Tanzeem-i-Islami Issues A Second Press Release: Blasts Zaid Hamid, Declares Yusuf a Kazab Once Again

Tanzeem-i-Islami has now released a second press release on the Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid issue. Tanzeem has been forced to do so because Zaid Hamid tried to twist their initial press release and create a perception that Dr Israr has cleared him of all allegations.

The second press release of Tanzeem-i-Islami is very blunt and this time Tanzeem has not minced any words in associating Zaid Hamid with Yusuf Kazab. Tanzeem has further stated that Yusuf was tried and punished according to Shariah principles. Tanzeem has categorically stated that they are not associated with Zaid Hamid in any way whatsoever.

Tanzeem’s first press release on the issue is here. After the first press release Zaid Hamid tried to twist facts and portray that he has been declared innocent by Tanzeem, for details see our article “Refutation of Zaid Hamid’s Announcement of Baraat From Yusuf Kazab”.

The second press release of Tanzeem-i-Islami is embedded below:


Some of Zaid Hamid’s fans are trying to create this perception that Tanzeem has issued this statement without seeing the latest press release of Zaid Hamid. Case in point is the message by M.waqar Tanveer on ZH fanpage on behalf of Zaid Hamid:

M.waqar Tanveer Dr israr sb has just issued another statment against us. They had not seen our latest statment hence the confusion. Now they are looking at it. I have talkd to his son. Inshalah, we shal be meeting them soon. Take it easy. just respond in these words. Khair inshalah. (zaid hamid)

Tanzeem has responded via email that they have already seen the latest press release of Zaid Hamid and that the second press release by Tanzeem has been issued after Zaid Hamid’s press release. Provided below is a snapshot of email response from Tanzeem to one of the fans of ZHE fanpage.

Tanzeem "Yes We Have Seen And Read Zaid Hamid's Press Release"

Tanzeem "Yes We Have Seen And Read Zaid Hamid's Press Release"

Source: Tanzeem-i-Islami

Document (Urdu): tanzeem-e-islami-first-press-release-regarding-yousuf-kazzb-and-zaid-hamid
Document (Urdu): tanzeem-e-islami-second-press-release-regarding-yousuf-kazzb-and-zaid-hamid

15 comments on “Tanzeem-i-Islami Issues A Second Press Release: Blasts Zaid Hamid, Declares Yusuf a Kazab Once Again

  1. khan says:

    YESSSS… this is what we were waiting for 😀

  2. KASHIF NASIM says:

    Allah-o-Akber, Alhadullilah they cleared all the things now please supporters of Zaid Hamid, don’t take this as a matter of ego, but take this as a matter of emaan and be thankful to those guys how expose lies of Zaid Hamid.

  3. khalid says:

    Alhamdulillah, they’ve set the record straight now, but I hope it’s not too late. I think that their previous press release was, to say the least, naive. Zaid Hamid used them for pursuing his agenda – and I think it did a lot of disservice to the cause of exposing Yousuf Kazzab’s khalifa. In their previous press release, they indicated the acceptance of his privately expressed disapproval of Yousaf Kazzab, but didn’t care to question why he defended Yousaf Kazzab in the hour-long video on his website. This was a clear contradiction, which somehow, Zaid Hamid was able to conveniently work around, as far as Tanzeem is concerned.

    May Allah help Muslims understand the truth.

  4. khalid says:

    Brother, please split this article into two; one containing Tanzeem’s statement, and the second containing the updated portion (i.e. Clarification). I found it hard to find the updated portion when i visited this page the second time.

  5. Maaz says:

    Wht ur view on tht… doesn’t it proves him right

  6. Amen Ibrahim says:


  7. Shariq says:

    May Allah(swt) reward you guys for your sincere efforts.

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Khalid


    Jazakallah for pointing it out. Now both press releases have been mentioned and document added in both posts.

  9. Muhammad Akbar Shahid says:

    Even after these press releases, it’s not clear that whether we should follow Zaid Hamid or not? He should publically explain his ideas and should’t say in his speaches that come to my office to have detailed discussion as it creates ambiguity about his ideas. So far in his speeches, he speaks according to Quran and Sunnah.

  10. Farhan says:

    ALHAMDULILLAH. one more nail in zaid zaman’s coffin.
    Jazakallah Khair for sharing the release.

  11. zakaraya says:

    W Salam, Shahid
    Just again to clarify, no one should follow Zaid, We as muslims can only follow Quran and Sunnah.
    you rightly said he follows Quran and Sunnah. the moments he stops it, we should stop supporting him. So far he has a strong case, As a muslim/pakistani we should suport him.
    Don’t go back 20 yrs to find mistakes in him. This nation is on the brink of collapse. He has givem hope,his ideology is islamic…. What he was , don’t bother..

  12. zaheer ahmed says:

    God bless Moulana Jalal Poori for his contribution toward protecting many youths from the Zahid Hamid

  13. zaheer ahmed says:

    @Zakaria, first we should think about his beliefs and he should clarify himself.
    then he should go for bigger causes,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Atta-ur-Rahman Arif says:


  15. salman saif says:

    brothers zaid hamid k next move per nazer rakhni ho gi
    lets see what will he do next

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