Yusuf Kazab's Personal Diary

Yusuf Kazab’s personal diary is a part of the Session Court’s record and was produced in the Court as an evidence against Yusuf Kazab. The diary contains extremely blasphemous statements and contains the original hand writing of Yusuf Kazab himself.

The Diary of Yusuf Kazab has been published by Aalami Majlise Tahafuze Khatam e Nabuwat and can also be viewed on AMTKN website.

See page 9 onwards of the Diary for his blasphemous views on Prophet Muhammad SAW.

See page 15 onwards of the Diary for his views on Mard e Kamil. According to Kazab a Mard e Kamil is a complete manifestation of Allah in this world. Prophet Muhammad SAW was a complete manifestation of Allah in this world i.e. Prophet Muhammad SAW was Allah in the shape of a human in the world.

The first para of page 16 of the Diary is being copied here in verbatim:

Muhammad SAW has been always present in physical. After the apparent death of the physical body, it rolls back into the real body of Muhammad Mustafa SAW. Thus Noor goes back to its origin Immediately, the trascendent Muhammad SAW + Noor of physical Muhammad SAW descends on the most chosen individual, Who became Nabi/Rasool/Mard e Kamil of his times; Thus the next form of Muhammad is similar (rather glorified) to the previous form in apparent and in real. So it can be said that Muhammad is still alive in physical. His first form was Adam SAW and the current is Muhammad Yusuf Ali SAW.

The Personal Diary of Yusuf Kazab is embedded below:

6 comments on “Yusuf Kazab's Personal Diary

  1. Umar says:

    if its his diary then all the research work he has done on Quran n woteva he has said in his diary makes no sense coz he had been doin wrong interpretation of the Holy Quran, I’m not a scholar nor my knowledge is perfect but still his translations make no sense at all…

    ALLAH hamain deen ki sahi samaj ata farmaye n hamarey eemaan ki hifazat farmaye AAMEEN

  2. Ahmad says:

    Assalamo Alaikum brothers,

    I dont know about you guys but after reading his diary i got the impression that he was not alone in this fitna but rather he was trained by some organisation to spread this fitna ( may be the same people who were involved in creating christianty, shiasm, qadiyanis and other devient sects). This diary looks more like notes taken rather than his personal thoughts.

    So now I think this conspiracy runs deeper than previously thought and jewish and zionist scholars of Islam might be involved. So we have not seen the end of it and if this fitna is not curbed properly it will keep on coming back again and again with different covers.

    May Allah SWT save us from the fitn of dajjals. Amin.

  3. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    there is the point “Molana jalal puri” write in his book that “Yusuf Ali” was a illiterate person n don’t know some important religious information n beliefs

    but after reading the dairy, who can say he was illiterate ????

    r the Molana jalalpuri true? who r the behind them ????

  4. Rehan Ahmed says:

    It seems he was taking a dictation every night from someone …

  5. Rehan Ahmed says:

    Or making this out from his filthy satanic mind to talk in public

  6. Muhammad Avais says:

    @Rizwan Shaikh:
    well for ur kind info.. he was kicked out of army when he was captain.. he was illiterate in religious education not WRITING SKILLS…
    Brother when respect of our beloved Prophet is involved (Which shd be higher then any1 on earth for our Iman), aren’t u supposed to dig into matters further???

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