Zaid Hamid's Press Conference In Lahore, March 19 2010 [Video]

Zaid Hamid’s press conference in Lahore. It’s a must see press conference. The Zaid Hamid who used to be surrounded by personalities like Maria B, Khaqan, Ali Azmat was found to be sitting all alone.

The four chairs on his left and right were to be filled in by Ulema e Karam.

In the entire video Zaid Hamid is boasting about his credentials as a Mujahid in Afghanistan and as a security analyst. If you are looking to hear his views on Yusuf Kazab, you would be disappointed.

Zaid Hamid states that Mufti Naeem has issued statements in his favor. That’s very bad, as his team might have forgot to show him the latest video of Mufti Naeem. In a video released today Mufti Naeem declares that if Zaid Hamid thinks that I am favoring Zaid Hamid then he is wrong, as I consider him to be an even bigger Kazab then Yusuf Kazab. Mufti Naeem’s video statement is here and his written clarification is here.

For more clarification regarding the personality of Zaid Hamid, you can view yet another Fatwa from Dar Ul Uloom Binoria. In this Fatwa the Ulema of Dar ul Uloom have called Zaid Hamid to be “Rehbar Ke Roop Mein Rehzan”.

In his defense and on Yusuf Kazab issue, Zaid Hamid has just read out the press release that he issued on 17th March, 2010. We have already refuted that press release in an article titled “Zaid Hamid’s latest press release, more twists, more lies, more deceptions” and so has Sami Ullah Jan in his article in Daily Ummat titled “Zaid Hamid Ki Wazahat: Bayan Ki Safai Ya Hath Ki Safai”

Recommendation to Zaid Hamid

It would be a little better for your credibility if you dont use the name of Ulema in your propaganda messages, who have openly condemned and criticized you by calling Yusuf a Kazab and you to be a Shaitan, Chella of a Shaitan and an even bigger Kazab.

61 comments on “Zaid Hamid's Press Conference In Lahore, March 19 2010 [Video]

  1. xyz says:

    Zaid Hamid: Press Conference

  2. durrani says:

    Dude where are the other parts of this conference video I am interested to see the question answer session rather your analysis about the empty chairs …. May allah guide us all ..!!!

    I can also see some Ullama sitting next to Zaid Hamid on his profile picture … care to comment on that ..!!

  3. SH says:

    where are the ulemas? this is incomplete

  4. shahid khan says:

    1-where is the question answer session?
    2-what did the molvis say about him?
    3-What was the aim of this press conference ,i cannot find out anything specific from these two video clips?

  5. hamza says:

    where is the rest of it?

  6. Farhan says:

    why is he always bragging about his participation in Afghan Jehad?? If he did that for the sake of Allah SWT then let Allah reward him.

  7. Shahid says:

    Oh My God he doesn’t stop talking once he starts.Where is the rest of it?

  8. smartthinker123 says:

    ALLAH ise b or hm sb ko b hidayt naseeb kre

  9. ed says:

    as per his FB page

    ” Allama Ahmad Ali Kasuri (white hat) and Mufti Zia ul Habib Sabri both Senior Ulema of the Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaat announcing full support and backing to Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid and the Takmeel e Pakistan Movement.”!/album.php?aid=217675&id=244922893101

  10. faisal says:

    now they have found two so called ulemas to support. my worry is he and his supporters will play sectarian game using this.

    Can someone contact these two ulemas (if they are ulemas) and tell them the truth ( if they already don’t know).

  11. Bilal says:

    y r v having a biased analysis here?? from this i presume all the Kazzab case was setup!!

  12. Zaid Kazzab says:

    Is this press conference or his lecture arranged by zaid kazzabis

  13. Zaid Kazzab says:

    This guy is a bloody lier. He lied so much that no one will trust zaid kazzab even if he does 1000 of press conferences and even if he can bring any number of sarkari molvis

  14. Omar says:

    Zaid seems to be involved in killing of Molana Jalalpuri. A case must be lodged against him

  15. pakyouthblog says:

    hello is video main aisi kia bat hai , jo aap ne is video ko yahan post kardia :P:P very funny log hain aap

  16. Maxime Maximilien says:

    Senior Ulema of the Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaat? Have we ever heard of these names?

  17. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Bilal

    Your assumption is based on ‘false taqleed’ of Zaid Hamid.

