Zaid Hamid's Press Conference In Lahore, March 19 2010 [Video]

Zaid Hamid’s press conference in Lahore. It’s a must see press conference. The Zaid Hamid who used to be surrounded by personalities like Maria B, Khaqan, Ali Azmat was found to be sitting all alone.

The four chairs on his left and right were to be filled in by Ulema e Karam.

In the entire video Zaid Hamid is boasting about his credentials as a Mujahid in Afghanistan and as a security analyst. If you are looking to hear his views on Yusuf Kazab, you would be disappointed.

Zaid Hamid states that Mufti Naeem has issued statements in his favor. That’s very bad, as his team might have forgot to show him the latest video of Mufti Naeem. In a video released today Mufti Naeem declares that if Zaid Hamid thinks that I am favoring Zaid Hamid then he is wrong, as I consider him to be an even bigger Kazab then Yusuf Kazab. Mufti Naeem’s video statement is here and his written clarification is here.

For more clarification regarding the personality of Zaid Hamid, you can view yet another Fatwa from Dar Ul Uloom Binoria. In this Fatwa the Ulema of Dar ul Uloom have called Zaid Hamid to be “Rehbar Ke Roop Mein Rehzan”.

In his defense and on Yusuf Kazab issue, Zaid Hamid has just read out the press release that he issued on 17th March, 2010. We have already refuted that press release in an article titled “Zaid Hamid’s latest press release, more twists, more lies, more deceptions” and so has Sami Ullah Jan in his article in Daily Ummat titled “Zaid Hamid Ki Wazahat: Bayan Ki Safai Ya Hath Ki Safai”

Recommendation to Zaid Hamid

It would be a little better for your credibility if you dont use the name of Ulema in your propaganda messages, who have openly condemned and criticized you by calling Yusuf a Kazab and you to be a Shaitan, Chella of a Shaitan and an even bigger Kazab.

61 comments on “Zaid Hamid's Press Conference In Lahore, March 19 2010 [Video]

  1. hamza says:

    Bilal, if you had listened to both sides of the story then you wouldnt have come to the conclusion that Yusuf Kazab was set up.
    Did you listen to his talk that was used as evidence? You should, there are issues of Aqeedah in it. ZH is also in there for 2-3 minutes. The talk was in 1997 but ZH has made us believe that he never saw YK after 1992. This being his first lie.
    Second lie saying many Brelvi scholars fatwa was in YK favour, however the same Muftis and Moulanas gave a strong ardent reply and were for the death penalty of YK.
    ZH has lied on numerous occasions and hidden behind Brelvi Ullama, Dr Israr etc.
    He has called Moulana Jalalpuri DO TAKAY ka molvi, fassadi, takfiri, and he wanted to put a bullet in his head. After Moulana’s shahahdat, he changed his tone and said it was a Ilmi debate, intellectual debate. Does he not realise people have seen the 1 hour long video, a web of lies?
    He is definitely involved in Moulana Jalalpuri’s murder, remember he runs a security agency. Surely they have people and weapons that can carry an operation of this sort. Furthermore i believe agencies are behind him that are looking to destroy Pakistan. read artcile by He highlights 3 things america wants within pakistan

    1 – internal revolt, so NATO forces can come in to control and eventually take the nukes
    2 – incite so much hatred towards india, get people revv-ed up, so India can do a pre-emptive strike.
    3 – rising up against the corrupt leaders, again so Nato can come in.

    We know he is fulfilling one part of the plan. May Allah save us from ZH evil plans. He talks about Pakistan taking out India, and cites the verse of Allama Iqbal
    Sabaq phir parh sadaqat ka, Adalat ka, shuja’at ka

    Liya jaye ka tujh se kaam duniya ki imamamt ka

    Tell me do we fulfil the first part of the verse? how can we then be given the honour. He is misleading the youth to their destruction. Will pakistan be able to last in an all out war against india? We have no water, soon very little crops, no electricity. Allah is our protector and we turn to him. We all need to make taubah…

  2. hamza says:

    Astaghfarullah, you are comparing this movement based on nationalism to a pure effort of Nabi (saw). are you unable to make any better comparisons.
    SubhanAllah, dont give him a status so high that you are unable to distinguish between good and bad.

