro”…. What did they do for the betterment of the people…. So they are same as other political parties….

    Try to organize a debate with ZZH and settle this issue once and for all….

    After a long while our youth had started to realize the value of Pakistan…. If you don’t like ZZH then someone from you should stand up and lead the youth….

  5. Zakaraya33 says:

    Abu ReHman, Hazar saal nargis apni benoori pay roti hai
    Bari Mushqil sae hota haichaman mei deedawar peyda
    All these guys are silent bystander. they cannot talk. And they are jealous of Sir Zaid. They will never accept no matter what ever he does..Amazingly when Allah has heard prayer of our countrymen and provided us with a brave/ capable leader, they have starting blaming him. Zaid is a blessing, His supporter should support him even more strongly and passionately. Its now or never situation.

  6. A Paki says:

    Zaid Hamid just posted his visit to Jamia Naeemia … n met Ulema there …

    not sure where its getting to…

    How can Ulema differ on case of any Kazzab?

    There must be something that is protething ZH … This is not leading anywhere …

    No i dont agree its Deboandi – Brelvi issue … as we already saw Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri opposing ZH…

    so is it difference of opinion … or is the guy bluffing the Ulema ? How can they be bluffed so easily … dont think so …

  7. Syed Ahmad says:

    @Abdul Rehman: We are not against the ideology of Takmeel e Pakistan but we lost trust in ZZH because of his past and still he’s not declaring any comments on Yousuf Kazzab as most of senior Ulema declared him Kafir, anyway its better to have someone else who can take the leadership from ZZH and lead the youth.

    If ZZH is loyal and honest to Pakistan he should handover the leadership calmly and smoothly.

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Zakaraya33

    If Zaid Hamid is a blessings as of NOW, then I really don’t know what curse would look like.

  9. yaldram says:

    Not a single statement of declaring yusuf as kazzab….not even single statement by mufti zia sahb on kazzab issue…

    press conference not objective at all….

  10. We have scrambled desperately to find a person, any person around the country who knows Mufti Zia and could enable us to get in touch with him. Unfortunately no one in our team or in their contact lists and so on know anything about Mufti Zia Sahib…

    Request to Zaid Hamid: Mufti Zia Ka Koi Ata Pata hi De Do Yaaar…

  11. khan says:

    yaar kuch k na ho……

    ZZH kazzab ki tazleel musalsal ho k ray gi!!!

  12. khan says:

    ho k rahay gi…

    tzaleel-e-zaid kazzab

  13. khan says:

    yaar jaldi jaldi mai aisay he mashoor mufti miltay hain.. jin ka pata serf kazaab rakhtay hongae…

    tazleel – e- zaid kazzab ….. musalsal hoti rahay gi….

  14. PAK_rulz says:

    U guys seem to be panicking now for good. I am just loving it watching u guys short of options. ZH roxx and Pakistan Roxx. Minar-e-Pakistan here we come.

  15. Muhammad Qasim says:





  16. ISLAM sabh say pehlay says:

    @ Fidaiye Rasool SAAW, agreed bahi, main nai tu start main he kha tha k iss taran ke unknown ulema jo pata nai ulema haan bhe ya nain… kafi tadad main mil saktay haan…… ab zaid hamid group ki bebasi saaf nazar a rahi hay…….

  17. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ All

    The interesting to note here is that In the Press Conference, the Ulama was not allowed to speak. After it finishes, the Zaid Hamid cult gets in action and gets a statement in favor of Takmeel-e-Pakistan.

    Why were these Ulama not allowed to say anything in press conference and no counter-questions asked. The answer is simple. This cult has perfected the art of lying by taking photographs and taking statements off the normal way; and thus trying to deceive people?

  18. Asad Fayyaz says:

    Probably these Ulema are not aware of his kazab as not every person uses internet and also news against Zaid Hamid not printed on renowned newspaper. Soon they will give fatwa against him.

  19. UMAIMA says:

    GOOD Mufti Zia ul Habeeb Sabri ko topi pehnai gai hai ??????????
    phir tu lazmi mufti jalalpuri sahab ko kia kia gaya tha ?
    dosto aap log ajeeb log hain. aik alam ki bat man rahy hain aur dosry ki nahi ?
    chalain aap aik kam karlian. aap AMKN walon say kaheen ke jo jo ulma-e-karam Zaid Hamdi sahab ko support kar rahy hain un ki khilaf aik fatwa jar kardain. please yeh kam karwa dian. sub aap logon say agree ho jayngy. ok

  20. Muhammad Naeem says:

    Guys if you know this baba g iss ki Allah K wastay madad karo.. Bakhabri mein phas na jai

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