  18. Agha Khan says:

    seems like a brasstacks promotion conferene

  19. Muhammad says:

    i dont understand why this has been published on this website this seems to be biography of Mr. Zaid Hamid, which is completely irrelevant to what is burning issue. therefore, you are requested to either remove or published the part which relevant. Everyone is excited to see this issue’e conclusion.
    May Allah guide us to the true path of Islam & make us follow the commandments of Allah SWA and Sunnah of Rasoolullah SAW.

  20. Abu Ismail says:

    shows the level of ur research really. I was there at the press conference. Wait till the other parts of this get uploaded. The seats were actually occupied latter on. Khaqan sikander was standing besides the table. For those who havent heard of these maulvis. Did u even hear of maulana tufani before? No is your answer i know. Wait and see. patience children. U guys lost all ur credibility by going personal with zaid. What bunch of idiots u are to say the least. U guys claim to be ‘Fida -e- rasool’. Just think that if the Prophet Muhammed saw ever went on with personal attacks. May Allah swt immensely reward u for this

  21. Muhammad Avais says:

    Oh My Allah…
    wat a drama press conference.. self-fed questions.. not a single question out of hundreds of questions being raised everywhere about his relation with yusuf kazzab and his stand on that issue… wat a comedey..
    look at the link for whole session.. only one “ALIM” joined him during that press comedy..

    Now i really feel that zaid kazzab is trying to start sectarian fight but Alhamdulillah all major ulimas of all sects have same views about zaid kazzab and his drama..

  22. Abdullah bin Hashim says:

    Who are these two ulema??? Never heard or saw them among leading ulema of Pakistan

  23. Wajid Rasul says:

    Very senior Ulema of Ahl-i-Sunnat “Allama Ahmad Ali Kasuri (white hat)” πŸ˜€

    They had to mention the white hat to let people know who is Allama Ahmad Kasuri. That shows how much well known he is.

    Do any one need to introduce Dr. Israr like. “Dr. Israr Ahmad (Jinnah cap) :)”

  24. Zaid Kazzab says:

    He is a lier “yaqeen kijiye”

    ulema isse baat karte…yeh khud kyun nahi gaya kazzab

    aaj kaise bol raha hai kameena kal woh kah raha thaa 2 take kaa molvi

  25. Guys just listen to the statement of Mufti Sahib in favor of Zaid Hamid. Watch till the very end. THE END

    What did you hear ?

  26. Zaid Kazzab says:

    he is very successful in countries like Pakistan..

    defence analyst “2 take ka defence analyst”

  27. Zaid Kazzab says:

    This is a press conference or his lecture..

  28. khurram says:

    @ Wajid Rasul
    and excellent observation.
    indeed if these maulanaz are well known… maybe they are known in the “sarkari” side that Zaid Hamid so loves to tallk about.. u knw… da “sarkari maulvi”
    Yes he is trying to start a SECTARIAN war.. but inshallah he will not be sucessful..

  29. khurram says:

    and did the mufi say anything in the speech?
    i mean he was just sitting? or did i miss some part?

  30. syed sohaib roomi says:

    i was suspecting from zaid kazzaab that thing. i was thinking that zaid has lost all his credibility due to his one after another caught lies. now any aalim either from barailvi or deobandi maslak will not like to loose his credibility by supporting a kazzaab. it was also clear that ahl-e-hadees ulema will not support him at all. after that zaid kazzaab was left with three choices:
    1. shias (including agha khanis and bohrees),
    2. qadyanis and
    3. dabba peers (drug morphia of tombs)
    zaid kazzaab rejected the first choice coz its a minority sect and attaining there support would make his propaganda limited. he rejected the second choice because he was not able to defend another kazzaab at the same time [as a matter of fact he knows very well qadyanees being his cousins will always be there with there secret support:)]. so remaining was the third choice, dabbaa peers doing “holy mujras” and running powerfull drug morphia under cover of profound spirituality and mysticism. and heres zaid kazzaab with the right choice. a sect which could be used as a catalyst when and with how much concentration needed according to his demands.

  31. Ali says:

    Zaid Hamid is scared to death thats why he is trying to get the support of so-called maulvis,what a coward. He is a liar,once a liar always a liar, he is a real fitna dont fall in his trap.