  3. hamza says:

    Did it hurt when he was called DO TAKAY ka analyst? what about when he called a respectable scholar who worked all his life for safe gaurding khatme nabuwat as DO TAKAY ka molvi.
    Zaid Hamid is working only for pakistan, and you are so hurt. The respectable scholar was working for a much bigger issue, but that was ok? What double standards!!!!
    You should actually be ashamed of yourself, instead of questioning us. You should question your beloved ZH…

  4. Zakaraya33 says:

    To all those against Zaid, just an exxample when I give dawah to christian some of them quote their firends have done PhD in Quran and they disagree with this messgae…..
    Same is the case here, either you people have some preconceived ideas or you are biased. I and many others see Zaid promoting an ideology that has changed our lives, our days and nights are passed contemplating how shariah first in us and then our country can be revived.
    When you attack zaid, it feels more like you are attacking the Islam, revival of Shariah, you guys dont want Islam back to its glory.. he is a nationalist, Brother just go and see those living in India.. their daughter are marrying hindus and they see no problem with it….
    If you think you can practise Islam once india or jews or usa completly takes over us then wait and see and oppose us. But we have decided and are firm, we will protect our motherlaand, in it lies our families, mosques our cultures, memories.Pakistan will be representaion of Islam and its Army will be safeguaring and carrying Shariah to all the world. This is what Zaid said to us and we will no stone unturned to achieve this.
    The respectable scholar are no doubt working for bigger issue… But Zaid is reality what they were preaching us to be( except Yusuf issue)….. Tell me a single of his hundreds of programme a single thing against Shariah..May Allah give him Hadayah, and he never go astray..So to all 17 crore Pakistanis.
    Just wait and see..

  5. abu hamza says:

    The biggest issue has been Yusuf Kazab, how can we put that aside. How can we follow someone whose Aqeedah isnt saheeh?
    We have seen free mixing, men and women holding hands. Is this the shariat? Will half the people who go to the gatherings be willing to live under the rule of Islamic Emirate of Pakistan, like the one of Afghanistan? The taliban?
    I can be certain people will run away, they werent willing to accept Shariah for SWAT let alone the whole of Pakistan. Will these youth go without movies, music and other fahashis?

    This was never about hating Zaid or being ANTI-Zaid. this only came about after his continous lies about Yusuf Kazab. This issue can never go away unless he openly declares his hatred for Yusuf Kazab’s beliefs and actions. Very simple act which will give ZH his full credibility if he desires so.

    it is admirable trying to protect our motherland, but does that mean following a kazab?

    Also a very important rule, never ask for War or Battle with your enemy but if they attack never turn your backs. He is asking for war, by inciting hatred towards Hindus.

  6. Ali says:


    You ought to be ashamed of yourself, you are such an ignorant person who doesnt know anything about Islam.Zaid is taking advantage of ignorant people like you to play his dirty game.

    Zaid holds extremely bizarre views on Islam, He doesnt believe in Jannat and Dozakh, hell and paradise he call them mere temptations (Nauzobillah) by God,its a same belief held by Qadiyanis(check out his series of Iqbal ka Pakistan for evidence).
    He gives bisharatain (Astaghfirullah) just like his Master Yousuf Kazzab, Zaid call Pakistan Madin a sani Madina Tayyaba(Nauzobillah.

    There is only one Madina sani which is located in Saudi Arabia.

    And what so-called sharia are you talking about? Shariah of Maria B?? or Ali Azmat or Ahmed Qureshi?

    You are such an ignorant person, who doesnt know anything about Islam thats why you are easily fooled by them.
    Shame on you Zakariya for following this Fitna and the biggest liar.

  7. khan says:

    @ zakariya

    du takay k analyst kay du takay k supporter…
    Always remember… kazzab kay supporters will share the same fruits of hell….

    we hav nothing to do with his work for pakistan or anything else… we are against his support for yusuf kazzab and accepting a kazzab as kazzab… which means he was partner of yusuf kazaab’s crime!

