Refutation: Yusuf Kazab Can Not Be Called A Kazab Because He Was Not Punished By A Sharia Court

Zaid Hamid made a statement in his infamous video that “Yusuf can not be called a Kazab”. By playing around with words, Zaid Hamid convinced his young followers that “Yousuf Kazzab may have had wrong beliefs BUT this cannot be said with conviction because there was no Sharia court available in Pakistan, since we do not have a Khilafat. The court that convicted him of blasphemy and hence rendered him a Kazzab was a sessions court following pre-partition British styled procedures. Based on this, Yousuf cannot be called a kazzab and if he did have any wrong beliefs, he is dead and his verdict will be decided by Allah.”

Whenever someone questions Zaid Hamid about his association with Yusuf Kazab, he instantly claims to be a believer in the finality of Prophethood and reminds the questioner that thinking of him to be associated with Yusuf Kazab is equaluivalent to calling him a Kafir. This response actually means that Zaid Hamid thinks that anyone who was associated with Yusuf Kazab is a Kafir.

But then Zaid Hamid also emphasize the point that Yusuf Kazab can not be called a Kazab because Shariah requirements of justice were not fulfilled. By saying so Zaid Hamid ‘apparently’ contradicts himself or cunningly avoids calling Yousuf a Kazab.

Who Is Responsible to Declare a Person Kazab In An Islamic Society

It is the responsibility of an Islamic State to declare a person Kazab and to execute him and all his followers immediately. This is evident from the Sunnah of the Sahaba, who during the caliphate of Hazrat Abu Bakr RA fought a war with Museelma Kazab and killed him and his entire army. In normal battles, Muslim army used to fight only till the war was not won, and after that they used to make the army soldiers, who remained alive, slaves. However, during the battle of Yamama, not a single soldier of Museelma’s army was spared and everyone was killed. For details see the article The Battle Yamama Continues …

However, in the absence of an Islamic State, this responsibility is delegated to Ulema e Ummat and it becomes their responsibility to take into consideration all available evidence and then compare it with the knowledge and beliefs of Islam, and finally declare a person Kazab. The Ulema and Muftiyan e Karam from all Maslak’s evaluated Yusuf’s claims and unanimously declared him to be a Kazab. For details see the article United as One Ummah Against Murtid Yusuf Kazab and His Followers.

Dr Israr in his latest press release has also mentioned the same thing when he says that:

Dr Israr's Second Press Release on Yusuf Kazab Issue

Dr Israr's Second Press Release on Yusuf Kazab Issue

The entire press release is available here.


  1. To call a person Kazab is the duty and responsibility of an Islamic Shariah State.
  2. In the absence of an Islamic Shariah State its the duty and responsibilities of Ulema e Karam to declare a person as Murtid and Kazab.
  3. Ulema of all Maslak’s declared Yusuf to be a Kazab and Wajib ul Qatal.

If Ulema Could Declare Yusuf To Be Kazab, Why Did They Went to Court ?

In an Islamic Shariah State, the Qazi’s or Judges are Ulema e Karam because in Islamic state all court decisions are taken in accordance with Islam. So in an Islamic state when a Qazi, who is also an alim, declares a person as Kazab, he could also immediately award punishment to that person.

But since Pakistan is not an Islamic Shariah state, the Ulema are not judges in Pakistan. So although Ulema are the authority to declare Yusuf a Kazab, they did not have the authority to award him a punishment. It was due to this reason that Ulema went to court, so that Yusuf Kazab and his followers be punished.

So the Ulema followed the rules and regulations of Pakistan and filed a case against Yusuf Kazab in court, produced all relevant evidences and proved beyond reasonable doubt that Yusuf was a Kazab, even in a court of law. After the due process, Yousuf was also declared worthy of the death penalty even by Pakistani Law.

Conclusion: Yusuf was proved to be a Kazab, even according to Pakistan’s Laws.

Unfortunately Pakistan Is Not A Shariah State

Pakistan is not a Shariah State. This is extremely unfortunate because according to Pakistan’s Laws only a person who commits blasphemy could be executed and not his followers and supporters. This is absolutely against the Shariah principles and the Sunnah of the Sahaba. This is why Moulana Shah Ahmed Norani asked the Judge of the Session Court to not just punish Yusuf Kazab, but also punish all his followers and supporters. Had Pakistan been an Islamic State, Yusuf Kazab and all his followers including Zaid Hamid would have been executed.

Since the Sahaba killed all the followers of Museelma Kazab, the Fitna of Museelma Kazab never got revived again.

May Allah forgive our crimes and help us smash this Fitna once and for all (Ameen).

5 comments on “Refutation: Yusuf Kazab Can Not Be Called A Kazab Because He Was Not Punished By A Sharia Court

  1. Ahmad says:

    Asalamoo alaikum
    I think according to zahid hamid’s distorted islam he believes that the hindus are not kuffar as his predessesor kazaab believed as well. Otherwise he would at least put his foot on the break before declaring everyone who says something against him a hindu. (As he quotes that whoever declares someone kaafir without sharia proof will become kaafir himself).

    If he believes that hindus are kuffar then he has already become a kaafir as he has declared kufar fatwa on hundreds of thousands of people if not millions.

  2. khan says:

    Very true…. we did not finish our job in lair yusuf’s case…..

    no matter how big/small used to be the number of kazzab’s team, our respected Sahaba used to take these issues very seriously by finishing each and every culprit immediately!

    anyways.. we are learning our lesson.. may Allah help us!

  3. khan says:

    I am waiting for the time when lair ZZH’s own team-members wil be running after him.. and lair will not find peace! 😀

  4. Omer says:

    you said in one of your programs that since you moved to Islamabad you had no relations to yousuf and on the contrary you deliver a letter to imam / khateeb of Lal majid during his court proceedings. Isn’t this contrary.

  5. Rehan Ahmed says:

    Akhir Chaila kis ka hay…jhoot to bolay ga…Like Gura like Chaila

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