  32. PAK_rulz says:

    wts ur problem guys???????????????? Zaid just said k woh mukammal baraat ka ailaan karta hai or us ka koi talluq nahi yousaf ke nazriat se. Jab us ne yeh keh diya to mufti sahab ke bolne ka to koi jawaz hi nahi banta. by the way if u see the mics in the pics to aapko news one, dunya tv or Geo news ke bhi mics nazar ainge so yeh kehna ghalat hai k is press conference mai inke apne hi log bethe. or kis kisam ki tauba chaiye tum logo ko????Akhir tanzeem-e-islami ki bhi to yahi demand thee. for me this issue is solved.

    A few months ago on the issue of ramzan moon, we witnessed mufti muneeb-ur-rehman and mufti naeem issuing two different statements. the both even got into an argument on television. Aap logo ne roza mufti muneeb ke sath rakha ya mufti naeem ke sath???????

    Ajeeb baat to yeh hai k indo pak mai itne bare bare ulma o karaam ke hote hue bhi Allah taala ne Pakistan banane ki saadat Allama Iqbal or Quaid-e-Azam ko sonmpi. Strange isnt it???????? jo mulk Allah ke naam pe bana use banane wala koi molvi ya mufti nahi tha par uski mukhalfat karne wale kafi molvi hazraat the.

  33. hamza says:

    Zaid hamid is a habitual liar, he is unbelievable. He is calling Ullama fasadi by saying they have issued fatwas without enough knowledge.
    Who are these so called Ullama who are Ashq e Rasool who can sit next to Kazab and the lover of Yusuf Kazab. He is still not willing to accept Yusuf Kazab as a liar.
    I dont get this so called Brelvi alim, i thought they were suppose to be Ashq e rasool. What happened to ishq of rasool sitting next to a person who believes Yusuf Kazab to be nabi (saw) spirit. And one who believes Allah and Rasool are one (na audobillah).
    Can you contact the proper brelvi Ullama and get their opinion on video about Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid?

  34. hamza says:

    Is he implying Deobandi and Ahle Hadith not from Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah? Does he mean only Brelvis fall into that category?
    This guy is the biggest fasadi, may Allah protect muslims from his web of lies.

  35. khalid says:

    khabees… he’s trying to inflame deobandi-barelvi conflict! he’s truly a shaitan… may Allah humiliate him in the duniya and aakhirah.

  36. hesham syed says:

    Who is this Aalim sitting ? and what is his satatus ? – looks to be a symbolic & paid off person – Fear from the time when Ulema also get blind folded and do not struggle against evil but act like a silent observer:

    Hazrat Abdullah bin Mas`ud (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah [S.A.W.W]((P.B.U.H) said, “When the Children of Israel became sinful, their learned men prohibited them but they would not turn back. Yet, the learned men associated with them and ate and drank with them. So, they were cursed at the tongues of Dawud and `Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), because they were disobedient and were given to transgression.” At this stage Messenger of Allah [S.A.W.W]((P.B.U.H) who was reclining on a pillow sat up and said, “No, By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, there is no escape for you but you persuade them to act justly.”


    It should be also understood that the struggle is not against any individual and Pakistan but to establish Namoosey Rasool ( s.a.w ) and against gustakhey Rasool ( s.a.w ).

  37. AOA, chalo bili thalay se bahir tu ai na, zaid hamid ke wo baray baray daway sirf daway he rahay , sirf 1 alim aor pic main 2 sirf inta he…………. aor wo bhe hum nai tu net chan mara in uelema ke baray main koi detail nain mili………….. unknown,, is taran k tu aor bhe mil gaian ge………… is press consference/lecture main zaid hamid ne sabat kar dia k wo waqiay aik jhootha admi hay, baath baath per jhooth……

    ….ye aik stage drama tha, us ka apnay he loogon ne ye plan kia tha…….ke press confrece ka shosha bhe chor dia jai ga……aor shid is taran baath ban jaiay………..liken afsooooos aik dafa phir zaid hamid group nakam ho giaaa………

  38. Ibrahim says:

    I think once he has cleared that he has no relation with any ideology of yusuf ali, he must be spared and let the people decide whether his preachings are against khatm-e-nabuwwat or not. If you cannot point out anything like that, then you must stop the campaign against him and have a dialogue like educated individuals or else these fatwa-bazi will not earn you any reward!!!!
    If you dont like him, say so. But dont put false allegations on him and dont try to be personal.