  8. zakaraya says:

    Ali,Abu Hamza.. u might have seen this… are they all kazzabs?
    “”Zaid holds extremely bizarre views on Islam, He doesnt believe in Jannat and Dozakh, hell and paradise he call them mere temptations (Nauzobillah) by God,
    ” bisharatain “”(Astaghfirullah) “”Master Yousuf Kazzab””,
    Donot name others, and challenge their emaan.
    I wont go through my list of qualifications and degrees etc. because I know for sure Studying Fiqh/ 7 to 8 yrs in mudrassah cant increase one Eman.
    humble request “Donot follow Ulemah blindly”. Same mistake followers of Yusuf did..
    What ever Ulemah are saying you guys accept that as it is from Quran…..

  9. Abdud-Daiyan says:

    According to Islam – an Islamic personality and his or her speech/actions should be free from doubt. Everyone in Pakistan knows that ZH is aided and abetted either directly or indirectly by the agencies/armed forces etc. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Or to figure out that all ZH’s programs are paid for air-time features with staged girly presenters asking prepared questions. Furthermore, if ZH is supposed to be giving an Islamic message to the gullible youngsters then why is there music and mixed gatherings at all his “shows” [and yes they are shows – more for entertainment rather than any serious effort for our deen or country] and what have individuals like Ali Azmat and Maria B got to do with Islamic dawah.

    We do not want an “Iqbaliyat” or “Iqbal Ka Pakistan”. Sure, I appreciate the contribution of Allama Iqbal like most Pakistanis but I don’t want any knew Dine-illahi type creation about Jinnah’s Pakistan or Iqbal’s Pakistan. We only want an Islamic Khilafah state based on the Allah’s law according to Quran and Sunnah and based on the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s Sunnah. Which was followed by the Khulafa-e-Rashideen (the four rightly guided Khalifs (RA).

    Neither do we want an armed forces sanctioned type Islam (“deeni ghairat ko paida karne ke liye”). Pakistan was only created to serve the interests of Islam and we will establish the Islamic way of life or die trying Inshallah.

    Mr. ZH has from day one cynically presented an easy to follow type of Islam to the impressionable (but Islamically non-practising) youth mixed with rousing political slogans – which means they do not have to change their unIslamic convictions and lifestyles. He has mixed nationalism with Islam (which Islam totally forbids) and tried to justify that it is in accordance with Islam. No, sorry, we don’t agree with any notion of “Pakistan First” (Pakistan sab se pehle) we identify ourselves first and foremost as Muslims and so we say “ISLAM FIRST, LAST AND ABOVE ALL”. I love Pakistan because it was created in the name of Islam and it is my part of the Ummah, where I was born and it is where I choose to live come what may. I will defend it (as my duty of Jihad fi-Sabilillah) from harm because it is Muslim land where Muslims live. That’s all. It is Islam and the Muslims that are our priority. Islam was there before Pakistan came into being. Islam will exist even if Pakistan is wiped from the map. Islam has no (and does not need) geographical boundaries.

    The frenzied “cyber world” supporters of ZH and his “mission” are bending over backwards to suggest that all this ‘Kazzab business’ is a distraction from the work of reforming Pakistan from its woes. Well to re-iterate these naive (and Islamically ignorant) patsies do not realise that we cannot entrust in any way shape or form our Islamic or political leadership in anyone whose character or credibility is invalidated by association with any Kazzab. More importantly these cyber/internet warrior supporters of ZH like characters do not realise that we in the real world are trying to actually bring about change on the ground and it is this ZH controversy that has proved the distraction.

    It is heartening to see that people like Ali Azmat and Maria B are experiencing an Islamic awakening in themselves and we pray for them and all other Muslims that they come to see that Islam is the ultimate truth (deen-ul Haqq).

    However, when it comes to taking things into the public realm we don’t care what Ali Azmat and Maria B think “Islam means to them” or what their “take on Islamic issues” is – we only care what Allah and his Last and Final Messenger Muhammad (SAW) say about Islam. There is only one Islam and that is the Islam we love and die for – and Inshallah it is this Islam – the Islam that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) conveyed to his Sahaaba (RA) and the whole world until Qiyaamah that we will implement in Pakistan and the Ummah Inshallah. Enough of the side shows.

  10. raheel says:

    I found best logical analysis on this so called press conference … I personally request to all those brothers and sisters who are following ZAID HAMID in name of Islam and Pakistan to read it impartially because it is the mater of our TAKMEEL-E-IMAN and TAKMEEL-E-PAKISTAN.

    Analysis Link is :

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