  39. khan says:

    Lets take him to the court… zzh kazzab should be behind the bars

  40. Bilal says:

    are bhai Dr. Israr sahab ka pehla bayan to zaid ne bare fakhar se alfaz ko ghuma phira kar apni facebook par sajaya doosra bayan kya hau wo kyun nahi lagata apni facebook par
    sirf aik milwi ko agar zaid lekar baith jay to kya usko tamam ulema ki suport hasil hogai
    Dr. Isara ke sath kare press conference sacah hai to kyunke uno barata ke ailan ka mutalba kay hai is ley ab zaid unko bhi fasadi Mullah kahega

  41. Sulaiman Ahmed says:

    πŸ˜€ Abbay yar this was suppose to be an autobiography and marketing of services offered by BrassTacks… it seems that only one or two ‘audience’ was present πŸ˜€ because no body asked a single question on Yousuf Kazzab issue… it’s all same bullshit, by the way, he achieved:

    1. Lifting of JUD people by saying, “they go to Afghanistan and TTP stop them” whereas according to As-Sahab media, TTP was stopped from going to Afghanistan by army under US pressure.

    2. There is no official JUD tashkeel, all those who go, go on their own will and against masool’s orders.

    3. ISI ke bhi utha liyee by saying, “they are taking stance against USA” — after all Zaid wouldn’t speak a word against his daddys

  42. Khurram says:

    So all we knw iz that he mite have called them to tea…
    mite be possible that they do not know of him…
    Yesterday Zaids supporterz went to IQRA university Islamabad.
    There they had to face tough time from a Young Brother….
    he asked them about Yousuf Kazzab …. there answer was ” its not our policy to talk about yousuf kazzab”
    when asked about his court verdict.. they again replied the same answer and said that do come to our office… we will clarify your doubts.
    But the young brother told them , that there was some lies that they were hiding or they would not be afraid… ”
    so ALLHUMDULLAH there planz went down da drain in IQRA ….
    now about these Ulemaz…. how can we contact them? or there main school of thought?
    i would like to get there views… and hear what they have to say to this whole matter?
    and also we will be able to know if they are indeed just with him for the sectarian thing?

  43. Agha Khan says:

    I like how the journalist are taking their mics back, Zaid has lost his mind he is continuing with the same sham nonsense.

  44. khan says:

    lolz @ du takay ka analyst πŸ˜€

    good one..

  45. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Zakaraya33

    I have some other urgent work to attend right now, rather than to go through this. It is not even related that I go through this and comment. Without a doubt I know, it will be full of lies mixed with some truth (if any).

    If some other reader have the time to go through and comment, please do so.

  46. Sulaiman Ahmed says:

    A simple reply to Zakaraya33.

    We all know CIA’s intentions and we also know that CIA/MOSSAS/RAW are our enemies. We also know that ISI is a branch of CIA to safeguard US interests in Pakistan including ensuring that political and monetary powers concentrate within hands of few secular people and Generals.

    Pak Ka Khuda Hafiz is a bye-product of Zaid Hamid, the owner of that Blog works in Zaid Hamid’s relative’s company in Dubai (this is confirmed through a very reliable contact). So there is no point that Pak Ka Khuda Hafiz team will go against Zaid Hamid at all.

    Zaid Hamid only has exploited our emotions to implant filthy information.

  47. zakaraya33 says:

    How easy it is say what you said. Tell us what you can do for Pakistan. If he is Do takay…….
    I dont have to say whats your worth…..

  48. hamza says:

    a follower of Yusuf Kazab can accept khatme nabbuwat as Yusuf Kazab (na audobillah) beliieved he was mohammed reincarnated or in spirit. So he would believe in Khatme Nabbuwat but still accept Yusuf Kazab as innocent with a difference in opinion. So the bottom line is, he hasnt clarified the biggest issue that has engulfed him. So should we accept his teachings? Considering he has twisted peoples words, lied on numerous occassions, used Brelvi Ullama and Dr Israr as a shield (without proof). He has even manipulated Mufti Naeem’s statement.

    So what can you expect from him?

  49. zakaraya33 says:

    All against Islam, we really dont mind whay you say about Sir Zaid, just remember when ever a new ideology/ comes, only few can accept it. Recall what did Mushriqs of Madina use to call Prophet pbuh…. How was Hinda….what was Umar Khattab going to do and what he achieved.
    Very basic stuff in Islam we donot say people you were from Abu Jehal family & not allowed in.
    You people are talking about distant past…..As far as DR ISRAR is cocerned, Zaid is 100 is exactly what he was telling in his congregations,I amazed to see that many of you cannot see.

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